Rosati-Kain Chapter 9
By: Axisor

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Zechs had his injuries dealt with first so he could go back to the important meeting on the Gundam pilot's scholastic fate--a meeting the pilots were not allowed to attend. He whined when the numerous scratches on his face and arms were cleaned out and wouldn't let then put butterfly bandages on them. He complained about his headache--but refused to take medicine. Basically, he wouldn't cooperate with the good doctor at all and all he would do was rub his right hand on his abdomen where a colorful bruise was forming. All that Sally could do for that was to give him some more of the numbing ointment she had put on his sore aching muscles--also against his complaints of pampering. As he left, the twenty-something year old was still mumbling about how he was getting too old to keep up w/ the youngin's.

Now the "youngin's" he couldn't keep up with actually had more injuries than he did. Quatre had a sore back and head from being propelled into that chair by Heero--plus several large bruises. Wufei and Trowa had sore ribs from Duo being thrown at them, though Wufie also had bruised ribs from being elbowed almost every time he opened his mouth the previous day. The four that tried to hold Heero down had wrist pain as well, which they rubbed the numbing ointment on too. Wufei tried to do sneak some on his broken fingernail, too, but was caught in the act.

Then there were the injuries which Sally and Hilde could do nothing about, like Wufei's black eye from where Duo's braid *THWACKED* him or Trowa's chipped bangs from that same collision--a sad result of too much hair care products making it super stiff. Oh, and Heero's injured wrists and ankles from being restrained, and bruised knuckles. Though he wouldn't let any of them touch his injuries, so it wasn't Sally or Hilde's fault he wasn't treated.

Now it is time to rejoin the pilots as Sally was dealing with the last of the inured--Duo...

"I wouldn't suggest talking for a while, Duo," Sally said sympathetically after examining his jaw.

"Why not?" Duo asked, and then received the same massive jolt of pain surging through his entire face. You would think the first 20 times that it had happened to him would have taught him not to talk.

"We're going to have to immobilize it."

"YES! Weeks of quiet!" Wufei exclaimed over Duo's moan, then was immediately assaulted by Hilde and received severe glares from the boys who ended up restraining the girl.

"Heero seems to have broken your jaw--fractured in 2 places," Sally said calmly as she closed her medical bag and then stepped between Duo and Heero just as Duo started to lunge at Heero's throat. Obviously Duo was all for giving his best friend a little 'eye for an eye.'

"The rest of you can return to class, but Duo will have to return to the base with me," Sally said so calmly that if Noin hadn't peeked in to check on the pilots, she would have sworn that all that was going on in the room was nothing but love, peace, and wildflowers--or at least the Gundam equivalent of that. Instead she saw Duo lunging to maim Heero, and Hilde reaching to scratch, strike, or strangle Wufei while testing the restraints provided by Trowa and Quatre.

"No! I'm not going!" Duo said, through all the pain his broken jaw gave him and tried a final leap at Heero's not-so exposed throat. Unfortunately Heero reflexively blocked and walloped Duo in the jaw... again.

Upon hearing the scream that Duo gave out, Hilde escaped the distracted Trowa and Quatre... but instead of killing the Chinese man she went and dealt Heero a _very_ painful blow. She showed everyone a perfect below-the-belt knee-strike, which surprisingly, Heero did nothing to defend against. After all it was his fault that Duo's jaw had been broken, and we know how well Heero deals with guilt... can we say "Sylvia Noventa"?

Zechs saw the now slightly curled up Heero and the satisfied Hilde comforting the now avenged Duo out of the corner of his eye and elbowed Noin to show her. When she--who was bored with the meeting she was supposed to be attentive to--explained what she had seen happen to Zero's pilot, Mr. Marquis had to bite off the tip of his pen to keep him from laughing out right.

While washing the ink out of his mouth--and probably a good number of foul words too--at a water fountain, Zechs got a call from the Gundam reconstruction crew asking about Heero's file... and then discovered the other 10 messages on his voice mail.

So he extracted Noin from the meeting, knowing exactly how much she wanted to stay, and got her to "volunteer" to warm up the truck. Then he went into Ms. Lydon's office and managed to suppress his smirk as he addressed Heero about the file and received agreement in an altered version of the usual monotone voice--slightly higher pitched, that is...

Heero led Zechs out through the snow-covered courtyard into the convent, ordering Trevor to stay with Abdul while the two rival pilots retrieved everything necessary from the boys' secluded lockers. When Heero opened his locker, he had discovered that a very longhaired someone had (at some point in time even the author isn't fully aware of) plastered Heero's portion of "Operation Deceive and Survive" all over the inside of the locker door.

Unfortunately, Heero saw the pictures of him and Relena at the same moment as the over-protective brother. In an effort to minimize Zechs' exposure to the pictures and scheme Heero himself had manufactured, Heero reached a hand in quickly whipped out the file folder with the much needed Gundam designs, but he forgot about the diskette which he had sitting on top of it.

The diskette left the locker shelf on a trajectory that caused it to smack Zechs in the middle of his chest. He reflexively caught the disk and looked at the label on it. "Wedding?!?!?!?!?" he asked after pinning Heero to the wall a foot in the air with his right lower arm pressed firmly against his captives throat. The Gundam file fell to the ground with the papers spilling all over the floor. "Wedding? Why do you have wedding on this disk and pictures of you and my baby sister in your locker?" Zechs' eyes narrowed as he used his left hand to open the locker door. "Wedding magazines pages too? What's next--budgets?"

"Y--yes..." Heero managed to squeak out. "On the disk--as well as readings and vows and everything else..." This wasn't like any hostage situation Heero had ever been trained to deal with so he felt it best to cooperate as best as possible, though the growing flames in the blonde's eyes wasn't the reaction he'd predicted. "It's a pro-ject!"

Zechs could not believe his ears! This little... little... corrupt space-brat had been planning a wedding to the innocent Relena! His anger caused him to lash out at Heero and press his arm further against the pilot's throat and cut off more of his air. "A PROJECT?!?!?!?! That's what my sister is to you? A project... I should--oh... I can't think of anything painful enough to do to you!"

It's hard to tell if Zechs was normally stronger than Heero or not, but with anger helping to fuel his actions Heero didn't stand a chance. The only thing that saved Heero was God's intervention, for just as Zechs really started to lean into Heero and cut off all his air entirely Father Nick was heading back to his office. "What's going on young man? And why do you have that boy pinned against the wall?" he asked in a voice that made it almost impossible to tell he was silently praying for Heero's life.

"What?!" asked the startled Zechs as he whipped his head around to look at the new intruder-hair coming around to lightly wack Heero in the face. Heero took this moment to strike Zechs across the neck and then kick him right in the knee. Upon hitting the ground again Heero got just out of arms distance from Zechs.

"It's a school project--the weddings stuff. For religion class we had to plan 3 weddings," Heero said, fighting the urge to rub his sore throat.

"And the pictures?"

"Everyone of us has pictures like those--only it's Hilde for Duo and Sally with Wufei," Zechs started to give Heero a mocking grin as he started to close in on his prey again... "Okay--I know, but good enough. Fine... in the locker next to mine are pictures of Trowa and Catherine and next to his is Quatre and all his sisters, plus some random girls I pulled from some ads."

"Why did you do it, young man?" the nearly forgotten priest asked in shock, looking at Heero like he had committed some horrible sin.

"It was to keep the girls here from throwing themselves at us--though Duo put 'em up in my locker, and for that he will pay... So yes, in a way I used you sister, but I engineered the pictures with my laptop and she wasn't going to have to know about it."

"I don't believe you..." Zechs growled and took another step closer to Heero as Heero took a step back for everyone of his forward.

"Stop looking like Quatre on the Zero system and think. Why would I plan anything like this with your sister?" Heero's back made loud contact with the wall behind him. *Dang it--trapped,* he thought as he noted Zechs blocked his only escape route. "That came out wrong... There is no way I'd marry anyone right now while the chances of me ever getting a real job are in jeopardy--let's face it. Without any proof of education, job offerings are slim. Besides, ask Father and he'll tell you the Wedding stuff is for a _SCHOOL_ project."

"This is over Sister Vincella's Wedding Project? Isn't that due soon?"

"Yes! That's why I worked hard on it in all my available minutes last night while there were moments of down time. It was a _mission_ that needed to be completed." Heero said, and almost spat the word out. "You really should know me better than that Zechs..."

Zechs grumbled something and decided to think the answer over. "If I figure out this is a lie Heero... you're dead. Oh, and don't think I can't do it... I've proven I can get into your room without you knowing until it's too late, and there is always other ways of getting at you... I know how to wire and fly just as well as you do, pilot-boy... there are a number of people who you can look up that'll prove I don't make threats lightly."

"Hn...." Heero replied as he picked up the file again and handed it to Tallgeese's pilot. Then he picked up one of the bags they had left next to the lockers and threw it at Zechs, "Make yourself useful and carry some of this to the office."

"That's it? You're just going to let him make a serious threat on your life and then expect him to help you?"

Both pilots looked at the priest like he had grown two heads, well, as best as they could and still have their emotionless masks still on, and just walked back past the dumbfounded man of God. As they passed, Father made a sign of the cross over them and prayed... prayed for everyone and everything... almost as if there was no tomorrow.

As Heero and Zechs began their return to the small office, Sister Joan made an announcement that classes would resume. So these two lone males were fighting upstream and downstream through the girls trying to get to their classes. There was jostling and bumping, near hits and near misses, and all around sudden chaos in the hall. It was enough to give almost anyone a headache--which medication.. er... "candy" was also being given out to help treat--but on top of that was this...

"INTRUDER!" "Not another one!" "What's going on here?" "Should we tell someone?" "AH! He's got a bag!" "Maybe it's a bomb!" "Is that boy his hostage?"--All being yelled from every direction around them. As the entropy ensued, Heero, the beloved, tight-lipped, calm soldier, yelled/borderline screamed, "He's been reported! I'm escorting him to the office. CLEAR A PATH!"
and like Moses and the Red Sea, the hall parted for Heero and his "prisoner."

Then as the two calmly carried their bags to the Office, four heads poked out from Sr. Joan's doorway and a fuzzy critter came charging down, almost like he knew about Zechs' attempt on his master's life. Trevor ceased his headlong dash after a simple glare from Heero. Unfortunately, it was too late to stop the chorus of awing girls.

Trevor took up the spot as rear guard for the remaining stretch to the office, though whether it was to watch the "prisoner" or receive chin scratches and so on becomes a little sketchy. A certain factor, though, is this one thought that kept going through Heero's head, *I hope they kick us out... Please let them kick us out of this school... This is one mission I _want_ to fail.*

Back in the principal's office, events had occurred that proved otherwise. The other boys had been allowed back in and a list of rules had been drawn up for them to follow during the rest for their Junior year at the school--they'd discuss Senior year plans over the summer. There were promises that the intervention of the government and military forces had not impact on the decision. So, taken from the book "Rules for Every Occasion for the Principal who Follows Every Rule in the Book" which Sister Joan had, is the rule sheet they received:

1. Boys are not allowed to wear skirts (including kilts) and are always to follow the dress code; note there will soon be a "No Baggy Pants" rule added
2. Boys are not allowed to carry purses with them, including the genderless European bags
3. Boys are not allowed to play on the school's sports teams
4. No absences unless a higher ranking officers calls before 8 AM and a copy of some sort of issued orders are received for school files upon each students return to school
5. All visitors are required to come in through the front door and present security clearances
6. Always schedule training exercises around tests and labs
7. Always have assignments in on time--no matter what, and saving the world is not an acceptable excuse
8. Leave Gundams at home
9. No bringing of work to school
10. No recruiting on school premises
11. Beware that you are not allowed to crab back at PMS-ing girls.
12. Encourage the young women in your classes to dress modestly by saying you prefer that over the sloppy regard for simple easy dress code rules
13. Avoid closets and dark corners
14. Always have your own personal key to the men's room with you at all times
15. No jumping on objects over four and half feet tall, including gym windows
16. No lurking
17. No fighting
18. No guns
19. No hacking
20. No pets allowed on campus
21. No bringing of circus animals to school
22. No breaking of other students' bones on campus
23. No sudden cases of amnesia or relapses allowed on school premises--therefore, not an excuse for missing tests either
24. No losing of sanity on campus
25. No blowing up the school on or off school premises

Duo had already started planning a bet to see who thought Wufei would break rule 11 or Heero break rule 19 first, especially since no one stated that following the rules would be a mission or order for them to follow.

When they heard a sudden order echo down the hall, the four other pilots popped their heads out to see who it was. They weren't surprised in the least that the order had been followed, just at how slow the reaction was and the black bullet that shot through their feet.

"Hey Heero!" Quatre said in the hall when the pilot was close enough to hear him. Quatre held up Heero's copy of the rules, with numbers 9, 17, 20, and 22 highlighted and 20 was also triple underlined, "We're staying for the rest of the year!" The cheer in the hall drowned out the groan that actually escaped the Perfect Soldiers lips. Now the Perfect Soldier had to become "the Perfect Student."
Okay, yeah, I was REALLY mean to the poor, poor pilots in this part but there is a reason behind that--while writing this, I was:

a) At a camp with an 8 to 1 male/female ratio (it was nice, but made it hard to sympathize with the guys)
b) Dealing with my now ex-boyfriend... yeah, I'll leave the details to your imagination
c) Dealing with guy friends who found out that I was now single... oh--and if any of you guys are reading this here's a tip--you're really great guys but I'm really _not_ looking for a new bf!

On to the rest of you... I really hope you enjoyed the Rosati-Kain story. There will be a sequel--RK: Junior Retreat in which the boys are on a religious retreat that has always turned into a cryfest. Will the boys survive being trapped in a place for 2 days with 50 or so crying girls?