Hi guys! I've had this plot in my head and wanted to share it! I don't have much wrote yet, so let me know if you think I should continue!

I cradled the back of her head with my hand and held her small body with the other taking in her beautiful features. Her little mouth puckered up slightly and I ran my finger up and down her cheek. She sweetly leaned into my touch as I continued to hum softly to her. When she settled into a sleep, I gently laid her down in her bed and sat back in my chair to finish my charts. Each chart held the name of a precious baby that I had the pleasure of monitoring until they were ready to go home. For the most part, my job was amazing and rewarding. I almost always enjoyed coming to work and sometimes I even hated to leave at the end of my shift.

Some would call me too attached. I preferred the term dedicated.

Every time a new mother and her child left our care, I felt joy for them. As with everything, parenting would be hard, but the reward of being that little one's mom or dad outweighed the hardships. However, there were some days like today when one of our babies took a turn for the worst and they were moved to critical care… those days were hard. Most would think that I would have had tougher skin to those types of things by now–I have been doing this job for two years–but I still went home and cried every single time we lost a baby.

As I said my job is rewarding, but it's not without its downfalls.

With a heavy sigh, I placed the chart of the baby I no longer had in my care aside to be taken to NICU and checked the clock on the back wall realizing it was time for Lilly's feeding.

I picked her up, let Angela know where I was going, and headed toward the room her mother was currently sleeping in. I was informed Alice had had a tough night, so when I arrived she asked me to take Lilly to the nursery so she could try and rest until her next feeding. I hope she managed to get some good sleep.

My knuckles knocked on the door twice before I pushed it opened. "Mommy, Daddy guess who's here to see you?" I whispered.

The lights were dim, the curtains were pulled to and Jasper, Lilly's dad, was asleep on the couch. Chuckling, I walked over to the bed and lightly touched Alice on the shoulder.

"Hm? What?" Alice sat up suddenly looking around the room.

"It's okay Alice, she's right here." I laid Lilly into her mothers arms and Alice smiled down at her.

"How has she done this morning?"

I smiled. "She's been great. She slept until about fifteen minutes ago when she started getting hungry."

"Good." Alice looked relieved.

"And how did you sleep?" I asked.

She relaxed back into her pillow and started pulling her gown down to feed Lilly. "Much better."

"I'm glad to hear it."

"Yeah right. Like you wouldn't give your right arm for a chance to sedate me." She joked.

I laughed quietly to not disturb Jasper. "I've thought about it a few times when you've knocked my door down at six in the morning on my off days."

Alice smiled fondly at the memories.

Once Lilly latched, Alice glanced up at me. "So, did you think about what I asked?"

Slowly I nodded. "It's not a good idea."

"It's a wonderful idea and you should do it. Sure he's a little rough around the edges, but he wants to try."

"Maybe some day but not today. Besides Jacob Black gets plenty of dates, he doesn't need one with me."

Alice rolled her eyes. "It's always some day with you Bella. What are you waiting for?"

I shrugged. "I don't know but I'm not going to do something that doesn't feel right."

"Bella! You're twenty-four years old and not getting any younger!"

I threw my head back laughing. "I'm not an old spinster yet Alice. I have time."

Alice sighed. "You're absolutely right. I'm sorry." Then she pouted slightly. "I just want you to be as happy as I am."

I leaned over and hugged Alice the best I could without disturbing Lilly. "I am happy. When it's the right time, I'll know."

"It might be too late by then."

"Then he's not right for me now is he?" I smirked.

"Whatever." Alice rolled her eyes.

"Look, you know what makes me happy?" She shook her head. "Getting to see my best friend and my beautiful niece when I want to." She grinned letting me know it was all forgotten... for now.

"What about me?" Jasper's gruff sleep-riddled voice startled us both.

"You know you're my favorite." I winked at him.

He snorted. "Sure."

I laughed as I watched him come around the other side of the bed and sit down beside Alice watching Lilly. "Hi baby girl, daddy missed you." He whispered lovingly.

Alice leaned into Jasper and he wrapped his arms around them. Quietly I left them to bond with their daughter.

The rest of my day ran smoothly as I went room to room checking on each mother and baby. As I approached the end of my shift, I knew I needed to get Lilly's vitals one last time.

I entered the room after a few courtesy knocks wheeling in my cart only to find a room full of people staring at me. This was always the worst part for me. Connecting with the mother and the father was never hard but when I inevitably had to speak in front of the entire family like this, the nerves kicked in. Especially a family I've been waiting to meet for several months.

I met Alice at a Starbucks one day about six months ago. She was sitting at a table alone with her eyes closed rubbing her small bump. Naturally, my nursing instincts kicked in and I walked over asking if everything was alright. She informed me that she was fine, she just liked to come in and smell the coffee when the urge for more than her allotted cup got to be too much. She asked me to sit down with her and we just clicked. She's been my best friend ever since.

I've heard all about her family so much that introductions hardly seemed necessary but the timing never was right to actually meet them. So I should have figured it would be today that I meet them when my hair was a mess, I didn't sleep well last night and I was exhausted from working a ten hour shift.

"Uh, hi. Excuse me, I hate to interrupt but I need to get Lilly's vitals before I'm off for the night."

"Oh that's fine." Alice waved me in. Quickly, I crossed the room reaching for Lilly.

I felt at peace once I had her in my arms grinning at her puckered lips and the one eye cracked open looking around for who dared to disturb her sleep. Softly, I began to talk to her as I worked allowing myself to forget anyone else was in the room.

"See, I told you she's fantastic." I heard Alice say behind me. Trying to pretend I didn't hear her, I wrapped Lilly back up and brought her to Alice.

"So she's still feeding well? Not having an trouble?" I asked.

Alice shook her head. "Nope."

"Great." I smiled relieved I could finally leave the room.

Alice smiled brightly but reached out for my hand squeezing it letting me know I couldn't get away that easy. "Bella, I'd like you to finally meet my family."

Giving me no room for objection, she introduced them all at one time. "This is my mom Esme, my dad Carlisle, my brother Emmett, his wife Rosalie, my other brother Edward and his girlfriend Heidi." I was already familiar with everyones' faces thanks to the hundreds of pictures on Alice's phone, but it was nice to meet them all in person nonetheless.

"Hi." I smiled kindly at everyone. They all smiled back except Edwards' girlfriend; she just sneered trying to pass it off for a smile.

Lilly cried out suddenly and everyone was no long interested in me, for which I was grateful. It gave me an opportunity to really get a good look at everyone I've been waiting so long to meet. Especially her brother Edward.

Alice only had a a few pictures of him compared to everyone else–something about him hating pictures–but I wish I had paid more attention. He was taut and statuesque with a sharp jaw line and kissable pinkish red lips and short but wild bronze hair.

Glancing around the room to be sure no one saw me checking him out, I let my eyes stray back towards him only to find Edward watching me as well.

Quickly I averted my eyes to not attract attention, but regretted that decision as I saw his girlfriend glaring at me; her fingers gripping his arm tightly. Guilt coursed through me for ogling someone else's boyfriend. However, I had heard enough about her from Alice to know she wasn't the nicest person in the world so I couldn't find it in me to feel too badly about it.

I also couldn't help but notice how much she stood out from the rest of the Cullen clan. They were all classy and elegant yet at the same time down to earth, kind and welcoming.

Everything she wasn't.

Lilly's cries had settled down and I thought now might be a good opportunity to escape. Esme noticed me inching towards the door and walked over giving me a warm hug. "I just want you to know I have heard nothing but exceptional things about you. It's nice to finally meet you, Bella."

"Thank you. It's a pleasure to meet you as well. I've heard some much about all of you." I blushed when I look around the room finding him still looking at me in a way that caught my breath. "However, I should probably finish my rounds before my shift ends. I'm glad I finally got to meet you guys and hopefully the next visit won't be so short."

"Of course dear. You're at work, we understand. If you would like to, I want to have a family dinner in a few weeks and I would love if you could join us."

I bit my lip nervously. "Sure. I'd love to. I'll just need to check my schedule."

"Wonderful." With one last hug from Esme and a quick peck on the forehead for Lilly, I left the room frustrated.

I would be attracted to the one man I couldn't have.