Rating: MA (seriously)

Pairing: mwah ha ha

Length: probs around 4 chapters

Disclaimer: All characters and universe belong to Cassie. The rest belongs to my dirty mind.

*NOTE: there is more to come, both literally and figuratively XD*

My fangs grazed his skin playfully. Leaving trails of diluted blood on his neck. I let my tongue lap the precious substance.

He shivered at my touch.

I smiled.

His skin was begging to be broken. Blood to be drained. To be released, in some way, from the lust-filled haze I had him in.

Still… I teased.

My face moved. From his neck. Up to his face. His erratic breathing washed over me. While my fingers caressed his pulse-points, moving slowly down the body I was straddling. I felt his neck. Felt his shoulders. His torso.


A teasing finger found it's way under the remaining item of clothing. Slowly, painfully, I stroked his hard member. The whole length.

Bass, the breathing stopped. Middle, a small groan was released. His tip? My finger danced around it.


The simple plea was enough to make me loose any form of humanity I had left.

Still... I waited.

"Mm hh?" I asked. My eyes staring into his as I played, they were glazed and half-shut. My finger was still moving provocatively. "Please what?"

His lids snapped open.

"…Just – gnnn – any… anything."

My hand moved.

Time to stop playing.

Oooooooh, looky here. Ya boi Trevor learn't how to put on some… suspense.

This will probably be only a 1-3 shot. I know the chapter is really short but I. Don't. Care.

You don't know who the pairing is (you probably have an idea though (; ) and I don't want to tell until the next chapter.

Have a good day. (If you must)