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"So, everything was going fine. I was near pissing my pants, but fine none the less… You could imagine my face when the girl spider-walked her way down the stairs. I jumped out the couch so fast I even took Ashido down with me!"

"You were always a coward Izuku"

"I'm g-getting better, I can see half a movie without fainting!"

"Yeah, It will never get as bad as that time… You know which one~"

"I-It was 6 years ago! And that was no children's movie either…"

"We were hardly kids anymore"

"… I'm dropping your stuff Tsu"

"Nooo, I'm sorry Izuku~"

"This thing is freaking heavy by the way! Are carrying a corpse or something?"

"Maybe….. If you keep asking questions"


"Scared Izuku?"

"Are y-you sure you're ok with medicine? You would make a hell of an actress"

"I just followed your lead…"

The brief sound of a sigh

"… Yeah… My lead"

It is obvious that Tsuyu and Izuku have a long lasting friendship, they've being together for over sixteen years. Izuku used to be a weeping child, a total push over and a crybaby. But still, he was brave in his own way, it could be seen in the smallest things, like him killing a cockroach before crying in disgust or in the bigger ones like him… Trying to get his friend out a mangled car covered in flames.


"Y-Yeah!?" Izuku was infront of her pointing her nose.

"Don't space out like that, it's creepy" Tsuyu's cheeks colored with a red tint "Who are you to talk Mumbleboy?"

Izuku puffed his cheeks and frowned "I already got pass that…" A subtle smile drew on her face.

"Anyway. Do you wanna go to the cafeteria? I doubt I'll be able to bear Mina by myself…"

"I'll like to, but gotta get rid of all this homework. I'll pick you up for gym around five ok?"

Izuku shrugged "Bummer. I'll be waiting then!" She nodded and walked away, not before waving her hand and gifting him a dazzling smile. That smile always left his body trembling, his legs so fragile that even the smallest gust of wind could drop him to the floor.

Izuku figured out that standing in the middle of a hall daydreaming wasn't the brightest idea, he shacked his head and put all those teen-ish fantasies. Completely oblivious of the presence eating him alive.

"There you are Darku!"

"The dark lord has arrived!"

"Yeah Yeah! Where's the fucking pizza?" Ochako and Mina gasped "Deku! Did you just!?" Mina clapped like some sort of proud mother "Mop-head dropped the F bomb!"

"The F bomb! The F bomb!" screamed Ochako while she pulled Izuku's curls. Izuku was contemplating jumping out of a window and release his pain, everytime he did the slightest thing out of character, his friends acted like a bunch of cavemen dancing around a bonfire.

"I'm going to do the thing girls!" Oh no, this was bad "Mop-head No we're sorry!"

"Too late…" Izuku crossed his arms and pinched both of his victims noses, she twisted their noses making the girls squeal "STOOOOP DUMBASS!" Ochako pulling his hair harder and Mina pinching his nose, everyone on the cafeteria wearing a classic pocker face since this display of maturity was delivered daily.

It wasn't until Kirishima stoped their madness by bringing them their unhealthy meal "And you wonder why nobody wants to join our table guys…"

"Who cares? I'm happy with my mentally challenged trio" Said Ochako "Oh really!? I know a little someone who would be even happier with somebody else sitting he…"

"Don't yo- Cut it out Mina!" Shouted Izuku "Seriously bro!? When are you asking her out?" intervened Kirishima, he gave another bite to his slice "Like, you got the chemistry, the looks and most importantly-"

"You know since you were like six!" Said Ochako guessing Kirishima's sentence, he glared at her annoyed but Ochako responded with a peace sign. Izuku buried his face on his pizza slice mumbling nonsense, Mina pulled his head out of his greasy cover. His face was a mix of annoyance and embarrassment, arched eyebrows and flushed face "It's not that easy…" he grabbed a bunch of napkins and whipped his face "Tsuyu is… She is not the easiest person to read… I just… Don't want thing to be awkward between each other… That's all"

The table grew silent for a minute "Hey Mop-head, there's no need to be a dibby downer… You know that no matter what, we'll be there to help ya" Mina expressed her words of comfort to his friend, feeling quite proud. She saw his friend tremble. Maybe her words got to his heart, feeling responsible about it, she placed her palm on his shoulder "You okay Izuku?"

The emerald boy slowly raised his head, reveling his struggle to hold back laugher "D-Dibby downer…"

"I'm never encouraging you for shit asshole. Never ever!" That tense atmosphere was dissipated completely, the group laughed hard, really hard, receiving hard stares from everybody else.

Izuku's gaze was turned completely black once a pair of hoovered in front of his face. Ah smooth but terrifying voice echoed inside his ear.

"Guess who~"

"Mmmm n-no idea?" He heard a twisted chuckle coming from his right, if it wasn't obvious, Izuku already knew who was the girl behind this innocent but deep sea flirting. Just he though our mysterious girl couldn't get bolder, he felt a tongue running over his flushed cheek.

"Wh-What the!?..." Izuku was petrified by such lewd display, his friends didn't look okay either, shock took over their bodies except Kirishima who was giggling at their reactions.

The girl whispered "This… Is the taste of a liar… And cheap parmesan!"

"Woah! I understood that reference"

"Shut up Ochako!"

"Toga sistaaah how is it going!?" Asked Mina "Oh well, Kinda rough if I'm honest. I saw my little boy flirting with another girl… And it broke my heart"

"Oh ho ho! Mido boy, you better apologize~"

"Not in a million years" said blankly, Toga moaned and tightened her grasp on his arm

"Oh Izu~ Every rejection, sharper than a blade, it… Turns me on so much!" Izuku tried to free himself but Toga was surprisingly strong for such slender girl, after a couple of tries and a equal number of snickers coming from his friends, he gave up.

"Anyway, I'm not here only to see my dear beloved Kemp head BF" Izuku winced "Do you have the package Mina?"

Mina handed her a Micro SD, placing it delicately on her hand "Shirtless, leg day and baby pictures" Toga squealed in delight drooling like a blood starved beast. Leaving her seat as fast as possible giving a few bows "Sorry, gotta fly to my room, see ya Izu!..."

Mina waved goodbye to the aroused blond leaving the table. Meeting her gaze with Izuku's who looked intrigued.


"Kiri. Just listen man, Toga is getting over the line man, last time she grabbed my ass in the library AND in front of Mr. Yagi!"

"No bruh…"

"Yeah bruh, I saw it!" Intervened Ochako "Just delivering his anatomy work and boom! She groped him outta nowhere and screamed "The peach is ripped" or something like that. Shit was funny!"

Izuku cringed after the image ran through his mind once again "Jesus that was so embarrassing!"

"You're overreacting Midoriya, she's just crazy thirsty for you, just have sex with her and done"

"Yeah, sure, brilliant idea retard! You're the one who introduced me to that psyco in the first place, she is a beast. A fucking demon! Have you heard of the amazon press?"

Mina snaped her fingers "Niiiiiceee"

"Holy shit! That's wild Mido, the manliest girl around"

Things where getting out of hand fast, Izuku needed to change subject quickly, Toga was not by any means a bad girl, just a little bit… Eccentric? Izuku was not stranger to eccentric behavior, he was a weirdo the for a good chunk of high school. But Toga's drive to steal his heart was something that he doesn't particularly enjoy, he doesn't even know why she likes him so much, those questions could be answered other day, but now he needed to shift things to his favor.

"Talking about manliness… Today is the day Spiky!"

"You thinking what I'm thinking bro-ccoli!?"

"Oh hell yeah bro!"

Ochako covered her ears, and Ashido followed her example. If there's something these two guys have in common is their love for fitness. Once they get in the mood, they become a sack of knuckleheads, and it was about that time.

"It's mother…" ducked Izuku

"Fucking…" Sat Kirishima

"Leg day!" flexed Izuku

"Leg day!" followed Kirishima

"Imma kick your ass Midoriya, so hard not even Toga will want that stank ass!"

"Is that so!?"

"Go to your rooms you clowns or I'm quitting!" Not wanting to start a show in the halls Mina kicked Izuku and Kirishima's solid backsides making them run away.

"We better get ready too Mina" said Ochako infected with their enthusiasm dragging her friend away to their room.

Five o'clock, time to drop some stress. Kirishima left before him to gather the crew while Izuku searched for a clean pair of shorts, He opened the door and crashed with his childhood friend. Tsu wrapped her arms around him in order to not fall and burying her face on his chest.

"I-I know that I'm small and all… But you should see where you're going"

Izuku boiled like a teapot, not only her crush was pressing her body on his, but also was wearing to his eyes, a sexy outfit that left nothing to the imagination. He tried to talk, not even the smallest sentence could leave his mouth, not even a damn apology.

It didn't help the fact that his friends were watching him and smirking the like grade schoolers ready to sing "Izu loves Tsu" or some variation.

Tsuyu sighed after watching the state of his friend, trying to mask the blush in her face and help his buddy, she grabbed his wrist and pulled him "W-We're going to be late…" Like a sheep with nowhere to go, he followed her step, Mina and Kirishima were throwing up kisses at them while Ochako grabbed her chest and dramatically gasped. Tsu knew that after a while they would get bored and stop.

It sure was going to be an interesting workout session.

Meanwhile another part of the city just 20 minutes before.

"Yo Todoroki!"

"What do you want!?"

"Do you know a place to workout!?"

"Yeah! It's call G, near O avenue and O str-!"

"Don't you dare say Google it you fucking moron!"

"Then do it!"

Kyoka grabbed her phone and looked for a place near her, after pressing search she found a small place just 5 minutes away from her apartment.

"Okay… This looks nice, Perfect!"

It was going to be an interesting workout session indeed, an awkward one.

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