Elizabeth had just taken a shower, when she heard something downstairs. She put on her robe again and checked to see what was going on downstairs.

"Moommy!" Ella yelled as she ran to Elizabeth.

"Ah it's you!" Elizabeth said as she kissed Ella. "Isn't Rachel home yet?"

"No, Susan dropped me off." Ella said. "Rachel wasn't there in time, and Susan really needed to get to work."

"Oh, that's strange." Elizabeth said. "I'll call Rachel in a minute. I'm gonna get dressed now." Elizabeth went upstairs and Ella followed her.

"I had lots of fun yesterday with Susie!"

"That's great, El." Elizabeth said as she took of her robe, took a thong and bra and put those on.

"Will I look like you, when i'm older, mommy?" Ella said.

"I don't know, sweetie."

"Will I have breasts too?"

"Ofcourse you will." Elizabeth said as she buttoned her pants and went downstairs. "Come on, let's call Rachel."

Rachel just entered the frontdoor, as Ella en Elizabeth walked down the stairs.

"There you are!" Elizabeth said. "Ella was worried about you."

"Where were you, Rach?" Ella asked and she hugged Rachel.

"I'm sorry, sweetie, that I wasn't there to pick you up. I overslept."

"Oh, that's okay." Ella said and she ran to the livingroom and turned on the tv.

"I'm sorry." Rachel said.

"Where were you?" Elizabeth said. "You were at Tom's right?"

"Yeah, I slept there. It was just too lovely and I totally forgot the time."

"Don't make it happen again, okay?"

"Okay." Rachel said. "Now you know about my night, I want to know about yours."

"Hahaha." Elizabeth laughed out loud. "I don't think I know everything about your night, yeah, it was lovely. Well, so was mine."

"Ah, come on!" Rachel said, "You are gonna tell me, right?"

"I'll tell you, but I want to know about yours first." Elizabeth laughed. Rachel told her all about the night she'd spent with her boyfriend Tom and Elizabeth told her all about her night with Catherine. Rachel listened carefully.

"So you both agreed that it was a mistake?" Rachel said. Elizabeth nodded. "That's a shame."

"But we'll still be friends, but without the sex and kissing part. We both felt we were getting to old for it. We were 22, when we first did this kind of things and I'd stopped with it way before I met you dad. But yesterday I just couldn't help it. I had to do it one more time, and it was the last time. I like men better."

"Alright than." Rachel said. "Now we are talking about Catherine...she called me. She said she had news about my mom."

"Oh, that's great. Are you supposed to meet her today?"

"No, she just wanted me to know, keep me posted on the case. I'll meet her next week."

"Alright!" Elizabeth said, "Will you be able to handle Ella right now? I've got a surgery to prepare at the hospital and I'd like to go now."

"Sure, no problem." Rachel said. "What time will you be back?"

"Later tonight, I hope to be home before midnight." Elizabeth took her jacket and bag and she waved at Ella. "Bye!" She closed the door behind her.

end flashback

"Hi." Elizabeth said. She'd opened the door and saw a good looking youngman standing in front of her. "You must be a friend of Rachel?"

"Yeah, Nick Stokes." He shaked hands with Elizabeth.

"Elizabeth Corday." Elizabeth said. "Come on in, I'll ge Rach for you."

Elizabeth walked upstairs and opened the door of Rachels bedroom. Rachel was still in bed.

"Rachel?" Elizabeth whispered. "Nick is here."

Rachel opened her eyes. "You're kidding, right?"

"No, I'm serious! He's here!" Elizabeth smiled. "Shall I send him upstairs, so you can stay in bed?"

"Yeah,s ure. I don't feel good enough to get out yet."

Elizabeth went down the stairs and saw Ella talking to Nick. "Ella, stop it!" she said. "Nick, Rachel isn't feeling to well, so she wants to stay in bed."

"Oh.." Nick said, "I'll be..."

"Take the stairs, second door on the left."

"Thanks." Nick said and he went to see Rachel. "Oh, Elizabeth. Do you know who I am?"

"Ofcourse I do." Elizabeth said. "I think it's good you came to see, Rachel. She was worried she had to raise this child by herself. Just talk to her, okay? I'm not saying you have to get married..." Elizabeth said.

"I get the point, that's why I am here. I need to hurry, I need to get to work in 30 minutes."

Nick came downstairs again and said goodbye to Elizabeth and Ella. A few minutes later Rachel was downstairs too. "He's chosen for us. He wants to try. We didn't get engaged or something! It's just that we have a relationship now."

"That's great, Rach." Elizabeth said and she hugged Rachel. "Wow, you are really starting to grow."

"Yeah, I know.'' Rachel smiled and she lifted up her shirt. "Look." Elizabeth looked at Rachel's face and her tummy. Rachel's tummy was just starting to grow, you could really see she was pregnant now. Elizabeth wiped away a tear.

"You're just growing up too fast." Elizabeth said, when she saw Rachel looking at her. "And I wish your dad could have seen this."