By Axisor

Okay... this is the requested 'sequel' to Kuusou. You might not see the connection, those of you who have read Kuusou, so I'll explain it. Okay, Kuusou was a non-fiction fic because it was really a bunch of daydreams that I had had in my math class and just wrote them down with me 'waking up' at the end. This fic is like a sequel/prequel kind of thing. It takes place with the boys going to my high school, which, lets just say, is not the average school.... R&R-thanks! (I'll refuse to write/post more if I don't get reviews.)

Disclaimer: I own nothing and this is a real school (not owned by me either)


The five boys stood outside their new school and stared up at all three floors. It looked very impressive and rather old, which it had a right to since it WAS old. After a few minutes of looking at the school, Rashid and Abdul led them into the lobby of the building.

As the two adults talked to the secretaries, the pilots explored the small lobby. Very soon it became clear what kind of private school they were in. "Catholic?! We're in a CATHOLIC private high school Wufei! What did you do?" Heero said between clenched teeth scaring, or at least startling, the other boys with his sudden out of character flash of intense anger. (What would you expect, though? Heero-- our lovable little Mr. I-am-not-a-pacifist-- just figured out that his new school had a good chance of being stocked-full with PACIFISTS! He was having enough trouble just dealing with Relena's pacifistic ideas. Now he probably had almost 400 times that, at least.)

Of course, if they had done their research on the school and/or read about it, they would have known it was Catholic although, the cathedral across the street should have been a hint too--and they did see it. Duo even said, "Cool, a church. I can go there and it'll be just like old times again." Another good point--and probably a more important one too--any research would have led to would be the discovery of, the other category this Catholic private high school is classified under; they had to find that out the hard way, too.

So, Quatre stepped in before the VERY angry Heero slugged Wufei. "This is out first day of school here, Heero. At least wait a day before you get us in trouble. Besides, you are the one who didn't want to deal with getting us in a new school so if you were going to be picky, you should have done it yourself instead of leaving it for Wufei to do."

"Hey, at least they don't have a stuffy uniform like some of those schools we've each attended," Duo laughed as he wrapped his arms around Heero and Quatre's necks and led the group back over to the adults. "Khaki or navy blue bottoms and a uniform polo--not even needed to be tucked in. How UN-stuffy is that?"

"Here are their schedules and locks," the secretary, Mrs. Wicks said as she laid the materials out on the counter. Then she looked up to see the teens approaching, "And are these our..."

"New students? Yes, we are," Trowa said as hr looked over the papers. Finding the set with 'Trowa Barton' on it, he picked the packet and began to look at it.

"But-- but there must be some kind of mistake."

"What kind of mistake? Aren't master Quatre and his friends registered at this school?" Rashid asked defensively. He wasn't about to let anything happen to the Winner heir, and handed Quatre his stuff as if that proved it.

"They must be to have schedules, but you see--"

"If we're registered here, then we must go here." Heero said practically. "It's that simple," then took his papers off of the counter.

"Yes, ordinarily it would be, but you see--"

"The forms were filled out and we're obviously in the computer system. We now go here," Wufei said plainly then received an elbow from Duo perfectly timed so that he couldn't rudely add "woman." As he spoke, both boys went up and got their schedules and locks.

"Hey-- I bet I can find my locker before you guys can," Duo said eagerly as he started down the hall with the other boys close behind.

"So what is the problem?" Abdul asked as he watched the group go off.

"Well, it's simple. This school isn't co-ed." Mrs. Wicks paused to see if the two men had figured out the problem with that simple slue, but needed to continue to say, "Rosati-Kain is all girls."

After traveling about 100 feet or so, they realized they had no idea where lockers with the numbers in the five and six hundreds would be in a three story building. "Maybe we should go back and ask the secretary for directions or maybe a map or something," Quatre commented after they argued for a little bit.

"No," Heero said simply then began the task of puzzling out their problem.

"Um... guys..." Duo said, trying to get their attention.

"She's just a woman." Wufei started to say, but stopped when Trowa started to speak over him and he realized everyone was ignoring his typical sexist comment.

"She didn't seem all that interested in helping us to begin with, Quatre," Trowa said with a shrug.

"Hey-- guys," Duo said incisively-- although that was treated as part of the background noise.

"Well, we need to find it soon so we won't be late for homeroom." Quatre was trying to convince his friends that they did need to get help, no matter what they thought.

"We will, Quatre. Don't worry." Heero said calmly, as he thought about bringing out his laptop and seeing if he had downloaded the floor plan with the locker locations or not. He hadn't thought it an important fact before then.

"GUYS!!!" Duo yelled at them, thoroughly annoyed at being ignored.

"What Maxwell!?" Wufei snapped.

"The natives are circling." He replied softly.

"What?" or something along that line came from everyone. Duo practically threw his hands in the air to pull out his hair before he turned Quatre and Trowa around in a quick motion to show them what he meant.

"We've been surrounded." Those words made the other two boys turn around and drop immediately into a fighter's crouch, and then slowly come out of it as they saw 'the enemy.'

About five feet away, all around them like a ring, stood high school girls. They pretended they weren't paying all that much attention to the boys and that everything was normal. They talked quietly amongst themselves and watched the young men out of the corners of their eyes. As they talked the volume quickly grew, as it will with girls yakking excitedly, until it reached the point that the boys in the center of the circle standing with backpack-toting back to backpack-toting back could clearly understand what was being said.

They ignored most of the conversations, since they were more or less useless noise when it came right down to it, but certain comments did catch even their confused ears. Comments such as "He's a cutie/hottie" and "I wonder if he's available/datable" were real attention getters, but were ignored for the most part and the only reactions they received were, on the whole, the tensing of muscles in preparation for fighting any jealous boyfriends who might overhear those remarks. It was remarks like "What are they doing here?" and "Should we tell the office?" or "Did I miss an announcement?" but especially "Why are they in our uniforms?" which caught the pilots' ears most of all.

Duo responded to the last one by saying, "Because we go here now," in the most perfect "Well, DUH!" voice anyone could manage.

More than half (practically all, to tell the truth) of the heads snapped all the way around at that comment. A sudden dramatic silence spread throughout the entire first floor as those present digested this bit of "common" knowledge. Wheels could be seen turning, followed by eyes widening and the hall going from pin-drop silent to practically rock-concert loud. The boys were assaulted from all sides as the five-foot ring collapsed to nothing and girls kept asking half-questions of "How did--?" "What happened to--?" "When did they--?" "You're sure that--?" (A very popular one) "Did they really--?" and others like that over one another's questions to each other and the boys, which added to the noise. The noise became louder and more painful than anything of that sort the boys had ever experienced, even Trowa and his circus job.

Heero reached back for his not-present gun, then cursed silently in Japanese for leaving it at home. Quatre tried to step back away from the girls and slipped since he couldn't go anywhere with all the bodies pressed that tightly together. Wufei begrudgingly put with this commotion since he really didn't have a choice and spoke rapidly in Chinese about stupid weak onna but since the girls couldn't understand him they just found it a turn-on. Duo, on the other hand, was just lapping up the attention and welcoming with open arms and a warm smile. Trowa actually thought of jumping up to grab the ceiling's crossbeam (conveniently located directly about their heads) then swinging, flipping, and whatever else it took for him to get away to safety. The split-second before he took off, though, silence did come, but far too abruptly to be natural.

That silence was broken by: "Ladies! What's all this racket for?" There were mumbled responses and then the girls around the pilots abruptly found something else to do. The five suddenly exposed teenage boys were left standing all alone in the middle of the hall with a very angry woman before them. She crossed her arms, narrowed her eyes, and calmly said, "And what are you doing here?"

The woman before them had a presence about her that grabbed the multi-cultured group's full attention and held them temporarily speechless and caused them all to drop their backpacks to the ground. Now whether this presence was present because of the way the girls had reacted to her or because of her manly build or if the manly build was the reason for the girls reaction to cause the presence is debatable, and a potential headache. Although when you get down to it, it doesn't really matter why she had the presence that held them speechless just that it was there and that it's effects didn't break until she said: "do I get an answer... gentlemen?"

Wufei was the first to come to and stepped forward to speak, "We're trying to find our lockers so we can get to our classes, wo-"

Shingami, thank God, realized the potential danger of having Wufei talking to this obvious teacher. He stepped up right behind Wufei and covered the martial artist's mouth, just in time to cut off the full approach of the insult, and yanked him backward. Holding his "co-worker" back, braced against his own body, Duo said, "Please excuse our Chinese-man here. He sometimes had trouble adjusting to different CULtures."

Guess which word Wufei elbowed him in the stomach during. With a quick twist and a bit of manipulation, Wufei got away from Duo's grip and threw him to the ground with a thud as his back made contact with the hard surface. "Hands off, American-boy. I don't need the Braided-Wonder to make excuses for me, especially not to a--"

"Like you can talk, Ponytail-Puss! Just shove it and don't ruin the political magic Quatre's working for us to cover this mess." Duo said as he got up. Hero and Trowa slid between the two pilots before they couldn't fight any further.

Meanwhile, Quatre had made introductions and was working his "political magic," as Duo put it, on this teacher, Ms. Mueller. "Please excuse my friends, ma'am. Wufei's... a little stressed today, and Duo's having too much fun to let him ruin it. They aren't ah... normally like this," then silently added, "this bad."

"And you're telling me this because...?"

He was a little startled by that unexpected remark, but that was okay. He could play diplomat a little longer. "Well, you see, we didn't want our friends' actions to ruin your first impression of us as students."

"As-as," she stuttered in surprise. "As students?"

"Yes ma'am. That's probably why you don't recognize us," Quatre, with an understanding smile on his face. "This is our first day."

This was new one for Ms. Mueller. She hadn't expected this situation at her alma mater. "Are you sure? Wait-- of course you think you are," then mumbled something about boys assuming. After she collected herself again, she said, "I think there's been a mistake."

"Why is EVERYONE saying that!?" Duo almost yelled, thoroughly exasperated. "We're registered here. We're in the computers. We've got schedules, locks, and everything. HE-- heck, even all of our tuitions been paid in full and cleared, as well. Now will someone tell me why with all that processed, there still can be a MISTAKE?"

"What's going on here?" A woman's voice was heard coming from behind Ms. Mueller. Ms. Mueller studied the young men for a moment then turned to face this woman while blocking them from view.

"Sister, were we expecting any new students today?"

The nun sounded surprised as she replied, "Yes, five. Their records show them to be excellent students and already they've paid every last penny to come here. I was going to check with the office to see if they've arrived yet."

"Well... I think they're here." Then she pivoted to show the nun the students hidden behind her. "_Boys_ this is Sister Joan, the principal. Sr. Joan, I'd like to introduce Quatre Raberba Winner, Heero Yuy, and Trowa Barton. The one with the ponytail is Chang Wufei and the braided one is Duo Maxwell, if I got all that right." Quatre gave her a nod and a smile.

The principal's eyes widened and she had trouble saying: "The new students? No-there must be some mistake. They can't be."

"WHY IS everyone saying that!?" Duo did yell, until Heero clamped his hand over Duo's mouth and muffled the noise.

Heero then leaned close to his captive's ear and clearly annunciated, "Duo, be quiet. It's not helping." When Duo stopped struggling to say something and just nodded, Heero removed his hand.

"As crazy as this may sound, Duo does have a point." Quatre said softly. "Why _is_ everyone saying that as soon as they look at us?"

"I believe I can explain that, Master Quatre," Rashid said as he and Abdul came walking down the hall. "You see, there _has_ been a mistake made. The school you insist that you now attend is an all-girls school."

There was an utter silence for a few moments before a deafening sound echoed through the hallways as the boys all yelled :


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