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"Alec, do you know where Izzy's whip is? She's lost it." Jace walked into the weapons room. Stopping when he saw who was in there. "Simon?"

"Hi Jace." He was leaning on the table in the middle of the room.

"Wha-what are you doing here?" Jace stepped forward, trying to seem as unawkward as possible. He leaned on the doorframe... or at least what he thought was a doorframe.

There was a crash as the coat hanger fell down while Jace fell into a wall. Simon smiled, amused at the whole ordeal. Jace glared at him.

"I'm helping on the mission, the briefing's now." Jace still looked confused, he elaborated. "A vampire is concerned so your precious clave has decided that in true 'harmony', a vampire should be on the case. And, considering it's daytime, your options are pretty limited on who can come." He turned and strapped 2 knives to his belt. A belt that sat on his deliciously low riding skinny jeans. They were almost low enough that Jace could just peak the- Jace! Stop thinking things like that, you are not a 13-year-old boy.

"Helloooo?" Simon waved a hand close to Jace. "Anyone there?" after he got no response he rolled his eyes and walked out the room.

Jace was still standing exactly where he was left. With a start, he snapped out of it and went to go get his seraph blade. Stupid bloody vampire.

"So, let me get this straight, there's a dead mundane in the street and she has a bite mark on her neck, when Magnus did a scan she had strong traces of time magic and færie magic. She also has Shadowhunter blood on her. Her murderer therefore is probably a vampire, 'cause that makes sense."

"I know it's not the most ideal conclusion, but it's what I've got." Alec sighed.

"Yes Alec, it is not the most 'ideal conclusion' because you're ignoring the fact that there are 3 other magical races related to this and yet you are focusing on a bite mark." Simon glared angrily at Alec. "That's the problem with Shadowhunters. I am willing to act with your morals, but it is very hard to try to live a normal life when every second a Shadowhunter accuses a vampire of doing something against the law." Alec sighed in reluctance, exchanging a look with Jace. This was why they didn't include Downworlders' in their missions. Simon huffed angrily and turned away from the table.

"Look, I didn't make that call, it came from the Clave, I'm thinking a Færie. But the point is WE DON'T KNOW. We are going to get over there and assess the situation then make a conclusion on that. Meanwhile what can you tell us about the bite, that's why you're here." Simon turned and faced the two brothers.

"Well where was it?"

"On the neck."

"Yeah. You've said that. Where on the neck?"

"I dunno, somewhere." Alec said, shrugging. Simon rolled his eyes.

"Well duh. You know nothing about vampires and blood lust, do you?" he sighed heavily. "Since it's at the neck it was either consensual or it was an attack. They probably didn't know each other that well but I dunno it might be down to their individual tastes. It was probably done during sex or just on it's own."

"That helps us soooo much." Jace said sarcastically. Simon scowled at him.

"Well it's not like you gave me much to work with in the first place." Simon walked over to Jace, pushed him onto his knees, and pulled on his hair to expose his neck. Jace yelped. "This here, right here, that's the jugular." Simon pointed to said throbbing vein, his eyes glimmered briefly. "If they bit here than they were probably quite experienced and hungry. This is where a vampire will get the most amount of blood. With this it could easily be attack, it's a vulnerable spot, easy to get to." Simon pulled his head back showing his Adam's apple. It bobbed as Jace gulped down his saliva. "If he bit here, it wasn't for blood, they was trying to kill her, one bite here and the Girl is dead. Which means dead, cold, blood. No vampire want's that." He turned the head back to the side, and traced a finger under his earlobe. "Here, he was probably a virgin who didn't really know what he was doing."

"Virgin as in hadn't had blood before?" Alec asked, pink tinging his cheeks. Simon laughed.

"No, not blood." He paused. "Sex. Alec." Simon said with a smile, stroking the lines of Jace's neck. "They probably thought this would make her feel the most pleasure 'cause this area has the second most amount of nerves while still being safe when you're a rookie. But if you're not a rookie…" his fingers eased down the collar of Jace's shirt. Simon's cold fingers grazed a spot above Jace's collarbone. A shiver ran through Jace. "this is the best place for pleasure. The most amount of nerves, therefore the most amount of pleasure for the person. It's not the most ideal place for a vampire, as in order to get to it there has to be a lot of foreplay, and there really isn't that much blood there, plus it's kinda dangerous if you don't know how to do it. If she was bitten here then they were experienced and it most definitely was during sex, the vampire wouldn't just bite there if they weren't going to get any sexual pleasure. Besides, having an orgasm while high is like the best thing ever." Alec coughed and looked away, a blush creeping up his neck again. Jace was still in the custody of the vampire.

"…for… who?" he gasped out. Simon looked down. There was a slice of sound as Simon's fangs unsheathed. He grinned maliciously, leaning down until the his teeth pricked the surface of the sensitive skin

"Wouldn't you like to know?" the whisper was almost inaudible, his cold breath brushed against Jace's warm neck. A shiver ran down Jace's spine. He let go and went back to the table. Alec looked curiously at Jace, who was still frozen.

"Jace?" Alec asked. "You ok?" Jace jolted and stood up, nodding erratically. Alec frowned, unsure of what just happened, but he shrugged it off. No-one looked at Jace's pants.

"So… where are we going?"

The drive was the worst. The. Literal. WORST. Jace's boner would still not go down. He was clenching it with his hand in his pocket. Simon just had to go in through the wrong door and then shimmy over Jace, awakening his cock. And, of course, Clary and Izzy both decided to join the mission… in a 4-seater car! Simon was practically sitting on one of Jace's legs the whole time. Even the 'innocent' touches were too much to handle.

For fuck's sake. He was Jace fucking Herondale. He was supposed to be the one for girls to get wet and boys to get hard. Not that stupid… hot… sensual… vampire… God. Now he was thinking like a pre-pubescent teen girl. Goddammit. He glanced down. His dick was still erect and ready for action… great, he now sounds just like a paedophile. A paedophilic, pre-pubescent teenage girl. Seriously though?! It wasn't even as if Simon had stripped or showed him porn, it was just a hand resting on his leg. Get a grip Jace.

"I'm gonna head to the toilet." He said, gesturing over his shoulder. He neeeeeded to jack off right now or bang a girl, anything to get that release he needed so bad right now.

Oh God this was fun. Soooooo fun. I can see Jace walking stiffly towards the men's bathroom. I snickered, he's going to pound himself so hard.

I'm not sure why I love this so much but… who can blame me? Jace is a sex idol. Literally. If he wasn't a Shadowhunter he would be a porn star or a swimsuit model. As for me? Sure, I can be a turn on and I am definitely not a virgin in any sense but, that's not much compared to Jace. So when a gay guy's wet dream is getting hot and bothered over me, then why should I not reap the advantages?

"I need to go to, don't wait up."

I should indulge him slightly.

Only slightly.

I rushed into one of the stalls, slamming the door shut, my pants were about to burst. Hopefully there was no-one in the bathroom. I pulled out my phone and earphones. Jesus fuckin' Christ, my earphones have to be tangled now!? Plugging them in, I opened pornhub and got my nutting video.

"Ungg." The moans from the video were already enough to cum. Frantically, I tore off my pants and boxers, pre-cum already forming on the head. Spitting on my hand I grabbed my cock and jerked. "Uuuuung." Oh God. Fuck. Me. Ung. Ung. The first few minutes are always the slowest, when your dick is sensitive to your touch but you aren't quite in a groove. Urgh. The moans got higher and loader, the actress obviously reaching her climax. I knew how the video played out, she would keep teasing until she finally 'came'. I wasn't looking at the screen my eyes were screwed shut with the effort of not making a sound. I imagined her with short dark hair. Uung. Pale skin and dark brown eyes. Fuck. Broad shoulders and a deeper voice. Shit. Fuck. It wasn't a she. Fuck. Ung. Fuck. Shit. Fuck. Fucking muscular. Fuck. Shit. FUCK. FUCK. FUUCK. UNNNNNNGGGGG. With a final yank I came, unloading my cum all over the rim of the toilet. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

A smile lazily overtook my face. I pulled down the seat and sat, leaning against the back wall. My dick was slowly taking a detour towards soft, finally. Now I didn't have clench it down whenever I sa-


I. I... I just masturbated to Simon Lewis.

There was a squeak as the bathroom door swung open