Okay, this is nothing more than a trial story, okay?

Just something I talked to a friend with about decided to give it a shot. Now, it might seem random and that's because it is; a fleeting thought that I decided to expand upon and see where I could go with it. I know have a few other stories in progress but this is just to humor an idea so if I continue this story or not is entirely based on the response I get from you readers. If you like it, that's great, if not, alright then.

I would like to mention now that this story will have some minor lemons and dark humor and the main focus would be on Nero.

As stated in the description, this follows what would happen if Nero was part god and how his presence and heritage as part demon changes things at camp half-blood. Also, just a quick question, how likely do you think it is that Nero is fully able to kick the ass of gods like Ares, Artemis, Apollo, and whatever god that is likely to get in a fight with him?

My money's on Nero due to his abilities, experience, and skills as a swordsman and marksman.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Devil May Cry: The Godly Demon

Chapter 1: Changes on the Horizon

Long Island, New York, USA

'I'm not getting paid enough for this shit,' thought Nero bitterly as he trudged through the forests of Long Island. This wasn't his first job where he was forced to pass through forests and definitely not the worst like that one job which led him into the sewer. He still wasn't quite happy with how much amusement Dante took into when the hunter came back looking like he just came out of a dumpster. Either way, he better find this demon quick as it was getting late.

Wearing his usual blue coat that came with silver buttons with roses etched into them, underneath was a stitched together sleeveless zip-up, red hoodie, and under that was a black muscle shirt. On his back was a brown leather strap that looped around both shoulders, however, it's purpose was open to debate for anyone who didn't know the young man. Wearing a brown belt with a silver buckle, the hunter wore blue jeans that were tucked into brown boots while some straps were strung around his calves and thighs.

The sleeves of his coat were rolled up, the right more so than the left as his right arm hung in a blue sling while his arm was covered with a large glove and medical tape. On his left hand were a large brown leather bracelet while he also wore two rings: one on his pointer finger and the other on his pinkie. Slung across his shoulder was a large soft guitar case that rattled somewhat as he walked through the thick woods.

The platinum blonde teen was currently on the hunt for a demon that had been spotted or at the very least mentioned by his client. However, what he did know was that the job was provided by Lady, and it was pretty clear that even she was skeptical about the details regarding the job.

'Money's money,' thought Nero as he stepped through the woods, leaves crunching under his boots, 'Guess it doesn't really matter where it comes from.'


"I got a few weird reports coming in from a Long Island state park, concerning some weird noises, trees with slashes in them, some burnt leaves, and some chunks of metal lying around. Some of our contacts are concerned that there may be demonic activity in the city and one requested that we check it out. He offered a more than decent payment for that job," Lady finished and looked up from one of the said reports and at Nero, who was sitting in Dante's desk chair, leaning back with his feet kicked up. The woman speaking to the teen was known as 'Lady', having foresaken the name given to her by her father some years ago.

Lady, since then, has been working quite well as a demon hunter. Dressing in an all-white business suit, with white short shorts, brown knee-high lace boots, and carrying an array of weapons ranging from SMGs, handguns, grenades, shotguns, and a rocket launcher, she was ready to take on an army. With her hair a dusty gray-black, and wearing a set of orange glasses to hide her heterochromia eyes. However, she had set aside the weapons for the moment to give Nero a rundown on the job she had for him.

"Not a lot to go on, considering chunks of scrap metal isn't that weird to be dumped in the middle of nowhere nowadays," shrugged Nero as he flipped through his phone, checking whatever he wanted while she explained the job, "You sure this guy isn't freaking out over what some punk kids might be doing?"

"Trust me, you're not the only one thinking this is just some weird shit done by some teens," scoffed the veteran demon hunter as she adjusted her glasses.

Lady had been in the demon hunting job for a few years now, so it wasn't surprising to anyone that she had a few jobs where it was just some kids doing some stupid stuff. However, it went without saying that Demons were also very careful about what they do and how they can deceive some hunters into thinking that it's just nothing. Even fool them by posing as the client themselves and luring the hunter into a trap.

So, while Lady agreed that the job seemed a little odd and likely just kids doing some dumb shit, Nero could agree that this was something they couldn't just ignore.

"So what, you're just gonna go over there and put any ideas this guy might have to rest or something?" inquired the teen demon hunter.

"No," answered Lady, before adding in a taunting manner, "because you will go over there and check out whatever is causing the trouble and I am staying."

"Wait, what?" said Nero as he almost fell out of the chair and put his feet down to turn to look at the woman, "You just said you were asked to do it. So why send me?"

"Quite easy," Lady replied "If whatever is causing those problems is a demon, which isn't hundred percent certain, it won't be easy to find it in a huge forest. You have a foolproof detector and tracker with you, so finding it would be easier for you."

To add emphasis, she gestured to Nero's right arm. Glancing down, the teen had to agree. His right arm looked far different than his right, by which it meant that it looked demonic. Having red and blue reptilian scales going across the forearm and the top part of his hand to some of his knuckles. His skin underneath glowed an azure blue while a large stripe went down the side of his forearm where it ended in a spike at the elbow. His coat sleeve was rolled up enough to allow the spike to move freely and prevent being caught in his coat. Devil Bringer was very powerful, but it had some issues.

However, this hardly detracted from the fact that Lady was basically telling him he had no choice but to comply.

"You're not giving me much choice are you?" he asked with a frown while Lady was getting herself a drink.

"No, not really," she answered simply, "I'd grab a bag for yourself and take whatever you need for it. Plus, I'd take something for that sword of yours too."

When she finished pouring her drink, she glanced at the teen out of the corner of her eye, "Besides," she added, "It'll take your mind off what happened."

*End Flashback*

Nero let out a huff through his nose as he continued through the forest. He still wasn't that happy about being forced into a job that Lady could so easily do herself. Not to mention, this was looking more and more like a wild goose cheese for some punks that did some weird shit.

"Fucking Lady," he swore under his breath as he continued through the woods, snapping a tree branch when he stepped on it. He didn't expect to find much of anything when he got to the forest or woods, or whatever they're called, however, he's yet to find anything of any importance.

The only hint or clue he was given was the location and a few damaged places and some random junk thrown around, but nothing to suggest demonic activity. Getting fed up, he made his way over to a tree and set the guitar case down beside the roots while the hunter sat down at the base. Reaching into his coat pocket with his left hand, he withdrew his phone and decided to get any information Lady received while he was heading here.

Quickly putting in the number, Nero waited as the phone rang. As the other end rang, the wind started to blow through the trees, causing the leaves to rustle a bit. Glancing up, the hunter made sure to keep his attention all around him as Demons had a tendency to strike when you least expect it.

"Devil May Cry," said a feminine voice from the speaker of Nero's phone, bringing the hunter's attention back to what he was doing.

"Trish; didn't think you'd be back yet," greeted Nero as he figured that she was still on the job, "Thought you'd still be on the job."

"Just got back when you called, Nero," replied Trish, having been out on her own job when he was given his by Lady, "So, I hear you're out and doing a favor for Lady."

"Less favor and more strong-armed into it," he snorted, "Anyway, I just wanted to speak with Lady. Seems like her informant was letting his imagination run away with him. There are some things that were trashed, but nothing to suggest it was a demon, or at the least, a big one. Either way, gonna keep my eyes peeled for anything."

"I'll make sure to run it by her when I get the chance," replied the woman, "Right now, I'm just looking after the shop."

"Sounds more interesting than what I'm doing," said Nero disdainfully, "Anyway, I should be back by tomorrow afternoon."

"Better find a place to turn in for the night," suggested Trish.

"Figured I'd save a few bucks and camp in the van," quipped Nero as he stood up.

"At least you're doing something Dante can't: saving money," teased Trish.

"See you later," finished the teen as she did the same before hanging up. With the call ended, Nero shoved the phone into his coat and grabbed his guitar case. Glancing up at the sky, he could see that it was clearly getting late as the stars were shining a bit brighter now.

"Better get going," he muttered. He'd continue his look around tomorrow after a good night's sleep. So far, this job was nothing more than a waste of time.

But it seemed like he was in for something different and far from demonic as a voice suddenly sounded behind him.

"Stay where you are, boy," ordered an aggressive and feminine voice.

Stopping in his tracks, Nero turned around and was treated to a very odd sight as standing right before him was a young girl wearing silver clothing, like all silver. Silver leather jacket, jeans, and boots. However, what really had his attention was the silver-tipped arrow that was notched into the bow and drawn back. The girl herself looked to be tall, had dark brown eyes, a slightly upturned nose, and copper-colored skin. She looked to be about in her late teens, younger than Nero by some years.

Hearing the rustling of leaves around him, Nero looked around to see more young girls, all wearing similar clothing and all came with silver arrows and bows. All of them were looking at the hunter with hatred written as clear as day on their faces. However, Nero was far from worried as he scoffed and turned around, despite the girls warning.

"Well, look what we have here," joked Nero as he adjusted his hold of the guitar case, "The women's junior archery club."

The girls seemed to bristle at the name-calling, however, the girl he first saw spoke up, "Why art thou here boy?" She said spitting out the word boy like it was an insult.

Nero raised an eyebrow, a little intrigued by the use of old English, then again, some people in Fortuna did speak using that dialect. But the city was abandoned and it wasn't likely he was going to run into anyone from there anytime soon.

"Why are you talking like a Shakespeare actor?" retorted Nero, "Last I checked, people traded that out for modern English. Try it, I might be able to understand you better."

The girl seemed a bit taken off guard by the blunt and rude response, however, she hid it pretty quickly with an angered, or angrier expression, "Mind your manners, boy."

"I'll mind them when you give me a reason why I should," he shot back without hesitation. The girl seemed to get more agitated with his responses, but before she could answer, Nero spoke up, "But since it looks like you're gonna throw a tantrum, I'll do you a favor and answer your question. I'm here, on a job for someone."

"What is that job you were given," demanded the girl.

"Can't tell you," he answered.

"You will tell us what it was you were hired to do," snapped the girl as she drew the arrow back a bit further.

"I don't have to tell you anything," snorted Nero as he smirked, "Besides, I've wasted enough time here."

With that said, he walked away from the girl and towards the edge of the circle. It was then his instincts flared and Nero suddenly dove to the side. The other girls started to shoot their arrows at him, however, the hunter proved to be far more agile as he rolled across the ground, carefully flipping with the case before flipping into the air to avoid several other arrows.

Upon flipping back to his feet, Nero leaned his head to the right just as an arrow was fired right at his face. The bolt flew right by his head, missing him by millimeters as he heard the rush of air by his ear.

"So much for friendly banter," quipped the hunter as he stood at the edge of the circle while the girls notched new arrows, "If it's all the same to you, I wouldn't feel too bad when you lose."

With that said, Nero dropped the case onto the ground while he reached into his coat. Upon doing so, he drew a large revolver. A modified Smith and Wesson 500 double action revolver, coming with some heavy customizations. Along with a large cylinder that carried six bullets instead of the normal five, the gun also came with targeting sights and ports on each barrel to reduce recoil and muzzle flip. Unlike normal guns, the gun Nero carried was capable of firing two bullets at once and to accommodate for his left-handed nature, the cylinder opened on the right rather than the left. Coming with a wooden grip and an intricate blue rose design carved into the barrel, Blue Rose was designed to be efficient.

Taking aim with Blue Rose, Nero fired at the girl who shot at him. The crack of the gun broke through the night air as the girls scrambled when the first shot went off. Two young girls took aim at the hunter but were easily shut down when he suddenly aimed at them and fired two rounds. The girls were quick, he'd give them that, but he doubted they could react to a bullet in time. So the result was their bows being snapped in twain but the platinum blonde.

'Two down,' thought Nero as he focused on the others. Leaping back to dodge another arrow, the hunter retaliated by firing a shot at the offender, disarming her as well. The girl he first met and the others formed a group of about thirteen, which only left ten more girls to disarm.

Nero performed a spin in the air by leaping up, dodging three arrows that were shot at him. Landing back down on the ground, he leaped into the air once more, jumping up to a tree where he leaned against the trunk and fired at one girl. Hearing the snap of the bow let him know that she had also been disarmed. Jumping away, he narrowly avoided being shot again.

During his descent, he fired another round at a girl he spotted with an unbroken bow and quickly fixed that by taking out hers with a well placed shot. Landing on the forest floor in a roll, Nero decided to cut his loses. He was getting paid to take out a demon, not fight with a bunch of kids. Dodging another arrow, this time by lazily leaning to the side, he made his way over to the guitar case he dropped and picked it up and slung it over his shoulder.

"Don't think this hasn't been fun, because it really hasn't," drawled Nero as he spoke to the girls, "I'm not getting paid to play with some kids. So I'll see myself out."

Turning on his heel, he sprinted away from the group. He ducked as his instincts flared again and let an arrow shoot past him. Running into the forest, heading deeper, he decided to change things up by running up the side of a tree before leaping off and towards a tree branch. Leaping from branch to branch, Nero figured these girls weren't normal so using his demonic biology wouldn't be that big of a deal. Also, he had no intention of running into them again.

Jumping down from the trees, Nero sprinted across the ground, over fallen trees, and through some bushes, he felt he put some good distance between him and his offenders. That's when another arrow hit a tree beside him.

'Still there,' thought Nero as he picked up the pace, 'I need to lose them.'

Looking around for anything he could use, he spotted a large cliff face near his position. Breaking off in that direction, Nero ran full pelt towards the rock wall. He had a plan, he just wasn't sure how smart it was. He knew, from where he was, his van wasn't that far away and he figured that he was fast enough to avoid being crushed by his pretty crazy plan.

Leaping out of the bushes, Nero ran towards the rock face. Stopping a good few feet away from the side, he spun around and pointed Blue Rose at the approaching girls. Emerging from the forest were the telltale silver clad girls, all of them sporting angered expressions, the ones with their weapons broken held knives while the others aimed their bows at him.

"'Bout time you showed up, I was getting lonely," taunted Nero, as he gave them a condescending grin.

"There is nowhere, you can run, boy," snapped the girl he spoke with as she aimed her bow at Nero.

"That's the plan," stated Nero ominously as he suddenly aimed at the cliff face. Channeling some energy from Devil Bringer into Blue Rose. The barrel of the revolver flashed for a second before he pulled the trigger. The result was a shot fired at the cliff face which exploded on impact. The explosion caused a good deal of debris to fall and towards the group. The girls all backed off while Nero held his place.

As debris fall around him, a large cloud of dust was thrown into the air, giving him the perfect cover to escape through. Leaping into the air, Nero used his enhanced reflexes and strength to leap from chunks of debris and began to ascend. While this only took a second, he had more than enough time to escape the girls and stand at the top of the cliff. Turning around, Nero saw the large dust cloud had covered a good area, giving him plenty of cover to escape with.

"So long, losers," snorted Nero to himself as he sprinted into the forest.

Zoë was far from happy as she and her sisters recovered from the cliff collapse. To summarise what just happened, not only had a male managed to escape them, he also disarmed nearly half of her sisters and herself with a revolver. The fact that a male had bested them in two aspects was unacceptable, but he also seemed to know he was better than her as well. She could not allow this. She could not allow a male to be better than her.

Upon searching the area per her orders, the other hunters looked for anything, even searching the rubble for his crushed body. However, the found none and the dust cloud had covered any trails they could have followed in order to track him. Even the Wolves had no luck and since the man vanished from the falling debris as the dust would likely mask his scent so tracking him was out of the question.

The use of his firearm, the incredible accuracy led her to believe that the boy was a son of Apollo, but that did not explain the case he carried with him. Also, his facial features were all wrong as in he did not appear to be a child of Apollo. His eyes were baby blue and his skin was incredibly white. Not to mention his hair was completely platinum.

With nothing more to do, she had only one option and that was to return back to camp and inform Lady Artemis of this man's escape.

If this Half-blood was unaware of his heritage then he would just be wondering around attracting monsters left and right.

Zoë found Artemis in her tent cleaning her weapons. The goddess looked up at her lieutenant.

"Yes Zoë what is it?" She said standing up.

Zoë began to explain all that happened with the boy she encountered and her theories behind the boy.

"How old did this boy look?" Artemis said after Zoë was done with her recount.

"He stood over six feet tall, late teens I would say," she answered.

Artemis thought it over in her head. "If he started attracting monsters at twelve like normal half-bloods then he has been serving on his own for at least six years. A shame he is not a girl, he might have made an excellent hunter."

"What are we going to do Lady Artemis?" Zoë asked shifting her weight.

"You said he escaped when he shot down a cliff. That would cover all tracks and his scent... but you said he was here doing a job, so that must mean he is still in the area in order to complete it before leaving."

Artemis then look at Zoë, "Tell the others we are moving, and that we have a boy to track down. We will drag him to camp Half-blood if we have to."

"I'm really not getting paid enough for this shit," muttered Nero bitterly as he trudged through the forest once more, this time heading back to the van.

He was covered from head to toe with dust when he brought down that part of the cliff. In retrospect, he was focusing more on escaping the pissed of girls than being clean. However, at the moment, he was brushing dirt off his coat, face, and hair.

While the junior archers may have delayed his progress, he still had a job to do. And his pride damned him if he failed it to a bunch of kids. Plus, he had a feeling that the demon was still in the area. He figured he'd pick up the trail tomorrow as it was around midnight. He's wasted enough time as it is, didn't need to put it off for longer.

However, it seemed like fate had other ideas.

Upon reaching the carpark where he had his van parked, Nero stopped in his tracks as he felt Devil Bringer pulse slightly. It was a strong pulse like when a demon is around; this was weaker. Glancing at the edge of the park, the hunter spotted three women approaching him with hungry looks in their eyes.

"Can I help you three?" addressed Nero as he narrowed his eyes.

"So a demigod decided that It was safe enough to wander away from your little camp and not run into any trouble," The woman in the middle said an older lady with black hair and a green dress on.

"Demigod?" repeated Nero as he raised an eyebrow, having never heard that one before, "Never been called that before."

"Just because one of your parents is a god does not mean you now own the place," The one beside her hissed, this one was in a red dress.

"Never claimed to own the place," snapped Nero, "And the only parents I ever had that mattered to me are dead."

"Why are we bothering with talking to him let's just eat him, he barely smells like one. I bet he's just a descendant of one," The last one said this one in a blue dress.

"So, one of you wants to get down to business, right?" drawled Nero, knowing they were talking amongst themselves rather than him when they didn't address what he was saying. However, he knew better than to think these ladies were anything but human. That much was proven when the women suddenly started to transform.

The part of their bodies shapeshifted and transformed into serpent-like tails, while the upper part remained somewhat the same. However, their tongues flicked out, similar to actual snakes, tasting the air. Their scales were of similar colors to the dresses they wore, as did their hair.

While they may look intimidating to a normal person, Nero only raised an eyebrow as he gave them a once over.

"That all?" asked the hunter, clearly unimpressed.

"Perhapsss you should come clossser and find out," hissed one of the snakes.

"Well then," smirked Nero as he reached over his shoulder to the guitar case. Unzipping the top, he reached in and withdrew a massive sword while the case fell to the ground, "Let's get down to business."

In his hand was an extremely large sword, not dissimilar to a Grosse Messer, a German sword that translates to 'big knife' due to its appearance. However, his sword was much larger, having a thicker blade, a curved tip. But the most prominent feature was the handle, which looked similar to a motorcycle throttle.

The snakes seemed to tense at the large weapon, which was all Nero needed to really get inside their heads. Flipping the sword, he planted the tip into the ground, "You wanna fight? Then come on."

To add emphasis, he revved the throttle. From a small vent on the inside of the sword, flames shot out of the exhaust, dosing the sword in flames briefly. This was Nero's signature sword: Red Queen. The snakes seemed to gawk at the reveal of an engine inside the weapon. However, they quickly hid their surprise under a veil of arrogance.

"Do you think that mortal weapon can harm us?" challenged the blue snake.

"Let's find out," replied Nero ominously.

Faster than the snakes could even blink, he lunged right at them, taking them by surprise. The blue snake that challenged him was the first to go down, having her head sliced right off when Nero swung Red Queen at her. The creatures lifeless body fell to the ground as the hunter passed and landed a few yards away.

Looking back, Nero was surprised when her body suddenly evaporated into gold dust. However, some demons do crumble into dust when you kill them; Hell Prides dissolve into sand. But the hunter figured he'd think about that later.

Spinning around, he lunged at the red snake, which was just barely able to slither out of the way when he brought his sword down. The massive weapon slammed down into the asphalt of the parking lot and cracked it, to the snakes surprise. However, Nero didn't let up as he chased after his prey. Raising Red Queen again, more than comfortable using one hand, the hunter sliced the snakes tail, taking a large chunk out of it.

The snake cried in pain, but was silenced soon after as Nero impaled his sword through her back. Her body collapsed into gold dust, similar to the first snake. With two threats eliminated, Nero turned to the final problem. He leisurely rested Red Queen on his shoulder as he smirked darkly at the snake.

The green snake looked at him with fear and tried to run, however, she didn't make it very far before her tail was stabbed to the ground by Red Queen when Nero lunged right after her. She cried out in pain as the blade pierced her tail. The hunter ripped the sword out and walked towards the snake. She turned around and raised her left hand, but soon found it sliced off when the hunter swung his giant sword. The snake cried in pain as she clutched the stump that used to be her right hand.

Nero then kicked her over and pinned the snake under his boot as he raised Red Queen to finish her off.

"No! Please!" begged the creature.

Nero ignored her and was about to bring the sword down. Demons are always cowards when they are at the end of the line. Willing to do anything, offer anything to save their own life. However, for the first time, Nero hesisitated, not because of the kill, but what he saw.

Streaming down the snake's cheek from her eyes were tears.

"You're crying," identified Nero when he saw the liquid coming from her eyes.

"W-what?" gasped the snake as she looked up.

"I've only seen two other demons cry and you're not like anything I've come across," explained the hunter as he lowered the sword, but so he could place the edge under her neck, causing the snake to whimper, "What are you?"

"I-I'm a Lamias," sobbed the women-snake.

Nero was silent as thought about what was just told to him, "Are you a demon?"


"Answer the question," demanded Nero as he edged the blade of his sword closer to her neck, drawing a little blood.


The young adult was silent for a moment: first he ran into a brigade of female archers that seemed to have a very distinct dislike of men, then he runs into a monster from Greek myth. So far, this job has given him more questions than answers, and none of them related to the demon he was hired to find and take down.

With a snort, Nero stepped off the snake-woman and withdrew Red Queen. The Lamias looked at him in confusion.

"Leave," ordered the hunter as he glared down at the woman.

"What?" the snake-woman couldn't understand what was going on. Why was he spairing her?

"Leave before I change my mind," repeated Nero harshly, prompting the woman to slowly, but quickly slither off. She cast one more glance back at the hunter before she vanished into the darkness, leaving the hunter in the parking lot to let out look at where she previously had been.

"What the hell is going on?"

To Be Continued...