"Rachel!" Elizabeth yelled. "Could you get that?"

Rachel was sitting downstairs with loud music on and she didn't hear Elizabeth. Elizabeth did hear the music and she decided to get the phone herself.


"Am I speaking to Rachel Greene?" the voice on the other side of the line asked. Elizabeth told the woman who she was and went downstairs to give the phone to Rachel.

Elizabeth enter the livingroom and turned down the music. Rachel was sleeping on the couch.

"Rachel there's a phonecall for you." Elizabeth said. She woke Rachel up. "Phonecall." Elizabeth said once more.

Rachel grabbed the phone and walked to the kitchen.

"Hello, this is Rachel Greene."

"Hello, you are speaking to Amanda Willows. I'm afraid I don't have good news for you." Amanda stopped speaking. Rachel didn't say anything either.

After 10 seconds Rachel gave up and said: "What is it?"

"I'm afraid.." Amanda said slowly, "I'm afraid your mother has had an accident and had severe injuries. The doctors weren't able to save her. She died. I'm sorry."

"That must be a mistake."

"Your mother's name is Jennifer Simon? "

"Yes." Rachel said crying.

"I'm sorry, but it's not a mistake. However, we do need you to identify her." The woman said as sweet as possible, she heard Rachel was sobbing and didn't want to upset her more. "Maybe you should find someone to comfort you. Someone from the police department of Las Vegas will get back to you."

"Las Vegas?" Rachel sobbed. "What was she doing there?"

"I don't know, miss." Amanda said. "Someone will get back to you. I'm so sorry."

Elizabeth had been cleaning the livingroom in the meanwhile. Rachel got back into the livingroom. Elizabeth was cleaning the table and said:

"Rachel, how many times do I have to tell you to clean up your mess!"

Elizabeth was getting pissed off, she'd told Rachel so many times to clean up her mess.


Elizabeth turned around and stared right into the red eyes of Rachel. She saw tears on Rachel cheeks.

"What is it, honey?" Elizabeth asked and she sat down on the couch. Rachel walked into Elizabeth's direction and she fell down on the knees right in front of Elizabeth.

"It's mom." She cried and her head fell on Elizabeth's knees.

"What is it than, Rach? Calm down." Elizabeth rubbed Rachel's back for a few minutes. Rachel cryed and didn't stop.

"Shhh, Rach. Try to calm down and tell me."

Elizabeth kept rubbing Rachel's back until she finally lifted up her head and yelled:

"She's dead!"

Now she cried even harder. She sank down on the floor. Elizabeth got teary eyes and couldn't believe what Rachel just told her. Jennifer dead? That must be a mistake.

"That must be a mistake, Rach. Who called you?"

"Someone from the police department, they asked me whether Jennifer Simon was my mom. I need to identify her." Rachel cried.

Elizabeth lifted Rachel up and hugged her. She felt so sorry for Rachel and kept hugging her until Rachel finally stopped crying and slowly pushed Elizabeth away.

"I'm okay now." Rachel bravely said. "Really. I just needed a big cry. Someone from the police department from Las Vegas will contact me."

"Las Vegas?"

"Yeah. I'm still confused about that part too."

"What happened?"

"The woman told me mom had an accident and had severe injuries and couldn't be saved."

"What kind of accident?"

"She didn't tell and I didn't ask." Rachel said. "I'm gonna get things straight. I need to be alone for a while, okay?"

Rachel walked upstairs and Elizabeth didn't see her until the next day.

****end flashback****
"I often miss them, Elizabeth." Rachel said.

She and Elizabeth were looking through old photobooks and other stuff. Rachel was looking through an photobook her dad gave to her after he and Jennifer had split up. "So you'll always remember us.that's what he said."

Rachel showed Elizabeth a picture that had been taken just before the split up. They were all on it; Mark, Jennifer and Rachel.

"I often miss him too, Rach." Elizabeth kissed Rachel's forehead. "Look at this one."

Elizabeth showed Rachel headshot of herself.

"It's amazing! When was it taken?"

"8 years ago I think. It was a gift from me to your dad. I gave it to him, just because. No reason. He loved it. He kept telling me how beautiful I was. I told him, this was just a start. Then I took out an envelope with more pictures."

She gave the same envelope to Rachel.

"Oh my god."

Rachel said after looking at the pictures Elizabeth showed her. The pictures showed a naked Elizabeth, there wasn't much to see, because Elizabeth was lying on her stomach on most of the pictures or she was covering everything up. She smiled.

"You are beautiful, Elizabeth. My dad was right. These pictures look great. I think I can guess what happened next." Rachel continued.

"Do you?" Elizabeth asked. "I guess I don't have to continue than."

"Please do!" Rachel said.

She loved hearing stories about her dad and Elizabeth, most stories we much greater than stories Jennifer used to tell about herself and Mark.

"Alright, I guess you are old enough.Well, I guess your dad couldn't resist me. Which was pretty cute. Mark had his ways.he often wanted to have sex, when I didn't feel like it. He could always turn me on so we'd still have sex. His eyes.and god.sorry. You probably don't want to hear about our sexlife." Elizabeth continued which a big smile on her face.

"I don't mind actually. But I'd rather hear the end of the story first."

"Oh well, not such a romantic thing.her threw the pictures on the ground and started kissing me and before I knew it we were lying on the kitchentable.."

"Kitchentable?" Rachel laughed.

"Oh yes." Elizabeth said and she laughed too. "Like I said, your father had his ways. You name a place in this house and we've had sex there.."


"We used to make love everywhere. The shower or bath were our favourites, that's where Ella was conceived. I'm not sure on what day or what time, but we were in a "bath-mood" that week."

"That's probably why Ella loves taking a bath so much." Rachel laughed.

"Can I start?"

"With what?"

"Naming places?"

"I was just kidding about that Rach!"

"I know, but I want to know a few places. Bedroom?"


"Kitchen? Couch? Bathroom? Car? Hospital?"

"All of it."


"Even at County. Remember my words: don't ever marry a doctor who works at the same place you do. You'll get crazy and need sex sometimes.even during work or in a break."

"You are bad Elizabeth."

"I know." Elizabeth said. "Don't you need to study? I remember being pretty busy during my 4th year of medical school."

"That was in England." Rachel teased.

She knew Elizabeth didn't like being referred to England when they were talking about med school.

"Stop it." Elizabeth said. "I'm taking a break from looking through these albums. Ella needs to be picked up from school soon too."

She got up from the bed and waved Rachel goodbye.

Rachel picked up the books and took them to her room. She smiled. Elizabeth was certainly something, she thought to herself.