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Chapter 1: Mayday Mayday.

Airplanes were never much of a thing for Gabriella Masterson, she blamed it on the fact that there weren't many family holidays abroad or much travelling in general. She hated the busy airport, and even more so the busy plane, bustling people walking around, the tight space and what felt like limited air all around her.

Trying to listen to music on her phone, she tried to relax. She thankfully had a window seat to keep her attention, but she was also in a full row. Not that she wasn't personable but it was hard to speak to strangers when trapped in the same spot for over 4 hours.

They were nearing the last hour before getting to the destination when everything went to hell. The plane shook, instantly startling her from her slight dozing and her first reaction was to pull the earbuds from her ears.

There was a notice overhead from the flight attendant about some turbulence, and Gabriella thoughts instantly went to the movies and tv shows about downed airplanes and living on strange abandoned islands. That thought progressed further when the seatbelt lights flashed on, the turbulence got worse and the flight attendant speaking was broken up and it was easy to tell even she was having a hard time.

Gabriella grabbed at her seatbelt in a hurry, trying to buckle the straps all while holding her phone between her legs. The belt gave a click a second before the plane shook down particularly hard and she felt her body trying to leave her seat, only held by the straps. They could have left bruises and if she took after her mother more, they probably would have.

She grabbed and held the handles of her seat as hard as she could as if she could stop the plane from shaking with the mere will. That went to hell as well when she felt her soul leave her body. Like a fast rollercoaster that drops from the top and you feel lightheaded as if something is leaving you only to hit the stop at the bottom. Except the feeling didn't stop.

The plane felt like it was falling, the air masks came down and she was too scared to reach for it right away. She prayed everything was going to be okay as she finally grabbed for the mask during the panicked screaming.

She felt herself getting whiplash before another jerk of the plane had her knocking into the plane and she was sure that would leave a bruise from the sure force.

The plane lurched again sending her harder into her seat and she felt lightheaded from the turbulence and the knock to the head already. Her knees clenched harder together keeping her phone sandwiched between her thighs.

Her panic rose the more she heard others screaming before the lurching of the plane had her flying in every direction before her vision started going dark. She could vaguely hear something solid clatter to the floor.

'Save me. I want to live.'

"You dropped your phone dear." She was instantly startled blinking at the seat in front of her as her vision cleared. "Are you alright?"

"Oh." She turned towards the voice to reply only slightly confused. "Thank you. Must have dozed off." She bent to pick the phone upholding it loosely wondering when she fell asleep. It would explain the weird dream she had and why she didn't notice anyone leaving the seat. Not that she could remember the older woman sitting in the aisle seat, but she did remember sitting next to a man, whose seat was now empty.

"Are you visiting somewhere?"

Gabriella smiled in response. "Just going home to visit family, it's been a while."

"Life gets in the way, I sure understand that." She watched the lady fold a blanket over her lap.

"Are you visiting as well?" The woman nodded her head.

"My son recently moved to Seattle." She paused looking towards the old lady in confusion.

"Seattle?" The woman now seemed equally confused as she replied to the questioning tone.

"Yes dear, Seattle Washington." Gabriella paused for a moment before feeling her heart pick up. She knew she was going to Ontario. God knows how many times she checked and double checked before going on with her day. "Are you alright?"

Gabriella thought maybe the older lady was mistaken and played it off cool. "Of course. Just need to go to the bathroom." The lady smiled as she went past before heading down the aisle towards the bathroom.

She felt a little sore as if her whole body had been thrown around and she knew it was because of the weird dream. She didn't remember screaming or saying anything and she thought maybe it was a good thing she didn't wake up screaming on the plane. That would have been embarrassing for sure.

She locked the door behind her before turning and instantly giving herself a start. Her throat clenched holding in the scream desperate to escape her lips. She took a shuddering breath in, feeling like she couldn't get oxygen in her lungs while her eyes nearly bugged out of her face.

Big brown eyes. Except, last she checked and for the last 25 years of her life, she had green eyes with flecks of gold. A honey coloured gold, her mom often said it would bring her good luck in the future. Now she was staring at a reflection with big brown eyes.

A pale face, framed by dark brown hair, which looked a bit lighter with the bathroom lights. She raised a pale hand slowly towards her face, watching the reflection in the mirror and feeling her hand make contact with her face just as the reflection did.

She felt a chill down her spine, tried to swallow the lump in her throat and wondered to herself. "Who the hell is this?"

She returned to her seat after a few moments, more like stumbled to her seat smiling and nodding to the woman who asked if everything were okay and sat in her seat silently. She had then taken the moment to look at the cell phone she had left on her discarded sweater. It was strange to see the phone, which looked exactly like hers, down to the case. The sparkly pink case was something cheap from Amazon and she wondered what the odds were.

She was fiddling with the phone when the flight attendants message came over the speaker followed by the indicating light to fasten seatbelts. The flight down was smooth, much smoother now that she had such an experience with turbulence. Her mind was still reeling but she was putting her panic attack on the backburner for the time being and trying to get back on solid ground.

She waited until most of the crowd had filtered out before grabbing her things and getting out. She was thankful the owner of her body had placed their bag under the seat, she wouldn't know what was hers anyway.

Walking out from the gates was another weird experience. She had never felt this off in her life. Sure some moments deciding on school or what to do, deciding if she liked her job, and the uncertainty of life in general, but that was her life. This… this was something completely new to her.

She waited around the luggage collection area, not that she had much clue as to which bag was hers, but she had hoped the unclaimed bags, one of those would belong to her… that is if no one stole it.

It was some awkward waiting before realizing that maybe this girl had a baggage slip with her, and lo and behold she did. Gabriella wondered why she didn't think to check everything beforehand. A scan around the bags had her finding a black suitcase that had a similar ribbon to one in her bag and wondered who tied their bags with ribbon anymore. The bag had a good weight to it, but nothing she couldn't handle which was good, and it had wheels. She wheeled the bag and herself towards the exit.

"Enjoyed your flight?" He was checking the passport and stamping it as she nodded.

"It was… calm." He smiled telling her to enjoy her day and she wished the same before leaving the security check and heading out through the gate.

She had never gone to Seattle before, heck she had never even been in the states aside from some shopping near the border with friends. Things looked similar to Canada but different, in a similar but odd way. She wasn't sure what to do, didn't really know what was happening or even who she was supposed to meet with. Was she even meeting with someone?

She stared wide-eyed around the area before moving herself to the side, away and more importantly out of people's way as she dug through the bag to find the wallet she had. She spent a solid 10 minutes staring at the driver's license from her wallet, staring at the photo of this brunette girl, then staring at the reflection across from her. 'Isabella Marie Swan'. She mumbled over and over again as she walked cautiously out to the lobby of the airport.

She knew she had heard the name before, it was at the edge of her mind. It was frustrating and irritating to have that feeling but as she walked out, it instantly came to mind.

The moment her eyes landed on the older white man, mustache on his upper lip, and the police officers' uniform. 'Oh shit', was the first thought she had. As she was staring at the man, he spotted her and a smile lit up on his face.

"Bells!" A few people turned to look at his outburst at the same time that it surprised her. Her nickname was 'Bella' and now remembering that Isabella Swan went by Bella was only slightly alarming… okay more alarming than she would have thought.

Just hearing this man call out 'Bells' so affectionately was weird. There were things in her past that were different, and even more towards the difference between what she thought she knew about Isabella Swan, and what she knew about Gabriella Masterson.

She waved slightly before heading in his direction. She was engulfed in a hug, near bone-crushing as she patted his back. "How are you Kiddo? Good flight?" He released her onto her feet holding her at arm's length, hands on her shoulders.

"It was okay… smooth." He looked happy with the answer before grabbing the suitcase for her.

They enjoyed some small talk on the way to the car, a slight hesitation seeing the cruiser, before getting into the front seat and starting the drive to the small, rainy and cloudy town of Forks.

Gabriella lived in a small town most of her life, houses lined up on the block, identical in appearances and too close for comfort. It was weird for her seeing these somewhat spaced out homes. Charlie waved to a few people just hanging out, and it was weird to see the 'main' town area so empty.

Pulling up to a modest home she couldn't help the smile on her face. The white exterior, with a dark brown door, and dark green curtains she could see hanging from the windows. It reminded of her childhood home, the older home felt nostalgic as she looked on, and she wondered how the real Isabella Swan would have felt looking up at Charlie's home.

"I tried to clean up a bit." Charlie smiled scratching the back of his head, the other holding her luggage. She was thankful he was helping her, it had been a while since she had a male role model to help her with these things. Together they trudged up the stairs, Bella a step behind Charlie as she tried to navigate and remember the layout until they came to a stop in a decently sized bedroom. It was much bigger than her childhood bedroom, and only as an adult with an apartment did, she had a decently sized room to herself.

"You like purple?" She smiled placing her bag onto the purple bedspread.

"Purple's cool. Thanks." She glanced around the room slowly as Charlie stood in the doorway.

"I'll let you get settled in, pizza okay for you?"

"Yeah, I love pizza. Can we get cheese garlic bread?" Charlie grinned at her question.

"Of course." He shut the door behind him and she could hear him tread down the stairs. She paused for a moment while looking around the room to simply sit on the bed and stare out the window. It was somewhat calming to see the cloudy skies, at least she didn't have to squint while staring outside from the sun, the upside she supposed for the weather.

As she was resting and blankly staring out without a thought, it came to her like lightning. Her head snapped towards the luggage simply left standing near the door as she quickly walked to it and hefting it onto the bed. She was cautious in slowly opening said carrier seeing it packed neatly. She knew there were boxes in the corner of the room and concluded they were most likely things to put into storage or things that were sent over early, so it wasn't surprising to see the carrier only filled with minimal things. She pulled out a few items of clothing, mostly jeans and flannel and wondered why these items. She liked flannels, she even had a few in her closet, but 6 flannels, three different colours were not normal.

It took some effort and time, but by the time Charlie called for her as the food was downstairs, she had put away the clothing in the closet and dresser before practically running downstairs for the food. She could smell the pizza and her stomach growled excitedly to eat. She was starving.

She practically scarfed down a slice of pizza and half the cheese bread before finally talking to Charlie who had scarfed down 3 slices to her 1. "You excited to start school here?"

Her reply came faster than her brain did. "Is anyone ever excited for school?" He laughed and she smiled before nearly choking on her food. "Wait, school?"

"Yeah kiddo. I know it's rough to transfer in the middle and get sorted out but I'm sure you'll be fine." She grabbed another slice while he spoke to hide the nervousness. She hadn't even thought about school, having already graduated from college and have been in the working world for nearly 3 years.

"Oh, I uh- didn't realize. What school am I going to?" She wasn't even sure what major she would have to study for, god knows pollical science wasn't going to be a winner.

"Forks high, it's the only school around here." She was choking on her pizza again. "You okay Bells?" Charlie was out of his seat pushing her water closer to her hand and patting her on the back.

"Fine thanks, dad. Uh- I remember seeing it on the way in." He nodded keeping an eye on her before sitting back in his seat.

Forks high… high school? She didn't know what to think. She graduated high school so long ago, not to mention leaving the petty drama and hormones behind her, far behind her where they belonged.

She spent the rest of the night simply hanging out. Watching the game with Charlie, she was more blankly staring at the screen eating chips while Charlie shouted and cheered with a beer in his hands before heading upstairs to her room. She unpacked the carry-on bag slowly looking at the things before putting them away and taking a seat on the bed again to stare out the window. It was darker now for sure, but it was still nice to just look out.

She heard some cheers from Charlie downstairs and smiled before getting up and heading to the bathroom. It was strange having to share a bathroom again, strange and a bit inconvenient at the same time. She had to share a bathroom in her first year of college but having an en suite bathroom after that first year was a real game changer.

She thankfully didn't have to go to the bathroom at all, and she was glad Charlie was busy downstairs because she was having a hell of a time. A body that didn't belong to you was a different feeling. It was easy and hard at the same time. Navigating herself to get used to the body as she used the bathroom, and not scaring herself as she looked into the mirror took some time but she was getting used to it.

That's not to say when she got up the next morning and screamed when she looked in the would take time after all.


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