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Katsuki Bakugo was not having a good fucking week. Not only did he get second place in the entrance exam for Yuei, but as it turns out first place went to the orphaned nerd, who wasn't even supposed to have a fucking quirk. First, he was lied to by the nerd about not having a quirk, then he had the gall to upstage him at the school of his dreams. This was not how Bakugo was expecting to enter high school.

The nerve of that extra.

Bakugo purposely ignored that tiny voice in the back of his head that kept saying the Deku never lied but did in fact admit to having a quirk numerous times. Damn Deku! What loser keeps a promise even after the person they promised it to DIE! Not like they'll ever find out if you fucking broke the promise.

"Tch, I was supposed to be the one with the great origin story Deku and you've ruined that!"

He was supposed to show everyone he could be number one despite the shitty background he had growing up, he was supposed to rise from the ashes and prove how awesome he was. He realized the irony in his statement after he thought about it -compared to Deku's shitty life, his was perfect- but a hero who had no problems getting to the top spot wasn't all that interesting.


Then again, Bakugou could see how the two quirks would've combined to make such a powerful quirk, but immediately shook the thought of Deku having a cool quirk from his head.

All this was running through Bakugo's head as he made his way onto Yuei's school ground, scowl on his face practically warding anyone from crossing his path.

Once he found class 1-A,he began to survey his competition quickly deeming none a clear threat. Bakugo didn't even try to hide his scoff at all the cannon fodder surrounding him. Deciding to sit down after analyzing his classmates, lazily sitting at a random desk, with his feet up as he waited for the teacher.

"Extras every one of them. At least I don't see the orphan. Probably got the reject class", he snickered.

Bakugou's inner monologue was soon interrupted by a boy with glasses, which as you can imagine did not make him very happy.

And so, began Bakugou's first day at Yuei, without Deku thankfully.

Or so he thought.

Back to our main band of misfits

"Look my sweet little Izu-kun we've made it to your class!" Nejire shouted pointing ahead.

An annoyed, he wasn't, Izuku huffed at his girlfriend, who had somehow managed to climb onto his back mid-way to Yuei allowing her to be carried to school.

"When did she even get on my back and how did I not notice?" Izuku thought, still trying to figure out how his girlfriend was able to latch onto him like a koala without him knowing.

"That's all fine and dandy but can you explain why I'm carrying you there?"

"We want to meet your classmates Izu-bro!" Mirio explained, chuckling at his little bro and his girlfriend's antics.

"We need to make sure they know not to mess with you" Tamaki whispered, surprising the others.

"Th-that doesn't answer my question as to why I'm carrying Nejire" he sweat dropped, looking to Kendo.

"Ehh, what's the worst that can happen Izuku?" Kendo shrugs, already imagining the many scenarios in her head.

"That still doesn't answer my question!" he sighed.

Figuring he wasn't going to get an answer from them anytime soon, Izuku threw caution to the wind deciding to forget about his koala girlfriend and allowed his best friends to come with him and meet his classmates.

"Onwards then!" the three older students yelled, purposely ignoring their green haired fellow.

The only seemingly sane one of the groups shook her head looking at her poor friend as he shifted his girlfriend around on his back for a better grip.

As the five students made their way to 1-A Izuku had decided to pause, allowing Kendo to go on ahead, the martial artist understood her best friends reason for wanting a moment alone. Kendo made sure to squeeze his shoulder in reassurance as she pasts by, shooting a smile as well before entering and finding her seat.

As she enters her classroom for the next three years, Kendo can't help but feel her smile turn into a grimace at the sight of an angry blonde arguing with a boy with glasses. Unbeknownst to her the blonde had been the boy who had constantly bullied Izuku in the past.

"Jeez someone needs a chill pill" Kendo muttered, as she passed by the two arguing boys unnoticed to greet her classmates in the back.

Back outside Mirio and Izuku stood side by side, today marking the beginning of Izuku's journey to be a hero alongside Mirio. Izuku was the first to turn to Mirio, fist held out for a long-awaited fist bump in celebration of their achievement.

Mirio held a bright smile on his face as his fist met Izuku's, both making a silent vow to continue to do their best until they become number one…well number one and two. For once Nejire was quiet, enjoying the sweet scene occurring between her boyfriend and best friend. Tamaki, despite being his usual quiet self, was also happy for Mirio and Izuku.

"We did it, Miri-bro" Izuku says. The youngest of the group broke out his signature blinding smile as he thought about the time, he'd be spending at Yuei. He couldn't help but clutch his chest as he thought about the fact it'll be alongside Mirio and the others.

"Of course, we did Izu-"

Before Mirio could finish what he had planned on saying, an explosive voice interrupted the two, slightly irritating Mirio, and annoying Izuku. Both already knowing who exactly that loud voice belonged too.

Nejire and Tamaki were just mad at the sweet moment being interrupted.

Heh, you're kidding me, right? Ya old school stuck a stick up your nerdy ass? Or were ya born with it?"

"Let us start over, I am Tenya Iida from Somei Private Academy." Iida announced while holding out his hand for a handshake he'll never receive.

"Ah! Somei huh?! So ya just a bitch ass elitist then? I'll have fun killing you then. Ya damn side character." Bakugo snapped back with a smirk.

"K-KILL?!...And such vulgar language! Are you sure you wanna be a hero?" Iida asked, incredibly shocked that a classmate would threaten to "kill" him.

Bakugo was about to spew another insult, that is until he noticed Izuku in the doorway with, what he thought was a cocky look in his eyes, but really was just annoyance.

"Deku" Bakugo growled, standing up to go towards the boy before noticing who else was at the door with him. While he was angry at Deku for showing up at the same class at him, his self-imposed bodyguards, scared him more, though he would never admit that.

"Baka-go" Izuku drawled.

"Oh, ho ho, look Tamaki our Izu-bro is classmates with Baka-go, how fun!" Mirio said with a smile that Bakugo recognized as threatening.

"Very fun" Tamaki whispered from his corner.

Once Bakugo saw the three older teens he knew he'd have to go after Deku when they weren't around. Especially his damn girlfriend. Suddenly as though she knew what he was thinking a shiver went down his back as he looked to the blue haired girl who was smiling at him with such killing intent. A slight sheen of sweat ran down his face as he knew exactly what she was insinuating, "I'll hurt you ten-fold if you touch my Izu-kun."

Trying to maintain his big dog act he clicked his tongue looking away. "Whatever Deku."

The five-student show down was baffling to everyone in class except said five.

"Who the hell are these kids?!" they all thought.

Once done addressing Bakugou, Izuku began to look around at his classmates to see who he would be sharing his time with for the next three years. He saw Kendo already sitting down speaking to someone with a giant tail, a girl with long ear lobes, next was a pink girl, a guy with red spiky hair, an invisible girl, a girl with a spikey ponytail staring wide eyed at him, a bird head- a spikey pony tail!"

Izuku turned his head back to the girl who was staring back at him and immediately recalled who exactly he was looking at. "Oh my god, Yaoyorozu!" he thought.

"Hey Izu-kun, what are you looking at? Checking out pretty girls already? Not gonna cheat on me are ya? It's barely been five minutes and you're already looking for a new girlfriend." Nejire pouted.

"Izu-bro how dare you do that to our Nejire! For shame!" Mirio shouted, aware and enjoying the attention he was drawing to themselves.

"Shame, shame, shame." Tamaki whispered.

"What, no that's not it, I swear! I was just checking out all my classmates-wait not like checking them out like for new prospects but as in I-

As soon as the words came out of his mouth, he knew he was done for. Crocodile tears began falling from his over dramatic girlfriends' face, as she fell backwards into Mirio's arms.

"Oh, woe is me, my life is a misery!"

"Did you really just quote that musical we watched last night?" Izuku deadpanned. "That doesn't even go with what's going on right now."

"Oh wait, I got it! You do want a harem after all!" Nejire said perking up.

"That's not it at all!"

Momo Yaoyorozu, recommended student for Yuei, didn't even try to hold back the gasp at hearing the words said by the girl hugging the green haired boy she had met two summers ago.

"He did want me to join his harem."

While the four misfits were continuing their act, well three, Izuku was still trying to stop his girlfriend from causing an even bigger scene, the entire class continued to watch what was going on, a mirid of emotions running through their bodies as they watched the scene in front of them. The most obvious of emotions were confusion on how a plain looking boy could be dating such a hot girl.

"Uh, excuse me, I don't mean to interrupt whatever you guys are doing, but I just wanted to say thank you for saving me during the entrance exam" a round faced girl said shyly.

Turning to the voice, Izuku and Mirio untangled themselves from the wrestling pile they had somehow entered, while Nejire paused in her cheering, to stand back up and speak to the girl.

"Oh no problem, but I mean I didn't do all the work, Itsuka helped too" Izuku said sheepishly, pointing to the back where Kendo currently was arm wrestling the boy with the large tail.

"You're welcome!" she shouted.

"Yeah, but I mean the way you took down the robot was amazing! You just shot up to the robot with your flames and then was like POWEEEER!"

Izuku was a blushing mess by the time the girl had finished recounting how he had defeated the robot, while Mirio and the others stood behind him proudly. Well Mirio and Tamaki were, Nejire had gone back to clutching onto Izuku tightly, the next words out of her mouth causing Izuku to almost short circuit.

"Hmm, well then-" Nejire paused in her words waiting for the girl to introduce herself.

"Oh, Uraraka Ochaca" the round face girl quickly answers.

"Well, Uraraka, care to join our harem-?" Nejire asked jokingly.

"What?!" she yelled.

"Ehhh?!" the entire class yelled

"I KNEW IT!" Yaoyorozu yelled.

"Nejire, please" Izuku cried.

"Nejire, Mirio, Tamaki. Leave now, these kids aren't here to socialize, or watch you harass Izuku."

A sudden voice that popped out of nowhere made everybody, but the three older students who didn't seem phased by the stern voice, quiet. Everyone looked to the direction of which the voice came from, only to see a hobo looking man inside a sleeping bag. The man looked like he lacked a serious amount of sleep.

"Aww, but Sensei!" the three whined.


"But my Izu-kun!" Nejire whined.

"Will be fine. Now go."

"Yes sir!"

Hurriedly the three ran out of the room, Nejire reappearing to give Izuku a quick kiss, and a wink to everyone in the room. "Good luck everyone."

Her ominous comment frightened everyone. Since they were unsure what she was wishing them good luck for they quickly began to panic. They were brought out of their panicking from the sleep deprived man who couldn't help but groan as he got out of his sleeping bag.

"I am your homeroom teacher, Shota Aizawa. Put these on and go outside to the testing field, you're all going to have a quirk assessment test," Aizawa stated with an uninterested tone while holding a P.E uniform. Much of the class groaned at the fact they were having a test on the first day.

"But Aizawa sensei, what about orientation?" Uraraka asked their homeroom teacher.

"You all want to be heroes, don't you? We don't have time for such useless things. Here at U.A us teachers are given the luxury to run our classes the way we see fit," said Aizawa as he sipped juice from a small little juice box.

All those in class stared at the man intimidated, that is but one broccoli haired boy who had all but one thought.


The class, once done changing and finding their way to the field for the assessment test, walked outside to meet up with Aizawa, who once again, looked disappointed.

" Jeez you kids are slow. It took you all at least ten minutes to get here. Next time follow Izuku's example and get here in five", Aizawa sighed, shaking his head.

The entire class looking to their left to see the broccoli hared boy casually stretching. When the tall boy noticed that he was being watched he waved hello to them all, oblivious to the glares he was receiving from a select few.

"So, as I said before, we will be having a quirk assessment test. You all have had these types of physical tests before in Junior High, but they didn't let you use your quirks for them. You'll be having physical tests here but now you're all allowed to use your quirks." Aizawa explained.

Aizawa grabbed a softball and turned to Bakugo.

"Bakugo, what was the farthest you could throw a softball in middle school?" Aizawa asked.

"Uh, 68 meters", he recalled.

"This time when you throw, use your quirk in any way you want and don't hold back", Aizawa said before throwing the ball at him.

"Go stand over in the circle and do whatever so long as you don't leave the circle."

"You asked for it! DIIIIIEE!" he yelled.

Everyone stared in awe at the huge explosion that had occurred to shoot the ball into the air.

"Die?" Izuku thought.

"765 Meters. This is how Yuei will get you to reach your limits."

"Ohhh! This looks like fun! I wanna go next" A girl with horns, pink hair and skin said happily, catching Aizawa's attention. Izuku, however, instantly cringed at hearing the girl's words.

"Uh oh."

"Fun you say? Ok, then let's up the stakes if that's the case. The person with the lowest score on this test will be expelled." Aizawa blankly said. Everyone but the Yaoyorozu heiress, Bakugo and Todoroki became nervous. The two recommended students and Bakugou were unbothered by their sensei's threat, either not taking it seriously, or not at all worried about placing last. Meanwhile Izuku's eyes were shining in awe at how awesome his dad was being.

"But that isn't fair!" A brown-haired girl named Uraraka Ochako said. "We all worked so hard to get here, to expel someone just like that, is unfair!"

"Unfair? - "Aizawa asked. "Let me ex- "Before Aizawa could start on his speech he was cut off by his son who for all intents and purposes looked very pissed.

"Well, I guess I'll let the squirt give his piece" Aizawa sighed.

"Your definition of unfair is very different from mine Uraraka." Izuku scoffed.

The round-faced girl turned to the taller boy confused, "Huh?"

"Do you want to know what's really unfair? Natural disasters that can level entire cities." Pausing to let the girl take in the severity of his words he then continues, "What's really unfair is villains who attack, and kill innocent civilians."

Again, Izuku paused his speech to make sure they fully understood the meaning behind his words. By the wide-eyed looks he was receiving he figured he was getting through to some of them. This test was not unfair, not compared to what they would encounter once in the real world.

"What's unfair…what's unfair is thinking a challenge like this is not fair compared to those life-threatening situations. If you can't handle a small hurdle like this" he gestured to his surroundings, "then do you truly think you can handle being a hero. This profession is dangerous, you can die and yet you think being told you might get expelled for not doing your best, is not fair!" Izuku yelled, heated up by the girl's words. By now Uraraka had taken a step back, the fire in her classmates' eyes, becoming more intimidating by the minute. She couldn't help but rethink her prior words.

"You should leave now, if you think this is unfair" he spat.

"Izuku enough!" Aizawa shouted, surprised at the animosity his son was currently displaying. While he did agree somewhat with what he was saying, he saw the look on his other student's faces begin to ashen and knew he had to finally step in.

Izuku turned to his adoptive father blank faced, before turning deep red in embarrassment. The touch of a familiar hand clutching his shoulder calming him down.

"Jeez Izuku, intense speech don't ya think? Though I won't say I disagree with you, I think you kinda scared the others", Kendo chuckled.

"Hmm." He grumbled, not at all sorry for saying the truth.

Kendo patted her friends back, understanding why he was the way he was. "All good, let's just focus on these tests now yeah?"


Izuku then looked to his classmates to see most if not all of them looking even more nervous than before, except now it seemed he had gotten to the three students who had not taken their teachers threat serious at first.

"Alright then, now that we understand what's at stake let's do the rest of the tests." For the next two hours or so, the students were doing multiple sets of tests. Izuku looked over the list of tests, noticing that none looked overly difficult, but he could understand where someone who never exercised or worked with their quirk could fail.

"Anyone else notice sensei has some sort of familiarity with Midoriya?" a red-haired boy says.

"Yeah, I noticed that too. He keeps calling him by his first name and for some reason I just get the feeling their closer than student/sensei...ya know?" a plain faced boy answered.

"What about that speech he made, really makes you think about why you're here, ribbit" a frog like girl says.

The rest of the class listening to their classmate's conversation begin to look at their teacher and the tall green haired boy and wonder if there is some sort of connection to the two. While others thought about the boy's speech.

Meanwhile Itsuka Kendo was trying her best to hide the smile she had on her face, not wanting to reveal that her best friend did indeed have a connection to their sensei.

"Nice job tryna hide the fact you're his dad Aizawa sensei" she chuckled.

Izuku on the other hand was facepalming, he didn't think he'd reveal his relationship with his dad so soon.

"I wonder how they'll react once they find out?" he thought.

"Oooh that speech gave me the heebie jeebies" Nejire shivered.

"I know right, who knew Izu-bro could be so passionate!" Mirio smiled.

"I got chills", Tamaki mumbled.

"How did you three get out of class without getting in trouble?" All Might asked curious. He wasn't mad, mainly surprised at the three occupants already standing in what was supposed to be his hiding spot while he watched over Midoriya.

"Oh, look Izu-kuns up next against robo boy?!" Nejire whisper shouted, hoping to avoid All Might's questioning.

"The purpose of these tests is to see what your quirks are capable of and to test their limits. Now, go onto the other tests." Aizawa demanded.

50 Meter Dash

Midoriya was paired up with Iida to take the 50-meter dash.

"Your speech was truly inspiring Midoriya, I hope you do your best and may the fastest student win." Iida said with an honest smile.

Midoriya simply nodded, still on edge about the robo boy. While he knew the other kid didn't know about his situation, it didn't give him a pass to insult him during the exams. Shaking those thoughts away, he activated One for All at 15%. Emerald lightning danced around the boy, as he ignited flames at the bottom of his feet. While he could use 25% in total it was still a hassle combining it with his original quirk, and he figured using that much for such a short distance was over kill.

Iida got into a sprinting position as the engines in his calves revved up. Midoriya also got into position. Aizawa blew the whistle telling the two students to sprint. They both took off at an impressive speed. Anyone watching was impressed by the speed of the two boys, more so the one using his flames as help to fly him across the track. Both students reached the finish line with their scores being announced by their sensei. To everyone's surprise Izuku was able to beat the student with a speed quirk.

Tenya Iida - 4.05 Seconds

Izuku Midoriya - 3.01 Seconds

Grip Strength

Once it came time for the grip strength the highest score was earned by a student named Mezo Shoji, he had a score of 540 KG. A mutant type quirk that allowed him to have multiple arms. That is until it was Midoriya's turn and while still having One for All activated, he earned himself a score of 825 kg.

Standing Long Jump

Izuku just thought of what the human torch would do and lit up his hands to lift him off the ground helping him clear the sandbox. This earned him an eyeroll from Kendo and Aizawa who knew exactly what he had done.

"Pfft, Izuku really likes the human torch doesn't he!" Nejire giggled.

"Yup, that's my Izu-bro" Mirio said proudly.

"Maybe he can change his hero name to the Emerald Torch?" Tamaki jokingly offers.

"Okay, but seriously when are you kids gonna tell me how you got out here, and why no one has come searching for you?" All Might asked.

Ball Throw

Izuku had a nervous smile on his face as he walked to the circle. Tossing the ball up in the air Izuku got a feel of the type of ball it was before tossing it up in the air. Hmm, lightweight but most likely still powerful enough to handle going at a high velocity, and if I'm right it was made with a heat resistance so I can go as high as I want, so if anything, my best bet would be to-

Once he was finished mumbling Izuku shut his eyes cocking his arm back and prepared himself to throw.

With One for All activated as well as his original quirk, Izuku catapulted the ball through the air, his flames adding an additional push to his throw. Finishing with his and Mirio's signature pose.


"Pfft!" Nejire giggled.

"That's right Izu-bro show them your POWEEER!" Mirio said from where he hid behind the school building watching his little Izuku do his assessment test.

"Go Izuku", Tamaki chuckled.

"Hello, Snipe? Yeah, I have them with me. Well I was wondering the same thing, but- oh you don't know how they left your class without alerting you either. Huh well I guess if you're fine with it then they can stay."

The entire class stood back up silently gaping at where their emerald classmate was. His ball toss garnering so much power in it, they were tossed back a few feet.

Every student there was taken aback by the sheer force of the throw. The crater the boy had created around him only further proved that Midoriya was not one to be taken lightly. Even Shoto Todoroki, son of the number 2 hero showed some surprised by the force behind the boys throw. Aizawa looked at his phone and showed Izuku's score to the class.

"1500 m. Good Job."

'He's pretty strong and if I heard right, he got the highest score in the entrance exam since All Might. I need to keep an eye on him.' Todoroki thought to himself.

"AHHH, help, help! It's happening again!"

"I take it back he's an idiot" Todoroki thought, watching as the boy in front of him rolled back and forth on the ground trying to put himself out.

There was limits to what Aizawa could handle when it came to his kid, and watching him run around in circles as, what should have been a fireproof gym suit burned away, he could only slap his face in hopes of waking up from this nightmare.

"Jesus, Izuku stop!"

Izuku looked to his dad who had activated his quirk erasing Izukus flames, leaving the teen in a charred pants and half burnt shirt. Blushing he turned to his classmates who couldn't help but laugh at the broccoli haired boy, no longer intimidated by the powerhouse.

"Oh man thanks Aizawa, that was a close one!"

"You are literally fireproof. How do you panic every time this happens?" Aizawa deadpans.

"I don't know habit?"

"You…are one of a kind."

Bakugo, on the other hand, was trying to process what the fuck just happened. Despite seeing the idiot run around on fire he still couldn't dismiss the fact the Deku had a stronger quirk.

'How the hell did Deku hide such a fucking strong quirk for so long?' Bakugo thought while looking at the orphan punk continue to run around on fire despite their teacher yelling at him to calm down. Bakugo hated the fact that Deku had a quirk that was almost close to- it did surpass- the power of his quirk.

This idiot is somehow stronger than me!

Bakugo had decided after seeing Deku first use his quirk that he would solely focus on his own performance, blocking everything out as he focused on becoming stronger and being number one. He had a dream of achieving victory like All Might, but how could he do that when there was someone who was closer to that possibility then him.

'Was this shit head lying to me this whole fucking time? Was he hiding his power just to show it off at the right time and have a better origin story then me!? That's it, he wanted to make me look like a fool this entire time!' His anger increasing at an alarming rate.

"That was not at all Izuku's intention. He actually never lied to Bakugo, and his origin story was always going to be better than Bakugos", the narrator explained.

'This fucking weakling ain't that special.' He kept repeating this sentence to himself until he finally believed his words.

He never believed his words.

'Damn orphan pitying the likes of me?! I think the fuck not!' He exploded. Quite literally.


"HEY! ORPHAN ANNIE, HOW DARE YOU FUCKING HOLD BACK AGAINST ME ALL THESE YEARS! I'LL FUCKING MURDER YOU!" Bakugo snapped as he charged towards the taller boy who was in the middle of putting out whatever left over flames was on him. Not caring about anyone else, he continued towards the other teen ready to beat the crap out of him for throwing dirt on his pride.

"You've been laughing at me this entire time! You think just because you have this quirk you can beat me, well think again fucker because I will take you down!"

However, before Bakugo could even get near Izuku, a pair of arms wrapped around him lifting him off the ground, halting him from attacking the nerd. Similarly, a buff body popped up from the ground in front of him with a mischievous smile, arms crossed, while another walked slowly towards the blonde with a pair of pants in hand.

"Let go of me, extras! I'll kill ya!" he growled.

"Oh, ho ho it seems Baka-go hasn't learned his lesson on what happens when you mess with Izu-bro, isn't that right Tamaki" Mirio chuckled.

"Seems like it" he mumbled.

"Which is weird because we just talked to him a while ago" Nejire added still holding onto Bakugo tightly.

Once Bakugo calmed down and recognized the faces he immediately began to panic inwardly. It was exactly who he didn't want to encounter on the first day. Despite putting up a strong front, to intimidate his classmates, when it came to the three teens in front of him, he knew no matter how strong he acted he would always get his ass handed to him.

"Sensei, what the hell? Make these extras let me go?!"

"Normally I would since they're interrupting my class but given the circumstances, I'll allow it as I explain something to you. I don't tolerate bullying in my class. I also will not tolerate you calling Izuku Midoriya orphan Annie. I'm not sure what your problem is with Izuku is, but I swear if I hear you make any more comments like that again I won't hesitate to punish you accordingly. Oh, and I know about your past with him so one more slip up like that and I won't hesitate to expel you."

Bakugo was in shock, he had never received such a threat from a teacher. So, hearing those words had shaken him to the core, silencing any vulgar words he might've said back when he was in middle school.

"And to the rest of the class- ", looking to the others with a dangerous glint in his eyes, "If anyone here ever calls or makes fun of Izuku Midoriya for his status, I will do the same to you as I promised Bakugo. Do you understand?"

"Oh yes, we will also not hesitate to do something for the record!" Mirio says with a smile on his face.

Izuku and Itsuka would've laughed at the way their classes heads shook like bobble heads had the situation not been so serious.

After that whole incident, the students were shown their results of the assessment test.

1st Place: Izuku Midoriya

2nd place: Momo Yaoyorozu

3rd place: Shoto Todoroki

4th Place: Katsuki Bakugo

"Hey Izu-kun look at that you got number one isn't that great! Then again you are a little beefcake!"

"Indeed, our work out has clearly paid off, don't you think Tamaki?"

"Definitely Izuku's gotten very strong."

"Will you three leave already!" Aizawa yelled.

"SORRY!" they yelled, running off.

After his friends left Izuku looked at the scoreboard again and wasn't surprised to see he was in the top spot as Nejire and Mirio pointed out. Not that he was being cocky or anything but as Mirio said given he does these types of exercises on the regular it just didn't surprise him. However, he just couldn't help but feel bad...

20th Place: Minoru Mineta

The grape head started crying.


Never mind.

"Nobody is going to be expelled."

"HUH?!" The entire class, except for, once again Momo, Bakugo, and Todoroki were surprised. Even Izuku was surprised at the turn of events. It was shocking to hear his dad change his mind on expelling a student.

"It was a lie. Logical deception to make all of you do your best." Aizawa smiled.

The class went white with shock. A few even fell over from fatigue. Momo Yaoyorozu, recommended student and genius heiress she was, decided to speak up and calm everyone down. Or so she thought she would.

"I'm surprised you all didn't figure it out. Sorry I probably should've said something." Momo told them, putting a hand on her hip.

To be honest, Aizawa wasn't lying about expelling one of these poor fools. If even one of them showed zero potential whatsoever, then they would've gotten kicked out. Aizawa would never admit it to their faces but he saw potential in all of them. Even if some of them had personality flaws that would drag down their performance, they could overcome that in time and become outstanding heroes, without a doubt. However, he wasn't going to tell them that, of course that didn't mean his son wasn't going to and he could already tell from the sharp glint in his eye he was going to speak up.

"What a problem child", he sighed.

"Actually Yaoyorozu...Aizawa sensei wasn't lying. I'm not sure why but his promise of expelling someone was no logical ruse. Ever since he's worked here, he's expelled at least one class, or at least a student who showed absolutely no potential in being a hero. In total over 125 students have been expelled from Yuei by him."

Shock was seen on the heiresses' face once knowing she was wrong. To find out that there was in fact a chance one of them could've been expelled so easily…the reality was frightening.

"Why do you think there's no 2nd year hero class here?" Midoriya added.


"Izuku, could you not reveal all my secrets on the first day" Aizawa sighed.


"It's fine. Anyways, that concludes your first day here at U.A. You're free to go home now. Hopefully you're all ready for the hardships U.A will put you lot through. It will be one bone breaking test after another. Welcome to hell." Aizawa gave them a creepy smile.

Aizawa was on his way to the faculty room when he was stopped by All Might and the three stooges.

"Aizawa...being a little soft on the class this year don't ya think?" All Might joked.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah... I really thought you were gonna expel the little grape boy!" Nejire said.

"Indeed!" Miro agreed.

"Even I was surprised sensei." Tamaki whispered.

Aizawa sighed, why was he not surprised the big three toddlers were here and not in class. "Look they have potential, and I don't let go of those without potential. Also why were you three here with All Might?"

"We wanted to see how our little Izu-kun did on his first day!"

Of course.

As the students left to change and head back to the classroom, they were all trying to decide how to address their classmate on the elephant in the room.

"Hey, Midoriya?"

"Uh, yeah? Kirishima right?"

"Yeah! I was wondering why Bakugou called you orphan Annie and Aizawa sensei seemed so familiar with you?"

Izuku figured he was going to have to address this sooner or later; he just didn't expect it to be so soon. Running a hand through his hair- huh so that's why Nejire does it- Izuku thought of what he should say.

"Well, I guess it was bound to get out sooner or later. The answer to both your questions is-





"We missed you, let's go home it's Katsudon night!" Mirio shouted carrying the younger boy out of class before Izuku could finish speaking to Kirishima. The rest of class staring at the spot that was just occupied by their classmate.

"Who were those guys?" Mina asked. "That's the third time we've seen them."

"Those were his best friends…expect to see them a lot" Kendo laughed, walking out to meet up with the four weirdos.

"Well, I guess we'll have to wait to find out about Bakugo and Aizawa sensei tomorrow", Kaminari sighed.

The class nodding in agreement.

"How was school Izu-bro, you know aside from when Bakugo tried attacking you?" Mirio asked.

Izuku sighed, to be honest it was exhausting, but at the same time exciting because it was also the first day of him being on his way to be a hero.

"It was great."

Mirio and the others looked to Izuku to see if he was lying but from the shine in his eyes, and giant smile he was projecting they could see he was telling the truth.

"Awesome! Then let's hurry to your house, Present Mic is making Katsudon for us!" Nejire yelled before jumping on her boyfriend's back.

"Ugh, jeez yeah, okay just hop on the Izuku express I guess" Izuku mumbled.

"Oooh, yeah that's a good name for you" Nejire cooed.

"What-no it's, please don't start calling me that babe!" Izuku cried.

"Too late, Izuku Express! Oooh Mirio, Tamaki join me on the Izuku Express!"

"What no!" Izuku yelled, already thinking about the back pains he'll be feeling if they do jump on.

"Okay!" Mirio said happily.

"Sure, I guess." Tamaki mumbled.

Before Izuku could stop them, they had already jumped onto his back and begun assembling themselves totem pole style. So as not to break his back Izuku activated One for All helping lighten the burden on himself.

"Well…is everyone on securely?" Izuku sighed.

"Nope we still need Kendo!"

Izuku looked to his left to see the ginger haired girl trying to back away, shaking her head no.

"I'm sorry guys but no, I am not joining you on your death trap thing."

"Aww but come on it's not complete if we're all not here" Nejire pouted.

"Indeed, Kendo-san! Don't worry just use your quirk and you'll be able to climb me Tamaki and Nejire and join us in no time!"

"No really I'm good." Kendo said trying but failing to get out of joining them.

"Itsuka just join them already" Izuku sighed, not even caring he would be carrying four people on his shoulders.

Biting her lip, the girl looked at the three friends stacked on top of each other before rolling her eyes and after throwing all her sanity out the window activated her quirk so she could climb the childish older teens.

Meanwhile Izuku ignored all the stares they were garnering while keeping balance, once Kendo finally sat atop Nejire's shoulders Mirio patted Izuku's head to indicate they were all ready to go.

"Onwards Izuku!" the three older teens shouted, Itsuka too embarrassed to speak as she watched people begin to take pictures of the five stacked together.

"Well, this is my life now." Izuku chuckled, while listening to Mirio and the others try and direct him home.

"This is your kid, Aizawa" Present Mic cackled alongside Midnight, who had found a trending photo of a student from Yuei carrying four other Yuei students on his shoulders. The internet dubbing them the human totem pole.

"Yeah, he is. And I wouldn't trade him for the world" he chuckled.

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