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SUMMARY: After the Interview with Rita Skeeter, Luna approaches Harry with a strange request

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NOTE ON LEMONS: Don't expect much, if anything, in the way of lemons in this chapter. The characters laughed at my outline and ran off with my keyboard. They surprised the hell of me as well!

AUTHORS NOTES: Hogwarts starts at 13 in this universe, so Luna is 16 at the time of the story and Harry is 17.

AUTHORS NOTES – THE SECOND: A continuation of the last chapter, as we wrap up this part of the story and get hints about what is going to happen next.

Azkaban Prison

High-Security Wing

Tuesday, February 20th, 1996

Just After Midnight

The few human guards looked at each other uneasily, steeling themselves for what they were going to find on their patrol. The prior patrol had found most of the prisoners asleep and moaning in their sleep, nightmares were a nightly occurrence with the Dementors in the area. But something had happened a few minutes before, all of the prisoners were awake, and the sounds of screaming and wailing was echoing through the passageways until it abruptly went silent.

Gripping their Dementor repelling amulets, the four Aurors stepped out of the ready room and nearly gagged at the smell that assaulted them. They were, unfortunately, familiar with the smell when a prisoner died, releasing their bowels, but this was a dozen times worse! Even the Dementors were staying away from the cells, as though the smell offended their noses.

Casting Bubble-Head charms around themselves, they slowly walked down to the cells, knowing what they were going to find, but the only question was, how had it happened, and, for a couple of them, would they be blamed for it?

Reaching the first of the cells, the one that had held Augustus Rookwood, the lead Auror looked inside and blanched, the traitorous Unspeakable was sprawled out on the floor of his cell, his hands bloody from tearing out his own throat. Moving to Rabastan Lestrange's cell, it was the same thing, down to the bloody hands. Checking the rest of the High-Security wing, every single prisoner was dead the same way, and all of them were marked Death Eaters.

Returning to the ready room, it took the lead Auror several tries to calm himself before he could send a Patronus message to the Ministry. They needed to be informed, and hopefully, they would send a team out quickly so they could clean out the cells and get rid of that damned smell!


Hogwarts School of Witchcraft And Wizardry

Room of Requirement

Tuesday, February 20th, 1996

5:30 pm

Harry leaned back in his chair and yawned, which was echoed by the four girls sitting around the table.

The five of them had just arrived back in the castle, and Harry had Dobby pop all of them directly to the Seventh Floor. None of them were in the mood to face the Great Hall and the other students. Especially since the morning newspaper had announced Dumbledore's death, and the arrest of Minister Fudge and Umbridge. The actual circumstances of the old man's death or the other things that came out were still being kept secret for now.

After contacting a school elf to bring them dinner he had sent messages to Professor McGonagall that they were all back at the school, but would be relaxing until tomorrow and would see them at breakfast.

The Headmistress sent a message back that Professor Snape had been affected by Dumbledore as well, and requested a meeting in the morning since classes were going to be canceled for the day.

Luna, Hermione, and Ginny had stripped out of their clothes as soon as the door closed behind them, and Luna took the seat between him and Cho, snuggling into the two of them for comfort.

They had just finished an elf delivered dinner, and he wanted nothing more than to kip out for a couple of hours with his ladies. All of them, but especially he and Luna needed to unwind after the insanity of the day, as wonderful as it was. Finding out that someone you had believed dead for years was alive was enough to knock anybody for six, especially on top of all the other surprises.

He could feel Luna's confusion and worry through the bond, even though it was minor compared to her happiness at having Selene back, and her father recovering. Making a quick decision, he looked at Hermione and said,

"Hermione, when you and Ginny go back to the tower, make my apologies to Lavender and Parvati, but after everything that's happened in the last 24 hours I need to wrap my mind around it. You can tell them about Peter turning himself in, and that he was under compulsions and about Sirius being given a trial, since that should be in tomorrow's Prophet. Don't say anything about my dad and mum, or Luna's mum, since Madame Bones wants to keep that quiet until they figure out what Dumbledore did to them."

"Of course, Master. I'll make certain they understand."

"Very good, and if they want you and Ginny to play with them, you have my permission to do so if you like. If you don't want to, then you don't have to."

She and Ginny nodded, and he turned to Luna. "Luna love, I know that you are just as confused and overwhelmed by today as I am, so you are staying here with Cho and I tonight, so you can sleep in our arms."

Luna looked at him, her eyes shining, and she smiled, "Thank you Master, I would like that." Harry smiled back, pulling her into a hug, and felt the confusion and worry fading, replaced by contentment.

After the elves came and removed dinner, he and Cho sat on the couch, but Luna automatically joined her sisters in kneeling on the carpet in front of them.

Taking a sip of his juice, Harry said "I don't know about the rest of you, but this has been the strangest day of my life, even more than when Hagrid told me I was a wizard and took me to Diagon Alley. But I still don't think it's completely hit me yet."

Cho smiled, "It's been a wild day, that's for sure, but you and Luna are handling it better than mum did, even though I told in in the journal that her Master James, Lily and Selene were alive when Madame Bones arranged the portkey for her. I thought she was going to faint when she walked in the room and saw the three of them. Although I could have done without the three way snogging session between her, Lily and Selene."

Luna giggled, "Daddy sure didn't seem to mind, but I'm glad we got out of there before they pulled the privacy curtains. I'm thrilled that Daddy and Mummy still love each other, but I prefer to be enjoying sex as a participant, not watching my parents stripping each others clothes off."

Harry laughed, remembering, "At least your parents used the privacy curtains, Dad just ordered mum and Lin to strip, and I swear I heard clothes ripping. I know that we'll be seeing them naked again, either in the memories or when they help us with training, but it still feels weird looking at my mum and thinking how hot she is. And, while Lin is a very attractive woman, I'm not interested in taking her to bed when I have my Lady Potter."

Cho grinned at him, "And I'm very grateful for that, because it would mean that I would be in bed with her as well, and while Padma and Parvati enjoy playing together, it's not something I'm interested in, just like I'm sure that Ginny wouldn't enjoy playing with Molly."

The look on Ginny's face made them all laugh.

Hermione laughed as well, but said, "Actually, since I've watched my mum with other women, and we've had some very interesting and explicit conversations about what she does when she serves her Master, I wouldn't mind if Master wanted me to play with Monica."

Harry's eyes glazed a little, but he couldn't help it, he'd seen pictures of Monica wearing a tiny bikini, and the idea of watching her and Hermione having sex was a very attractive thought! Putting the idea aside for now, because he was too worn out to give his slave the shagging she deserved for the mental image, he just nodded.

"That's something that I would need to discuss with Monica's Master, and if he doesn't object, I don't have a problem with watching you live out a fantasy."

Hermione smiled happily, and he knew that he would do everything he could to help his best friend live out her fantasy.

"Master? Did Madame Bones or the Healers say how long Sirius would need to be there? I know they want him to be healthy enough for the trials, but those are over a week away." Ginny still looked slightly green at the thought of Peter's trial, even though the Veritaserum questioning showed that he hadn't done anything to any of the Weasley's when he was staying with them. It still had to be difficult knowing that the rat had slept in her bedroom at times. Harry knew he would also have to arrange for mind healers for both Ginny, to deal with having Tom in her head for a year. Molly, and maybe Percy would need help for Dumbledore's manipulations also.

"They didn't say anything to me, but considering that, until last weekend he had spent the last couple of years trapped in Grimmauld Place and drinking himself arse faced every night, it's probably going to be a while. But at least he started to sober up and with Dobby and Winky that place isn't as bad as it was, so that should help."

He didn't say anything about the Line Continuation Contract with Susan that Amelia mentioned. He needed to talk to Cho about that, to see if she thought she could get along with the other girl since Susan wouldn't automatically submit to her. He wasn't completely sold on the girl, because she had been one of the ones wearing the 'Potter Stinks' badges last year, and during the mess with the Basilisk, but he was willing to be convinced, especially since bringing Susan in would take the pressure off Cho and the others, but she would be receiving a spanking for her earlier behavior.

They talked for a while longer, just light conversation until it was time for Hermione and Ginny to go back to the lion's den. He was pleased that neither girl was upset that Luna was receiving special attention tonight, the two of them understood why their sister slave needed the reassurance.

When the three of them were alone, Harry smiled at Cho and said, "Well Lady Potter, shall we show our Luna just how much we love and care for her?"

Cho smiled and nodded, and she stood up, removing her clothes while he lifted Luna to her feet. Putting his arms around her, he looked deep in her eyes and sent his love to her through the bond. The happiness shining in her eyes was one of the most beautiful things he'd ever seen, and he leaned down and kissed her. Picking her up while still kissing her, he wandlessly switched his clothes with the air, leaving him just as naked as the two girls.

Climbing onto the bed, he reluctantly broke the kiss and shifted so Luna's back was against his chest. Cho was already kneeling on the mattress, having picked up what he had in mind for their slave, and she moved in to kiss Luna softly, before pulling back and kissing her way down the girl's body. Luna gasped when Cho's tongue licked her nipples, before taking them between her lips and sucking. Harry kept his arms around her, his hands stroking her skin and his lips sucking on Luna's earlobes.


Luna could hardly believe this was happening! Master was holding her, and kissing her the way he did that wonderful time before he bound her as if she was his lover, not his slave. And Mistress was laying between her legs and using her mouth to give her pleasure. That wasn't so unusual, Mistress had licked her a few times, but this was different, she was just Cho, not Mistress right now, and her tongue felt even better than it did before.

Master's arms were around her, and she could feel his love and affection for her through the bond, and it washed away all her worries about mamma being back, about how things would change between daddy and her. She was unbelievably happy that mamma was back, and that Master's parents were back, but it was such a huge change that she wasn't sure how to deal with it. Fortunately Master understood, and he was making sure she knew that he was here for her, even through his own shock. Luna didn't think it was possible to love her Master more than she did right now.

She sighed quietly as Cho's tongue touched a particularly pleasant place inside her pussy, sending tingles of bliss through flooding through her body, before pulling back and gently sucking on her swollen lips. Luna closed her eyes and enjoyed the feelings, floating in the love she felt through the bond and determined to show Master and Mistress just how much she appreciated their gift to her.

Luna was drifting in an ocean of love and affection, Master's arms holding her safe, and she was content to stay there forever, but then something changed, Mistress was still licking her, but she was sliding her fingers into Luna's pussy, and she curled them, pressing against the top which sent a jolt of ecstasy shooting all through her body, and she jerked in Master's arms, her eyes wide open.

Master chuckled, his breath warm at her ear, "Relax, my lovely Moon-child, let Cho love you, enjoy the pleasure we can give you, as you give us so much pleasure."

With Master's words, she leaned back against him and spread her legs ever wider for Mistress to lick and touch her. Luna could feel the pleasure building and used that to send her feelings back to Master through the bond, and wondering if she should offer to swear to Mistress as well, so Mistress would know how much she meant to her, ever since the night in the shower.

Part of her mind was considering how the bond would work, and if Mistress would have to swear to Master as well? It didn't seem right for Mistress to swear, she was Mistress for Aluria's sake! She did everything she did for Master because she enjoyed it, which was the way it should be. Although knowing that Mistress enjoyed being buggered just as much as Luna and her sisters did make Luna feel even closer to her.

She was lost in her consideration of the bond, her mind pulling the connection apart, that Mistress's lips locking on her clit came as a complete surprise, especially since she slid her finger up Luna's rear at the same time. The feelings pulled all the pleasure that was pooling inside her together in an instant, before sending it racing through her body, making every one of her nerve dance happily, until it was all too much, and it washed away her thoughts, and she was gone.


The Next Morning

Wednesday, February 21st, 1996

6:00 am

Harry smiled down at the girls cuddled against him in their sleep. He had Cho under his arm, while Luna was sleeping on top of him, a line of drool falling from her open mouth. He didn't even need the bond to feel how content Luna was, and Cho was just as relaxed. The two of them had made love to Luna the night before, making her the focus of their attention, and by the time she begged for a break, all her doubts and worries had been washed away.

He and Cho had let her sleep while they talked quietly, and Harry told her about the contract with Susan Bones. Cho didn't have much of an opinion about the girl, since they were in different years, but she did remember her behavior during the Tournament, even though it could be excused as excessive house loyalty. The two of them agreed to meet with Susan and see how she reacted, because, with James and Lily rescued, there was always a chance for another son to marry Susan if they couldn't get along with the girl.

Hearing the alarm chime, Harry gently woke the two of them and created a shower area in the back of the room. Before going to clean up after last night's fun, he called for Dobby to bring them a pot of tea and fresh clothes for the three of them. After cleaning up, and he and Cho enjoyed Luna's service, they got dressed and ready to face the day. At least classes were canceled, which was good because he didn't think he could cast a levitation charm right now.

When they reached the Great Hall, he saw Professor Snape approaching him, but the man looked completely different from the way he did the last time he saw him. He was dressed in casual muggle clothing, and his arms were exposed, showing completely bare skin! As if that wasn't strange enough, the man was smiling, not a sneer, not a smirk, not even a grin of malicious pleasure at being able to take points from Gryffindor, no, it was a natural friendly smile.

He knew, from Professor McGonagall's message, that Snape had been under Dumbledore's compulsions, but to make that much of a change? Harry braced himself for an unpleasant comment, at the least, since he had Cho and Luna's hands in his, but Snape just nodded at the two girls and said, "Harry can I speak to you? You can bring your ladies with you, but I owe you an apology and an explanation for my behavior."

Sending a message to Hermione and Ginny, who were watching from the Gryffindor table, he said, "Of course Sir, would you like to speak to me now, or after breakfast?" His other girls had joined them by this point, but the Professor didn't react. He just said

"The initial conversation shouldn't take long, but I can see the two of us needing to spend time together, so I can get to know the son of my best friend growing up."

Harry blinked, the news about Dad and Mum hasn't gotten out yet, so he doesn't know they're alive. Smiling, he said, "I would like that Sir."

A few minutes later, the six of them were sitting in an unused classroom, and Professor Snape had frozen the portraits and cast privacy charms all around the room. Taking a deep breath, he began to speak, "It started around midnight Monday night, I was in my office correcting homework when I was hit by a deluge of memories and several compulsion charms dropped at the same time..."

He continued for several minutes before he looked up at them. "Your apology is accepted, but there is a lot more that you don't know. Do you have a calming drought? Because you are going to need it."

Professor Snape nodded, pulling a shrunken box from his pocket and enlarging it. Picking up the potion he swallowed it quickly, and sat back, a peaceful expression on his face.

"Okay, I'm going to ask you to keep all of this secret for the next couple of days until the news is officially released, But, you weren't the only person that Dumbledore used compulsions to join the Death Eaters, Peter Pettigrew was another, and, at some point early on Monday evening, something happened, it's still being investigated, that killed Nagini and knocked Voldemort unconscious. It also tore through the memory charms and compulsions that Peter was under. Just after Midnight, Peter ambushed Dumbledore coming out of a heavily warded building on Knockturn Alley, I don't know what spell he used, but the old bastard was dead before he hit the ground."

Snape looked surprised at the news that it was Pettigrew, but Harry continued. "A hell of a lot more things happened, but here is the important part, and the reason I asked you to take the calming potion. After Peter was interrogated, Amelia Bones and several curse breakers went to the building and, after tearing down some extremely nasty wards, found three prisoners inside."

The Potions Master looked up, wild hope in his eyes, and Harry smiled, "James and Lily Potter, and Selene Lovegood. For unknown reasons, the old man had faked their deaths and held them prisoner for the last several years. They are receiving medical care in a secure area, and we all saw them and spoke to them yesterday."

Harry then saw something he never thought he'd see, the stoic professor break down, tears flowing down his face as his body was wracked with sobs. He was frozen in surprise, but Luna was the first to move, wrapping the man in her arms and stroking his hair, whispering soothing words into his ear until the crying stopped.

Conjuring some tissues, Harry handed them to the other man, who took them with a watery smile. "Thank you, Harry. To know that I wasn't responsible for my friend's death, you don't know what a weight that is off my soul. And Miss Lovegood, I'm very happy that your mother is alive as well, I remember working with her on developing several different potions during our NEWT classes, and got along with her fairly well."

Looking directly at Harry, he said, "Before you ask, I've already had this conversation with Neville Longbottom, since Dumbledore force me to treat him as bad if not worse than I treated you. And I will be offering voluntary courses to provide the basic knowledge that should have been given to all first year students. I have no idea why he didn't want basic knowledge given to the students, but it's caused no end of problems over the years."

Harry smiled, "I'd like that. Potions was actually the class I was looking forward to the most before I started, but then, after the first class..." He shrugged, "You know what happened as well as I do. But I'm willing to start again, if you are. But, what about Draco and his goons? Do you think they'll accept the changes?"

Snape grimaced, "I'm going to pay my respects to Narcissa and Draco this evening, and will take the time to legilimens him, because I suspect that Dumbledore had been molding him to be your nemesis, somebody to hone yourself against until it was time to face Voldemort. It will be interesting if his portrait can be forced to answer questions truthfully when it wakes up, because a lot of what he did makes no sense at all!"

Harry's stomach grumbling prevented any further speculation and made all of them laugh. Ending the conversation with an oath not to reveal the information Harry had provided, a much happier Severus Snape took down the privacy spells and they all left the room to get their breakfast.


Nurmengard Prison

The Austrian Alps

Tuesday, February 20th, 1996

1 am

Gellert Grindelwald was woken by a sharp chime ringing through his quarters, and the elderly man sat up in confusion until the chime sounded again. His eyes widened as he realized what had happened, and he stood, his feet sliding into the fur-lined slippers. Grabbing his warm night robe, he called an elf to bring him a cup of hot chocolate and opened the door to his cell. Picking up his wand, he walked down the corridor to a locked door. Tapping the door frame in a specific pattern, an opening appeared to the right of the door.

Stepping through the opening, he closed it behind him and concentrated, staring at a spot directly below a portrait he and Albus had done before their 'epic battle' Gellert snorted if the fools only knew! After a few seconds, the door to a safe revealed itself, and he spun the combination to open the door.

Looking inside, he was surprised to see all seven crystals were glowing, not just the one he had expected. Pulling the tray of gems out, Gellert shook his head, "So somebody finally caught you, Albus? It took a lot longer than I expected, but, no matter. I'll have you in a new body soon enough. But what caused all these others to join us so suddenly? Young Bartemius has been here for several months, but Lucius? Bellatrix? Augustus and the others? I really need to know what is going on back in Britain if we are going to take advantage of the situation."

Walking over to his desk, he activated the communication mirror and send a signal to the person he wanted to speak to. After a few minutes, the woman's face appeared on the screen, obviously trying to wake up, but considering the hour, he wasn't going to rebuke her. "Arabella, Albus was killed a few minutes ago, and Lucius Malfoy, Bellatrix Lestrange and several other puppets are dead as well. I need to know what has happened as soon as possible. It doesn't matter the time, contact me when you have confirmed information, is that clear?"

"Of course, father, your will be done." Arabella Figg said, sitting up straight in her chair.

End Chapter Twelve

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