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Okay, on to chapter three


Lorelai sped into a parking space in front of Chilton "See? Four minutes to spare" she said, looking back at Victoria

"Fine, whatever, let's go" she said, jumping out of the car

"Wow, someone sure is eager to be brainwashed by a bunch of snotty society people" Will said, rolling his eyes at the giant school that stood in front of him. His sister saw that and slugged him in the arm

"Okay, how about we go inside before World War three breaks out. Sound good, okay I thought so." Lorelai added as she walked towards the entrance. She was so glad she has done it right this time, she looked nice, Headmaster Charleston wouldn't mock her, and Emily was out of town. Lorelai was sure it would be better this time around. She paused in front of the headmaster's office and turned to face the twins. "Now remember what I told you, despite the fact that headmaster Charleston is old, mean, and gross, he really isn't possessed by the devil, you can even ask Rory"

"Oh my gosh mom, you are such a loser, would you just let us go in, meet with the headmaster, and get on with our lives?" her daughter asked

"That's the second time you have called me a loser this morning, I am hurt" Lorelai said, making a pouty face

"Get over it" Victoria said, walking up to the secretary "Hi, I'm Victoria Danes, this is my brother William Danes and my mother Lorelai, and we have an appointment with the headmaster"

"Oh yes, go ahead Miss Danes" the secretary replied, leading Victoria into the headmaster's office

"Mom, come on" Victoria said when she noticed that Lorelai hadn't moved

"Oh no, you and your brother go ahead, I'll be there in just a sec"

"You know, she's more afraid of Charleston than we are" Will whispered to his sister as they walked into the office

"Um, Headmaster Chaleston?" Victoria asked cautiously the man who was bent over his desk

He looked up and smiled, "No, Charleston left three years ago because.." The man trailed off and paused for a minute "Oh, wow I just had major déjà vu" he added when he saw Victoria "You look exactly like one of my former students.what did you say your name was?"

Victoria smiled "Victoria Danes, sir."

*Danes, Danes.where had he heard that name before?*

".and you might recognize me because of my sister, Rory" she finished, just as Lorelai came through the door

"Sorry, but I had to have a very important discussion with the secretary about what color nail polish she was wearing" Lorelai whispered to Will as she walked in

The headmaster looked up

Oh. My. Gosh. Lorelai. His Lorelai. Danes was the diner guys name. Lorelai and the diner guy.wow, brain overload.

Lorelai then looked up. Never being at a loss for words she blurted out "Max?!? YOU are the headmaster at Chilton?!? What happened to Charleston? What happened to you teaching English?...." she trailed off, realizing that she was babbling

"Hi" was all Max could get out

Victoria stepped back to stand next to her brother "I think we should probably leave and let these two catch up" Will told her "Who is this guy anyway?" he asked

"I dunno" Victoria replied, "But I can find out" she said as they left the room ~~~ "Um hi" Lorelai said, sitting down in one of the gigantic Chilton sized chairs. The was silence for a few seconds "Okay so this is awkward"

"Yeah, sorry, I should probably be meeting with your kids right now, and lecturing them about how Chilton is a place of excellence and how you must work hard and be determined and all that other crap, but I think I scared them away" Max said, smiling

"No, that was my fault, I sort of assumed that Charleston was still here and told them how the headmaster would be old and gross and evil"

"Thanks Lorelai, that's really flattering" he said sarcastically ~~~ Outside of the office, Victoria was dialing her cell phone

"Rory Mariano speaking, can I help you?" the voice on the other end

"Hey Rory, its Victoria, sorry to bother you at work, but I need some dirt on mom"

"Oh, is that the only thing I'm good for?" Rory questioned

"No, but I really need your help, do you know what happened between mom and the headmaster at Chilton?" Victoria asked

"Oh my gosh today was you guys first day at Chilton, I can't believe I forgot!" Rory said apologetically "but nothing is going on between mom and Charleston.why?"

"No, its not Charleston, it's some younger guy, dark hair, about mom's age."

"Name?" Rory asked, suddenly curious


"MAX??? as in MAX???" Rory asked

"I'm gonna need a little more than that" Victoria said, surprised by her usually articulate sister

"Wow, um okay, so Max is mom's ex-fiance" Rory said, surprised that Lorelai hadn't mentioned Max to the twins, sure he was part of her past, but still..

"Oh okay, well we should probably get back in there, bye Rory" Victoria said and she clicked her phone shut

Rory looked down at her phone which had just gone dead, *was Victoria, the family drama queen, really going to find out that Chilton's headmaster was her mom's ex-fiance, and not make a big deal out of if?* ~~~ "So Victoria seems like a great kid" Max said, attempting to avoid another awkward moment

"You got that from the 10 seconds you spent with her?" Lorelai teased "No, she really is great, so is Will, I got really lucky" she said with a smile

"You know, when she first walked in here I could have sworn she was Rory" Max said

"Yeah, when Rory is in town, they think she and Rory are twins, not her and Will"

"I wouldn't have known Will was your kid if he had come in here with the name Gilmore" Max said

"Yeah, he is all Luke" Lorelai said "Now come on, what about you, I'm sure you have some gorgeous trophy wife and a couple brilliant kids" she added, scanning his desk for pictures of his family. She picked one up "and we have a winner"

Max laughed "Sure, that's my wife, Adrienne, my daughter, Emma, and my son, Andrew. Actually, Emma will be starting today with Will and Victoria, so if they need anything, she can help"

"Your daughter goes to the school where you are headmaster?" Lorelai asked "doesn't she hate you for that?"

"No more than she hates me already" he answered

"Haha teenage girls, have fun with that, sounds like she and Victoria can be the best of friends" Lorelai added, rolling her eyes at the thought of her daughter's teenage rampages

"Speaking of which, I should probably talk with them so they won't be late to class" Max said "It was great to see you again Lorelai" he added as she walked out to find her kids

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