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Notes: First published April 23rd, 2003. Song lyrics removed May 14th, 2005 to comply with new policy. The fic itself sucks regardless, and will be de-suckified once I'm done with this cold/school/bout of writers block/all of the above.


I remember the last time we met. You were still bent on taking over the world and killing the pharaoh.

But I see through your mask, brother. I know how you really feel...confused, lonely, scared...

But even more clearly than our last meeting, I remember our life together. I remember the way you'd smile when you'd envision the world above.

We knew, someday that vision would become reality.

But when that vision became reality, it was not a dream, but a nightmare. That night...that fateful night...

Soon, you could not control him, your yami...and slowly but surely the innocent boy you used to be vanished.

I wonder what it's like for you, this new you, with your head up in the clouds, dreaming as always. But your heart has turned cold and your dreams dark.

I realize that you are trying to make things the way they were, but you cannot see what is right in front of you.

I wait here, hoping, praying for some sign that the boy you used to be is still somewhere.

I can still see you, the other you, smiling at me from the heavens above.

I know that you, the real you, is somewhere, longing to come home.

Because now, Malik, you have become someone cold, someone I do not recognize.

Do you still remember how I used to care for you?

Do you know how much I miss you?

I hold in my heart the image of an innocent, happy child, gone for many years now. And though it hurts when I think of what this child has become, I pray that I never forget the way things used to be.

This world is so big, and no matter how long we search we will never find all the answers.

Why can't you see that?

You're searching for answers that don't exist, far away from everyone and everything you have ever known.

Please come back to me. Please prove to me that the good in you has not faded away...

I try so hard to tell myself that you will come home, and this pain will end.

But it's like trying to hold water in my hands; for I am slowly losing hope.

No. I will not give up hope. Because without hope...what is there to live for? If I knew that I will never see you, the real you again, I do not think I could go on.

Please come back to me, brother. We can start over, I promise...

I look at what you've become and hate everything and everyone. Why is fate so cruel? I watch you fall, with know one to catch you, and it breaks my heart all over again.

It's been that way ever since I watched that small boy, whose violet eyes were always alive with laughter and wonder fade away into nothingness.