Moral tone: Between Grimm and uplifting.

Sexual tone: Can be explicit, but isn't the focus this story.

Story tone: Enjoyable and Feel good mostly. Sometimes not but all in all this is not intended as a depressing story.

I place Harry/Original Female Character in the Tags because I want to keep Harry's love-interest a mystery for about half the story.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a full-blown Potter-head. I have read all the books quite a few times but things do escape my mind quite often. So there will be mistakes and canon diversions in this story. Please tell me about but please be polite. Some are intentional because AU others are mistakes.

A few things however change and I think it is wise to warn upfront:
-Everything after Prisoner of Azkaban is not canon for this fic. I will use a lot of it but some things will be changes. For Example, there are no Horcruxes. Also no apparition There will be a different reason for the whole thing.

-Ron will not be a big part of this story. He will fall out of touch with Harry and Hermione. I will not bash him overly obscene but I just don't enjoy this character.

-I don't want Harry as an OP superhero. He is a clever dude, but he is not the secret heir of Merlin and has a Dragon Animagusform. He will get a few things but he is not the Jesus like Messia or a super powerful Wizard secretly stronger than Dumbledore.

It takes inspiration from the Story "Marauders Map" by CatsAreCool!. Read it. Awesome story!

Remus sighed, closing the door behind him. His office was in darkness, nothing really unusual, yet some warmth would be wonderful. He pointed his wand at the hearth and instantly bright, warm flames were rising from it. It is the full moon again, Remus thought to shake his head. Once again the pain of transformation, again the side effects of the potion would weaken him for days. He would have to get down to the dungeons to Severus for his dose.

He stepped forward when he noticed a bottle on his desk. He frowned walking closer and picked it up.

Wolfsbane was written on the label. That was odd, Snape always insisted on him coming down to the dungeon for his potion. The dog has to come to him, apparently. Remus pulled the cork and smelled, before scrunching his nose. This was Wolfsbane, there was no doubt about that. Why did he bring it up here? Well, maybe he was on the way anyway but...whatever, better get it over with.

With a disgusted snort, he downed the potion, not worrying about what could be in it anymore. He had been worried the first couple of times his old school enemy had made this potion but it was the only option.

Remus Lupin made a 'gak' sound when he was done with it. This stuff tasted awful, but there was no way around it. He put the bottle down and only then he noticed the little piece of parchment that was laying there also. He picked it up. Maybe this explained Severus bringing it up to him.


Remus frowned. What was this supposed to mean? Did Snape make fun of him? Well, he might but if he did Remus didn't get it. He sat down and picked up the other folded parchment on the table. A little smile rose to his face when he thought about Harry's surprise about him knowing what the map was. He pointed his wand, speaking the words and the map bloomed like dropping ink on it in slow motion. His eyes brushed over the Names. Each one of them made him sad. He remembered James and Peter, his good friends, both dead by the hand of the third person written on the Map.

To this day, Remus wished he could speak to Sirius. He wanted to yell at him, wanted to curse him, wanted so much, but most importantly he wanted to ask him why. Why did he betray Lils and Prongs? Why did he attack their friend Peter? Why did he turn to the dark, which he always despised while they were at school? He knew there was no real answer, Black was a madman but still, he hoped, he wished for an answer that would make sense. That would explain all of it and justified the means of all of it. He sighed looking at the Map again when he suddenly blinked.

There on the school ground were four dots. Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley, Hermione Granger and Peter Pettigrew!

That was utterly impossible. There had to be something wrong with the map. Peter was DEAD! He blinked for a while looking at the map and cast a few diagnostic spells. No, there was nothing wrong with the map. But how could he be alive when...


Of course! Ron Weasley had a rat. It...could it be? Could it? He blinked looking at the map again. a new dot had appeared.

Sirius Black.

The dot swiftly closed in on the four other dots. He had to go!

Remus Lupin jumped up, picking up the Map and his wand and ran out the door. With a slam it closed behind him, leaving an empty bottle and a small slip of parchment behind.