To be clear this fanfic is in first person and about real celebrit and two made up ones and here we go.

hello my name is Elizabeth Stallone granddaughter of the great Selvyster Stallone and daughter of the magnificent Amanda Stallone. My mother died when I was only 3 years old from a shark attack in Australian waters. I never forget that the last words to her were 'i hate you'. Anyway this is my story about my Hollywood struggles and we begin.

I was just started filming Thor in 2010 i was only six years old and that is when I met him, Thomas William Hiddleston my now frenemie and during this filming process he never left my side he and was so attentive to me. And when the in det story wil begin when things get a little rough, And that when I met Adam Douglas Driver while filming the not so popular film this is where I leave you. After the film Adam got a part as Kylo Ren while i got the part of Kathrine his characters wife and that meant i had to kiss him. When Tom came to visit me as a surprise while filming the force awakens he heard I said not knowing that he was there " oh Adam you're so much better than my other co-star Tom Hiddleston" that's when I turned around to see him with a face of sadness. He turned around and walked out the studio without saying a word and that night I kept looking out the window and then in 2016 we were filming Kong: Skull Island and I wasn't eating my snacks or drinking my liquids and Tom noticed this halfway through filming and walked up to me and said "you got to eat to live you know that we got to film Thor: Ragnarok in six months what's wrong " and then I replied "what is today's date Thomas" I asked "it's the nineteenth of May why is this day like hell to you if so then how" he replied with a question that's when I said " on this very day nine years ago my Mother lost her life to a bloodthirsty Great White Shark and it was on the news media all over the world and every role she took was planned in advance and was legally left to me and I was only three years old do you not remember seeing it" then while filming Thor: Ragnarok i was completely ignoring Tom because he said "you've got to get over it your mother is never going to be come back so my advice is stop acting like a child" his words rung in my ears over and over again. The next year while filming Avengers: Infinity War i was completely ignored by him and in 2018 i lost it an to f out how and more detail then please read this.