Small Changes

Lucifer was walking through his new luxurious kitchen as he got a bottle ready for Jack. It had been about two weeks since he returned to LA, and just a few days, since into the new place with his son, his brothers, and Sam. He bought a large house with several bedrooms and a guest apartment, which he'd had Sam and Gabriel take over. Michael was living with him and Jack. Maze was staying at the Penthouse until she found a new place. She wanted independence from him, plus she had no interest in living in a house with a bunch of archangels.

Amenadiel, meanwhile, had returned to Heaven. He came down to visit a couple of times, but he mainly planned on staying in Heaven. Lucifer wasn't surprised by that decision. Amenadiel wasn't built to remain on Earth. Michael hadn't been before either, but centuries of torture, as well as a deep hatred for their father made him even less built for Heaven.

Lucifer's life had changed quite a bit in the last couple of weeks. No one could deny having a baby changed a person's life. Having Michael and Gabriel back in his life also changed things. It made him happier. They'd been in his life for a while now, but he only recently had time to actually think about it. Before there was too much going on with saving the world to really think about much else.

Lucifer got Jack's bottle together and walked out into the living room. The living room was about twice the size of the one in the penthouse. It was filled with leather couches and chairs, a glass coffee table in the middle of the room, a flat Screen mounted on the wall, and of course Jack's playpen.

Lucifer immediate spotted Michael on the couch with Jack in his arms. The baby was standing on Michael's legs while Michael held him under the arms. He was squealing loudly.

"Can you say, 'Uncle Michael'?" Michael asked the boy.

Jack just laughed in delight.

"No? Don't worry. We'll work on it. You'll be saying it before you know it," Michael said.

"I'm fairly certain he's too young to speak, and when he does, he will say 'Daddy' first. From what I gather, all babies do," Lucifer said.

"You didn't," Michael stated.

"Yes, well, I was an archangel, and my father was an absentee bastard," Lucifer said.

"You may want to start curbing your language. Soon enough, Jack here will be old enough to talk, and repeat everything Daddy says," Michael said with a smirk.

Lucifer scowled in response.

Just then, Gabriel walked though the door. "Hey. How's my nephew doing today. Hey, Jake. Did you miss your favorite uncle?"

"Favorite? Please. That role is already taken, baby brother," Michael said as he bounced the baby in his arms.

Gabriel laughed mockingly. "By you? That's hilarious. We didn't call you lame because you were anyone's favorite."

"You called me lame?" Michael asked in an insulted tone.

"Yes," both Gabriel and Lucifer said together.

"You were too serious and too strict, so, yes, you were lame," Gabriel said.

"Yes, well, I had to be to keep you idiots in line. But I don't have to do that this time," Michael said before looking at Jack. "No, that's your daddy's job. He's going to be the lame one. I'm gonna be fun Uncle Michael."

"Take that back. This child is not going to think I'm lame. He will love me and think I'm the best father in the world. In fact, he already does, don't you, my boy?" Lucifer asked.

Jack reached his arm out for Lucifer and began to fuss a little.

"Ha! I told you," Lucifer said before walking over and taking his son from his brother.

Jack settled in his father's arms and reached for the bottle the man held in his other hand.

Gabriel laughed. "He just wanted to his bottle."

Lucifer shifted the boy, so he was laying in his arms and then gave him the bottle. "Where's Sam?"

"He went to run some errands, like to do grocery shopping. He wouldn't listen when I told him I could snap up whatever he wanted," Gabriel said.

"Can't blame him. It's not the same. You know, you lot have become lazy with your powers. I don't snap every time I need something," Lucifer said.

"No, you just usually pay someone else to get it for you," Michael responded.

"Anyway, with Sam gone, I was hoping you could help me with a bit of a surprise for him, Luci," Gabriel said.

"Certainly. What is it?" Lucifer asked.

"Well, Sam needs a new car, even if he won't admit it. The rental I got is doing fine for now, but he needs his own ride. I want you to help me pick it out," Gabriel said.

"Now, I'm fairly certain Sam won't be thrilled about this 'surprise'. Of course, I'll go with you. Give me a few minutes," Lucifer said before placing Jack in his playpen and heading out of the room.

Michael looked at the youngest archangel. "Little brother, why do I think you're up to something?"

"Because you know me," Gabriel said with a devious smile. He was definitely up to something. By the time he was finished, both his boyfriend and his brother were going to be annoyed with him. Yes, when he did something, he went all out, even when it was annoying people.

Lucifer came back a few minutes later with Jack's baby infant seat, as well as his shoes.

"You wanna take the baby? Where are you going to put him? You have no backseat," Gabriel said.

"You can fly us to where you want to go," Lucifer said.

"Spoken from the guy who said we rely on our powers too much," Gabriel said.

"Leave him here, Samael. I can take care of him," Michael assured him.

Lucifer hesitated. He trusted Michael with Jack, but his brother hadn't cared for Jack really. He held him and played with him, but Lucifer was the one that took care of all his needs. He wasn't sure Michael knew how. Yes, Michael cared for him as a child, but taking care of a human baby was harder than carrying for a fledgling. Human children were much more dependent. "Are you sure? You haven't really cared for him, and it's not the same as caring for me. He can't tell you what he needs, plus you've never changed him or fed him."

"I can manage. You've already taken care of feeding him, and if I have to change him, I'll figure it out. I figured out how to care for you without much instruction. We'll be fine," Michael promised.

"Alright, but call me if something happens. You've figured out how to use your cellphone, right?" Lucifer asked.

"Yes. Go," Michael told him.

Lucifer nodded, and he and Gabriel headed for the door.


Lucifer was with Gabriel at a car dealership looking at cars. "An Audi? No, we must do better than that. It's good you brought be along. We should be looking at something much more flashy, like a Mercedes or a Mustang at the very least."

Gabriel shook his head. "Sam's not big on flashy. This is pushing it. He's already gonna ream me out for buying him a car, especially one that's so expensive."

"Oh, please. This is nothing. Come on, at least something like this over here," Lucifer said before walking over to a blue BMW a few feet away.

"This is a nice car," Gabriel said.

"Yes, although there are still much better. Sam, would like this one, yeah?" Lucifer asked.

"Eh, I still think the Audi's best for Sam, but it is pretty nice. You could probably see yourself driving it," Gabriel said.

Lucifer snorted. "Surely not. I like my care just fine, and if I didn't, I'd get something much more upscale."

"Yeah, your car's great, bro, but its only got too seats. It's not exactly ideal for traveling with a baby," Gabriel said.

Lucifer looked back and forth between his brother and the care several times, finally figuring out what his brother was up to. "You sneaky littleā€¦ You tricked me!"

Gabriel smirked. "It's what I'm good at. Remember, you taught me all I know, so it's your own fault."

"You never wanted a car for Sam," Lucifer said in disbelief.

"No, Sam does need a car, but so do you."

"I do not! I have a perfectly good car," Lucifer argued.

"You need a practical car," Gabriel corrected.

Lucifer gasped. "How dare you use that word. The Devil does not do practical."

"He does when he has a baby," he retorted.

Lucifer folded his arms in front of him. "I won't do it."

"Yes, you will," Gabriel said in a sing son voice. "Because that little baby already has you wrapped around his finger. You'll do anything for him. Come on, you know it's the right thing. You need a car with a backseat," Gabriel said.

Lucifer looked loathingly at the car and then scowled at his brother. "I hate you."

Gabriel laughed. "I'm glad. That means I've fulfilled my job as your little brother. So, shall we get the paperwork done?"

Before Lucifer could answer, his phone went off. He took it out and answered it. "What?"

"Lucifer? Are you okay?" A female voice asked.

"Hello, Detective. Yes, let's just chalk it up to annoying little brothers," Lucifer said, earning a laugh from Gabriel.

"I wouldn't know about those. I'm an only child. Anyway, we caught a case. I wondered if you wanted in. If you can anyway. I know finding a babysitter at the last minute can be hard," Chloe said.

"No, it's fine. My brother is already watching Jack. I'll be about a half hour though. I'm about to wrap some business up right now," Lucifer said.

"Alright. You wanna meet me at the crime scene? I'll text you the address," Chloe said.

"Yes, that would be acceptable. I'll see you soon, Detective. Goodbye," he said before hanging up the phone.