The Ghidorahs were flying inside Ghidorah's storm that had formed earlier, "So..." Kevin started, "Ichi, I gotta ask you something." Ichi sighed, "What is it, Kevin?"

"Do you truly hate me?" This made the entire Ghidorah stop mid-air, "What? N-no, you're my brother. Sure, you're a pain to listen to and your voice makes you sound like a bitc-"

"Get to the point, Ichi!" Kaa growled annoyed, "Alright! Shut up, Kaa. No, I don't really hate you, I just say that because I get a little upset sometimes."

"You promise?" Kevin furrowed his scaly brow, "Yes, little brother." Ghidorah soon resumed flying to his destination before a strange sound filled his ears, "GHIDORAHS! HALT!" All the alternate Ghidorahs followed his command and stopped, "What is it?" DesGhidorah asked impatiently, "Sounds like an Alpha Call," Heisei Ghidorah replied.

"But, Ghidorah Prime's the Alpha. No-one else could be making that sound." Kizer Ghidorah said, "Kizer's right, it's wierd." Kaa added.

"It's Godzilla, it has to be! No other kaiju can do that. Ghidorahs! Pick up the pace!" The Ghidorahs soon began to fly faster than before, "We got you, Gojira."

"Ghidorah Prime! It's Rodan, should I attack?" Showa Ghidorah asked, "No, let him."

The pterosaur-Titan flew above the other Ghidorahs, "My king. I have returned."

"Good. What did you find out?" Ichi asked, "They have a plan, you musn't head to Boston! They have a secret weapon located there that can kill all of us!"

Ichi raised an eyebrow, "Really? How do you know this?" Rodan began to sweat bullets, "Um, I-I saw it! It's a massive railgun with the power of 20 atomic breaths!"

"Really!? We shouldn't go then , Ichi." Kevin whimpered, "Stop being a crybaby, Kevin." Ichi snarled before turning to Rodan, "Really, Rodan? I'm not stupid, but I will see if it's true. If it is, we'll go somewhere else."

"Alright, but if you guys get slaughtered, don't expect me to save you."

"I don't plan on it." Ichi huffed before continuing on with the other Ghidorahs.

Godzilla, Lynn, Ronnie, Leo, Mothra had caught up with everyone else, who were heading to Boston. Kyriu turned to face the dethroned king, "Godzilla, are you guys alright? Look a little beat up."

"We're fine, Kyriu, thanks for asking." Godzilla replied, "Where are the alternate Godzillas?"

"Oh, they went ahead of us, along with that Female Godzilla."

"You mean Daenerys?" Godzilla questioned, "I think so."

"Um, guys?" Angurius interrupted, "Does anyone see that?" They all faced forward to see a storm, not just any storm, Ghidorah's storm.

"We're getting close!"

"Um, Godzilla? Me and Leo can't go through the storm! We'll have to fly above it!" Mothra shouted to the dethroned king, "Do what you must, meet us when you can!" Mothra nodded as shealong with Kyriu and Leo flew above the storm.

"Angurius! Grab my tail! Lynn! Ronnie! Grab his tail and hold on tight!" The three did as told, "We're ready!" Hearing this, Godzilla began to head into the storm, the girls' hair flew in the harsh wind.

Suddenly, Lynn felt something bite her ankle, "Ow!" She looked down to see a small Skullcrawler on her, "Ah! Get it off! Get it off!" Lynn shook her foot, but the little lizard hung on. Lynn used her free hand to grab the lizard and tossed it into the sea.

Yellow lightning flashed around them, but it was so dark that no-could see, "Godzilla! I can't see!" Godzilla's dorsal plates lit up blue, allowing everyone to see. "Titanosaurus! King Ceasar! Are you guys out there!?"

"Yeah! We're good!" King Ceasar shouted back, "I see light from the buildings! "Titanosaurus pointed in front of him, "The water's lowering as well!" Godzilla noticed that the water was now down to his feet. "You guys can let go now, we can walk the rest of the way.,"

The three let go of the dethroned king as they all made their way to the harbor, which was filled with boats, "Sheesh, shouldn't there be fewer boats?"

"Just move around them."

Madison had escaped from Jonah's base and had set up the ORCA to stop the Titans from destroying any other cities. She sighed in relief, "Let's hope that worked." She said to herself before hopping onto the table and looking out the window. Something caught her eye, a peculiar storm was approaching. A little confused, she grabbed her binoculars and headed for the roof.

"What is that?" Madison thought to herself as she looked through the binoculars. Lightning flashed and revealed multiple three-headed creatures, she removed the binoculars and turned to face the flags behind her. The wind picked up as she saw the flags turn directions. She turned to face the sound of cackling.

It was from the storm. Realizing what it was, she ran back inside and slammed the door. She turned around only to find Luan unplugging the ORCA, "Luan!? The heck are you doing here!?" She hissed. Luan looked up to see the Russell, "Ah, Maddie. Surprised to see me?"

"No. A little."

"What, did you actually expect no-one to notice you and the ORCA were gone?" Luan crossed her arms and smirked, "Well duh. Of course, I did, you were to busy talking to Jonah about killing Godzilla! Why do you want Godzilla dead so badly!?"

"Because...because...He took my brother!" She shouted with tears in her eyes, "I don't care if he saved the world, he took someone special to me!"

"Can you blame him? You guys treated him like crap! If anything, Godzilla saved him from starvation, animal attacks, and God knows what else! I'm pretty sure your family all trust Godzilla, even if he's a 400ft tall fire-breathing monster!"

"That's in the past!" Luan shot back, "And so was Godzilla quote-unquote, 'Kidnapping' Lincoln! Why can't you just get over it!? Also, you're not funny."

Luan's hands balled into fists before screaming in rage and throwing the ORCA at Madison. The impact hurt,but she shrugged it off and was tackled to the ground by an enraged Luan. "Get off! Those Ghidorahs are coming, we have to get the ORCA out of here!"

"Too bad! Nothing's gonna keep me from enjoying this!" Luan grabbed the ORCA and lifted it over her head and was ready to bash Madison's head when a cackling sound stopped her.


They turned their heads to the window to see the Ghidorahs landing right outside. The intense weight of the kaiju knocked the girls off balance along with everything in the room. Outside, the alternate Ghidorahs searched the area while Ichi let out an angered roar. The two girls hid under the table and hoped the kaiju didn't notice until the ORCA began pinging again.

"Turn it off!" Madison whispered loudly, "Shut up! I'm trying!" Luan whispered back and repeatedly banged the device. "I said turn it off, not break it!"

"Gimme a break! I don't know how it works!"

With one final bang, the ORCA shut off. The two sighed in relief, only to hear growling behind them. Eyes widened, they turned around to find Ghidorah's three heads staring right at them. Ichi narrowed his ruby-colored eyes in anger, "It's just two pesky humans!? Rodan!!! You said there were going to be railguns here!"

"I-I'm sorry, my king. I must've mistaken it as railguns."

"Rodan, I know you're not that stupid. Wait, WERE YOU TRYING TO BUY TIME!?"

Angered, Ghidorah blasted his gravity beams at the building, Madison and Luan rushed out the building with the beams right on their tail. One of the beams hit a gas tank, blowing it up and sending the two flying before tumbling onto the ground. They got up only to find the Titan readying another blast.

"Y-You wouldn't kill me! I'm the one who set you free!" Unfortunately, Ghidorah didn't understand English and reared his three heads back to fire. Madison screamed while Luan fell to her knees.

Suddenly, three blue beams of atomic energy hit the three-headed menace and he fell flat on his back. Luan opened an eye to see what had happened, "Luan, look." The sound of footsteps made them both look back as a roar was heard.

"You've gotta be kidding me!" Luan screamed in anger, "Heck yes!" Madison cheered.

Godzilla had arrived to take back his throne and unleashed a challenging roar at the Ghidorah, "Hey, Ghidorah! Let's finish some unfinished business!"

"Indeed!" Ichi roared, "Godzillas, deal with other Ghidorahs. Daenerys, Angurius, and Lynn, you're with me! Titanosaurus and Ronnie, help the alternate Godzillas!"

They all nodded as the alternate Godzillas, Titano, and Ronnie gathered to deal with the Ghidorahs, "I'm completely for you, Kizer!" Final Wars Godzilla shouted, "Same here!" Kizer Ghidorah shouted back.

Lightning flashed around them as Godzilla roared and began sprinting, the others soon followed and created a charge. "Ghidorahs! Charge!" The Ghidorahs charged, roaring and cackling. "Crap, crap run!" Madison shouted and ran, Luan right behind her as the two sides clashed. The impact caused a massive shockwave, blowing back the rain and a few jets in the area.

The final battle had begun.

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