"Omigod Mom, I didn't think you would do this again!!!" Yelled 15 yr old Victoria Danes as she stormed into her mother's room.

"Huh?" Lorelai groaned as she rolled over and was met by as sea of plaid material "Ahh, I'm being attacked by a bagpiper!"

"NOT FUNNY!!!" Victoria screamed "Mom, what is today?"

"Um, Monday, why?"

"What happens on Monday, Mom?" she asked sarcastically

"Oh crap! Crap crap crap crap!!!" Lorelai said as she leaped out of bed and lunged for a pair of pants "What time is it?"


"Its only 6:15?? My gosh Victoria, you freaked me out!!"

"Mom, we have to meet with the headmaster at 7:15, that means we have to leave in 30 minutes!!!" Victoria impatiently whined.

"Ok, so you obviously got that whole 'worrying about being on time constantly' thing from your father, but who cares, we'll be fashionably late" Lorelai added as she wandered toward the bathroom. She smiled at her daughter in her Chilton uniform, so excited, so ready for the world, so much like Rory. Lorelai thought. "By the way" Lorelai said as she reached for her toothbrush "Where is you dad and brother?"

"Dad ran to the diner to get some Danishes real quickâE¦" Lorelai started panting and jumping up and down. "and Will is still in bed" Victoria replied as if it were no big deal.

"WHAT?? You are worried about ME being up on time, while your brother, who can easily sleep until noon, is still asleep???"

"I tried, but her refused to move, plus, he doesn't have to come to school with us"

"Um, yea he does, he starts today too" Lorelai said, giving her daughter a funny look

"So, we can leave him, I need you to come"


"Well, there's this little thing called 'I'm only 15 and don't have a drivers liscense'" Victoria said, rolling her eyes at her mother

"Oh, sarcasm, I like it"

"Well, I learned from the best"

"That you did my friend, that you did" Lorelai said "Okay, I should probably go try to get your brother up" she said, snapping back to reality. She stalked up the stairs to her son's attic bedroom and barged in. "Will, get your butt out of bed right now of I am showing the entire town your baby bathtub pictures!!!"

"Uugh" groaned the lump of blankets that rolled over when they heard a voice. It took Will a minute to realize what Lorelai had said. "What the hell did you just sak??" he asked

"Be ready to leave in 30.."

"25" Victoria corrected

"25 minutes or I get the baby pics to Patty" Lorelai threatened

"Fine, fine, I'm up, you win, go away" Will moaned.