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In the East side of Baltimore in a boxing gym was a boy who has golden gloves necklace around his neck was hitting a punching bag as he was shirtless in black shorts and running shoes.

He is a mix of black and white as he currently lives with his mother who is black but no contact with the father as he didn't really care about it to be honest.

He came up here every year and during the frustrating times he'd come to the gym and hit the bag for hours as his music played in his ears as he didn't hear his intruders.

They came up behind our favorite Boxer slowly but quickly, his name is Lawrence Blake.


I was upset and angry but that doesn't matter to some people especially the ones that's supposed to "care" about me.

For a split second my earbuds fell out my sweaty ear as I was about to put it back but I heard a slight shuffle of the floor as I quickly turned around and seen a huge man in a ski mask as he was well built.

That still isn't gonna stop me from fighting as I laid a number of boxing combinations on him as he staggered back but what caught me off guard was the faked right with a hard mean left hook to my face as I hit the punching bag.

He rushed me and hit me with multiple hits to the body and it had hurt- bad as I regained my balance as I went blow for blow with this man using all I had since I was already tired.

Suddenly I threw my last punch and I gave it my all as I leaned into it like a knockout move and it connected luckily as he hit the floor I turned to run but I was suddenly seeing the ceiling as the back of my head was throbbing.

I was seeing this ski mask man as he held out a dagger as he started to cut at my face as I screamed in pain as I swung again only for him to hit me hard as I was dazed as he started back again on my face as I tried my hardest to get him off but I couldn't.

Then he stabbed me in the chest and got up staring down at me as he left the dagger there as I watched him leave out the gym.

'My first fight I've ever lost, and I blew it, if only I was stronger like the guys I see on the anime shows...If only I was as fast as them and could see the movements like they could I'd be ok' I felt tears prick at my eyes as I started to feel cold as I started to have a metallic feeling in my mouth 'Skill [Monstrous Strength] acquired, Skill [God Speed] acquired, Special Skill [Universal Eyes] acquired' I heard a voice but I didn't know what it meant as I focused only on the blade in my heart.

'I don't know nothing about the world itself, now I wish I knew more about the outside instead of acting like a Demon all the time with a cold heart...if only I was immortal I wouldn't have to feel like this-if only I had a strong body like the Dragon dangerous Dragons I read in the comics' I felt like I was fading from the world as I stared at the ceiling

'Special Skill [Immortality] unlocked, Extreme Skill [Death Deity], Rare Skill [Sun and Moon] unlocked, Skill [Chaotic Body] unlocked' I was watching as my world was getting darker as I was trying to pull the blade out but I couldn't only to now find darkness 'Genetic Skill [Warrior Soul] unlocked' I seen nothing but darkness as I was floating but I couldn't move.

Soon there was a quick flash of bright light as it hurt my eyes as I opened them to see myself in the woods with the sunlight in my face.

I looked down as I seen my arms and legs but I was naked as I moved my head to see long locks of black hair fell into my vision as I shook it as I now felt a head full of hair as I was surprised since my hair was literally never in sight.

'Where am I?' I stood up as the wind blew as I started to feel good all of a sudden but there was also warning then a crunch of a twig as I reacted off instinct as I turned around ready to fight but slipped as I fell onto a tree but upon contact I was inside it as felt my strength grow and it was a feeling I couldn't comprehend.

It's a feeling that excited me to the core as I felt so connected- like I was one with nature as the tree then started to get stronger off of me as it grew beautiful white flowers as it was on a green vine as I watched two men walk past as they stopped and awed at the tree I was one with.

I somehow managed to get out of the tree as I scared them as they was in shock as one pulled out a knife as I remembered how I died as I started to get angry as my hair started to float as the winds around me started to blow hard.

The look in their eyes showed absolute fear and I didn't care because they reminded me of that man as I held up my hand as harsh winds blew at them as one moment I seen them and the next I didn't as I then seen a blood stain as blood slowly fell from the sky as I snapped out of my anger as I then realized I killed two men over a memory.

I regretted it slightly but I felt slightly threatened and mostly because they felt off to me like they did something bad to the world- something that could never fade as I sat there realizing that I'm in a afterlife with powers and I have no idea where I'm at and I'm naked so at this point I know I have a lot of work to do.