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Living at U.A. was weird.

This was a common thought that Izuku Midoriya seemed to have on a daily basis. Maybe it was the fact that just in general he couldn't believe he was going to U.A at all, or maybe the fact he was finally starting to achieve his dream of being the hero he had always wanted to be. It just didn't seem real to him some times. Or maybe it was the fact he just had roommates know each with their own unique personalities that he had to get accustomed to.

Speaking of his dorm mates he couldn't believe how well everyone seemed to get along with each other… well with the exception of kaachan of course but he didn't even get along with the people who gave birth to him so it was to be expected. Of course people had disagreements, people who stole someone's else food or people hogging the t.v or some other obligatory reason. But it arguments never seemed to get too out of control.

Maybe it was because all the people he lived with had gone through so much together, life and death experiences, crazy tests, and too many broken bones to count. Because of that everyone seemed to cling onto one another like none of them had before.

But recently he had been feeling weird, and not the common "I have the the weight of the world on my shoulders" kind of weird that he had been experiencing during the past year of his life. No this feeling was something completely different and completely new to him as a whole. It was a foreign feeling that seemingly happened out of nowhere and with varying degrees of intensity.

Did it have something to do with One for All? If so why was he feeling it now and not before, and if not then what was this feeling, Izuku was unsure how to describe it but if he had to put a word to what this feeling was than only one came to mind.


Not the hunger for food or Victory, or some other kind of basic want. No this was a much deeper kind of hunger, a Carnal kind of hunger for something and as to what that something was Izuku did not have a clue. But he was afraid of what this hunger may lead him to do.

It was on Monday when he felt that feeling again, it wasn't during an extensive training or impossibly hard test, no it was a just a boring school day in ectoplasm's math class. He had been writing down his notes on the material when suddenly it hit him like one of bakugou's explosion's.

Only this time it was stronger than it had ever been before. The feeling was so intense that he started to sweat. He started to shake and gripped his pencil so tightly that he snapped it in half without even noticing. He lowered his head as to try and avoid garnering attention from his classmates and it seemed no one had noticed his distress.


At least he had until a hand grabbed his shoulder from behind and a clearly distinguished voice called his name. Slowly he turned around to respond to whoever it was calling his name.

As he finally turned around fully he noticed the giant raven colored ponytail that seemed to fill his view. Momo Yaoyorozu, Class 1-A's resident 3-d printed and all around genius. She looked at him clearly looking to see if he was in any distress.

"Are you alright Midoriya-San" she asked, concern pouring off of her words.

Midoriya stared at her looking to give her an answer but as he opened his mouth he found that no words would come out of it. He tried again but found the same result but as he questioned what was going on he took another close look at her.

He had talked to and seen her numerous times but for the first time he took a good long look at the resident beauty of the Vice President's face. She had no blemishes on her face and had seemingly no freckles either, Her eyes were a deep black with an intensity that seemed to contradict her personality so vastly. And her lips were a light pink so supple and gentle looking. He could practically smell the peach lip balm she had applied before class. It made him just want to, just want to…

"Midoriya!" someone yelled.

Finally broken out of his trance midoriya frantically looked around to see where the source of the yell had come from. Then he noticed his intense study of Momo had caught the rest of the class's attention. Everyone looked at him with a confused gaze wondering what he was doing.

"Midoriya, are you ok there?" Ectoplasm asked with his echoey voice.

"Y-Yes Sir, S-Sorry Sir." He said quickly and nervously.

" Ok but do try to pay attention during class, we do have a test on this coming soon, so I'd hope you would try to stay focused". Ectoplasm said firmly.

"Y-Yes Sensei, it won't happen again." Midoriya said trying to avoid the others gazes.

Ectoplasm grunted in acceptance of his apology and continued on with the lesson and as everyone regained their attention towards the front of the classroom Midoriya only had one problem left.

The feeling never left him.

Lunch came around all to soon and as everyone finished getting they're trays. They chose which social groups they would be interacting with today and unfortunately for Izuku everyone seemed to have wanted to interact with him today.

Currently his group he sat with today consisted of Iida, Uraraka, Tsuyu, Kaminari, Jirou, Momo, Todoroki, Mineta, and surprisingly Kirishima.

"Hey midoriya what happened with you today in math?" Kaminari asked with seemingly no hesitation.

"H-huh?" Midoriya replied frazzled.

"Jeez dude give the guy a second to sit down before you bombard him with questions." Kirishima said accusingly.

"Come on, all of you guys were thinking about the same thing" kaminari replied

"Ok yeah I won't lie I am a bit curious as to what was going on but I was at least going to give him a minute. But yeah since it's already out there what was that today?".

"N-Nothing I was just feeling a bit tired today, nothing to be worried about you guys." He said trying to avoid the question.

"Midoriya-Kun it is unwise to not get the suggested 8 hours of sleep that body needs!" Iida said while waving his arms in a dramatic fashion.

"You have to admit deku-kun" Uraraka interjected "The way you were staring at Momo was kind of… intense." She said quietly so that momo who was talking with jirou didn't hear their conversation.

"I mean can you blame him, he was so close to yaoyorozu that he could just…"

Mineta's thought was stopped by Tsuyu quickly slapping him across the face with her tongue getting him to shut it. Finally deciding to join on the conversation Tsuyu decided to voice her thoughts as well.

"She is right Midoriya-Chan you were looking at her as if you were deconstructing everything about her, kero." She said with her deadpan expression.

"G-Guys really I promise I was just tired this morning and it won't happen again promise." Midoriya said in rebuttal.

Everyone seemed to take his words to heart as they all ceased the conversation and began to eat and chat about other things. But as he looked over his friends he hoped he really could keep that promise.

The rest of the week went without issue and as the weekend strolled around most people use Saturday's as their sleep in day but there were a select group of students that are considered to be early birds that always get up hours before anyone else. This group of people usually consisted of Midoriya, Iida, Jirou, and Todoroki. The first two usually due to them going on early mornings runs together, the next because she liked to write music earlier in the mornings and the last one just not wanting to sleep any longer than needed.

But as they all came down to the common area Iida noticed the absence of one green haired running partner.

"I wonder where Midoriya-Kun is" Iida asked to the two others in the room.

"He's probably still asleep Iida, you know how overworked Midoriya can get sometimes." Todoroki said curtly.

"But Midoriya-Kun usually always gets up about now, no matter what" Iida pondered while scratching his chin.

"Now that I think of it" Iida continued "He has been acting a bit strange this week, maybe he's not feeling well?" He wonders before finishing his thought. " Jirou would mind going up and checking on Midoriya please? I would go but I would still like to do my run."

"Sure" she replied quickly before hopping off the couch and going up the stairs leading to midoriya's room. Thus leaving the two boys alone.

Iida turned to Todoroki "Would you care to accompany me on my run todoroki?" He asked kindly.

Todoroki just shrugged his shoulders and decided he might as well.

Back with Jirou, she had made her way to the front of Midoriya's door where she was about to knock when she noticed his door was unlocked and slightly opened. Not wanting to barge in she knocked first.

*knock* *knock* *knock*

No response

*knock* *knock* *knock*


Now started to get worried she called out to him

"Midoriya are you in there?" She asked, after not getting any response she decided to take a drastic measure. "Ok Midoriya I'm coming in." After which she stepped through the door and closed it behind her.

Let's just say she wasn't prepared for what she saw when she saw him.

The room was mostly dark with the lights being turned off and and the blinds covering the windows and the only light that came through was the sunlight that tried to get its way through the blinds. But even with the low amount of light in the room it did inhibit her ability to see Midoriya clearly.

He was sitting on the edge of his bed not moving a muscle. He had no shirt on and she could see the sweat that was covering his body. She could also clearly the muscles that he hid under the baggy clothing of his usual attire. From his pecs to his abs and all along his arms it looked as if they were crafted from stone. But along with the muscles he possessed, she also saw the numerous scars that littered his entire body.

From all the ones on his hands to the several larger ones that went up and around his arms and finally her eyes rested on the big mass of scar tissue on his right arm that he got from being burned during the training camp. She couldn't believe that one person could carry that many scars let alone someone who was her age. They kind of frightened her a bit.

Refocusing she noticed he was looking up at the ceiling, seemingly unaware of her presence in his room. So trying to get his attention she called out again albeit shakily.

"M-Midoriya are y-you o-ok?" She said nervously.

Finally noticing her Midoriya turned his head to look at her, but he didn't say a word he just continued to look at her with a stare that she wasn't sure how to feel about.

"M-Midoriya come on y-your freaking me out!" She said loudly.

Then suddenly the green haired brick house stood up and began to slowly walk towards her. Safe to say she was starting to get more worried by each step he took closer and closer to her.

After what seemed like an eternity he stood directly in front of her with her back pushed against the door and him looking down at her with that same intense gaze that he had been giving for the past few minutes. She felt like a rabbit being stared down by a wolf in a corner with nowhere left to go. He seemingly towered above her and she was both intrigued yet terrified what he would do next.


Then he slammed his lips against hers silencing her mid sentence.

The feeling had come back stronger and more forceful than it had ever come before. He had woken up to feeling that was clawing to get out of his chest. He had stayed in his room this morning hoping it would go away but if anything it only became more intense.

By the time that Jirou had come into his room Izuku Midoriya had lost all control of himself and was running on pure instinct. And somehow that pure instinct had led him to the situation he was now currently in.

With him kissing Jirou in his room as if his life depended on it which as this point he wasn't sure if it was or wasn't. But now he was in the thick of it and he was loving it.

After he kissed Jirou it took her a couple of moments to realize what was really happening. Once she finally got control of her senses she tried to push him away but he wouldn't budge he just kept her pinned against the door with his mouth connected to hers. After a few moments of her struggling Izuku decided he had enough and grabbed both of her arms and pinned them above her head as he continued to assault her mouth.

After what had to have been at least 8 minutes of continuous kissing he finally released her for air. Both seperated with a small saliva trail connecting them. Both were huffing and puffing loudly, each one's faces visibly flushed and lips visibly abused.

Jirou couldn't believe what just happened, she just got kissed by Midoriya! Of all the people she could've imagined this to happen with he was defiantly nowhere near the top of that list. Not that she didn't didn't think he was attractive but just that his personality was the complete opposite of what he just did.

And what he just did. He didn't just kiss her, he dominated her. He took control and left no room for if ands or buts. Her mind was so frazzled she didn't notice the fact that he was slowly leaning back in for another one.

By the time she noticed it was already too late and he had connected their mouths once more but this time he decided to explore the inside of her mouth and she lost all strength to try to stop him. He continued to ravish her mouth for what seemed to be an eternity. Somewhere during the exchange he had released his hold on her arms and rather than push him away she wrapped her arms around his shoulders to keep herself upright.

At this point she had given up trying to fight him and let him have his way, which seemed to egg him on more. After releasing her lips he started to plant butterfly kisses along her neck to the back of her ear and then back down to her shoulder where he seemed to have left a hickey.

Jirou was in a complete daze, her head was fuzzy, her ears were numb and she seemed hypersensitive to everything that he was doing to her. God she wasn't even sure if she wanted to stop him at this point, and she was even less sure that she could. All she knew was that she was getting turned on by everything he was doing.

After Izuku finished dominating her tongue he decided he wasn't satisfied and wanted to push forward. Slowly he took his hand which was previously wrapped her waist and started to move it up to her chest and began fondling her her breast.

Jirou gave a low hum in appreciation and continued the endless lip lock the two were stuck in. For the first time in the exchange Jirou began to make a move of her own as she began to rake her hands up and down his muscular chest and seemingly steel six pack.

Feeling her small hands caress him Izuku moaned in pleasure and gave the breast he was currently giving loving affection to a small squeeze which caused her to squeak in pleasure.

Hearing her pleasured noises Izuku slid his hand underneath the deep dope tank top she was wearing and lifted it above her head and threw it off to the side of the room leaving her in a purple bra which he than put his hand under and began to tweak the small buds upon her mounds.

Her moans were becoming more and more vocal by the minute causing her to try and put a hand over her mouth in order to muffle the noise she was making. But Izuku was having none of it he grabbed her hand and held it in his so he could hear her cries of pleasure.

Finally having enough of the garment covering the girls chest he took his hand away and spoke the first words to her since this whole thing had begun.

"Off" he commanded while tugging at the bra.

His voice was low and filled with lust, his tone was commanding with no room for disagreement. So she did as he asked and quickly unhooked the bra and threw it to the ground. Her top half now exposed she quickly tried to cover her chest but he kept her arms apart allowing him full view of her.

She blushed at the look he was giving her.

"Beautiful" she blushed even harder hearing him say that.

After taking her in for a minute he quickly got back to work. He started kissing down her neck lightly nibbling at her collar bone before finally reaching his goal. Without warning he took one of her nipple's into his mound and began to lightly tease the sensitive mound.

At this point giving up on being quiet Jirou began to moan as loud as she could enjoying the feeling of attention that he was giving to her. She gripped his hair and pulled him into her chest trying to increase the feeling as much as she could.

She could feel her nether regions beginning to get soaked from the intense amount of pleasure he was giving her. Over the next few minutes he continued switching between each breast sucking and kneading each with vigor until finally it became too much for her.

"~I-Izuku I-I'm gonna, gonna~"


Her knees buckled at she felt her release wash over her. She rode her orgasmic high for as long as she could and only regained her senses once her knees stopped buckling. She couldn't believe how good that felt, no amount of masturbation even came close to what she had just experienced.

"My turn" Izuku said calmly


He then proceeded to put his hands on both of her shoulders and slowly push her down to her knees. Then he began unbuckling his pants taking the constricting article of clothing off leaving him in only a pair of boxers.

"Take them off" he said sternly.

She looked at the singular piece of clothing he had on with a cherry red face. She hadn't expected him to take it this far, she should just stop this here and now.

… Then why was there a part of her that didn't want to stop this, why was there a part of her that wanted to give him the same feeling he gave her. For whatever reason she couldn't start herself from going forward with these crazy turn of events.

Grabbing the hem of his boxers she pulled them down in one swift movement, fulling revealing everything that Izuku Midoriya had to offer.

Holy Fucking Shit

He had to be at least 9 inches long and thick enough to wrap her whole hand around it. Slowly she brought her hand up to the base of his cock and began to slowly stroke him up and down his shaft.

He gave a low hiss in response to her ministrations and she took that as a good sign so she decided to speed up. She was so focused working on his hard on she didn't notice his hand go to the back of her head.

"Open your mouth" he said simply.

Doing as he said she opened her mouth as wide as she could. She gave him a few licks before engorging the head of his dick. Slowly he began to push her head down the length of his shaft before she stopped only getting about halfway down his member.

They continued this pattern for a while with her getting more and more of him down her throat as time went on. Then he decided he had, had enough of the slow pace. Looking down at her he then grabbed both sides of her head and began thrusting his shaft into her mouth with reckless abandon.

She started to slurp, choke, and gag on his cock but he either didn't notice or just didn't care enough to stop. He groaned loudly as she continued to take all 9 inches into her abused throat.

"God, he's being so rough, I can't even think straight." She thought with pleased hum.

"I can't believe it I-I'm getting off to being used as a fuck toy." She realized

As time went on his thrusts started to become more frantic and urgent. He was started to swell in her mouth which she guessed meant he must have been close to cumming and after a few more minutes it seemed his release was finally at hand.

"Oh Fuck Jirou!"

"I'm Cumming!"

He then gave a final thrust into her throat as he came making her swallow his entire load. She sucked him as hard as she could trying to get every last drop out of his dick and after a few minutes of riding out his orgasm he finally pulled out of her mouth allowing her to breath.

After a few minutes of regaining her senses Jirou looked back and noticed something that both excited and terrified her.

He was still rock hard.

"Alright time for the main event Jirou" Izuku said as he picked her up (without much difficulty she might add) and carried her to the bed.

After placing her down on the bed Izuku stripped of the last remaining pieces of clothing Jirou was wearing, he pulled off her leggings and underwear in one swift pull down to her ankles and threw them off the side of the bed.

Now both fully in the nude Izuku took a good long look at her exposed form. She had a petite figure with b cup breasts and long slender legs that seemed to go on forever. Her bangs framed her faces perfectly and her two red cheek marks making her violet eyes stand out much more in the dim light.

"Amazing" he said quietly

Jirou covered her face with her hands too embarrassed by the attention he was giving her to do much else.

"No look at me Kyoka." He told her

She uncovered her face and looked at him in surprise of him using her first name. The only people who called her Kyoka were her parents, but now hearing it from him in this situation made it sound so much more intimate and she really liked it.

"Please be gentle" she asked with a nervous grin.

"I'll try" he replied with his own smile.

Both returning to the task at hand Izuku flipped her onto all fours and he got up behind her slowly inching his way towards her virgin slit.

Slowly he began to push himself into her until he felt a slight barrier signaling her hymen. And with one string thrust tore through the barrier taking her virginity and losing his own. Izuku stayed still for a moment waiting for her to get used to the feeling of having him inside of her.

After getting the go ahead from Jirou, Izuku began thrusting himself inside of her tight pussy as hard as he could. Both of them moaning in pleasure at the feeling of each other.

"~Oooh fuuuuck Izuku your so biiiiiig~" Jirou moaned as he continued to pound away at her.

Izuku responded to her moans by going even deeper than before. Then he took his hand a gave her ass a hard slap.







After a few more hard slaps her butt was now a bright shade of red. And he started to squeeze the tender flesh as he thrusted even harder than before adding a bit of One for All to give him a boost.

Jirou continued to moan as he kept hammering away at her. She was seeing stars as he kept mixing in the hard slaps to her ass and the rough fucking he was giving her insides. She didn't think she would last much longer at this rate and her assumption was correct. After a few more minutes of the rough treatment he was giving her she had finally reached her limit.

"~Izuku mmm fuck yes, I'm about to cum fuuuuck!~"

"~Oh fuck, Oh fuck, oh fuck, ~cummmingggg!~" Jirou yelled as she felt her pussy tighten around his member.

A few minutes later Izuku was coming to a similar Climax. His thrusts became as strong as a jack hammer and he was on the brink of release.

"Oh shit here it comes"

"Fuuuucckk Jirouuu!" He screamed

He came right in her pussy for at least a full minute all the while he kept thrusting inside of her until every last piece of him was spent. Looking down he noticed that Jirou had passed out due to the intense feeling. Finally he pulled himself out of her now abused pussy and saw the cum slowly leaking out of it. He gave a final glance towards her freshly fucked appearance before succumbing to his own exhaustion and falling asleep next to her.