Chapter 6: Family

William and Elizabeth shifted themselves so that their children were behind them. Harry stood up, watching the enchantress warily. Cooperson slowly raised his hands to show that he was not armed.

"Ma'am," he said. "This was not our doing." Morgan's green eyes snapped to Cooperson. She looked extremely dangerous. Cooperson froze, not knowing what this woman could do, but having read Arthurian legends, he knew that she was not someone to piss off.

Luckily Harry was able to interfere. "Miss Morgan," he shouted, not knowing yet how she wished to be addressed, "Please calm down. Let us explain what happened, please!"

Morgan closed her eyes and took a deep breath, "Alright," she said. "I'll calm down, but someone needs to explain what is going on, fast." She opened her eyes and seeing Jack and Annie quivering in terror behind their frightened parents, her countenance softened. She stepped towards them and Harry realized then that Morgan's hair had turned completely black.

William and Elizabeth went into a defensive posture.

Morgan sighed, "My apologies for frightening you. Forgive me, but I hope that you understand in a way what I'm going through. Finding a child seemingly being tortured is bad enough for me, but when he's my own son…," the sorceress trailed off then started again, "It sparked my temper. I could never stand seeing a child under that kind of pain. I will not hurt Jack, Annie, or Harry. They helped me and I owe them."

William relaxed a little bit. "I believe you, madam. However, I am not sure who you are. The children called you Miss Morgan, so you are?" Morgan laughed, and what a sound it was, almost musical in tone and gentle. This helped Elizabeth relax her guard.

The enchantress answered William, "Jack, Annie, and Harry call me Miss Morgan out of respect, even though I am quite fine with just being called Morgan. However, my full name is actually Morgan le Fay. I will not harm you."

Cooperson, seeing that everything calmed down was about to speak when he got a call. He answered it. It was his boss. Apparently, John Hammond wanted the entire family on their way to Isla Nublar immediately so Stephen and everyone else could be treated. A private jet was waiting at the nearby executive airport. Cooperson acknowledged that.

He spoke up. "Mr. Potter," he called.

Harry looked up.

"Hammond called. He got news of what has happened from the handler. He wants all of you to head to the executive airport immediately. He wants to make sure young Stephen will be alright. Please let them know. My team will help get everyone to the airport safely."

Harry nodded and ran over to where Morgan was having a conversation with William and Elizabeth with Cooperson following. He slid to a stop next to Annie.

The adults stopped and looked as Annie handed him his bag.

"Hammond wants everyone on the next flight to Costa Rica," he said.

Morgan's eyes narrowed. Harry saw this and answered, "We'll explain on the flight." Then continued his previous statement, "Hammond wants to make sure everyone is alright. He's concerned about Stephen. The aurors will take us to the plane."

William was about to protest, but Cooperson answered, "I can take you to get your things if one of your children will go with you to help grab Mr. Potter's things and Stephen's things as well as any of the paperwork that Mr. Hammond…," he trailed off, seeing Jack take the paperwork out of his bag.

William said, "Alright, Annie." His daughter looked at him, "You know where Harry put his trunk along with Stephen's." He looked at Andrew Cooperson. "Alright, let's do this then."

He held his daughter's hand as Cooperson popped them off to the house as the rest of the aurors took a person by the arm gently and popped away.

Jack opened his eyes. Everyone was in a nice lounge while outside a Learjet 75 with a Jurassic World logo was fueling up.

Medics with the Jurassic World logo were rushing to stabilize Stephen before the plane was ready to be boarded.

He realized something and scooted over to Harry while Morgan and Jack's mother, Elizabeth were talking. "Harry," he whispered.

"Hmm?" Harry hummed just as quietly as the aurors put up a ward to hide them from prying eyes.

"Morgan," that felt weird, "Doesn't have any modern clothes. She will stand out." Harry's eyes widened.

Jack then continued, "I think we know now who Stephen's mother is. The hair and eye color gave it away before she even said anything. Did you notice that?"

Harry quietly answered, "Yes."

Then Cooperson popped in with Jack's father and Annie causing the women to stop talking. William looked a little green.

A crew member walked in and over to Cooperson who gave him several objects, which when unshrunk, turned out to be packed suitcases and trunks.

The crew member took the luggage out the waiting and fueling airplane. William and Elizabeth went over to talk to Auror Cooperson.

Morgan sat down. She did not look happy. "Miss Morgan?" asked Annie. "Are you alright?" She looked up at the young girl. Jack moved closer to his sister.

Morgan's eyes were full of tears. "I am extremely upset right now, Annie. Seeing the child that I have been searching for these seven years, lying there unconscious after being tortured, has affected me a lot." She took a deep breath to steady herself.

Harry placed a hand on her arm. "Miss Morgan," he said, hoping that it would snap her out of this. It did.

The sorceress snapped her head around, her beautiful black hair flying about. "What is it, Harry?" she asked. Harry handed her a soft handkerchief to wipe her eyes. "Thank you, Harry, now what is it?"

Harry said, "Mr. Hammond has Stephen's best interests at heart. He should, after what Stephen and I have done, he has named up his legal heirs to his company and the place we are going to. But…," Harry trailed off not knowing how to phrase this next part.

"But what?" Morgan asked as Cooperson, William, and Elizabeth walked over. Luckily, before Harry could answer, Elizabeth solved that problem.

"Miss le Fay, what Harry is trying to say is that what you are wearing will stand out like a polar bear in the desert. We need to quickly find you something that will blend in." Morgan took another deep breath, calming down.

She stood up and softly laughed. "Indeed, I do," the enchantress laughed gently and she gently swiped her right hand down and her clothes changed.

Her dress and robe changed into a black shell blouse underneath a charcoal grey blazer and a charcoal grey skirt that came down to her knees. Her gold circlet vanished and instead, around her neck was a necklace of white pearls. Her red slipper-like shoes changed into black pumps with three-inch stiletto heels. Overall, she ended up looking like a professional business woman.

Elizabeth stared, shocked at this obvious use of magic. "How do I look now," the sorceress asked, raising one fine black eyebrow. Cooperson answered. "You look like you'll blend in perfectly madam." Morgan smiled as Cooperson continued, "However it is time for you to board. You have a six-hour flight to the western coast of Costa Rica where the jet will refuel for the 120-mile flight to Isla Nublar and the small airstrip there."

The terminal crew helped roll Stephen on a gurney out to the waiting jet while the other six were escorted to the jet's boarding steps. Everyone boarded carefully. Once they were all on, the boarding hatch was secured and the pilot began the normal preflight checks.

Inside was a very nice cabin and all four seats and couch were facing and in reaching distance of a table. On the rather nice table there was a setting with sandwich rolls, cheese, olives and a bottle of nice champagne.

William and Elizabeth sat on the side couch, Morgan sat on the couch on the in front of the table next to Stephen with Harry on the other side in one of the chairs with Jack and Annie was with her parents.

"Jack," Harry said quietly as the adults were talking as they taxied out onto the runway.

Jack looked over at him, "Yeah," he said. "You got all of the paperwork?" Jack nodded.

Harry and Stephen had decided that Jack would be their secretary as he was the most punctual and loved reports. Annie moved over to talk with them. The three children could just barely hear what the adults were talking about.

"I tried to dissuade them from the task of finding the medallions because I knew it was dangerous. They would not hear of it however." Morgan was apparently telling Jack and Annie's parents about the trips through time.

Then William laughed. "Madam, that is just how Jack and Annie are; they help others. I think helping you has helped them grow and become more mature. You have no need to try and explain."

Just then a voice came over the intercom. "Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your pilot. Please fasten your seatbelts. We are clear for takeoff." Everyone scrambled to buckle up. Surprisingly, Morgan seemed familiar with seatbelts, but she offered no explanation.

Harry could hear the engines spin up faster and faster until they were moving. Then all of a sudden, they rocketed forwards and Harry looked outside.

The runway was flying by them until they started to lift away from the earth. He then noticed Morgan looking out the window and becoming very pale, her eyes widening. The plane then banked and she seemed to jump a little at seeing the earth so far below them already. In about half an hour they reached cruising altitude.

Harry noticed that Morgan was relaxing. It was obvious that she wasn't at ease with flying. William and Elizabeth were starting to doze off.

About three hours later Harry looked out the window. Jack and Annie were being quiet as their parents had fallen asleep. He could see that they had just left the coast and were now over the Gulf of Mexico. He heard a sigh and looked around. It was Morgan. The enchantress looked troubled.

"Morgan?" he said, "Are you alright?" The sorceress lifted her gaze slowly and reached for the bottle of champagne. Luckily the cork had been removed slightly by a crew member before the flight. She pulled off the cork and poured a glass of champagne for herself, replaced the cork, and set the bottle down.

The enchantress took a sip of the fizzy wine and crossed her left leg over her right. "I don't know, right now, Harry," the librarian said softly. Jack and Annie's head snapped over to listen. "I have seen so much that is completely different from what I am used to that I don't know what to think."

Harry tilted his head slightly, and then queried, "Like the airplane?"

The sorceress laughed softly, "I guess you could include that in the list of confusing things. As you know, I am from a time where travel was done either on foot or by horse. Cars are one thing; they are similar enough to carts and wagons that I can understand how they came about, not how they work mind you, but how they came about is not that hard of a mental leap for me."

Morgan swirled her wine a bit in the glass, then took another sip. "This airplane, however," she said, "Is not something I am familiar with. Flight, specifically powered flight, is something that would be laughed at in Camelot. And this park we are headed too, nothing like that exists in my time at all. Women like myself might have a menagerie, but such a thing is uncommon." The enchantress finished her wine and took a deep breath. She ran her hand through the unconscious Stephen's hair.

She looked at Harry, her gaze boring into him. "Tell me, Harry," she said, "What led to this Hammond declaring you and Stephen his heirs to his company, hmm?" Harry told her the story.

Hammond's first park which collapsed due to sabotage from another company, Hammond falling ill, meeting himself and Stephen, their advice, the court case against the rival company and winning it, receiving permission to try again, the diagnosis of Hammond's cancer, the rush to complete the park, the declaring of Hammond's heirs to his company and park, the deal made with Masrani and the conditions and requests and ending with the receiving of the eggs.

Morgan listened intently, wanting to understand as much as she could. She was raised to take advantage of opportunities that happened by, and this one was one she definitely would take. Her cunning mind thought of many things, but she nixed them quickly.

She would support both boys if they wished to follow through. Then a question from Jack distracted Morgan from her thoughts. "Miss Morgan," the enchantress raised an eyebrow, her gaze sharpening.

Jack gulped, "Sorry, Morgan. How does your magic compare to say, Harry's abilities?" The sorceress smiled, slightly showing her teeth, unnerving the curious children as the plane flew high over the Caribbean Sea.

She answered carefully, "My powers don't require a focus, like Harry's or those auror people. Most either call me an enchantress or a sorceress. The knights of Camelot have a name for me, and my half-brother Arthur calls me a witch at times, but I don't know what the magic users today would call me as it is apparent that they all have to use foci in order to use magic. Harry?"

Harry quickly answered as they began to fly over the Costa Rican jungle, "Well, most would just be in awe of you for not needing a wand, but would probably call you a witch. Some of those that I've met might call you a dark witch, or black witch. In legends, as you probably know, you are not portrayed as the nicest person." Morgan looked like she had been struck, which caused Harry to try and recover his statement.

Morgan's smile changed; it seemed a little evil now. She replied quietly with a devious smirk, "They would be right, Harry." The children gulped and moved closer together, shivering under Morgan's dark green gaze. She seemed much more dangerous than they had believed.

The enchantress continued, "I am a witch, and I do use black magic, or as you would call it dark magic, or at least I did." The three froze at her complete one-eighty. "In my teenage years, I was not a nice person to be around. I was, you could say, a dark witch. However, I grew out of that in time. Wouldn't you say that?" Jack, Annie, and Harry calmed down.

Harry then noted, "Yes, it seems that you have, but you did have a moment there that made you seem just like in the legends."

Morgan sighed as she smiled shaking her head, all traces of wickedness gone from her demeanor. "I do have my moments. That's mainly the reason why my temper is so volatile and explosive. I never really got rid of the dark magic. It is not possible."

The plane started to descend. Soon enough they landed on the coastal runway. Refueling the jet didn't take long, but William and Elizabeth woke up anyways. Willian and Elizabeth asked Morgan if they could speak privately.

She simply stood up and followed them. Soon her voice was barely heard saying, "Of course. I would be happy to help. It is no problem, Elizabeth. I have two apprentices back home that are much worse than they could ever be." The adults soon returned to their seats.

The pilot boarded again and soon they were taking off for Isla Nublar. Morgan ran her hand through Stephen's hair as his body was wracked with muscular spasms and pain. She hoped that they would be there soon as she watched the ground dip away from them again.

The sorceress watched as the deep blue waters of the Pacific passed by underneath them. Suddenly, Stephen was hit with the largest of the muscular spams yet. Morgan nearly panicked.

Harry rushed over and held his buddy down so he would not hurt himself. Morgan cradled her unconscious and agonized son whispering softly so no one could hear. Soon they descended again.

The plane landed with a gentle bump and slowed to taxiing speed. It soon was parked in a hanger where a medical team was standing by. The sun was setting behind the island. No one noticed.

The head EMT simply said, "Get in the van. We'll take him with us. Everything will be alright." Soon, they arrived at a small hospital, built mainly for any staff injuries. Luckily, they had someone who had training in dealing with magical torture on staff.

Stephen was wheeled into the building as John Hammond arrived. He looked extremely upset. He walked over to the group as quickly as he could. A few words of explanation from Harry had Hammond move quickly to comfort Morgan.

"My dear lady," he said quietly, causing Morgan to look up, "I am really sorry that this has happened. If there is anything I can do to help…," Morgan gently interrupted him, but it wasn't the rebuke he was expecting.

"Mr. Hammond," Morgan said, "None of this is your fault. No one is to blame for this except those who actually did torture my son." John Hammond was shocked, especially when she continued, "I, however, should be thanking you. You helped my son and kept him going this far. Thank you."

The seven went inside where John had to leave them. The board wanted to know what was going on. The remaining six waited until the head doctor stuck his head out the door and said, "He's stabilized. It may be a few days until he is conscious. I recommend getting some sleep."

A nurse came to escort them to the few beds that they had on stand by for if family came to visit a patient until the rooms for guests of board members were opened. William and Elizabeth were in one room, Jack, Annie and Harry in another and Morgan had a room to herself. All quickly fell asleep.

In Britain, one Minerva McGonagall received two letters in her rooms at Hogwarts. One was the same letter that Morgan had signed just days earlier, but McGonagall didn't get a chance to read the signature as a second owl swooped in with a letter bearing the symbol of the MACUSA.

Minerva read it and grabbed the other letter as she rushed off to Albus Dumbledore's office. There had been a Death Eater attack in the States, and Harry Potter's friend had been cursed. The Americans wanted British blood and they wanted it now.

She met with Professor Sprout along the way and both women rushed to the head's office. When they got to Dumbledore's office, the door opened. They stepped inside. The minister of magic was here meeting with the Headmaster over the Tournament preparations.

"Minerva," Dumbledore said, "What can I do for you?" The transfiguration teacher briskly handed him the letter from the MACUSA.

Cornelius Fudge spluttered, "The Americans?! What do they want now? Changes in tax laws? The dissolution of the Wizengamot? A lift in restrictions? They are always wanting something and I say for this they can't have it!" Minerva rounded on the minister.

Cornelius Fudge may have been the leader of the British magical government, but when it came to Hogwarts Castle, only one could overrule the Deputy Headmistress, and that man happened to be reading the letter in question. "They want blood, you buffoon!"

Fudge said weakly, "Blood?" "Yes, Cornelius," Albus Dumbledore interjected. "Why," spluttered Fudge. "Death Eater attack on what has always been American soil. They are currently having to reveal the secret because of this. Too many were attacked. Most importantly, the family that has taken care of Harry Potter and his friend Stephen were attacked."

Fudge paled. "Harry Potter was attacked?" he squeaked out. "Yes," came Dumbledore's dry reply. "What's more is that Mr. Potter would have been subjected to the Cruciatus curse if it wasn't for young Stephen sacrificing himself to protect his friend."

Professor Sprout gasped, "He's not like the Longbottoms, is he?" Albus shook his head. "Luckily, no, he's not. But he is still in critical condition and is enroute to a private hospital the whereabouts of none of the American ministries will divulge until you, Minister…," Fudge looked at Albus, who was now acting as Chief Warlock. "What Albus? It's not like we have the resources to hunt down every single death eater suspect!"

Dumbledore replied, "No, what they want is to have them tried and punished. Preferably placed in American magical prison. As you know, no one ever escapes from those. Until then, they will not allow even me to find young Harry."

Fudge gulped, then answered, "Fine Albus. I will inform Amelia Bones." The Minister left. Albus noticed the other letter in McGonagall's hand. He asked for it. She handed it to him and he read through it, then his eyes widened at the signature. He grabbed a quill and signed off on it. Then handed it to Minerva. "Read the signature," he said. Minerva did and was shocked. She hadn't expected the darkest woman of legend to actually exist and sign her name: Morgan le Fay. Fawkes trilled a soothing song.

"Albus?" she asked. "Accept it. Then send it by long distance to reach her." Long distance was a spell used when recipients were across oceans or their location was unknown and did not work for the governments.

Minerva signed her name, wrote in a meeting date and cast the spell. The letter vanished and the two heads of house vanished down the stairs. Albus leaned back and rubbed his temple.

He would never have thought that something like this would have ever happened in America. They were so strict on any magicals entering, especially over issues their muggle counterparts were having in the Middle East. Then he realized something. He had to let Molly Weasley know. Her twin sons were friends of young Harry and Stephen and her son Ronald was one of Harry's close friends. He groaned. This would not end well. The next day on Isla Nublar-

The sun rose over the island of Isla Nublar. There was no change in Stephen's condition except that the tremors and spasms had lessened. Everyone took turns watching over his condition, waiting for him to wake up.

Rexy had landed a few hours ago and had already been by on her way back to her paddock. Her large fiery gold eye had peered through the window to check on what she considered to be one of her many strange hatchlings. Then she had left.

Harry, Jack and Annie were hard to move from his side. William and Elizabeth tried to distract the children with stories. Morgan was almost inconsolable. She never moved from his side. It was only when Jack, of all people, put his foot down did she get up.

Jack, who was known throughout town to be extremely shy, told the reportedly darkest witch of all time to get up and eat, and take care of herself. Morgan's stunned look lightened the mood for everyone and William had had the forethought to grab his camera.

Later on, after Morgan had returned, having showered, eaten and with a fresh change of clothes; though they were still a formal business blouse, blazer, skirt and her heels, he showed her the picture. At first, she didn't understand, then Harry explained it as, "An instant painting that doesn't have to dry." Morgan laughed loud and long as she realized that her expression at being told by a shy eight-year-old to do something was rather hilarious.

She ruffled a protesting Jack's hair, kneeled down, hugged him and said, "Thank you, Jack." Jack blushed as Annie kept watch over the Suchomimus egg. Soon Hammond arrived to check on his heir. The mood turned somber again as he left.

They had been informed that accommodations had been set aside at the hotel reserved for their use. As the day wore on, William and Elizabeth left to eat. Jack, Annie and Harry stayed by Morgan. Harry had placed Stephen's egg next to him just in case.

Harry was keeping an eye on his own egg. Night fell, and everyone was exhausted. They got to their accommodations and fell asleep, too tired to even notice the set ups the penthouses had. The next day at dusk, Harry went to check on Stephen. As he neared the room, he heard a groan.

Luckily, everyone else was not far behind. They rushed in and made room for Morgan. The enchantress seemed to be nervous. She approached the bed slowly and sat down close to the nearly conscious Stephen. He stirred and then his eyes slowly opened. "That hurt," he said. Harry's lips twitched.

"Nice to see that you're back to normal, Stephen," Harry said. Morgan shot him a quelling glare. However, Stephen seemed amused. The enchantress turned back to Stephen. He seemed to be able to see a little better.

"Young man," she said, "Do you know who I am?" Stephen's lips curled into a mischievous smirk.

"Squeak," he said. The sorceress froze, and then laughed. "Yes, but do you know my name?" she asked, hoping that his memories had returned. They had.

"You are Morgan le Fay. Enchantress half-sister to Arthur Pendragon. But none of that means as much to me as the last name and that is…," he trailed off, his eyes growing misty. "And that is what?" Morgan asked with a raised eyebrow, as hope rose in her chest. The young boy launched himself at her, and held her tight.

"Mom," he sobbed, his emotions choking him. He buried his head in her chest as she held him tight. Her hands were cool against his skin as she rubbed his back gently, hushing and rocking him gently even as she herself cried tears of joy. The other five quietly left the room, leaving mother and son to comfort each other.

Stephen drew in shuddering breaths as he attempted to calm himself. The magical librarian also tried to calm down. "Easy, now. Easy," she whispered softly, cradling him. Just then the doctor came in.

He froze at the scene, and then smiled. He cleared his throat to gain their attention. The two looked up at him. "I have a final examination for you, young man, and then you and your mother can go. And do make sure you take your egg with you, young man. I don't want it hatching in here."

Stephen grumbled, "But I feel fine." Morgan yanked his hair sharply. The doctor laughed, "And this is to make sure you are fine." He made it quick. He checked muscle movement, reaction time, and strength. Finally, he cleared Stephen to go. The blue-eyed boy grabbed his egg in its bag and hurried out after his waiting mother, who smiled at him.

Stephen grumbled at the doctor's parting injunction to rest, saying, "But I've done nothing but sleep for the past two days!" Morgan pinched his right ear with her nails, saying, "You will do as the doctor says. Also, you may not need rest, but after two days of doing nothing but worry, I do." A security guard drove them back to the hotel, but before they left the guard said that Hammond was off the island for the next few days and that he said to take the time to relax, where they took the elevator to the penthouse that they were staying in.

It was on the top floor. Harry was on the floor below, and Jack, Annie and their parents were on the floor below that. Morgan stepped out of the elevator, leading her son, and unlocked the door. She hadn't been paying attention to her surroundings the night before and this morning so didn't get a good look at what the penthouse even had.

Even now, her eyes were almost closed with exhaustion. She wandered to the same couch where she had slept the night before while Stephen explored. The sorceress took off her high heels as they were hurting her feet after wearing them all day. She sighed as she felt soft carpet underneath her feet. It felt so soft and thick and the couch felt so nice. She almost fell asleep right there. Then a gasp from Stephen woke her.

"Mom!" he said, "this is just the entryway."

What? She thought. The librarian put her heels back on and stood up, quickly walking to where her son's voice came from. The flooring changed from soft carpet to hard tiles. Her shoes clicked as she walked.

When she got to Stephen, she grabbed his hair roughly, to show her displeasure. "What is it," she groaned with exhaustion. Stephen just said, "Look!" and he pointed. Morgan slowly opened her eyes halfway, and then they shot open.

What she saw was stunning. A huge sitting room with three couches and chairs with a large ebony coffee table in the center. This was next to a very modern kitchen with top of the line appliances (not that she knew about that), and green marble counters. The floor was white marble and this ran to a wall of twenty-foot tall glass windows that had French doors that opened to a balcony that contained a pool that looked out over the entire park. To one side of this fifty-foot by thirty-foot expanse the was a spiral staircase that led up to a second floor.

Morgan quickly slipped off her heels and briskly walked over to the stairs, towing Stephen with her. The marble felt good underneath her bare feet, smooth and oh so cool. The enchantress walked up the stairs quickly and the flooring changed on the second floor. Walnut floors and two rooms. She looked in the first one.

A nicely furnished bedroom, sufficient for a child or two. Closing the door, she opened the next one. When he saw what was inside, one thought came to her mind. Now this is fit for a queen! She thought, because what she saw was in her mind, perfect.

A king size canopy bed with the finest of sheets and loaded with gold and silver pillows. The comforter was the deepest purple with golden lines that intertwined in different patterns. The curtains that surrounded the bed were also golden and the floor was covered in the thickest deep, ultramarine blue carpet one could imagine. There was another large window that, when she opened the blinds, looked out over the jungle of Isla Nublar. There was another door in the room which she opened, forgetting about Stephen who took the opportunity to leave while his mother explored.

When she walked into this next room, what she saw was something she only had ever dreamed of having. This bathroom was huge. Tile floors the entire length and up a small half wall in the far-right corner where a deep pure white tub was ensconced. There were black faucets for the tub and sink and the large rectangular mirror was framed with gold and inlaid with pearls. The counters were of polished white limestone. The sink itself was glass and rimmed with gold. The toilet was nothing special; it was connected to the pipes and flushed. There was another small doorway, with no door.

She walked through it and turned a corner to the right. There, in a small room taking up a quarter of the space was a shower. The shower itself was in the back left corner of the room and the two walls inside it from floor to ceiling were of polished black galaxy granite. The outer wall and door to the shower were glass and supported by a 5-inch high tiled wall that ran the length of the glass sides. The floor of the shower was of small black tiles surrounding a drain and on top of the tiles in the back, square in the corner was a bench. The bench's legs where solid front-to-back where the black tiles slowly gave way to white ones and the top was solid white marble.

There were two showerheads; one pointed straight down at the top of the bench and the other higher up on the other wall at an angle that seemed to be positionable height wise and angle wise for standing. The enchantress left the bathroom, after noting some dark purple towels hanging to dry with and soaps for washing. She went out of her bedroom and checked to make sure Stephen was alright.

He was in the smaller bedroom unpacking. This was just as finely furnished and had its own bathroom, similar to hers. He looked up as she entered and smirked. "Let me guess," he cheekily said, "You found the bathroom."

Morgan froze, blushing slightly as she pulled her long curving bang through her fingers, "Yes," she admitted, a little of guard and uncertain what his remark was about, "So I'm-." Stephen interrupted her, "Going to bathe, knock before entering, right?" The enchantress stepped forwards and knelt down, then asked, "How did you know all that?"

Stephen's iridescent electric blue eyes danced with amusement as he replied, "Harry and I go to a boarding school." This confused her. "And what does that have to do with knowing what I was about to say?" she asked sternly, challenging him to keep joking around. Stephen became slightly downcast.

"I was not able to be taught magic." He held up a hand to stop her protest. "They confirmed that I do have magic, however, one of Harry's professors who was a dueling master in his young years, and extremely knowledgeable in different forms of magic said that my magic is on a different…," he stopped searching for the right word, "wavelength. It is more in tune with the magic of the earth and elements. He taught me to read it in case I found my missing parent. As I wasn't officially a student, I was given special allowances and things. Like being allowed into the restricted section of the school library to see if I could find anything on either my magic or family."

He seemed to grow amused again, but waved off the question. "I'll explain either later if you are awake enough, or tomorrow. Maybe at the pool." He grinned in amusement, but then stopped as her eyes seemed to harden and continued, "One of the things I was given were my own quarters with attached bath. Unfortunately, I had to share the bathroom with one of the seventh-year girls. Those were the exact words she used."

The sorceress's lips twitched in amusement and she stood up. "I should be done in about an hour or so. Maybe two. As you have already guessed, knock before entering." She turned away, leaving him to unpack.

Returning to her room, she summoned one of her nightgowns. It was a nice turquoise blue and light, thin but not see through. Morgan took off her pearl necklace and laid it on a nightstand next to her bed. She closed the bedroom door and entered the bathroom with her nightgown. Closing the door, she took off her clothes and sent them back through time to her chambers at Camelot.

Grabbing a neatly folded towel she walked off to the shower and turned it on. The warm water felt so good right now. The magical librarian cleaned up. The heat of the water helped her relax and get rid of most of the stress of the past few days. As she bathed, the sorceress thought to herself, none of this would be understood in Camelot. How will I explain this to the King? The enchantress turned of the water, stepped out of the shower, then dried and dressed herself in her nightgown and undergarments. She sat at the mirror in the main bathroom and searched for a comb.

After going through two drawers, she found what she was looking for and plenty more. She decided on three to use. One was a wide toothed comb, the next was a mid-sized tooth comb, and the last one was a very fine-toothed comb. The enchantress spent a good hour combing her long hair, first with the wide toothed comb, then the mid-sized one and lastly with the very fine-toothed comb. By the time that she was done, her hair was nice and dry as well as softer than she'd ever had it.

Morgan stood up and left the bathroom, turning off the light as she did so. She walked into her bedroom and opened the door checking to see if Stephen was still awake. He was. He had bathed himself and was already in his bedclothes. She walked into his room. "Going to bed?" she asked. "Yes," he replied quietly.

The boy seemed tense and deep in thought over something. The sorceress walked over and put her hand on his shoulder. "Come with me," she said gently, and waited until he got up and turned off the light. She led him back to her room and over to her bed. Morgan climbed up onto her bed and beckoned Stephen over. She helped him up and then tucked her bare feet under herself and spoke. "What is wrong?" she asked, "You are so tense and I am worried." Her eyes where filled with concern for her son.

"I am afraid," he said, shocking her. "Of what?" "Many things," he said, turning to face her. "I am afraid that I am not the child that you remember. That I will not be able to function properly when we return home, wherever that is. I won't be able to follow the proper customs of your home after living here for so long. I don't know if I'm even supposed to be addressing you like this, after all you are the sister of King Arthur and proper decorum and behavior is important in a king's court. All I know is the customs of this time. I am afraid that I will bring you great shame at my actions, even though I may say or do things that may not seem proper to your eyes, but to me are perfectly rational."

Here he took a deep breath, "But most of all, I am afraid of what the night will bring. I get horrible night terrors and my control over the mental communication that I can do is extremely limited. I may inflict part of one onto you and I am afraid of how you will react to loosing sleep over my insignificant little problems." The sorceress's eyes blazed with unhidden rage at his self-inflicted beat down of his own self-esteem.

Suddenly she slapped him hard across the cheek with her slender hand. Stephen's cheek stung from the strike, but it made him pause. He looked at the enchantress, who grabbed him by the chin and forced him to look her in the eyes.

"I have never felt so ashamed then as I do now," Morgan spoke coldly, "I never want to hear such self-hate ever again from you. I am severely disgusted with this behavior. However," her countenance softened and the rage died away, "I cannot blame you for having these thoughts. We will work through this together." She then hugged him tightly next to her turquoise nightgown, "And as for your night terrors," Morgan said softly, "I will always be here to help you with them. You will no longer have to face them alone. You have my promise on that my dear son."

Not to long later, Morgan ushered Stephen off to bed and both, after a while of tossing and turning, fell asleep.