Looking behind her, Ronnie spots a Filipino girl. Ronnie and her knew each other since elementary school. This girl is Stella

At a young age, they got to know each other better. As the two got older they hung out with Lincoln almost every day. When they weren't hanging out with him, Stella would teach her all different type of her country's dishes. The dishes consists of Lumpia, Kare Kare, Adobo and other famous foods.

Meanwhile at the Loud residence, Lori and Lincoln ate some lasagna that he made for the younger sisters.

"Hey little bro?"

"Yeah, Lori?"

"I was wondering, what happened to that red hair girl that switched classes back when you were in elementary school?"

"You mean Christina? She works for our comic book company? She and I get a along a lot better than we used to. Once in awhile I'll take her to get coffee"

"Doesn't that sound weird to you Lincoln? I mean you're just hanging out with friends but you know how Ronnie can be when it comes to things like this"

"Don't worry Lori. Ronnie is aware that Christina and I hangout once in awhile after work. Christina and i talk about possible future stories. She's the story board designer. What about you?"

"Well I work at the community club. I'm the teacher for the golf section of the facility. The place is quite large. There's swimming, archery, laser tag and plenty others. You can bring your kid(s). The guest pass is ten dollars"

Before anything else can happen, the front door slammed open.

"Yo Lincoln! I can use a hand here" a voice cried out.

"Back already Luna? I thought you were supposed to be gone for another hour" the boy yelled as he rushed to his sister's aid.

"My gig got cut short because they have to make room for another band"

"Sorry to hear that Luna"

"Don't sweat in bro. It was while it lasted"

"Hate to interrupt but Lincoln was in the middle of making me some food. Would you like some"

"Yeah. You don't mind, do you bro?" Luna said as she looked at Lincoln.

"Not at all!"

The white haired boy exclaimed.

"So, are you ready to ask for her hand in marriage, little bro?"

"Yes I am, Luna. I'm ready to be her husband. I remember that day when she shoved a sloppy joe down my pants. At first, I didn't really want to deal with her. She always teased me. As you all know, you girls forced me to kiss. From my perspective but thanks to you girls, our bond wouldn't have come to be. So in that regard i'm grateful that you took the time to hook us up. It means a lot. Especially you Lori" Lincoln said happily while smiling at his older sisters.

"We love you too Lincoln" they said as they gave him a hug.

The food finished cooking. The group took their seat at the long table. While eating, the pair took the time to talk about the status of their lives. Lori talked about the future updates for the bodega in the city while Luna mentioned that Sam and her are planning to adopt a baby girl.

"That's so adorable Luna! You too will make great parents. Heck! I'm surprised you didn't ask me to Donate to Sam" Lincoln joked.