Magic Tree House: A new adventure

A Harry Potter and Magic Tree House crossover

Chapter 1: A new beginning

"Annie, slow down!" A young boy's voice called.

This was eight-year old Jack. He was your normal boy, brown hair, brown eyes, red rimmed glasses, loved reading, most days wearing a t-shirt, blue jeans, sneakers and carrying a backpack with him. Your typical eight-year old.

Jack was currently chasing after his younger seven-year old sister, Annie, on their way home from school. She was dressed in a pink hoodie, red shorts, sneakers. An average blonde haired blue-eyed little girl with pig-tails.

But both had a very big secret: They had found a tree house that appeared to be magical. Annie did slow down a little to let her panting brother catch up.

Jack finally caught up to her.

"But Jack," she said, "Don't you want to go to the tree house and help Miss Morgan?!"

"Shhh!" Jack hushed his sister and looked quickly around, making sure no one had overheard them, "Annie, not so loud. We can't go right now, Harry will be home today along with Stephen; you want to show them at least, right? Especially since Harry has magic and Stephen can at least sense it?"

"Oh, yeah, you're right Jack," Annie looked at the ground and shuffled her feet, "I forgot."

Jack smiled slightly at his little sister and rubbed her shoulder.

"Besides," he said, "Didn't you say that you wanted to hear about how Harry's third year at a school for magic went? Or if Stephen had found anything on who his mother could be?"

Annie perked up.

"Yeah," she said, bouncing on her feet, "Hey, maybe they could help us help Miss Morgan."

Jack looked warily at his sister as they continued their walk home. "I don't know about that Annie," he spoke quietly.

Annie's bright blue eyes glanced at Jack, quivering, as they stopped to cross a street.

Once the signal was clear they continued onward down the streets of Frog Creek.

Jack continued, "Harry probably would be willing to help, now that he doesn't have to go live with his relatives anymore, and Stephen would probably love the tree house-,"

"Yeah he's an even bigger book reader than you!" Annie cut in, giggling.

Jack continued on, "Yes, that is true, but we don't know if he would be willing to help if he hasn't found anything and I had the feeling that when Miss Morgan was telling us about herself that she didn't want anyone else knowing."

As they turned onto their street, Annie protested, "But why wouldn't she Jack? Doesn't dad always say that when you're looking for something, the more eyes you have the better?!"

Jack sighed, "Yeah, you're right Annie and I don't know why she doesn't want anyone else knowing about her circumstances and the spell; maybe she's embarrassed about it. She probably doesn't want more people to be put into danger. The three trips that we have done so far have been extremely dangerous, especially that last one."

Annie froze. "I guess you're right about that Jack, we did get lucky in escaping the volcano."

Annie looked really downcast, then a thought came to her and she jumped up, "Maybe this next trip won't be as dangerous," she said quickly, excited, "Maybe Miss Morgan could help Stephen and Harry!"

Brother and sister continued down their street.

Jack glanced at his sister, "It's possible Annie, especially on that last point. Did you notice that the gold brooch on the outer robe that Miss Morgan was wearing was in the shape of a bird? The same shape that's on Stephen's ring that he carries with him everywhere?"

Annie nodded, "Maybe she's the one he is looking for."

Jack shook his head as they neared their house. "No, unlikely Annie. Remember that Stephen told Harry and the two of us what he could remember about her after a nightmare one time. He said that-,"

"That she had straight black hair and deep forest green eyes," a voice said from behind them.

Jack and Annie spun around.

"HARRY!" They cried and ran at the older boy.

Harry, or Harry James Potter as he was known to his professors, was a thirteen-year old British transplant to the United States, and a wizard in training.

Harry was not much taller than 5', thanks to his no good, in U.S prison relatives, with messy ink black hair that stood up everywhere, emerald green eyes, and the strangest of all, a lightning bolt scar on his forehead.

Harry quickly caught the two younger children before they could crash into him.

"Whoa, careful there you two." Harry quickly caught his balance.

"Why were you two talking about who Stephen's mother could be?" he asked switching his green gaze from Jack to Annie and back.

"We-," Annie began, but Jack seeing his mother and father quickly said, "We came across something while the two of you were gone and wanted to show you later on. Where's Stephen?"

Harry looked at Jack questioningly as both children greeted their parents.

Harry answered after Jack and Annie's mom and dad went inside, "Stephen's under his tree around the side. He received something that his father made for him before he passed and this is the first time he has gotten a good look at it. Did you find something that might help in his search?"

Jack nodded, "Yeah, in the woods."

Harry glanced at Jack and slowly said, "In the woods," almost as if he was trying to place something in his mind.

Annie bounced around as the two boys conversed.

Harry then spoke, "That's actually not surprising now that I think it about it."

Jack stared at Harry and Annie stopped bouncing. "Remember that the magical law enforcement officer that came to explain what was going on about me had a friend who found Stephen in those same woods?" Jack nodded and Annie shouted "Yeah, wasn't it at the bottom of a giant oak tree?!"

"Yes," came another boy's voice, quiet and accented slightly.

"Stephen!" Annie squealed running up to this boy to give him a hug before sliding to a stop at the long shape in his hands.

Jack came around the corner with Harry to greet the other thirteen-year-old.

Stephen was about 5 feet 9 inches, with black hair as well, but his was more along the lines of the night sky and straight which he thought he got from his mother. It was his eyes however that made many a girl become green with envy. They were the strangest shade of blue, almost elemental in shade, like lightning or ice. And his origins were pretty much a mystery to everyone, even himself.

His father had died before he was born, and he, like Harry was pretty much an orphan. Unlike Harry, and worse in Harry's opinion, Stephen didn't know if his mother was even alive and his search might even be completely in vain.

Yet both boys stuck together, the actual orphan and the possible orphan, both taking strength from the other. Jack approached the bigger bookworm and hugged him then all four sat down as Stephen place the object on the ground next to him.

"Ok," he said, "Why were you two talking about that oak tree that I was found at the bottom of?"

"Jack," Annie said, "we've got plenty of time until dinner, it is Friday after all, so can we show them?!"

"I guess Annie," Jack said glancing at both Harry and Stephen, "But let's find out what Stephen has got wrapped up in that cloth."

Stephen then sighed as Harry nudged him, "Alright, Boy-Who-Lived, you were right that the first thing they'd ask about was what I received." Stephen unwrapped the cloth as he said this and both Jack and Annie found that the objects in question were not what they had expected. A void black one-handed medieval sword that glowed slightly and a two-handed war hammer about six feet in length and just as black as the sword.

"Ok," Jack breathed, "I was not expecting that. Was there anything else, Stephen." "A note from my father, Harry has it."

"What does it say?" Annie asked ever curious. Both elder boys shared a glance, then Stephen shrunk both weapons and clipped them to his belt which already contained a powerful bow and extremely long arrows.

"Let's take a walk through the woods and you can show us what you found. It is really hard for me to read it at the moment. Harry can tell you about his year as I generally stayed out of the way in the library."

Brother and sister shared a look, "Ok," they said, worried. As all four children stood up, Jack leaned around the corner of the house to where the open living room window was and shouted, "Mom, we're going for a walk in the woods!"

Jack's mother then was heard saying, "Be back in two hours, both Harry and Stephen had a long flight today so try not to tire them out!"

"Yes ma'am," chorused the four and they headed down the road to the woods. Harry began speaking about his third year at Hogwarts that he didn't include in his letters home, Stephen adding in bits and pieces that Harry forgot.

Harry told of the dementors, meeting Remus Lupin, the dementor attack, and the encounter with his godfather Sirius Black and his parents betrayer, Peter Pettigrew, Stephen reminding Harry about needing to do well with the Dursley's now in jail, and Harry mentioning about Stephen standing up to Snape in the Great Hall as Snape tried to punish Harry for something Malfoy had done which had the entire school on edge as a strange pressure of unknown magic seemed to build up around Stephen as Snape went after Harry and the lightning that flashed in his eyes that made Snape back down, to the fully fledged Patronus and the end of the school year, where Stephen then told Harry that, "McGonagall recommends that you find someone as a tutor for potions, Harry. To lessen the amount of time that you have to be around Professor Snape. She gave me a letter of contact for you to give to whoever you found."

Stephen then stopped speaking as all four entered the woods, returning to his private thoughts. Then he felt a small hand grip his arm. He looked down.

It was Annie. "Jack," she said, "Peanuts."

Stephen and Harry looked at each other in confusion as Annie was always naming animals so Jack hardly payed attention to them, but apparently this one was different. Jack actually knew this animal.

"Jack," Harry said, "What animal is Annie talking about this time."

"A mouse." Jack replied.

"Where is said mouse?"

"Peanuts we're coming!" Annie started to drag Stephen into the woods with Jack and Harry following close behind.

Hilarity ensued.

"Annie, where are we going?!" Stephen asked, "Slow down please!"

"Annie look out the branch!"






"Annie, please slow down before we run into a-,"


"Tree," he groaned. Stephen then landed on his rear end and rubbed his head.

Harry and Jack then arrived.

"Well, at least it wasn't a George of the Jungle ending, Stephen," Harry laughed.

"Yeah, yeah, laugh it up Harry James." Harry stopped, knowing that Stephen didn't find it amusing.

Harry froze. "Dude, look."

Stephen stood up and dusted himself off. "What is it Harry?"

"Look around."


"It's the same tree Stephen."

"Yeah so? It's just an oak tree."

Jack spoke up, "Stephen, Harry look up."

They did. Stephen then queried softly, "A tree house?"