I don't like A/N's but I have to state this one time:

Let me just make something painfully clear from the start: I don't watch TBBT. I've tried a many of times, and I couldn't get past the first season. I harbor a strong dislike for Leonard, nobody in the right mind should be that insecure. However, I do have a strong love for Sheldon/Penny. With that being said, if politically correct TBBT is your kink, don't read my story. It's complete Fandom Trash and meant to cater to my own enjoyment and needs and anyone else who likes less toddler-plaid-clad-Sheldon and more grown-man-protector-tough-but-not-too-tough-Sheldon. So please keep the negativity to yourself.

So, it should be obvious at this point that this fanfiction story is:



And obviously, SHENNY.

That being said, please enjoy.

I. Monday Night

"Thank you, so much."

There was a loud applause and someone else's voice took over the microphone.

She stood at the entry way of the grand hall, the golden doorway arch contrasting beautifully against her tanned skin. She wore a floor length strapless off-the-shoulder black dress her cleavage ample, with a slit so far up her thigh she had to go without underwear. Her golden hair was pinned up in an up-do that was messy enough to look classy. Her breath hitched in her throat when she caught his piercing blue eyes from across the room.

He wore a three-piece black on black suit, and the jacket did wonders to accentuate the definition in his arms. She shifted her body weight and watched as his darken eyes followed the length of her tan leg that was now on show, thanks to the dangerous slit on her dress. She smirked as he held up a finger to the person that was talking to him, a woman, and stalked towards her.

She chanced a look at the round table to her left and saw her friends laughing and drinking, she smiled. A mousy blonde and a Jew with a bowl cut kissing animatedly, an Indian pounding down glasses of champagne and flirting with a guy who had taken up her seat, but two were missing. She narrowed her eyes and scanned the room for the short guy with glasses, and a girl that looked just like him with straight brown hair and therapeutic black shoes. Her eyebrows furrowed once she saw the two in a darker corner, lips locked behind an ugly plant.

She would've thought it would hurt her more to see her fiancé in a heated make-out session with the one female who calls her 'bestie', who was also engaged. But it wasn't the first she'd witness them doing something they shouldn't be. She had no idea how long this affair had been going on, but it only gave her cause to pursue her own desires. So, despite wanting to hog-tie both backstabbing assholes, she doesn't…because, she supposes that would be the pot calling the kettle black. So, she ignores them, she'll confront them another time. She turns her head back towards the man walking towards her, but gasps when she finds he's now standing right in front of her.

She placed a forbidden hand on his chest, "You scared me," her voice was soft, and it made the hairs on the back of his neck stand to attention. He looked down at her, the harsh glare of the chandeliers reflecting in her gorgeous green eyes. His voice was husky as he let a dangerous hand trail up the length of her exposed leg, and rests his fingers on her hip. "Do you know how many men are staring at you?"

The blonde smirked innocently, she loved when he got possessive. Even though both of them were technically engaged, it made her feel special…how wrong was that. "No," she said innocuously, "Tell me."

"Far too many," he stated, his fingers gripping her firmly and pulling her flush against him, "I have a key," he whispered to her. And she nodded matching his wicked grin, "Let's go."

He didn't need to be told twice, looking over to the table of their friends he laced their fingers and quickly pulled her towards the lobby of the expensive hotel. She giggled uncontrollably and used her free hand to pull at the single pin holding her hair together, her long hair tumbled from the top of her head down her back and to her waist. Accidentally dropping the silver pin, she took the steps as fast as she could, hand still laced with the man beside her.

The short brown-haired man, with the glasses and the terrible insecurities pulled away from the raggedy breathed woman in front of him. Both, adjusting their glasses. He looked both ways with his eyes narrowed, he could've sworn they were being watched. He looked towards the table in front of them and noticed at this point his friends were drunk and not going to be able to remember anything tonight. Though, he couldn't find the tall man of the hour, he concluded he was busy making rounds and shaking hands.

"Are you ok, Snookums?"

He frowned at the nickname but nodded his head, "Just…" he trailed off, "Nothing, I just felt…weird," he stated but something to the right of him caught his eyes and he furrowed his eyebrows immediately rushing towards what he thought he saw. There were many blondes in Paris, there was no way his fiancée was here. She said she was sick and wouldn't be able to join them tonight, she was back in their room.

He rounded the corner quickly, and the last thing he saw was a giddy couple running up the long navy velvet stair case, and a long black train from a dress turn the corner. He narrowed his eyes, but the ugly light from the chandelier hit his glasses and reflected on something shiny laying on the floor. He glanced down and noticed the silver hairpin, he picked it up and examined it.


She's giggling like mad when they make it to his suite, it's large and extravagant, everything is gold, navy, and velvet…he is the guest of honor after all. "Why are you laughing?" He asks, his voice deep already high on the possibility of having her to himself for the night. She walks up to him and places her hands on his chest, flexing her fingers over the silk of his vest, "Congratulations Mr. Nobel Prize winner," she says her voice barely a whisper as she looks up at him through her thick lashes.

He grins, from everyone in his life it was her approval he sought the most. Without wasting time, he gripped her hips and bunched up the delicate fabric of her seductive dress in his fingers, pulling it high up he easily lifted her, and she automatically wrapped her legs around his waist. He connected their desperate lips, and instantly he heard the soft mewls he longed to hear, come from the back of her throat. She tangled her hands in his hair and felt him walk them backwards towards a dresser, her back hit the wall and she slid down onto the hard surface.

He broke their kiss and found her neck, hastily placing kisses to every inch of the exposed skin. He so desperately wished he could mark her as his, because in reality she is his, and only his. They were just going through rather annoying technical difficulties at the moment. But one day, she was going to be his and the world would know it.

"Fuck…" she moaned as she felt the chilly Paris air hit her exposed chest, she was glad she forgone her bra and underwear that night. Less layers, less obstacles. He placed delicate kisses along the valley of her breast before taking one in his mouth completely, one hand on the other working her nipple and the other on her ass. He was always an ass man.

She grabbed his face in between her hands and made him release her nipple, she shook her head, "No. No more, I want you…" her voice was unsteady, and she was so certain she was going to leave a pool on the dresser top. He smirked and before she knew any better, she was bouncing on top of the dark blue charmeuse silk sheets her blonde hair sprawled out beneath her. She giggled at the action and watched with deep lust in her eyes as he rid himself of the multiple articles of clothing on his body. Suddenly everything felt like too much.

She shimmied the rest of the way out of her dress and let it fall to the floor. He noticed the lack of underwear and raised an eyebrow, "Oh?" She smirked, "I was ready for you," she whispered as he stalked towards her, leaning her on her back.

She grabbed at the length between his legs and stroked him with great care, watching as he threw his head back in bliss. He was always so easy to please she smiled as he bit down on his lip when he felt the warmth of her mouth encase his hardened cock. "Shit…" he murmured.

In his eyes, there was nothing sexier than watching the woman he adored with his entire heart suck his dick. She was on her knees for him, bobbing her head up and down against the length of him, taking him in as much as she could. His large hand tangled into the back of her head, guiding her slightly. But he knew he wouldn't last long if she didn't stop, so he pulled her upwards and she straddled him on the large bed, easily sliding down the long length of his member.

His grip on her hips tightened and he smirked egotistically once he saw her do that thing. She was biting on her own lip, throwing her head back as she bounced up and down on him. Taking him in the entire way before coming off and doing it all over again. It was his second favourite position, only because he got to watch her face, and her face was the most gorgeous thing in the world to him.

Especially when he knew it was him that was making her feel this way, it was him bringing her to her edge, making her feel all this pleasure.

"Oh…" she moaned as she started to play with her breast, her hair wild. And suddenly he was upset, how dare she be so appealing. He knew he wasn't going to last much longer, so without much disruption he flipped them over. She now on all fours as he entered her from behind, a deep moan coming from the back of his throat. It didn't take him long to find his pace and start pounding into her from behind.

Like he said, he had always been an ass man and there was something remarkable about the way her ass bounced against his dick when he fucked her from behind. And then there was that other thing she did when she arched her back so damn deeply it—"Oh fuck," he grumbled as he watched her back dip so deeply it gave him a better and deeper angle. "I'm gonna cum," he murmured as he grabbed a hold of her ass and sped up.

"Cum for me, Sheldon, cum for me," she coaxed as she felt her own climax coming quickly. And with a few more thrusts, "Fuck, Penny!" He choked out before giving her one last deep thrust and emptying himself into her. She sagged as she felt her own release. The two collapsed on the bed in a sweaty heap.

"I love you," she looked into his eyes, and blue met green and green met blue and he smiled, brushing a few strands of hair out of her face before replying, "And I love you."

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