Chapter 25

The End

A/N Thank you everyone for your patience and I apologize for falling behind so much with this story. My health issues are not clearing up fast but I am happy to be able to say I have finished the story. Since it's been so long since I've posted I will give a quick recap of where we left off... Bella and Jacob are in the old house they thought was abandoned hiding from Medoff but as they walked along the upstairs hallway four vampires came out from bedrooms and have them surrounded.

As they open their mouths, their fangs slide down into place and I realize they are not people but are vampires.

"Any ideas?" Jacob asks. I glance at him and raise an eyebrow.

"Fight," I say as I concentrate upon my amulet trying to get it to attack. Jacob pushes me behind him with one arm squeezing me between him and the wall. He is alert and ready for attack as two vampires approach us from both sides. Jacob races to the left. He pushes both arms out, palms outstretched and shoves both vampires sending them flying backward down the hall and threw the glass window. He runs back to stand between me and the other 2 vampires. His speed as a newborn much faster than theirs.

The first vampire to reach us jumps up into the air and lands upon Jacob's shoulders but Jacob moves fast and grabs the vampire's ankles and pulls him down slamming him face-first onto the floor. Jacob's foot upon the vampire's back, it holds the vampire to the floor. The other vampire moves around Jacob to come toward me. Jacob reaches out and grabs a fistful of her hair holding her in place. She spins around and jumps on Jacob knocking him to the ground. She climbs on top of Jacob and attempts to bite him as Jacob's holds her back with his hands pressing against her shoulders. The vampire's teeth are only inches from Jacob's neck. The other vampire jumps up from the floor and races toward me. As he gets close my amulet sends out a concentrated purple ray hitting the vampire in the chest. The vampire's face turns to panic as his chest begins to smoke and he bursts in flames. As he slowly comes toward me I back away watching him go up in flames. His ashes drift along with the air like dust in the wind.

I look at Jacob just in time to see him grab the other vampire with his hands by her jaw and rip it wide open ripping her head completely off. The body and head drop to the floor. Jacob rushes to my side. We both glance at the broken window where he threw the two vampires.

"Now, I wonder why they didn't come back," Jacob says.

"I dunno but I have a bad feeling about this," I say as I rub my goosebump-riddled arms.

We walk downstairs cautiously looking for any other vampires as we work our way toward the front door. We open the front door and step outside. A wave of heat hits my body like a brick wall. My skin burns slightly as heat presses against it. I labor to breathe in the thick air. A wall of fire, about 20 feet from the house, rises over 500 feet tall, encircling the house. Jacob and I exchange glances. This is the first time I have ever seen fear in Jacob's eyes. In the air above us, Medoff hovers with his large, outstretched wings of fire and lightning.

"You are trapped. There's no way out for you, newborn. You can jump high, but not that high," Medoff says as he nods toward the flames. "There's no reason for Bella to die with you. Throw her to me and I will take good care of her."

"Never!" I yell defiantly. I turn to face Jacob to tell him we will find a way out. He wraps his arms around me and kisses me lightly on the lips. I pull my head back and see the sadness in his eyes. "Jacob..."

Before I know what is happening, Jacob grabs me by my waist and throws me into the air.

"No! I reach downwards trying to grasp onto Jacob but I am traveling too fast. Medoff catches me wrapping his arms around my waist. I look back at Jacob reaching out toward him as we fly away.

"Jacob!" I keep watching Jacob as we fly farther away until I can see him no more. "Please don't let him die and I will do anything you want," I say to Medoff who remains silent.

We fly for over an hour before Medoff lands in a large clearing on top of a mountain. Waiting for him is a coven of vampires. A tall vampire with dark, straight, black hair and the strangest neon blue eyes walks up to us and bows to Medoff.

"The other dragon will be coming for her soon. Do you have everything ready?" Medoff asks.

"All traps are in place and the harpoons are loaded."


"What about the other vampires?" The blue-eyed vampire asks Medoff.

Medoff shakes his head. "Charlie is probably just freeing them now with his potions. They won't be able to travel as fast on foot. They won't make it here on time. Only the dragon will arrive. After we kill him, hunting down and killing the others will be easy." Medoff looks at me. "Get her something to eat. She's had a long day. I don't want her getting sick on me. After she eats place her in position."

The vampire grabs me by my arm and pulls me along as he walks across the field. I stumble along half walking half being drug while looking around at my surroundings. There are vampires all over. Some are lined up in rows on either side of the field with their arms raised into the air performing some kind of magick in the sky. I see gold sparkles floating out from their fingertips stretching across the sky. Others are placing large metal shields on the field in different positions.

I'm taken to a spot on the field that contains a chair and a pot cooking over a camp stove. The vampire grabs a bowl and fills it with soup from the pot and holds it out to me.

"Sit down and eat. We made it special just for you. Don't worry. There's nothing bad in it. Medoff wants you healthy and alert so we can test you to see what kind of powers you hold." I want to refuse him but I am very hungry and know I will be able to fight better on a full stomach, so I sit and take the bowl and a spoon from him and I eat quietly. Three vampires standing near watch me silently.

"She's finished. Take her to the position," the vampire who walked me over says to the other three vampires. One of the three walks up to me and waves his arm impatiently.

"Come on!"

I get up and walk in the direction he points. I feel two hard palms strike me on the back of each shoulder blade and am thrown forward onto the ground landing on my hands and knees. I stand up and turn around to face the vampire. Before I can say a word my amulet surrounds the vampire in purple light and quickly disintegrates him right in front of my eyes. The other two vampires gasp in shock and look at me with fear on their faces. I smirk at them.

"Idiot!" The blue-eyed vampire says. "I suggest you do not attempt to harm her," he says to the remaining two vampires.

"We should take that amulet from her," one of the remaining vampires says.

"Do you want to take it?" The blue-eyed vampire says to him. The other vampire shakes his head no.
"Then continue."

The vampires wait patiently for me to continue to walk again. They lead me to a tall wooden pole set in the middle of the field. I see chains lying on the ground at the bottom of the pole and step up next to the pole.

"So, who is going to wrap the chains around me?" I tease with a dangerous smirk on my face. Both vampires look at each other worried and just stand there without moving. Suddenly Medoff lands on the ground in front of me.

"For Pete's sake! Do neither of you have a backbone?" Medoff scolds the vampires as he walks up to me and wraps the chains around my torso pinning me to the pole. He looks into my eyes. "You should not have to stay here for too long. The dragon should be here soon and as soon as we take care of him you and I will be off to our home."

"Please don't harm him," I beg.

"He will never stop coming for you if I let him live, and you will never stop trying to escape to go back to him." He lifts his nose into the air and sniffs.

"Everyone to their places," Medoff yells and disappears into the sky. Vampires race across the field getting into different positions. Some are behind the metal shields, some are manning the harpoon guns, the others are still on either side of the field spritzing magick into the air. Suddenly everything grows quiet as I stare out onto the field. I see a fast blur run across the field. So fast I wonder whether I really saw anything at all. A few seconds later I see another blur off to the right of the field and one of the vampires manning a harpoon is suddenly gone. Now I see a fast-moving blur to the left and another vampire manning another harpoon gun is gone. No one else seems to notice. A smile creeps across my lips.

As the blurs continue to rid the harpoon guns of operators, in the distance I see a distinct set of fire-wings growing closer. I close my eyes and call out inside my head. "Edward!" a vision of his face pops into my mind.

"Are you alright? I'm coming for you."

"Yes, Edward. I'm fine. I see you coming! They have harpoon guns!"

"I know. The rest of the family is taking care of those."

"Edward, Jacob..." My inner voice becomes shaky and weak.

"Jacob is fine. Alice found him and pushed some trees down for him to walk across." I sigh as my relief now turns to anger. I am ready to fight.

As Edward begins to fly over the field an electric golden spark explodes in the air as he flies into it, hitting him in the chest. He grabs his chest and begins to fall to the ground. The vampires hiding behind the metal shields all rise and raise their hands in the air. See-through waves of energy emit from their hands and concentrate upon Edward. The energy lifts him higher into the air, tossing him back and forth violently as the vampires wave their hands in the air. He seems unable to break through it. The invisible energy slams him into another gold sparkling bomb that explodes and sends electric shock waves through Edward's body. I squint my eyes looking at the sky and notice certain areas of the sky seem to shimmer in almost invisible waves. I trace the waves and find them ending on either side of the field coming from the vampires.

"The vampires on the sides of the fields are causing the energy bombs," I scream inside my head to whoever can hear it. I see Carlisle run down the line of vampires on one side of the field knocking them all on their asses. Then Esme does the same to the vampires on the other side, temporarily halting their energy bombs. Edward is still being thrashed around in the air by the vampires hiding by their shields. Rosalie and Emmett are fighting two of the vampires controlling Edward. With fewer vampires attacking him with energy beams, Edward is able to clumsily land on the ground and grabs another vampire by his head and rips it off his body. He then turns on another and does the same.

Carlisle and Esme kill all the vampires controlling Edward. Free from their control, Edward leaps into the air, his skin turning deep ember red and lightning sparking between his fire-wings. He looks formidable as he flies over the vampires producing the energy bombs and opens his mouth. Fire shoots out in a large arc setting all vampires on that side of the field on fire. They race aimlessly around on the field until they burn down to ash. Edward halts in the air, turns, and begins to fly in the other direction. The vampires on the other side of the field see Edward coming and attempt to run but they are too late. Edward catches up with them and shoots bolts of fire out of his mouth, hitting each vampire with a bolt and setting them ablaze.

More vampires come racing onto the field and a battle ensues with Esme, Carlisle, Rosalie, and Emmett. Edward begins to fly toward me. Medoff comes out of nowhere and T-bones Edward in mid-flight knocking him to the ground. They both hit the ground with such force Edward is buried into the earth 20 feet deep. As Edward flies up from the ground, Medoff grabs a metal shield ripping it from the ground and pummels Edward's head with it, knocking him back down. Medoff flies to one of the harpoon guns and waits for Edward to reappear. As Edward ascends into the sky, Medoff releases the harpoon.

"Look out!" I scream inside my head but I am too late. The harpoon pierces Edward through his left side. A rope tied to the harpoon hangs from it to the shield on the ground. Edward struggles in the air to free himself.

"No!" I scream. Medoff looks over at me.

"You may not want to watch this part," Medoff says to me as he rips the rope off of the shield and begins running on the ground, dragging Edward behind him. Carlisle sees Edward struggling and races toward Medoff. As Carlisle reaches Medoff he slaps Carlisle into the air as easily as swatting a fly. Esme runs to Edward and pulls the harpoon from his side. Medoff flies to Edward and grabs him lifting him up into the air as I and our vampire friends watch helplessly. The two dragons wrestle in the air, punching and kicking each other, Edward holding a hand against his side to slow the blood loss. They use their wings as battering rams slamming into each other. Locked in an embrace, they both fall to the ground while pummeling each other. They both fall to the ground and Edward jumps up and runs in a circle picking up speed and rams Medoff head-on pushing him into the side of the mountain.

Rosalie races toward me and rips my chains off dropping them to the ground. "You have to try to concentrate, Bella. We need your new abilities to help us. I will guard over you if you try to do something, anything. Do you think you can teleport us again?"

"I don't know. I will try... something." I close my eyes and concentrate hoping to get a vision of what to do.

"You can't beat me, dragon. I am stronger and more powerful than you could ever be." I open my eyes when I hear Medoff taunting Edward. Medoff flies out of the mountain toward Edward.

"Can't Edward set Medoff on fire?" I ask Rosalie. She shakes her head no.

"They are both fireproof. If any of us go near Medoff to help Edward he can set us on fire. We can't get close to him."

I see Carlisle aiming a harpoon gun and watch as the harpoon glides effortlessly through the air, piercing Medoff in the left-wing and I watch him fall to the ground screams of agony bellow across the field. Esme races to Carlisle's side to help him in case Medoff retaliates. As Medoff scrambles around on the ground to free himself from the harpoon Edward flies toward me. He reaches down and holds out his hand. I grab it and he pulls me up onto his back.

"I have to get you to safety."

"No, you don't, Edward! We're in this together! Stop trying to save me and allow me to fight by your side. You can't beat him on your own but just maybe...maybe together we can beat him. It's time you admit I am not defenseless and allow me to fight by your side as your equal." Edward is silent for a moment.

"What did you have in mind?"

I close my eyes and concentrate. I feel purple energy emanating from my amulet and force it to stretch out to encompass both myself and Edward. I open my eyes and see a purple shield surrounding us.

"His fire can't hurt me now. You have to trust me on this Edward. I know this shield will protect me... protect us. Let's go get him!"

Edward hesitates for a second while he checks out our purple energy shield. He looks at me and a look of confidence rises upon his face. As he begins to flap his wings I close my eyes and concentrate upon the sound of his wings beating against the air and envision myself and my powers becoming one with Edward. I envision his red ember skin flowing through him into me, merging with my purple power. A purple shield with red ember glowing power inside and lightning racing around inside it protects us.

I open my eyes to see Medoff has now freed himself from the harpoon and is flying towards us in a final showdown. I tell my power to merge with Edwards. Slowly my body takes on the same ember red glow that Edwards does. I wrap my legs around his body tight and feel his strength and power pour into my body. As my purple shield glows bright around us both, my body begins to grow hot but it does not burn me. Lighting flashes inside Edward's wings and races through my body. We are one power of solid purple and red with hot red lightning flashing inside us. Medoff opens his mouth and breathes out a long barrel of fire directly at us. It hits our shield and simply falls down into the air. Medoff's face is of shock and fear as Edward's wings beat faster taking us closer. As we near Medoff, Edward opens his mouth as I will all of my power into Edward while screaming a triumphant power releasing roar. Purple fire with red lightning inside it pours out of Edward's mouth covering Medoff's body. He lights up with purple fire burning into his skin, incinerating him in mid-air. He quickly turns to ash which floats away in the wind.

As we are landing I look at my arms and see the red ember glow and lightning slowly drain from me. I call to my shield and purple fire power to lower and drain back inside me. Once we hit the ground I climb off of Edward's back and swing myself around to face him. I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him deeply. I feel the breeze of our friends racing to our side and sigh a breath of relief and happiness. I pull my head back slightly and look into Edwards eyes with a wide smile.

"That's some team we make," Edward says.

"I always knew we would be an amazing team."

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