It only takes them a day to decide whether or not to accept the job offer for another year. True to Santana's word, she and Brittany headed home that night and had a long talk about what they wanted for their futures and if those wants aligned.

It really was no surprise to anyone that they did.

"We can save up a bunch of money," Brittany said as she began to fill with excitement. They were sitting together on the couch when Brittany shuffled to sit on her knees, "We could use it to pay off our student loan debts which if my calculations are right – and they always are – we can do in no time at this rate! Combine that with the bonus checks if we win another National title –"

"When we win another National title," Santana corrected with a smirk.

Brittany matched it, "Exactly. We could go anywhere, babe! We could go back to New York if you wanted or we could go somewhere different? L.A. seemed cool but there are so many places out there, the possibilities are endless."

Santana felt herself slowly melting at the sight of Brittany so enthusiastic about their future. She didn't care where they ended up in the end, just as long as they were together.

So when they came to Quinn on Monday afternoon with their decision, they were united in saying that one more year in Lima coaching the Cheerios didn't sound so bad. Quinn looked at them like she was a little surprised but then she agreed that the money was just too good to pass up.

But word travels fast in Lima and rumors of the coaches' possible departure could be heard through the grapevine. With just one more performance left for the Cheerios – a last minute thing for the end of year rally – there was a little tension in the air between them and the squad. They could hear the girls talking, whispering about whether or not they would stick around, worrying that their replacement wouldn't be able to take them to Nationals again.

Santana loved it.

It was one of the few instances where the talks and the looks didn't bother her too much. They wanted her to stay, they wanted all of them to stay, and although they're just a bunch of bratty teenagers, they've kind of grown on Santana. They look up to them and Santana's never had that before. It makes her feel important, like what she's doing makes a difference.

Sue often talked about her legacy and it was always in relation to her winning Cheerios and how she was a trailblazer. Sure, Sue's methods were madness and Santana wanted to punch her a couple of times for what she put her through but she shaped her. Sue taught her determination and drive and resilience. Sue molded her into the person she is today, she gave her the skills to be able to coach a Nationally ranked squad.

It makes Santana wonder how she'll be remembered too.

What will her legacy be?

She's never really done the whole role model thing before this year, but she knows that her experiences can help people. Just look at Alex. She knows first hand how shitty the world can be, but if there's something that she can do to make it less shitty then she's down for that. She knows she has an impact on these kids already, she can see it in their faces when they're pushed harder at practice.

Maybe coaching can be apart of her legacy too? Who's to say she has to be just one thing? What if in a year or two she ends up being a chart-topping artist in the music industry?

What she has learned in the past year is that anything can happen and anything is possible.

So if for now, coaching is her calling then so be it. Cheerleading has led her to some pretty great things, the greatest being Brittany.


By the middle of the week, the coaches are gathering the squad for one last huddle. It's just before the end of year rally – which Santana never remembered doing in high school but whatever – and they've kept their decision to return under wraps for the entire week. They're still the Unholy Trinity and who are they if they don't throw in a little unnecessary drama into the mix.

"Just give it to us straight, Coaches," Maddy asks as she pushes to the front of the squad which surprises the women because she's not usually outspoken when it comes to talking to the coaches, "Are you leaving?"

The coaches all exchange a look which is unreadable to the untrained eye.

The girls begin to chatter.

"Do you at least know who you're being replaced with?" Maddy urges, "A lot of us are going into our Senior year, we want another win and we can't do that if they replace you with someone who wasn't even been coached by Coach Sylvester."

"They have to give us that at least," Alex adds and she keeps glancing at Santana worriedly.

"Slow your roll, okay?" Santana says with the wave of her hand before pointedly looking to Alex, "Don't be so dramatic."

Brittany snorts at that, but quickly presses her lips together to keep from breaking character.

"We've called this little huddle because we have some important things to say," Quinn takes the lead just like they agreed upon, "We wanted to tell you all how proud we are. Most of you have been training with Coach Sylvester for a couple years now and despite the loss we all suffered, you pushed through. You adapted to three new coaches and you worked hard for every trophy you put in that case. We're proud and we think it's important to tell you that because it's one thing Coach Sylvester never did for us."

"Maybe it was because she thought it gave us thicker skin? Or maybe she didn't want us to get soft?" Santana steps in, "We don't know, but we do know the importance of praise. Maybe that's something we learned from Glee Club, but people need to hear when they've done a great job and we hope that came across over the past year. I know I can be a little rough around the edges sometimes, but this experience has been eye-opening for me and I hope I haven't emotionally scarred anyone too much."

Brittany chuckles and nudges at Santana's arm before speaking next, "This experience has been eye-opening for all of us in the best of ways. It has been a great year full of growth and I'm thankful for the time we've all spent together. I've learned as much from you as you've learned from me and I thank you for that."

Brittany's words send a shift amongst the squad's facial expressions. They all look a cross of disappointed and upset, but it only lasts for a moment.

"With that being said," Quinn adds after a pause and the girls' attention gravitates to her, "We can't wait to do this all over again next year!"

The squad erupts in cheers and several girls rush to hug the coaches until they're trapped in one giant group hug. Santana would roll her eyes at the whole thing if she didn't think it was too damn cute.

"Alright, alright. Get it together," Santana bristles although her big smile softens the faux-harsh tone, "You've still got one more performance, so don't go ruining your make up over us."

The girls begin to compose themselves before Brittany's directing them out onto the field. From the sidelines, the coaches watch on with pride.

"Did you guys see their little faces?" Brittany asks once the music picks up.

"Priceless," Santana chuckles, "They really thought we were leaving."

Quinn just shakes her head, "Sometimes I wonder…just how qualified are we to do this?"

"We aren't," Santana and Brittany say in unison before they're all laughing.


The next couple of days go by quickly for Santana. She's been keeping herself rather busy while Brittany continues with her dance classes. She picked up a part time gig at the studio while they're on Summer break so she can hone her teaching skills, but her first day isn't until next week.

Santana, on the other hand, hasn't been able to focus on her Summer break side job just yet.

She tries to cover up the delay with excuses of helping Maribel, but Brittany is so wrapped up in the excitement and anticipation of starting a new job that she really doesn't notice too much. Which works out really well for Santana, because she's not actually helping Maribel with anything.

In fact, it's Santana that's being helped with something. She, Quinn and Sam have been meeting up whenever Brittany leaves for dance class and have managed to keep their activities under wraps.

It's only a matter of time until Brittany figures it all out though, but hopefully it happens right on Santana's schedule.

Not much longer now.


"Babe, you're beautiful and you look amazing," Brittany can be heard from the living room. She's been amped all day for tonight but it seems that Santana choses this exact moment to take her time, "Now can we go? Quinn's waiting?"

Santana's staring herself down in the mirror like she has been for the last twenty minutes because this is it. This is what she has been preparing for over the last few months. She's nervous and anxious but excited and that old giddy feeling is back, but she has to contain herself, she can't let months of preparation go to waste because she can't help herself. She takes in one last inhale before sauntering out to meet her girlfriend.

"And when have I ever cared about making Quinn wait?" Santana scoffs playfully, "You know I like to make an entrance."

Brittany's jaw practically drops at the sight of Santana in her dark, cut-off jean shorts and flowy tank top. She's always the prettiest girl she's ever seen and her usual outfit of tight skirts and dresses are always a plus, but Santana's beauty hits differently when she thinks she's dressing down.

Brittany does a cute wolf whistle that makes Santana's cheeks burn.

"You look hot," Brittany blurts after picking up her jaw.

Santana chuckles as she draws closer and presses a quick kiss to Brittany's cheek, "Thanks, Britt. Now come on, we're gonna be late."


There's a little traffic on the way there, but it's nothing compared to New York traffic so Santana doesn't stress it. It's the first day of the annual Summer carnival, so she was anticipating it to be a little busy. She just sits quietly in her seat with her hand in Brittany's over the center console as she stays focused on the road ahead.

She's trying her hardest to keep from overthinking things. It's a bit too late now to make any changes and she knows that what she has planned isn't exactly something she's known for doing, but the love she has for Brittany is too big to contain.

No matter how much she loves the significance of the choir room, it's not the only place that matters to them. It's not the only place that has changed their lives.

She hopes this works.

"You're being weird," Brittany points out.

Santana gulps but does her best to play it off, "No, I'm not."

"You totally are," Brittany smirks as she goes to turn up the music a little, "This is your favorite song and you haven't hummed one word of it. Very weird."

"It's not. I'm just concentrating on the road, Britt," Santana says as she gives Brittany a look, "Safety first, you know?"

Brittany just chuckles, seemingly eased for now, and goes to look out the window but Santana starts to hum a moment later just to be sure.


"There she is!" Brittany points out Quinn as she tugs Santana along behind her through the crowd of people.

Santana can already smell the funnel cake that Brittany is sure to beg for at some point and her mouth waters when they pass by the kiosk for freshly squeezed lemonade.

First thing's first though.

"Hey Britt! Hey Santana!" Quinn greets then nods to another blonde with her, "Look who I ran into on my way in."

"Sam!" Brittany grins and gives the guy a hug before returning to Santana's side, "I didn't know you were going to be here. That's so cool. You can tag along with us!"

"Thanks," Sam chuckles before nodding to the stage, "I'm actually here with my family. Stevie's going to perform some magic tricks for the talent show thing."

"Cute," Santana says and looks to Britt, "We should watch."

"Yeah, totally!" Brittany agrees then starts to turn towards the food trucks, "But first, funnel cake. I can hear it calling my name."

"Of course," Sam laughs, "I think it'll be starting soon so make sure you grab a table, they fill up fast."

"True," Brittany notes and before she can say anything else Quinn cuts in.

"I'll go with you, Britt, to get food. Santana, how about you grab us a table?"

"The season's over," Santana quips, "You can quit trying to call the shots."

Quinn smirks and goes to hook her arm with Brittany's, "You're just mad because I'm forcing you to share Brittany."

Brittany just looks between the two completely unfazed by the banter, "Well whoever's coming, I'm going to get my funnel cake! You want me to get you anything, babe?"

Santana mentally checks the amount of time it would take to get a funnel cake and make the walk back and if there's time for a drink, but she decides to keep on schedule. No time for diversions.

"No, that's okay. I'll just share with you," Santana tells her, "Go on before the show starts. Don't wanna miss it."

Quinn gives Santana one last encouraging look before she and Brittany turn away.


"You ready for this?" Sam asks lightly once Brittany and Quinn are out of earshot, "We've got about ten minutes."

Santana takes another settling breath before turning to him, "Born ready, Sammy."

Sam gives her a lopsided smile and turns to lead the way, "Let's do this thing."


"Girls! Over here!" Maribel waves once Brittany and Quinn start making their way over to the tables.

Brittany tilts her head at the unexpected sight of Maribel calling out to them. She's sitting at a table near the Evans, but Santana isn't anywhere in sight.

"Hi Maribel," Brittany greets once she's close enough.

"Hi Maribel," Quinn says her as well then directs Brittany to a chair, "Here, you can have this chair. Closest to the stage."

Brittany nods but she is still looking around, "Where's Santana?"

"Uh, the restroom," Quinn supplies quickly.

"Yes, she brought me over here and ran off before the show started," Maribel adds.

Brittany frowns as she pulls a piece of funnel cake, "She must've really had to go. She hates port-o-potties."

"All that lemonade probably," Quinn shrugs.

Brittany's frown deepens, "But she hasn't had an – "

"Oh look, it's starting!" Maribel points out as the spotlight brightens on stage.

Brittany's too busy looking towards the area where Santana could've gone, that she doesn't notice the one she's looking for is actually taking center stage. There's a melodic strum of a guitar that lures Brittany's attention to the stage and upon seeing Santana up there, she nearly chokes on her funnel cake.

"What is she doing?" Brittany asks breathlessly as Santana gives her a little wave.

There's a smile on Brittany's face as she waves back because Santana looks so small up there under the spotlight but it warms her all over because Santana's eyes aren't leaving hers. Even from across the distance, Santana looks at her like she's the only one there.

Brittany's full of questions though like why didn't she tell her she was going to perform? But then Santana starts to sing and it's like nothing Brittany's ever felt before. She barely even notices Sam up there being the one accompanying her on his guitar because Santana's voice just captures her.

You so freaking precious when you smile
Hit it from the back and drive you wild
Girl, I lose myself up in those eyes
I just had to let you know you're mine

Brittany knows this song, she hasn't been living under a rock, and it's not something she expected Santana to sing but the title of it is what makes her smile even bigger because of course. Of course Santana would pick this one! After everything that happened when they broke up in the choir room, the ridiculous song she sang and how they broke each other's hearts, this one just seems so fitting now. It's like they've come full circle in a way.

Hands on your body, I don't wanna waste no time
Feels like forever even if forever's tonight
Just lay with me, waste this night away with me
You're mine, I can't look away, I just gotta say

Brittany's blown away by the runs Santana pulls and the only thing that reminds her that she isn't alone out there is the sudden applause from the audience when she hits a particularly high note. She can't remember the last time she has seen Santana on stage like this and it truly is something special, even more so because Santana's singing to her and her only.

It's then that she realizes that Santana has never done this for her before. Sure there were times in Glee Club where she'd sing to her but that was just a small group of people, their friends. This was completely different. These people didn't know them, and yet here she is singing her heart out.

Brittany just continues to melt.

I'm so freaking happy you're alive
Swear to God, I'm down if you're down all you gotta say is right
Girl anything I can do just to make you feel alright
Oh, I just had to let you know you're fine

Suddenly, Santana and Sam are moving down from the stage and walking through the crowd their table…towards Brittany. Santana's eyes never leave hers still and Brittany doesn't think she's ever felt so loved before. She keeps thinking about how Santana hasn't ever serenaded her like this in such a public place and although Brittany knows Santana doesn't struggle with the same things she once did, she still can't help be feel proud of her journey.

She really has come so far.

Running circles 'round my mind
Even when it's rainy all you ever do is shine
You on fire, you a star just like Mariah
Man this feel incredible, I'll turn you into a bride

When Sam flattens his hand over the strings of his guitar to mute them everything just stops...

Santana drops down on one knee before Brittany while Sam reaches into his back pocket and smoothly passes a red ring box to Santana.

Brittany's starting to catch on to what's happening and her heart races as the dots connect.

Santana passes Sam her mic as she takes the box before looking back to Brittany.

She then pops it open and inside is a sparkling ring.

"Oh my God," Brittany gasps but she can't even hear herself because she's so damn shocked by this turn of events.

She can feel everyone staring at them but it's not like how it use to be. She feels love, even if it's only because she's surrounded by her stand in family. Quinn and Maribel are there and the Evans and Sam, they subconsciously create this safe, little bubble for them whether they need the protection or not. Brittany doesn't even notice because her girl is bending down in front of her on one knee with a ring box in her hands.

"You're…you're proposing," Brittany mumbles.

Santana just chuckles before clearing her throat and getting to it.

"A year ago, I wouldn't have thought this would be possible. We were just two ghosts with a ton of history and a bunch of memories and I thought we had lost each other for good, but fate had other plans. We came back here, back to where it all started, and it wasn't easy at first. A lot of time had passed but we were able to grow from it. It's like, no matter how many times we've tried to put our thing down and walk away from it, we can't. I once said to you that you are the best thing that's ever been mine and I meant it," Santana chuckles which in turn makes Brittany smile too, "You're everything to me; you're my first love, you're my favorite person, you're my best friend. And more importantly, I'm yours in return."

There's a quiver to Santana's tone as she speaks and Brittany can tell that she has probably rehearsed this a million times before. Brittany actually starts to wonder how long Santana has had this in the works and how the heck was she able to keep it under wraps. Santana keeping any type of secret from Brittany is a disaster waiting to happen, the girl just can't do it. But apparently, she's been working on that.

Brittany already knows her answer to Santana's question, she has known her answer for quite awhile now, so she doesn't really need to hear anymore but she figures Santana has worked so hard on this. It's only polite to let her finish.

"I love you so much, Britt. You're it for me, you always have been, and I want everything with you. I want the house and the babies and whatever pets you end up adopting from the shelter. I want the holidays and the traditions and the crammed schedule of visiting all of our families. I want the early morning dance parties in the kitchen even though I am not a morning person whatsoever. I want to love you forever, B. Wherever you are, I want be because I don't want to live my life without my one true love," Santana tells her earnestly. From the corner of her eye, she can see Maribel and Quinn huddled together, attempting not to sob.

Brittany doesn't realize her eyes are welling with tears too but the smile she wears is big and bright. She doesn't know how much longer she can last if Santana keeps this up, she just really wants to kiss her…

"Just ask me already," Brittany urges with a watery giggle.

"Okay, okay," Santana smiles shyly then takes a pause before asking, "Brittany S. Pierce, will you marry me?"

"Yes!" She gasps as she launches herself into Santana's arms so fast, she knocks the ring box out of Santana's hand.

Luckily, Sam catches it before the ring gets lost in the hay. The onlookers clap for them as Santana and Brittany melt into each other with a deep kiss. They can just barely hear Maribel and Quinn cheering for them as well as Sam's family and Santana's so glad that she was able to pull this thing off. She's glad that they got to be surrounded by people that are important to the both of them.

"I love you," Brittany beams and pulls away just enough that their noses brush, "I've been waiting to marry you for so long."

Santana blushes at that, "Me too, Britt-Britt. Let's make it official?"

Brittany follows Santana's gaze to her bare ring finger, "Oh! Yeah, let's do that."

Santana giggles and glances to Sam with her hand out.

Sam nods and hands over the box again. Santana makes quick work of sliding the ring onto Brittany's finger. It fits perfectly and she falls in love with her a little more when she sees the gleaming rock on her hand. It makes everything so much more real and their journey flashes before her eyes and takes her right back to the start.

She has loved Brittany for as long as she can remember and despite mistakes and setbacks, she got the girl in the end.

It just blows her mind.

"It's beautiful, Santana," Brittany compliments as she stares at the ring on her finger.

Santana ducks her head bashfully, "My mom and Quinn helped me pick it out."

"I love it," Brittany says and pulls Santana in against once more, "And I love you."


After their family and friends gush over them and the ring a little longer, Santana and Brittany are able to sneak off and enjoy the carnival. Santana finally gets her lemonade and Brittany finally gets to playing some games. They try their hardest to win each other the biggest stuffed animals they can find before Brittany's off trying to win Santana a goldfish at the ring toss.

"B, I don't even want a goldfish," Santana giggles but the determination on Brittany's face is enough to have her relenting.

Brittany doesn't actually end up winning them though and they move on before they waste all their money on a five dollar fish.

They walk around feeding each other cotton candy until the sun sets and the carnival lights illuminate them in hues of neon pinks and purples. It's like they're in their own little world of pure bliss and every so often they run into someone that saw the proposal and they rush over to congratulate them. It's not something either of them expected considering it's still Ohio they're living in, but it's a welcome change and so much better than the alternative.

They'll take love over hate any day.

The continue walking around to the different rides, but of course the line at the ferris wheel is super long because everyone wants to see the sunset up there, but Brittany can wait.

The girl next to her is a better view anyway. So instead, they go back and go for a ride in the bumper cars.

Once it gets dark enough and the line dies down, Brittany drags Santana towards the ferris wheel again. She hands over the rest of their tickets and they're led to an empty carriage. Santana slides in first and Brittany follows after her, enjoying the view of Santana's ass in those jean shorts little too much.

"I saw that," Santana smirks when she turns to get settled in her seat.

"I'm just appreciating my fiancée's assets," The blonde grins devilishly before sending her a wink.

"That sounds so good," Santana coos.

"Assets," Brittany wiggles her brows.

"Not that," Santana giggles.

"I know," Brittany beams, "We're fiancées now."

The worker barely has the gate locked before Santana's pulling Brittany closer for a searing kiss.

It doesn't take long before the ride slowly begins to move. The people below them get smaller and smaller but it's the view from that high up of the lights below that have always been one of Brittany's favorite parts about riding the ferris wheel.

The other part is the pause once they get to the very top.

It takes a few minutes to get there and Brittany takes the time to side eye Santana.

"What's that look?" Santana giggles.

Brittany shakes her head, "I had no idea you were going to propose."

"Like today or like ever?"

"Oh, I knew you were wanting to," Brittany chuckles, "You kind of talk in your sleep."


Brittany laughs at the wide eyes looking back at her, "Don't worry, you didn't give yourself way. I was still very much surprised."

"Oh okay," Santana looks relieved but then she bites her lip nervously, "Did you…like it? The song, I mean? I know we usually keep things between us pretty private but I wanted this to be different. It was too big of a moment for the choir room."

"I get that."

"And you know when you just like, love someone so much that you want the whole world to know?"

"I do."

"It was like that. I wanted to yell it from the rooftops, Britt, I wanted everyone to know how much I love you. I spent too many years denying it, too many years being afraid of what everyone else would think. I didn't want this to be like that."

Brittany reaches up to touch Santana's cheek, "Baby, it was perfect."

"Okay, just checking," Santana grins as she overlaps Brittany's hand with hers. They're almost to the very top of the ferris wheel and they both look out at the view.

"Speaking of yelling things from the rooftops," Brittany starts.

"Britt, if you start yelling from up here…"

"No silly," Brittany chuckles, "You remember that one Summer we came here?" Brittany asks and Santana instantly knows, "It was at this very spot that you asked me to be your girlfriend."

"I remember," Santana then admits, "I was so freaking nervous. I was probably shaking enough to make the carriage move."

"I know," Brittany softens, "I thought you were so brave though because I knew you weren't just there yet. You weren't ready to be out but you did it anyway."

"For you," Santana interjects, "I did it for you. I mean, I did it for me too but I mostly did it for you. It was our senior year, it was like last chance Lopez get it together. I wanted to be better. I wanted to love you right, at least start to."

"You have such a giant, generous heart and I'm so lucky to be loved by someone like you," Brittany tells her, "You took this huge step for us and I was so proud of you for that. I still am. That day is one of the happiest moments of my life, Santana."

Santana smiles bashfully again, "One of them?"

"There are a lot," Brittany clarifies with a smirk, "And the majority are because of you."

"You're killing me, Pierce." Santana sighs happily as she stares into darkening blue eyes.

"Do you want to know something funny?" Brittany asks and there's something different about her tone.

Santana doesn't even say anything, just gives her a single nod and a smile.

Brittany shuffles a little to the edge of her seat so that she can reach into the front pocket of her shorts. Once she has it, she sits back and holds it up to Santana.

"Holy shit," Santana's lips part at the sight of a sparkling ring, "Is…that?"

"Mhmm," Brittany hums casually, "I was going to take you to this ferris wheel when the sun went down and I was going give the guy all of our tickets so we could stay on for awhile. I was going to wait until we got to the very top, our favorite spot. I was going to remind you about the Summer in high school when you asked me to be your girlfriend. I was going to recount my love for you and how proud I am of you. Then I was going to pull this ring out like this."

Santana's heart is racing and she briefly wonders if this is what it felt like for Brittany just an hour ago, "And then what?"

"Well Miss Santana Lopez," Brittany grins as she shuffles around to face her completely, "Then I'd ask you to marry me."

Santana's breath hitches and her smile grows but she's frozen.

"Just to be clear," Brittany adds, "That's your cue to say yes."

"Yes! Of course, Britt!" Santana kicks into gear as her eyes water, "Of course, I'll marry you."

"Awesome," Brittany grins and slides the ring onto Santana's finger, "I mean it was kind of a given since you beat me too it but you deserve the bling too, baby."

"You know me so well," Santana giggles and goes in for a sweet kiss.

"We are so awesomely in love," Brittany mumbles against Santana's lips.

Santana can't help but to agree.

As they pull away a little more to admire how good their hands look together with engagement rings on their fingers now, Santana remembers where she was a year ago to the day. It kind of makes her laugh because it has been a whirlwind of a year, but she's so grateful for where it has led her.

Santana settles in close to Brittany and as they look up at the stars above, she sends up a silent thanks to Sue. None of this would've been possible if it weren't for her ridiculous scheming.

"What are you thinking about?" Brittany asks softly.

"Oddly enough, Sue," Santana replies then turns to look at Brittany, "How we wouldn't have met if it weren't for her and how we might've never reconnected if it weren't for her."

Brittany smiles at the thought, "I wonder if she knew what she was doing when she paired us up for camp that one time or did fate lay a hand or something, you know?"

Santana nods, "Maybe? We make our own luck too I think. She might've given us the push, but I think deep down we were always going to find our ways to each other."

"We're kind of like soul mates, huh?"

Santana giggles at that, "I'd say that was accurate."

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