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He sat on the swivel chair, his smile gleaming in the dark room. He rocked back and forth, practically screaming enthusiasm. His pupils wide, surveying every detail of the computer in front of him.

"Mommy, mommy!" Little Izuku cheered, captivated by the screen. "Again, again!" His teeny body swaying with a cadence that reflected his energy level.

In a society full of extraordinary beings, his naturally green hair and thin, freckled complexion were average. Standard. Nothing special. But none of those slightly derogatory adjectives could illustrate how this day transpired.

"You've probably added ten thousand views to this video yourself, Izuku." Inko Midoriya replied to her four-year-old son with a chuckle. "I think you've had enough for the day."

"Please, one more time mommy?" The younger Midoriya begged, tears welling up in his green eyes. Inko took one look at his expression and her resolve crumbled.

"Fine, but last time ok?" She asserted. Izuku nodded, although being the little kid he was, he was a bit upset that he didn't get to push the button. His mom always let him push the buttons when they went in an elevator, so why not now? She always pushed the button for the All Might video and it kinda made him feel like he was using her. She had to stand and watch with him when he got computer time and he always needed her to press the buttons. Maybe she didn't even want to watch the video? She was just standing there and it made him feel bad. He was old enough to press the button himself, so why didn't he?

Inko was not aware of her son's musings and proceeded to push the key anyways. But just before the green haired woman could touch the keyboard, her finger felt a warm twitching sensation that stopped it in its tracks. It was not as pale as it usually was, now a glowing shade of red. She stared at her hand for what may have been a minute or solely a few seconds, she could never recall it, but it was enough time for a young Izuku to become impatient and decide that since he was given an opportunity to do good, he should take action! Just like a hero!

If he had looked at his mom, he would have seen the almost invisible green glow that was being emitted from her throbbing finger was the same as the one that was shining brighter from the key that he had just tapped on his mother's keyboard.

The next thing he knew, the key had melted and had risen into the air. The melted plastic was hovering above Izuku's head. The video of the number one hero commenced, but for once, Izuku chose to disregard it in favor of something that needed attention.

His mom was too fixated on her digit and the strange, but not painful, feeling of blood moving to notice the flying plastic until her son cried.

The sphere of her attention directly shifted as she took in her son's wailing and the melted plastic floating in the air. The video had concluded by then, but she and Izuku both couldn't bring themselves to care. She felt bewildered. So was he, but being a four-year-old child; he perceived it conversely.

"Mommy, mommy, you think this is my quirk?!" Izuku squealed. The black substance darted towards his mother. Normally, Inko Midoriya would have commented; but this was not a normal day. On this day, Inko Midoriya could only nod.

Years had gone by since then. The day that Midoriya Izuku began his quest to become a hero.

After his mother had seen him melting solid plastic with a touch of his pointer and drifting it through the air she knowledgeably had him wear on a pair of plastic gloves. Good thing she had because if he had unintentionally used his quirk on anything else, or god forbid his mum, he didn't want to think of what might have occurred. Which was strange, because he enjoyed pondering nearly everything. He thought so often that his mother called it a hobby.

Currently, he was on his route to school, casually sprinting and sneaking a few glances (oh, who was he kidding, he was staring) at some mutant types. Many mutants were formed of molecular compositions not even thought to exist until recently, and although that was remarkably rare; examining as many as he could and distinguishing each molecule he could recognize was an excellent way to hone his mind to control his quirk.

He kept walking on his merry way until he saw a huge brute clutching a purse trampling through the streets. He caught a few remarks as he was observing the giant.

"Who is that?" A random man asked.

"Just some small-time thug. He tried to steal and purse and panicked when he got caught." Another stranger responded.

"Wow. What a shame, such a good quirk being wasted on a petty thief." The first man commented.

He grinned and elbowed through the crowd to seize a favorable view of the action. As he stammered through 'excuse me's' and 'sorry's', he was opening his backpack with his quirk.

After he accounted for each hero (Backdraft and Death Arms) and pulled his notebook that he had dubbed his hero notes for the future, volume eleven, he began to engage one of his favorite pastimes; scrutinizing quirks.

The first thing he discerned was that the villain was enormous. He was towering above the buildings. Moreover, he ascertained that this villain was well-built. 'Large and extremely fit; this villain must mainly rely on strength.' He deduced. The last thing he managed to look at was that the villain also had a uniquely molded face. 'I know he is a transformation type because no way would anyone not realize someone of that caliber was stealing a purse… so does his appearance change when he de-transforms? Or does he still have a face like that usually? I mean, it's kinda uncommon for transformation types to have unique traits when they're not exercising their quirks especially something like a change in bone structure. It's usually something like hair color, eye color, or some sort of difference on the skin, but then again, there are some emitter types that..'

Izuku would've gone on all day, but was abruptly interrupted when a hero appeared on the scene; Kamui Woods. He stared in awe and prepared himself to take notes as speedily as he could. It was rare that Izuku got to witness a live hero appearance; he mainly followed videos on HeroTube for his notes.

He watched as the wooden hero moved out-of-the-way of what may have been a harmful blow; then he landed a hit in.

'Kamui is very agile. He used his mobility to dodge the villain's punch! He then followed up with his own attack. He's most likely trying to distract the villain so he can launch a larger and more powerful attack. That's a good strategy against a larger and/or stronger opponent.' Izuku furiously scribbled. He had planned to write down profiles for each hero on the scene today, but that plan went down the drain once he saw that he already had entries for all them. So, instead, he just wrote side notes to what he already had on them.

"Hey, kid." Izuku glanced at the owner of the voice; a man with strange things jutting out of his head. "Are you a fanboy?" The middle-aged man next to him proposed. Izuku blushed, stared at his red shoes that were now oh-so-interesting, then nodded. No use lying about the obvious. The man smirked and turned his attention back to the fight. Izuku didn't really need to watch because he already knew what move the hero was going to use, but, he mirrored his neighbor's gaze right as Woods sent out his special move…

…"Pre-emptive Binding Lacquered Chains Prison!'" Izuku yelled with the wooden hero in sync. The man next to Izuku snickered and it was then that he realized that he had said that out loud. Naturally, Izuku's face tinted red.

His blush darkened when the giant hero knocked into to the scene. Literally. She swooped in and barreled right into the villain that Woods was about to finish off. She had performed a rather flashy entrance with her amplified size and... femininity. A point that was discerned by the male population that had viewed the action and they were now capitalizing on this fact. His neighbor also seemed to notice her feminine attributes and was in a bit of a daze. It took much of Izuku's willpower to neglect his male urges and inscribe what he had seen during the fight into his journal.

"So, you wanna be a hero when you grow up kid?" The man asked after he snapped out of his insensibility. Izuku nodded. "Good luck."

Izuku beamed, "Thanks!"

Throughout the school day, Izuku couldn't stop gushing about the battle he saw earlier that morning. Especially with the première of the brand-new pro hero, Mount Lady. He had been a little miffed at her sudden presence and how she ultimately diverted the spotlight from Kamui Woods, but another hero to add to his notebook was nothing to complain about. Gigantification quirks were quite common anyway; he needed to have a countermeasure against them.

Eventually, the last period of the school day arrived.

"Now, in your last year of middle school, it's important to start thinking of what you want to do in the future. I'm going to pass out your- Oh, who am I kidding!? You guys are all going for the hero course anyways!" Cheers erupted throughout the classroom, quirks being shown by each student. Izuku grinned, concentrating on the rubber molecules of his eraser and lifting the melted substance into the air.

"Yes, yes; you all have such wonderful quirks! But remember, quirk usage is prohibited in school!" Many groaned, but none but Izuku detected the lingering threat in the declaration. He quickly shaped the rubber back into an eraser to the best of his ability.

"Hey teach! Don't lump me in with the rest of these rejects! They and their lame quirks will probably barely make it as sidekicks for some busted D rankers, and that's if they're lucky!" Katsuki Bakugo; the loud blond boy, cackled. Many in the class retaliated with jeers knowing there was strength in numbers and Bakugo couldn't attack them all at once. Even though he was armed with the same knowledge, Midoriya decided not to say anything.

"Oh, you're shooting for UA, right Bakugo?" The teacher asked. As Bakugo smirked, undertones of voices passed through Midoriya's mind.

"Doesn't Yuhhei have a .2% acceptance rate?"

"They're famous for pumping out top pro heroes…"

"It's the top hero course in the country! Bakugo's going to try to go there?!"

As the whispering continued, Katsuki's nearly predatory smirk widened and Izuku shrunk into his seat.

"That's right, you extras! I aced the mock exams! I'm gonna be the only one from this crappy school to get in and leave you all behind!" Bakugo exclaimed. The voices elevated in volume, a cacophony of murmuring to Midoriya's ears.

"Oh, Midoriya is trying for UA as well, isn't he?" The teacher said nonchalantly. The chatter halted for a second, before going on even louder. Izuku heard things like:

"Midoriya, doesn't he have a strange quirk?"

"I heard he can change the phase of matter something's in! That's actually pretty cool!"

"Yeah! And I heard he can move atoms with his mind! Sounds like a better quirk for a scientist or doctor though."

"Changing ice to vapor. Tch, what a lame quirk."

"At least he's trying. Standing on Bakugo's playing field, gotta respect him for that." Bakugo and Midoriya both flinched; each for different reasons.

"You can't get into UA with a quirk that you can't beat villains with."

In his current position, Izuku was basically hibernating underneath his desk; he was so low that he was practically beneath it.

Katsuki had a tick mark on his head from his agitation. He got up and discharged an ignition point-blank at the legs of Izuku's desk, effectively knocking the table, chair, and Izuku over. Izuku, inching back on the ground and hitting his head into the wall behind him, was promptly forced to look up at Katsuki.

"Stupid nerd! You think you can get into UA with such a useless quirk?! Well, Deku, maybe you telekinetically screwed your brain around, like the idiot you are!" The boy with the explosive quirk yelled.

The youth with the telekinetic quirk mentally exerted a deep breath. "Actually Kacchan, I've been working on m-my quirk and-"

"Shut up you annoying nerd!" Kacchan shouted; letting off a blast besides Deku to frighten him. "I don't give a frick what you do, just don't try to challenge me!"

"I-I'm not trying to challenge you K-kacchan…" the boy stated candidly. "I-I… it's just, becoming a hero has been my dream since I was a little kid…" He breathed.

Another explosion.

"I don't give a crap about your dreams!" Katsuki declared harshly. "You'll always just be an insignificant pebble on my path to greatness! Remember that, and don't challenge me." And with that, Katsuki was done. He had been lucky the teacher didn't pay much attention to his students. If so, Katsuki may have gotten in trouble for what had transpired, especially since he hurt a student with such a unique quirk. He strolled back to his desk and sat down without even a slap on the hand.

By his latest year of middle school, Izuku was quite used to being used as Katsuki's punching bag. He honestly never surmised why Kacchan was constantly degrading him even though they were friends when they were little, but he wasn't very social, so what did he know about friendship? The one thing he could grasp was that getting kicked around was unpleasant.

All he knew about were quirks, heroes, and science. Not socializing. He was going to be an excellent hero using his knowledge and his quirk and he wasn't especially concerned with making friends. Over the years, he became used to anybody who was a somebody ignoring him. He was the hero otaku science nerd that played his role as the school bully's punching bag. He was also that one kid who sat alone in the corner squeezing his grip strengtheners and filling out his journals, or reading a science textbook.

He had previously completed ten volumes of his hero notebooks, but, he possessed plenty of writing capacity in volume eleven. This was something that required resolution. So, he went over his information on the 'giant villain', Mount Lady, and Kamui Woods that he wrote that morning and began analyzing it, trying to recall the fight to the best of his ability.

'One thing that I noticed during the fight is that Mount Lady didn't seem considerably stronger than the villain. She probably had the training, but without the element of surprise and momentum, she may have-' He didn't get to finish writing his observations down because someone with superior reflexes seized his book. To his distress, it was his childhood friend(?), Bakugo Katsuki, aka Kacchan.

"What's that? His diary?" A male associate of Bakugo's suggested. Bakugo held the composition book above his head and showed both his acquaintances the title of his journal, knocking two birds with one stone. Now, Midoriya couldn't reach his work. He was just desperately flailing his arms while they laughed. He would have used his quirk, but he couldn't move something that large. It was above his mass limit. He could alter its form, but that wouldn't do him any good.

"'Hero Analysis for the Future #11'? That's so dumb." Bakugo's other male colleague delivered his input.

"Nerd." Bakugo scoffed. He then put his palm on Midoriya's shoulder and lit his arm aflame. Midoriya slammed his eyes shut and pressed his nails into his fist to try to distract himself from the pain.

"Deku." Midoriya's eyes flickered open. "Don't apply to UA." Bakugo increased the output of his explosions, maniac grin taking over his face. Midoriya trembled, out of apprehension, frustration, he didn't know, but he continued to shake.

Bakugo rambled on, hand still in a tight lock on Midoriya's shoulders. "See, I'm a bit of a perfectionist. I'm gonna be the only one to graduate from this crappy school to go to Yuuhei. So don't apply to UA, Deku."

Izuku continued to quiver till he was practically vibrating. Out of alarm? Maybe. Anxiety? Possibly. Anger? Definitely.

Katsuki advanced on Izuku's notebook and exploded it, then chucked it out the window. Izuku quickly pushed past Katsuki and reached out to grab his notebook, but was too slow. The book had too high of a mass for him to lift entirely, so he concentrated on not merely the cells of the spine of the book, but the entire thing. He succeeded in changing the trajectory so that the book landed on the ground, not the water. He exhaled, some of his earlier tension deflating until he spun around and realized that Katsuki was barking at him. That was one issue he had with his quirk. Whenever he directed something telekinetically, he had to focus remarkably hard and it often tuned out the world around him.

"Stop ignoring me you, stupid nerd! If you ignore the best of the best, you'll just be an extra for the rest of your life!" He yelled. Izuku and Katsuki's sidekicks had to resist their urges to eye-roll. "Since your so dumb, with all your stupid hope over something that's not gonna happen, I have some advice for you. Try taking a swan dive off the roof and hope for a better quirk in your next life!" Katsuki declared sharply. And for a second, Izuku stopped. He simply just… couldn't take Katsuki's last criticism.

Bakugo also seemed to notice that he went too far, and his mask slipped for a moment. A shocked yet contemplative expression crossed his features. Then, the mask was back up, and with a compact and almost inaudible, "Later, loser." that had more emotion behind it then Izuku realized, Bakugo was outside the classroom, guilty companions trailing him. The one with long fingers proffered a sympathetic glance to Midoriya, then exited the classroom with Bakugo.

He didn't know how long it took to snap out of his funk, but it was enough time for him to subconsciously grab his notebook from the floor outside with his quirk, and leave the school on his familiar route home, in a bit of a trance. Expressions of concern from a few pedestrians hadn't helped him, he gazed forward with the same blank look, one foot in front of the other. Everything seemed like it was just a bunch of molecules, an endless array of carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, and cement.

Normally, he would be obsessing over the fact that he had managed to lift a whole object over his mass limit six meters in the air. Normally, he would be amazed that he could see the molecules in the objects around him without concentrating. Normally, he would've been paying attention when he walked under the dark underpass. Normally, he would have heard the sewer cap pop off and the slime man sliding toward him. But this was not a normal day.

"Hmm, a medium-sized body. A little on the average side, but I need to get away before he comes." The sludge villain grumbled, but it fell on deaf ears. He deemed this the perfect opportunity to strike.

He pounced on the unsuspecting middle schooler, encircling and entrapping him. The boy's eyes widened, and he tried to shriek. Unfortunately for him, the sludge villain started invading his mouth. The kid tried to scream again but realizing it wasn't working, he tried a different approach. He closed his eyes, stopped breathing, stopped feeling, just... stopped.

"Wow, even for having a decent amount of muscle, he's still as submissive as he looks. Thanks, kid! You're my hero!" The sludge villain exclaimed, aura menacing enough to know that he wasn't actually grateful. Suddenly, he felt strange. It was as if he wasn't slime anymore; he felt… hard.

"Oy, what is this! It's getting hard to move…"

The entire bottom half of the slime villain was solid slime. He was having trouble moving now that his center of gravity was off.

"Kid, what did you do?!" The slime villain howled. All he got was silence, which was to be expected since he was cutting off the kid's air flow. Silence, then a boom so loud that the green haired middle schooler's control flickered for a second, enough time for the particles of the slime villain to start moving again, albeit slower. Even though he could move, he still didn't stand a chance. He tried to take over the kid's body before he could do any damage, but it was all for not.

A few cheesy lines and one hell of a punch later, an exhausted Izuku was being repeatedly slapped in the face by All Might with a signed book next to him. Whatever stupor he had been in before immediately vanished, being replaced by admiration and excitement.

"You okay kid?" Izuku's idol asked him. He got up, started nodding and tried to find words.

"WOW! ALL MIGHT IT'S REALLY YOU!" Was all Midoriya could manage, he was completely overwhelmed.

"Correct, young citizen! It is I, All Might! And I have just saved you!" All Might was very familiar to this song and dance and just did what everyone expected him to.

The green-haired kid had sparkles in his eyes, was about the ask for an autograph and saw he already had one, and stood there, reeling, as All Might was readying his jump. "Thanks for assisting me with the capture, kid! But a hero's work is never done, so off to the skies I go!"

That's when it hit Izuku. 'He can't go! I have so much to ask him!' Izuku scrambled to find a way to get All Might's attention. A crazy idea came to mind, and he went with it.

He concentrated on All Might's pant leg, pulling it towards him as he grabbed it. As he was flying through the air and All Might yelled at him while his eyelids had to be forcibly closed with his quirk, he realized why he had thought the idea was kind of stupid in the first place.

"Kid, that was reckless, you could've seriously gotten hurt." All Might scolded him. Izuku uttered out an apology, then saw that All Might was leaving again. Before his mouth knew what it was doing, he called out,


All Might paused for a second, then told the kid, "Look, I love my fans and all but I really have to-"

"Can someone with a quirk that's difficult to control become a hero?!" Izuku all but shouted. All Might stopped. He was surprised enough that he stayed for longer than he knew he should have.

"M-my quirk. It's very hard to use and requires immense concentration. I think it's not that bad myself, but some of my classmates say that controlling something so sm-small won't be helpful at all. Th-they say my quirk is… worthless." He was perfectly aware that he was crying now, but he chose not to acknowledge the fact by staring at the ground. If he had looked straight ahead, he would've seen the cloud of steam coming from where All Might was standing.

"M-my quirk is molecular telekinesis. I can move things with my mind on a molecular level. I-I can move molecules around really fast; changing things that are solids into liquids, liquids into gases… y-you get the idea." Izuku gave a self-deprecating chuckle.

"I-I also can r-raise the temperature of molecules, which is another way I can change the phase of matter a substance is in. Well, it's not exactly raising the temperature. I have my own special energy that I can add to molecules to make them move more quickly. The energy is also passively emitted from my body and if I concentrate enough, I can see; w-well, feel? It's kinda hard to explain. But I can tell what the molecules of any substance that are in the range of my passive energy are. That's basically all it can do as far as I know. O-oh, and I can also move cells, but I prefer to only move cells in my body. I-I've become very in touch with all the cells in my body because of it. But a lot of kids think its gross." Another laugh. Even sadder this time. The tears were starting to form a puddle.

"Sorry for wasting your time with a stupid question, but even with this quirk, I wanna be a hero who saves people with a smile, just like y-!" He told All Mi… the skinny man in front of him?

"AHHH! WHERE DID ALL MIGHT GO?!" the boy screamed. The bony man coughed out blood and Izuku shrieked again.

"I am All Might!" the skinny man announced, then coughed again. Izuku let out another screech and began formulating excuses.

"No, no, no! All Might is a man that saves everyone with a smile! He never shows weakness, and no way could you be All Might, he's so strong and, and is always smiling! But-but he was there just a second ago?!" Midoriya let out a rapid stream of denials and loud -practically yelling- mumbles. The frail man coughed and let out a sigh; staring at the floor, earlier confidence dissipating.

"Kid, I am All Might." The man divulged with a sigh, pulling up his shirt. The green haired boy could only gasp in horror at the grotesque sight that was this man's -no, All Might's- stomach. "Six years ago, I got into a fight with a villain. He took out the entire left side of my stomach. I can only do hero work for a few hours a day now."

"Was that during your fight with Toxic Chainsaw?" Izuku asked.

"You really know your stuff kid, but no, that weakling wasn't strong enough to beat me! It was another fight with a different villain, one I made sure was not made public. The symbol of peace must remain undaunted by evil...!" The man smiled, looked down solemnly, then snapped upright and stared directly into the eyes of the boy.

"I'd love to say that anyone could be a hero, with enough determination and grit. But the work of a hero is dangerous." both males glanced at the decrepit man's stomach. "I can't go and tell kids that they can become heroes when their quirks don't have combative or immobilization abilities." The boy drew in a sharp breath.

"So, sorry kid, but with your current lack of confidence-" He flinched. "-and lack of quirk that is useful for hero work, you cannot become a hero." Izuku Midoriya stopped for the second -or was it third?- time that day. His mind was blank. He'd heard the same from his classmates, teachers, and former friends, but hearing it from his hero, All Might (who apparently was a fragile old man), was a difficult pill to swallow.

"Now, please don't post about what you've seen online. I smile to let people know that I'm strong and that they're going to be okay! If someone found out that I can only fight a few hours a day due to this injury, villains would get bolder and roam the streets more freely." the blond man said in a deadly serious tone, contrary to the cheerful one Izuku was used to hearing in interviews. Izuku merely nodded.

"Well, I've got to bring this guy to the police." the man told the middle schooler as he walked towards the exit of the building after he crushed the kid's hopes and dreams.

You may have noticed that although I said the dialogue wouldn't be the same as the canon, I did use a few of the lines from the canon and some of the lines I made were very similar to the lines from canon. The reason I did that was because I really like those lines and they fit the character and setting I want to portray.

Always remember that heroes go beyond, Plus Ultra!