Shaina sighed as she entered her small apartment. So much for a good start to the summer. She'd interviewed for an intern position at a nearby vet clinic then found out they basically just wanted someone to get them coffee and do all their paperwork for them. They weren't interested in someone who could help them with the animal side of things as well as some of the paperwork. She threw her keys on the kitchen counter and after making a bowl of popcorn she curled up on the couch and pulled up Netflix on her small tv. She scrolled through and finally decided to binge-watch Reign. She didn't care if she was behind everyone else and it was done airing when she found it. She was a sucker for medieval era tv-shows and movies especially with some good-looking lead stars. She'd only seen the first few episodes, but because she was behind she knew some spoilers from fan pages and YouTube. She was only into the first 20 minutes of the episode when her doorbell rang. She groaned but got up anyway and looked through the peephole. Her spirits were lifted a little when she saw her friend Sophia. She opened the door and smiled. "It is so good to see you right now." Sophia came in and handed Shaina a bag of Cheetos and a coke. "I figured when you didn't text me that the interview didn't go so good." Shaina shook her head as they made their way to the couch. She explained what had happened and Sophia shook her head. "Some people. I see you're cheering yourself up with a good show and food." Shaina smiled. "And you my best friend, have brought me refreshments. Shall we?" Sophia nodded her black curly hair bouncing with each nod. "Mhm girl you know I love me some hot British dudes." Shaina laughed, and they spent the rest of the afternoon claiming the hot ones and yelling at the tv when something happened to their favorites. Eventually they turned the tv off after they began to nod off. They managed to talk a little more before both falling asleep.

Shaina heard birds chirping and felt the warmth of the sun on her face. She got more awake and realized she was laying on something hard and it was moving. She opened her eyes and saw blue sky above her. She smelt horses and honeysuckle and heard the noise of wagon wheels creaking and horse's hooves crunching on the ground. She sat up and glanced around her. She was surrounded by woods and she was in fact in the back of a wagon that was being pulled by horses and an older man was driving them. She started to panic a little when she didn't see Sophia. "This is got to be some crazy dream." she thought to herself. She pinched herself and nothing changed. Then she realized she wasn't in her 21st century clothes, but what looked like 16th century noblewoman attire. She was about to say something to the driver when a rider came out of the woods and she saw Sophia riding behind him dressed in 16th century clothes. "We seem to be safe for the most part Sergio. We saw nothing ahead or in the woods that would be a sign for an ambush." The rider called. Shaina had ducked down into the wagon not sure if she should be more worried than she was. The rider came closer and then she heard Sophia gasp. "Shaina you're awake." The wagon stopped and so did the rider. His face was still hidden by the hood from his cloak. "I was worried for a bit. After we got separated, on purpose I might add, by our envoy and you fell I wasn't sure we would make it." Sophia explained calmly not seeming nervous or tense. Shaina was starting to put things together and figured Sophia was making up a more believable excuse than saying they were from a different time. "Yes, I'm sorry to have worried you so. What happened after that?" she put on her best English accent and because of her hobby switched to using their way of speech. Sophia wasn't half bad either. The rider turned his horse and pushed back his hood revealing dark hair and a chiseled jaw as well as grey-blue eyes. "My companion and I happened upon you and your friend when we were hunting. She had managed to build a fire to keep you both warm." Sophia nodded. "I didn't want to leave you, so I just prayed someone would find us."

Sophia wanted to talk to Shaina privately and explain what her plan was in this crazy alternate universe or whatever this was, but she just hoped Shaina would play along till they had the chance. "We were on our way to French court and stopped for the night when we found you. Your friend didn't say much at first, so we just made camp there after hunting and continued this morning. When she realized we weren't going to harm you after we told her where we were going she told us you both were travelling to French court as well to present yourselves as loyal to France. She said your envoy found out your true intentions and deserted you." Shaina nodded as if to agree with the story. "I do remember our envoy leaving us and then everything is blank after that." The old man Sergio cleared his throat. "Prince, if we are to make it to French court before nightfall I suggest we continue our journey. You are welcome to sit with me m'lady now that you are among the living again." Shaina smiled and nodded her thanks. She wanted to get through this day, so she could talk to Sophia and figure out what was going on. So far, she determined they were somehow in the 16th century and were even dressed the part not to mention in the company of a hot prince who had rescued them.