Title: Gentle Rain

Warm Rain Series

Part One

Author: Gumnut

14-15 Jan 2019

Fandom: Thunderbirds Are Go 2015/ Thunderbirds TOS

Rating: Teen

Summary: Sometimes it is so gentle, you don't realise it is happening.

Word count:

Spoilers & warnings: Virgil/Kayo, spoilers for Warm Rain up to this point in the timeline.

Timeline: After 'The Proposal' and before 'Goodbye'.

Author's note: Thank you to all my wonderful readers and supporters who continue to help me create more and more stories. I'm having the time of my life, you guys are wonderful :D

Disclaimer: Mine? You've got to be kidding. Money? Don't have any, don't bother.


"For the love of god, will you bloody well sit still!"

Kayo frowned.

"I need to-" Scott. That was Scott.

"If you don't stop moving, I will knock you out, you hear me?" It was a threatening tone. Kayo attempted to force her eyes open. They moved, but flickered closed again.

"Please, she's my sister." That sent alarm bells ringing. What the hell? Scott's voice hurt. "Virgil..." Virgil! She struggled against the weight drawing her down. Virgil? Where was Virgil?

There was dust in her nose.

"Your sister is okay. It is you who you should be worried about. Sit still."


"What do you think your sister will do to you if you haemorrhage attempting to get to her? What do you think she will do if you go and die on her simply because you're being a stupid ass and won't sit still?

There was no answer. Scott? Virgil?

Her eyes opened only to encounter blur. Grey blur. "S-Scott?" That was her voice?


"God damnit, if you undo what little I've managed to do, I'll kill you myself!"

That had Kayo moving before she could think. She sat up abruptly and her reward was a spinning vertigo and spikes of pain through her head, her back, her legs. She groaned, her stomach crawling up her oesophagus.

She swallowed desperately and only just managed to keep whatever she last ate where it was supposed to be.

"Keep yourself calm. You have a concussion."

Her voice was parched. "No kidding." Her eyesight was wobbly, blurry and grey. "Where are we?"

"Basement of Kenny's Hotel, King's Park."

That made her blink. "Where?"

The voice sighed. "Perth, Western Australia. I guess you guys could find yourself anywhere on the planet at any time. You were here to help with a landslide."

Landslide? In Perth? She frowned. Her memory was a mess. Only one name and one face kept resurfacing. "Virgil? Where is Virgil?" She reached for her kit, feeling for one of those light sticks her fiancé demanded she carry. There was the crack of broken seals and the blur glowed green.

"I'm sorry. I don't know who Virgil is, much less where he is. Only you, your brother Scott and myself are privileged to be caught in this hole."

She frowned again, looking towards the voice. The green blur cleared a little, leaving shapes. "Scott?"

"Here, Kayo." He didn't sound too good. "Contact Virgil."

Contact Virgil...yes. She hit her comms. Nothing happened.

She hit them again. "Virgil? John? Thunderbird Five?" No confirmation of an open line, no crackle of transmission. Nothing.

She ran her hand over her face, willing her thoughts to clear and the pounding to stop. Where was her helmet? A moment of discovery found it beside her on broken floorboards. How?

Calm. Now was not the time to lose control. If Virgil was okay, he would find them. If he wasn't, she would find him. Concentrate.

Using years of mental discipline, she pulled herself into focus, desperately compartmentalising, shunting pain away, grabbing for control. She was needed. No time for weakness.

It helped. It forced more clarity. Her eyesight wasn't much better, but it improved a little. The woman had dark hair and was lying beside her brother. Scott's shape was crumpled on his side. He was staring at her.

They were in a hole, literally. Broken masonry and brickwork surrounded them, but they were in a clear spot created by a massive concrete beam above them capturing all the debris and leaving the open space that had obviously saved their lives.

"Scott, status?"

She knew the answer wouldn't be good. She dreaded it.

"Er..." He didn't want to tell her, it was obvious.

The woman answered for him. "Perforated abdominal cavity, broken ribs, arm and leg."

"Your bedside manner sucks." He snarled at her.

"Put yourself in a bed and it might improve. But for the moment, stop moving, stop talking, keep living. Be damned if I let you die on my watch."

"As I said, it sucks."

"Who are you?" Kayo blinked desperately trying to clear her vision. This could be a security situation.

"Em Harris. Doctor Em Harris. I'm supposed to be on vacation, but the hillside decided it wanted to fall on people. Tried to help, then this hotel decided to join the party."

Kayo took what she needed from that and discarded the rest. "Your medical status?"

"Severe lacerations to my legs, possibly a cracked rib, bruising and a knock to the head. I've bound the bleeders as best I can." There was hesitation. "I may need some assistance with that." Another pause. "How's your eyesight?"

"Not great."

"Give it some time." The hiss of an exhaled breath. "What about the rest of you? I didn't see anything, but..."

Kayo did a quick mental check of herself. Her thought processes were definitely getting clearer. Everything was aching, but bruising was the likely culprit. She arched her back, argh, nasty bruising. She must have fallen some distance, the timber beneath them probably saved her. "Nothing serious."

Silence fell for a moment and the lack of sound was oppressive.

"Did you want me to check your legs?" She had eyes on Scott, but from what she could see, which was admittedly blurry, the doctor had done everything she said. His arm was splinted to his body, his legs tied together, and cloth was wrapped around the obvious wooden cause of the damage to his side. Kayo was running scenarios through her head and none of them were good. They needed to get out of here. But lives first and the woman had shown her only hesitation at the mention of herself.

Not waiting for an answer, she shuffled her way over to the pair, a hand landing briefly on Scott's fingers, her heart twinging at the sight of darkness staining his uniform. Iron control kept her in check, thoughts briefly flickering to Virgil shunted away.

The woman, Doctor Harris, was lying alongside her brother, the green light making her look sickly. Her legs were sprawled carelessly, the material of her pants shredded. There was that same darkness seeping through. Kayo bit her lip. Torn pieces of clothing, presumably her jacket and part of her shirt were wrapped in strategic places.

This hadn't happened where she was lying. It couldn't have. Kayo frowned lighting up a trail of darkness leading into the rubble. God. "What did you do?"

The woman looked up at her. "What was necessary."

How was she conscious? Grabbing the remains of the woman's jacket, she pulled out the small laser cutter that her fiancé also had on his list of must carry, and sliced up some more quick bandages and began first aid on the woman's legs.

Halfway through the first wrapping, the doctor reached down and touched her hand. "I can't feel it. Haven't been able to for a long time. You're not hurting me." And she pointed to a half-crushed piece of equipment lying amongst the rubble.

A hover chair.

Kayo caught her eyes for a moment, but then hurried on to prevent the woman from slowly bleeding to death, whether she could feel it or not.

In the end, the IR operative managed to conserve enough material to bind the doctor's legs together and immobilise them completely.

The woman smiled briefly, her fingers going once again to Scott's pulse. Her brother mumbled something and Kayo slid herself around so he could see her.

His eyelids were drooping, but he was fighting to keep them open. "K, sorry."

She rolled her eyes. "For what? This isn't the first time a building has fallen on either of us."

"Virgil's gonna be pissed."

"Oh, yes." She smiled, ignoring the fact she didn't know his location or status. "The building is going to get it good. He is going to kick its ass."

Scott smiled, an exhale of a laugh crumpling into a grimace. "Wish he'd get on with it."

She reached out and gently cupped his cheek, her thumb brushing away a single pain-filled tear.

Then as if in telepathic answer, there was a roar of machinery, followed by the familiar whine of her fiancé's exo-suit in action.

The satisfying grind of shifting brickwork and finally his voice. She loved his voice at any time, but right now, she had to admit it was the most beautiful sound in the world.

"Kay?! Scott?! Can you hear me?"

"Virgil!" His name danced from her lips.

"Kay! Oh thank god." More sounds of shattering brickwork. His breathing as he worked echoed over his external comms. "Status?"

"Three of us. Civilian. Female. Lacerated legs. Moderate bleeding." She caught the doctor's eyes. "Medical history of paraplegia." She took a breath. "Scott." She looked down at her brother. Still fighting to stay conscious. "Conscious but injured. Broken arm, leg, ribs and perforated abdominal cavity." It hurt just to say it.

"Copy that." Something outside crashed with attitude. "And you?"

"Concussion and simple bruising." A pause. "I'm okay." Love, I'm okay.

He didn't answer, but he didn't have to. There was another crash and a grunt. Light flickered around them through gaps in the rubble. Moments later, her fiancé tore through the last of the brickwork, his hydraulics wheezing as his chest heaved, his eyes darting between her and his brother.

Gordon and Alan broke the tableau by dashing in from behind him, a backboard and kit each, followed by local paramedics. There was a flurry of medical assessment, Scott attempting to yell, Doctor Harris equally yelling at him to shut up and keep still. Gordon taking charge and setting his eldest brother straight in the sharpest tones possible, enough to have everyone staring at him for a matter of seconds.

"Way to go, Gords." Alan muttered the words, but was focussed on the doctor, busy securing her to the backboard.

Kayo struggled to her feet, ignoring the attention of the paramedic attempting to keep her down. Her body creaked as she walked over to Virgil. His eyes were on her, then on Scott, on her again, his chest still heaving from his exertions. She knew he was moments away from shedding the exo-suit and diving into help.

She put her hand onto his chest and felt his heart pounding through several layers of uniform and her glove. "He will be alright." He had to be.

Then Gordon and the paramedics were racing past them out into the Australian summer sun, the blue of the sky denying the weeks of unseasonal rain that had caused the landslide in the first place. Alan followed shortly after with the doctor spouting off Scott's condition even while being carted off herself.

She shook off the paramedic who accosted her again, and suddenly they were alone.

One arm slipped out of the exo-suit and she was suddenly in a crushing hug, her bruises protesting. He didn't say anything.

He didn't need to.

It was one self-indulgent moment and then he let her go. His voice was deep and hoarse. 'Let's get you checked out." His hydraulics wheezed as he slipped his arm back into the suit and gestured her forward.

She blinked at the sunlight piercing her eyes, but straightened and walked out from under the building.


End Part One.