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"You used to smoke?!" Nick asked Sara with wide eyes, unaware, even after 3 years of working with her, of her old habit.

"Yeah, but I quit the year I got here. Lung cancer was beginning to seem a little too possible." Sara shrugged nonchalantly.

"So I'm surrounded by ex-smokers?" Nick eyed the rest of the team, "Wait, except you, Grissom, right? You never smoked."

"Actually, I hate to disappoint you, Nick, but I did." Grissom looked up from the crossword puzzle in his lap.

Seeing Warrick's and Sara's surprised looks, Nick scoffed, "Well I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't know that."

Under intense gazes now, Grissom decided to break his golden rule of 'not sharing', "I started after I left San Francisco." He looked
at Sara, answering her questioning look, "But I quit before you got here." He turned to Warrick, also dismissing his questioning look.

"So what motivated you to give it up?" Nick gestured at Warrick and Sara, "Warrick gave it up at his grandmother's request. Sara gave it
up for health issues. What about you?"

"I just didn't need to smoke anymore."

"Why did you *need* to before?" Nick continued curiously.

Grissom shrugged, "Smoking calmed me down. It gave me time away from the troubles of work."

"Right..." Nick said, biting his tongue to keep from making any preachy comments about the harms of smoking, "So what changed that?"

"I found something else."

Nick frowned at the cryptic answer. He was unsatisfied but knew there was no point questioning Grissom any further. If he didn't want to
talk, he wasn't going to. Sighing at the depressing news that he was indeed surrounded by ex-smokers, Nick got up and headed out the
door, "Man, you guys disappoint me."

Warrick and Sara chuckled, following Nick out the door, "C'mon, we quit! Isn't that good enough?"

Grissom shook his head and turned to Catherine, "I never did quite get to thank you."

"For what?" Catherine had been listening to the conversation in amused silence.

"For helping me quit smoking."

"I helped you quit smoking?" Catherine was a little shocked. This was the first time she had heard this. "How did I do this without knowing

Grissom smiled, "I quit smoking 15 years ago, Catherine. The day I met you was the day I found something that made me feel better than
any cigarette could ever make me feel."

The End