I'm honestly not sure if this is the best place to put this. It's more inspired High School Fleet than an action fic of it, but what the hell. First I think I should explain just what the hell this actually is. As readers of my other fics know, especially Crusader of Zero (If you're looking for an update on that check my profile), I am really into history, but my greatest love is undoubtedly naval history, hell go so far as to say the Battle of Leyte Gulf is my favorite moment in all of history. As such High School Fleet, and the world it created, intrigued me. Unfortunately, while I thoroughly enjoyed the show, I felt that so much more could have been done. A while ago, I tried my hand at adding more by including aircraft into the world… that attempt did not go well. So instead I'd like to focus on another aspect, one that has become far more interesting as I studied the evolution of naval warfare in the 20th century, how the world would be affected by the absence of both Flight and Japanese Imperialism. From the aftermath of the sinking of Japan all the way to the Second World War. That is what I want to explore with this story, the Alternate History of High School Fleet.

Chapter 1: Sundown

September 28th, 1905

Washington D.C

The sweltering summer heat of the nation's capital had finally begun to subside as the year marched into the autumn season. The citizens of the city were grateful, including the man working in the Executive Office.

Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of the United States of America, was never supposed to hold this position. The former Governor of New York knew that the offer of the Vice-Presidency was nothing but a ploy to remove him from politics by placing him in a powerless position. For a while it seemed that the young politician's ambitions had been cut short.

That was until President McKinley was shot in Buffalo, and the Theodore Roosevelt was sworn in as the 26th President of the United States.

The youngest man ever to serve as President, the 42 year old entered office with little in regards to domestic goals. No, his true goal lied elsewhere, to see the United States of America take a prominent role on the world stage and be acknowledged as one of the world's great powers.

Under his administration, the United States had reformed and expanded their military, consolidated their outlying territories, and started construction on a canal in Panama, bridging the world's oceans.

Yet his most impressive accomplishment had only recently come to fruition. Under his direction the nations of Russia and Japan had signed a peace treaty, ending the war between between the two nations. Not only had the President gained the admiration of the international community for putting a stop to the war, but the conference had also fostered closer relations between the United States and Japan. It seemed that the two nations were on course for a great alliance.

That was until last night, when all contact between the United States and Japan had been cut off without explanation. Roosevelt had met with the Ambassador, Takahira Kogoro, the ambassador revealed he had also been unable to contact the Japanese government. The strange events continued through the night. Tidal waves had struck the territories of Hawaii, Guam, and the Philippines. Guam was the hardest hit, luckily they had been able to warn the other islands throughout the ocean giving them some time to prepare.

"Mr. President, Ambassador Takahira has finally heard from Tokyo." Elihu Root, the Secretary of State reported as he entered the office.

"Well it's about damn time!" Roosevelt declared, "What did he say?"

"Mr. President, the Ambassador has requested to speak with you personally."

Roosevelt sighed, "Alright, send him in."

As the Ambassador entered the room, Roosevelt noticed something was off. The man he had met with after the negotiations with Russia was long gone. The Ambassador was pale, and his eyes were stained red, the way he walked was different, and even his hands were shaking. The Japanese Ambassador stood there for a moment before speaking.

"Mr. President," He started before entering into a deep bow, "The Empire of Japan asks for your assistance."

September 29th, 1905

The Waters near Japan

The Japanese delegation was due to reach port Yokohama within a few hours. After all these years the Japanese had finally proven that they stood on equal footing, if not superior to the Great Powers of Europe. Foreign Minister Komura Jutaro had been resting in his cabin when there was a loud knock at the door.

The Foreign minister rose from his bed to see what was going on. He was greeted by the face of fellow diplomat Mineichiro Adachi, yet his face was stained with tears.

"What's happened to you?" Komura asked, concern evident in his voice.

"Minister, come up to the deck quickly! There's something you need to see." He explained

The two quickly traveled to the open deck of the vessel. Komura was stunned as it seemed every soul on board was present, watching something. As he pushed his way to the the front of the ship he saw it, and something inside him broke. The night time horizon was ablaze with orange light as Komura Jutaro helplessly watched his nation burn.