Remember how I said that I had a good chunk of the chapter written? Well, scratch that because I wrote out the whole fight scene, only to have the entire buildup pointless, since I made it make no sense. I wrote out that part in like, a day. I didn't like that so I re-wrote it. So without further Ado, Here you go!

Chapter 8: Joint-training Part 3

"Now, Before you go, Take these." Aizawa says, Taking out eight earpieces, and handing them each to the students.

"Use them to communicate with your teammates, Coordination is key." He finishes, and shoos them out of the building.

"How are we going to do this?" Komori asks, looking up at Izuku. Izuku thinks for a moment, before responding with:

"This'll be… Difficult. I do have a plan, hear me out." The four Heroes-in-training are conversing in their area, next to a cute-looking cage with the principal's head on it. It has a little speech bubble that says:

"Capture zone!"

"We have about a minute until we start, So Monoma, Get Asui's quirk. Komori, I'm going to hold you." She visibly blushes and says:


"Because, Todoroki will immediately send out a huge Iceberg to attempt to Incapacitate us right off the bat. Monoma, Asui, Grab onto my sides and hold on tight. Komori, Stick out your arms." Monoma touches Tsuyu's shoulder and they grab onto Izuku, Almost hugging him. Izuku then hooks his arms under Komori's and says:

"Close your eyes real quick." They do so, and Izuku takes out his wings.

"Now, as soon as they announce the start, you two need to jump, jump harder than you think you can. I'll help us lift off as well. Now, everybody crouch down." He orders them. Although reluctant, Monoma does so.
"Begin!" Vlad says over the intercom.

With Team Todoroki

"How shall we go about this?" Shiozaki asks Todoroki, who just stands there, not at all interested in what is happening.

"Stay out of my way. I'll end this quickly." Todoroki says flatly, taking a few steps forward.

'The only one who stands a chance against a large-scale attack is Midoriya, who can just fly. I don't know what that little mushroom girl can do, or that other annoying guy, but I should be able to put that frog girl out of commission, if I overheard her quirk correctly. If she's like a frog then I would assume she's susceptible to the cold. I guess I'll just have to make a huge Ice wall, as to freeze them all immediately.' Todoroki thinks to himself.

"Excuse me, but what is it that you are doing?" Shiozaki asks Mineta, who seems to be… Drooling.

'What a poor excuse for a hero.'

"Uhh, Nothing. Just staring off into space." He lies quickly, looking away.

"Shouldn't we come up with a plan? I mean, from what I heard, that winged guy is super smart. He's already probably figured out how to beat us." Shoda says, slightly scared.

"Just don't get in my way, like I said. It's about to get real cold pretty soon. If you just happen to be in the area of effect, it'll suck for you." Todoroki says coldly, taking a deep breath.

"Begin!" They hear Vlad say.

In the observation room

"Say, who do you think will win?" Kirishima asks Bakugo, who are spectating the match.

"My money's on that Todoroki kid. He's recommended and he's got that super powerful quirk. He ended his combat assessment in like, two seconds." He continues, getting a little pumped. Bakugo scowls and says:

"Don't gamble. It's a bad habit. As for who will win… I can't say. I know Midoriya probably has a plan to take down Frostbite and GrapeFace, I'm not sure what the other twos quirks are though. The two we know actually have powerful quirks, if that perverted retard can get his shit together, that is. I think this all counts on coordination." Kirishima is silent for a moment, since this is the longest anybody who isn't Midoriya, has held a conversation with the blonde without going off on them.


"This'll be interesting." Bakugo finishes.

"Ready?" Vlad asks Aizawa.

"Sure." Vlad pushes a button and says:


Back with Midoriya

"JUMP!" Izuku signals, While simultaneously Flapping his wings as hard as he can. Within seconds, They ascend, high above the grounds. At the same time, the temperature around them drops, and a Giant Ice Wall is created, Spawning from the opposite team's base and expanding outward, covering a third of the battlefield.

"Woah." Is all Komori can say, as the tip of the Iceberg is About ten feet from Komori. They land somewhat roughly, Izuku not being able to maintain that much weight for long.

"Go together, Don't get split up!" Izuku says, Taking off again.

"Where are you going!?" Monoma calls after him, but Izuku is out of earshot by the time he says it.

"It doesn't matter, Come on!" Asui says, Grabbing Komori with her tongue and jumping off the Iceberg to the left. Monoma follows closely, Attempting to utilize his tongue in his descent.


"On it. Agaricus Campestris-kun! Come out and play!" Komori yells, getting a strange look from Asui.

"You completely changed."

"Well, I'm not Komori anymore… I am Shemage! The Mushroom Hero!" She announces proudly.

"Whatever, Don't question it now, Agaricus Campestris!" Monoma touches Komori's shoulder and sends out spores as well. Within seconds, the terrain ahead of them is filled with giant white mushrooms.

"This'll-" Monoma doesn't finish before there's an extremely loud explosion behind them, causing the three to fall forward, due to wind pressure. They turn back to find the Iceberg has been shattered, With Izuku standing in the middle of the shards of Ice, Wings extended.

"Monoma! With me!" He yells, Running to their right. He's stunned for a moment before Running off with the Green haired teen.

"What's his plan?" Asui asks, Shivering.

"I don't know! Pleurotus ostreatus-san! Let's show em' who's boss!" Komori replies, sending out said spores.

"Komori! Stay back! You'll be our Mushroom support!" Izuku says over the Radio.

"You got it!"

"Asui! Stay left. We'll draw Todoroki's Ice out. Just make sure you stay awake so you can Pick off the others!"

"Sounds Good. Ribbit"

"Contact us if something goes wrong!" Monoma finishes for Izuku, the two turn their Microphones off and Head off into the Metal Jungle.

"What's wrong, Monoma? You're acting much differently from before."

"I'm fine. Let's just focus on the task at hand." He says flatly. Before Izuku replies, He catches something out of the corner of his eye.

Turning around, the path is completely blocked off by giant green vines.

"I think-" He doesn't finish before the vines Lash out at the two of them. Before either of them can react, a loud noise, that of Giant cracks being formed in concrete. A giant wall of Ice forms on the Vines, freezing them in place.

"Be careful! There's a scout nearby!" Izuku calls out, Both watching and listening intently.

"How do you know that?" The two stand back to back, rotating around.

"I doubt Shiozaki can see from her vines, meaning somebody's giving out information!" He explains, Looking to his left. Right there, is a mess of pipes, and in the darkness, is eight little dots, four green and four red. In a low whisper, Izuku tells Monoma:

"Right there, with the eight dots, in the pipes. When I say, Extend your tongue and latch onto him." They slowly rotate around and allow Monoma to get a glimpse of the glowing dots.

"Agaricus Campestris!" Monoma says, and spores visibly detach off his body. The area around them is soon filled with white mushrooms, including in between the pipes.

"NOW!" Izuku yells. Within a second, Monoma extends his tongue and grabs onto the person in the darkness. Monoma jerks his body away and tosses the person out of the darkness, Revealing a person in a straight black jacket and pants. With a rather high collar. He's wearing a scouter-like device on his left eye and a device on his right hand that's displaying eight dots. He has light blue hair and has a few pounds on him. He's got A couple giant white mushrooms, on the top of his head, under his left armpit, and on his left knee.

"Shoda!" Izuku yells. Shoda Brings his left hand up and strikes the tongue. At first, Monoma winces, and then he screams, letting go of Shoda. He retracts his tongue into his mouth and almost crumples to the floor, holding his mouth.

"Shiozaki! Three degrees to the left from before!" Shoda yells at seeming nobody.

"Not today!" Izuku yells back, Dashing at the chubby boy, boosting his speed with his wings, allowing himself to quickly close the gap. Izuku raises his fist, and dives for the punch. Shoda takes a step back, dodging the punch.

"FLYING FEINT!" Izuku shouts out, flipping mid-air revealing the true strike. By intentionally missing the target with the first punch, the user performs a flip and uses the given momentum to slam-kick the target. Izuku brings the heel of his foot down on Shoda's head, making the boy fall forward, but not knocking him out.

"Nice-" he doesn't finish before another impact hits his head, smashing his face into the ground and shattering the scouter.

"Don't count me out." Monoma says, blood dripping from his mouth.

"You good? That's not normally a good sign." Izuku says, calling over to the blonde. Before he responds, the same concrete-cracking sound is heard, but no Ice comes to the two.

"S-S-Sorry guys." Asui says over the radio. Izuku quickly turns on his radio and says:

"Tsuyu! What happened!?"

"T-Todoroki. I think I'm gonna sleep now. Good Luuuuuu-" She doesn't finish before she falls unconscious.

"Damn. Asui is out. This'll be tough. If I know Tsuyu, She'll be alright. Komori? Komori! Can you hear me?"

"Loud and clear! I've taken care of that purple headed creep!"

"Mineta! That's great! We've got a solid chance of winning now!"

"Welll, That's the thing. I kinda used that special move you taught me, he's incapacitated, I think he's still alive. He kinda creeped up on me and bound me down. I can't move anything. But that's the magic of Shemage! I can still help you all! I'll be giving you support from here!" She announces, cheerily.

"Who is this?" Izuku asks Monoma, to which he shrugs, without looking at him.

'She transformed after she got onto the battleground. Does she want to be an Idol or something?'

"Well, Keep doing that. You won't be moving for a while, I'm willing to bet. Going Radio silence." Izuku says, Turning off his receiver.

"Well Shit-" Izuku says, putting his hand on his forehead.

"-take mushrooms. Monom-" Izuku continues stopping when he sees his partner, hand on his mouth. He's sitting down with his legs in his arms.

"What's wrong." Izuku demands, rather than asks. Monoma is silent for a moment, and says:

"I don't know." His voice is weak and cracky, as if he's trying not to cry.

"I guess it's because I-I can't do this. Being a hero." He continues, not letting his voice get any louder. Izuku approaches the blonde, and crouches down.

"Now why would you think that?"

"I… I've always been told that since my… I've been told with my personality, and quirk, I shouldn't be in the hero business. I got here simply to prove them wrong that I'm not him. To prove that I could be a hero. But I don't know what to do now that I'm here. I'm not strong, or fast, I don't even have my own technique. People don't want to work with me because of how confident I act. You're the first person, the first who's taken an interest in me and my abilites. The others on our team may act like it, but I see it. It's a familliar look in their eyes, that show they're only doing this because that they have to. My whole damn life people pushed me around because I'm weak, I'm nothing without my quirk. This quirk fit for a villain, this power-seeking quirk, and even then, I can't use your quirk! I'm nothing without my quirk! And I can't even use that properly! I'm… It's a perfect example of how bad of a hero I would be. I'd be more fit for a villain." He vents. It's obvious he's holding something back, but he wants to say it. Izuku doesn't push it and thinks for a moment, before saying:

"Ya know, I thought I was quirkless my whole life." Monoma gives him a certain look of confusion and Izuku continues.

"For ten years I wanted to be a hero, to save somebody from a villain, but nobody believed in me. No students, no adults. Not even my own mother. I once had the chance to meet somebody, they saved me from dying. But… He was my favorite hero, and he out of everybody in the world told me that I couldn't be a hero, and that I was crazy, for having that dream. But there was that one person. He always told me that I could be a hero, and that I did have a quirk. It was him that helped me unlock it. To be honest, I wonder what would have happened if I wasn't impulsive and didn't just grab onto him like that. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be here today if so. But let me tell you this-" Izuku stands up straight and looks down at Monoma.

"A hero is somebody who wants to help people, because it's the right thing. We all encounter our individual struggles on this journey. Quirks aren't everything. I've been training to find a fighting style to suit my wings, since most normal ones don't cut it for me. It's not the quirk you use, hell, It's not even quirks. It's straight will and determination. Now, Let me tell you the one thing I wish I heard my entire life-" Monoma looks up to Midoriya, who extends out his hand.

"I believe you too, can be a hero." Monoma looks down and smiles softly. Little tears form in his eyes as he grabs Izuku's hand, starting to rise. He looks at Izuku and says:

"Then we'll be heroes, together." Izuku smiles back notices something start to crawl up his leg.

"Watch out!" Izuku grabs Monoma and flaps his wings, taking both of them up.

"Wah-" Monoma starts, as they're pulled back down. Monoma reaches toward Izuku's leg and grabs a vine. In an instant, his hair turns green and extends back towards the pipes.

"You can copy that too!"

"I just told you, You're the exception! I can feel my way over to them!" Monoma's eyes widen and a familiar cracking sound can be heard.

"Look out!" He yells, pushing the vines to push is out of the way of a giant glacier coming our way. He breaks off the vines and they land.

"They know we're here, Come on!" Izuku says, hooking his arms under monoma's and they lift off again, flying in the air. Just as they reach above the pipes, they spot the two members of the opposite team, to which Todoroki simply looks up and Ibara starts to use her vines to catch them.

"Monoma." Izuku says, Getting his attention.


"I'm going to throw you." Izuku says, in the most serious tone he could manage.

"What? That's stupid!"

"I'm throwing you towards Todoroki! When you make contact, Copy his quirk!" Izuku says, Starting to spin them around.

"O-Okay! Just say when!" Monoma says, agreeing to Izuku's plan. Izuku starts to dive down, spinning in the process. The vines snake under them, and rise when Izuku says:

"NOW!" Using his momentum, Izuku throws Monoma. The vines rise and Wrap around Izuku by the wings, Completely halting him. Monoma Starts to fly through the air, catching Todoroki off-guard. He puts up a small Ice wall, and dodges. His right side almost completely covered by frost. Monoma yells at the top of his lungs, barely catching Todoroki by the shoulder. In an Instant, instead of a white winter wonderland, A blazing Inferno appears where Todoroki and Monoma once were. A giant wall of fire separates Izuku from everybody else. At the same time, Ice is forming in random directions, attempting to put out the flames. It's almost blinding to look at.

"What the hell?" Izuku asks, Quickly deactivating his wings, falling to the ground. Once he lands, he activates his wings again and spins around, cutting the vines behind him.

'No time to think about that, Ibara is Just behind that wall of fire, If I can subdue her, I can help with Todoroki, we'll win!' Izuku thinks, Starting to Run towards the wall of fire.

'She's a solid twenty yards from the fire, and she'll react before I'd get to land a hit on her. That means… I got one shot at this.' Izuku thinks, allowing air to fill his wings, as he flies forward. He quickly approaches the wall of fire, and flips, Covering himself in his wings. Izuku screams in pain as the flames consume his wings, feeling the intensity of the heat on his wings. The moment the pain stops for a brief moment, Izuku opens his wings, he's facing Ibara, who is sending out her vines towards both Izuku and the two to his left, who are seeming intertwined in a tornado of fire and ice, sending steam into the atmosphere. Izuku Opens his wings as wide as he can, gathering as much light from the fire and sun as he can. He puts his left hand in front of his right, and forms a very bright object in his hands. It's curved in his left hand, and a smaller thin line is formed in his right. Izuku's eyelids droop, massively draining his stamina. A final, longer, thicker line forms in the middle, pointing out towards Ibara. Izuku takes a deep breath and screams out:

"BOW OF LIGHT!" He pulls back and lets go of his right hand, releasing the thick arrow. The arrow rockets off, leaving the light from Izuku's wings, it gets slightly smaller, but the bright light from the fire prevents it from shrinking too much.

The arrow flies towards Ibara, who's eyes widen and brings up her hands to stop it. She doesn't react in time, and the arrow slips through her arms, and lands itself smack dab in the middle of her face. Her head reels back, along with the rest of her body as the arrow explodes into a white light. Ibara falls onto her back, out cold.

"Alright- Now… I… dammit." Izuku mumbles, landing. He takes a few steps, looking towards Monoma and Todoroki. It seems like Monoma is struggling to keep up, while Todoroki, looks like he's gotten his second wind.

Izuku takes two steps, and collapses into the concrete, one knee in the ground, trying to crawl his way to Monoma.

"Fire?" He mumbles, standing up, only to be pushed back by an intensely hot wave of steam. A stray piece of debris flies straight forward and smacks him in the head. Izuku falls back, Covering his front half of his body with his wings. He brings his hand to his forehead and sees that it's bleeding, bad. About thirty yards in front of him, Monoma is yelling something at Todoroki.

"Half- The Hell?!- Answer!" Is all Izuku can make out in the steam rushing past his ears. Izuku stands up, only to slip on Ice that has formed at his feet.

'I can't put away my wings, the steam forming might melt my skin off, not to mention debris will pelt me over and over. I can't shoot off another light arrow or I might put myself in comatose. I'm running on fumes right now as it is. I can't… Damn it.' Izuku thinks to himself, getting up again.

"Monoma! If you can hear me, Don't bother responding, save your energy, If you can, Use the ice to try and encapsulate him, If we can do that, he won't be able to escape. I wonder if the fire part of his quirk is too restraining on his body, and if that's why he doesn't use it. Anyways, When you do, turn off the flames!" Izuku says, activating his earpiece again. And in a moment, the steam stops, and Izuku's wings stop feeling the heat, Izuku looks through the crack between the wings.

Todoroki is on his knees, a glacier at each side of him. Monoma, is frozen in said glacier, he seems like he's passed out, just his head outside the iceberg.

"Now, Midoriya, do you give up?" Todoroki says, getting to his feet. Izuku looks shocked at first, then notices just how bad His enemy is. Todoroki's shirt is all burnt up, with patches of ice here and there, the entirety of his left side, that was covered in ice, is melted, revealing his burn scar. His breaths are shaky, and you can see his breath when he exhales.

'He's not too much better than me, in fact, I think he's worse. If I can just close the gap… Then If I land a solid hit. Then again, I hardly think I could fly.' Izuku takes a step back, and raises his wings, only to collapse again.

"Just surrender, you won't beat me." Todoroki tells him, taking a step back.

"No, I won't." Izuku says, pushing his wings into the ground, lifting him up.

"What the-"

"I Won't let you get off that easily!" Izuku says, both wings embedded into the concrete, lifting him up to his feet.

'I don't care about demotion, I don't care about how dumb I must look right now. I don't need to win. I just need to show him-'

"A HERO WON'T GIVE UP!" Izuku shouts, one eye is closed, blood dripping down into it, and off his chin.

"What the-" Todoroki doesn't finish before Izuku gets down to his feet and is rushed. He doesn't get far, taking about twenty steps before either tripping or passing out, flat on his face.

"TEAM TODOROKI… WINS!" Todoroki hears Vlad say over the intercom.

'What the hell was he thinking?' Todoroki thinks to himself, taking a few steps to the Iceberg holding monoma. He puts his left hand on it and melts it, freeing the blonde.

Although he's passed out, he can tell he's still breathing. Todoroki limps over to the exit, and looks back, noticing something.

On Izuku's left wing, about in the middle, is one, long, Jet-black Feather, which doesn't even seem to shine like the rest of the feathers.

Izuku opens his eyes to find the ceiling of the Nurse's office.


"Don't move. You're exhausted." Izuku hears a familiar voice say. He looks to his side to find recovery girl, watching over him.
"Here, Have these." she says, Forcing some gummies into his mouth. He reluctantly chews and swallows them, immediately finding himself with newfound energy, although, he's still tired.

"Wow, What time is it?" Izuku asks, sitting up.

"It's been about three hours since your round ended. In fact, I think the last group is about to stop."

"Three hours!?"

"Yes, we had to wait until Komori got unstuck from Mineta. I swear boy, it seems like you're more of a demon than an Angel." Izuku is confused for a moment, until he looks at the other beds. In one, is Nirengeki, whose face is several levels of messed up, a broken nose, black eyes and possibly a broken jaw from the looks of it. One look at Mineta and Izuku wanted to throw up. Nothing was super wrong with him, apart from the fact that he was foaming at the mouth.

"I-Is he alive?"

"Very much so, he's still got mushrooms in his lungs, though. That's unfortunate. He'll be fine." Recovery girl assures him.

"Anyways, That Shiozaki girl was out as well until about twenty minutes ago. She had a broken nose and an almost fractured skull. I'm surprised she recalled everything that happened." She continues, getting up.

"So can I go or-"

"Yes, that piece of Debris wasn't anything major. So I could easily heal it."

"B-But I was bleeding like crazy!" Recovery girl scoffs and says:

"It was a scalp wound. They bleed a lot but they aren't anything major, apart from blood loss. But you're tough so you're fine. Now get out of here." Izuku is shooed out of the Mini Infirmary and proceeds to head over to ground Gamma.

Izuku walks into the observation room, in which has everybody in it, Iida, Sero, and The two from Class B look absolutely exhausted, while those on Team Tokage, looked… Well to put simply: Pissed.

'I'm willing to bet that they did exactly what I thought.'

"Well, Now that we're finished, get changed and head back to the class. We'll discuss the events of each battle once we're there!" Vlad says, turning to Aizawa, who hands him a paper.

"So, that was pretty intense." Bakugo says to Izuku in the locker room.

"Yeah, I guess. Not as much as yours though."

"Well I make every fight look intense, since I make explosions out of my hands." He replies, putting his dress shirt on.

"I guess that's true, but still, I thought you were burned alive there for a minute."

"Nah, My wings would protect me. If I stayed over the flames, however, I would have been roasted." Bakugo half-laughs at this, to which Izuku chuckles slightly, thinking about how he executed his super move, holding himself in his wings moments before. In hindsight, Cooking himself in the fire probably wasn't the greatest Idea.

"Whatever, but I didn't know you worked out a super move utilizing that light manipulation. It was actually pretty effective."

"I actually use the light manipulation with Comet Drop. I just solely used it here. It's really draining, though." Izuku says, starting to button up his shirt.

"Nevertheless man, It's good that you've figured out how to use a type of trump card with it."

"Actually, the move itself probably isn't all that effective. The only reason that it was as strong as it was is because of the fire behind me. It created more light to make the Bow and Arrow stronger. In normal circumstances, it wouldn't be as strong, and if the 'shadow' of purified light wasn't leading further."

"Stop putting yourself down. You just need training, that's all." Izuku smiles softly, and tries to straighten his tie.

Round 4: Team Todoroki WIN

Through pure luck, with the lack of coordination and teamwork, team todoroki started with putting Asui into hibernation by using Todoroki's ice. Although Izuku and Monoma took out Shoda, their location was revealed, forcing them to leave. Komori and Mineta captured each other, by both binding Komori and Komori asphyxiating Mineta. That left the two powerhouses of Team Todoroki left. By throwing Monoma, Izuku managed to keep Todoroki distracted long enough by fighting Monoma to take out Ibara, who had almost captured everybody at once, if it wasn't for Todoroki's lack of coordination, which killed Ibara's plants. Monoma copying Todoroki's quirk, fought in a battle of fire in Ice, which resulted in melting Todoroki's right side, allowing him to be reinvigorated. Extreme steam and debris stopped Izuku from advancing on the two. Monoma was trapped in Ice, and both Izuku and Todoroki pulling a bluff, Izuku passed out due to exhaustion and possible blood loss, resulting in a lucky win for team Todoroki!

Round 5: Team Iida WIN

With a clever strategy from team Iida, odd use of their quirks, and a perfect storm of bad events, they managed to capture almost every member of team Tokage. By using Sero's tape and Bondo's glue, they managed to put three of the four in their containment by having Iida speed around each person and bring them back, bounded up. The only person who seemed to show real difficulty capturing was Setsuna herself, who was able to avoid capture by tearing herself apart and dodging capture. Tokoyami was barely captured due to Dark shadow being uncooperative in the darker time of day. Kaminari was baited into using his quirk at full power, only to have it all be attracted to Tetsutetsu, who redistributed it all across ground gamma by touching a pipe. The resulting shock was able to strike Juzo, who was attempting to turn the ground soft in order to avoid being captured by Iida. Tokage, being the last member of her team left, was forced to surrender, giving the win to team Iida with a clean sweep.

"Now, I bet you're wondering about rankings." Aizawa says, taking out a remote. All of the students from class 1-A and B are standing in front of a screen, in front of vlad king and Eraserhead. He clicks the remote and says:

"We'll announce the stats of each individual class." The last three of class 1-A are censored, and the first three of class 1-B are censored as well, keeping it a mystery.

1: Katsuki Bakugo

2: Mina Ashido

3: Momo Yaoyorozu

4: Izuku Midoriya

5: Ejiro Kirishima

6: Hanta Sero

7: Koji Koda

8: Ochako Uraraka

9: Toru Hagakure

10: Tenya Iida

11: Tsuyu Asui

12: Yuga Aoyama

13: Fumikage Tokoyami

14: Minoru Mineta

15: Kyoka Jiro

16: Denki Kaminari

17: Shoto Todoroki

18: [Redacted]

19: [Redacted]

20: [Redacted]

A collective sigh of relief is heard, while three people tense up. One, a giant of a man with tentacles at his sides, another with a tail, and one with thick lips, and of pure muscle.

"Now, about your rankings, this was based on overall how well you did acting as heroes, things like teamwork, use of your quirk, creativity, and of course how you captured people. So you may have taken everybody out, but if you took out one of your own teammates, you could potentially have lost the exercise entirely." Aizawa explains. Izuku looks over at class 1-B, when he sees three people practically bouncing on their feet. Monoma, who is mostly calm, but has a slight grin. Pony, who is shaking in anticipation, and Ibara, who has her hands down in a prayer, and what seems to be a bandage on her nose.

"Now I've explained this, here are your results." Aizawa clicks another button and reveals the last three.

18: Mezo Shoji

19: Masahiro Ojiro

20: Rikido Sato

The tension in the room Rises as everybody looks over to the man, who is looking down now.

"Complete lack of communication on your part, getting knocked out instantly, charging in head-on and losing a 2v1, Is why you lost your seat in class 1-A, Sato." Aizawa says, looking at the student.
"Your hero gear will now be transferred to class 1-B. I hope you'll find some hero agency to be a sidekick at, if they accept you for this." Aizawa finishes, gesturing over to class 1-B.

"Well on slightly happier news-" Vlad begins.

"-Here's your new student." Vlad puts out his hand, gesturing towards a girl. It's Ibara, who's wearing a soft smile on her face. She bows slightly and says:

"My name Is Ibara Shiozaki, It's my pleasure to meet you."

"Yeah yeah, Shiozaki, you're seat number ten. Go on Sato, find your seat." Aizawa says. Rikido looks up and smiles, walking towards the rest of class 1-B.

"I guess I'll just have to try a little bit harder than the rest of you!" He says, his smile unwavering. Aizawa presses a button on the podium and the Wall lowers again. The last thing before the classes are split apart is the resident madman, Monoma, smiling at Izuku, giving a thumbs-up. The wall Lowers with a THUD and the two classes are seperated, each with one new member.

"Well that's all for this class. Go home. We've kept you here way too long already. You all can go introduce yourselves later." Aizawa says, before practically sprinting out the classroom.

Nobody complains at this, since everybody is extremely tired. Izuku grabs his bag and takes out his phone, to find several texts and a missed call from his mother.

'Izuku, where are you?'

'So Yueii called me and said you'd be gone for a little bit.'

'I have a surprise for you when you get home, so you better hurry!' Izuku smirks a little bit and walks out of the class with Bakugo. It's dark out now, without a cloud in the sky.

"That was kind of uneventful. Fortunately it was just some extra." He says to Izuku.

"K-Kacchan! You can't say that, he would have a future in the hero business!"

"Eh, whatever, what's so bad about being demoted to a lower class anyways? It's not like it'll list you as a crappy hero."

"W-Well imagine it, when you're a pro, if you're looking for a sidekick then you want a really good person who can blossom into their own hero. If you look at their profile and see that at the most prestigious hero school in the country, they were deemed unworthy of the higher class? We're in 1-A for a reason, we're supposed to be seen as the overall better potential heroes, despite what the entrance exams said, not to mention we're all examined on how our quirks would work in actual hero business. Like Mineta, he's not the most noble person, we all know that, but his quirk is actually really useful, not to mention that he's actually really smart, since he aced the mock exam." Izuku explained to him, to which Bakugo just shrugged.

"I dunno. I guess I kinda understand. Anyways, whaddya think about Pothead?" Izuku gives Bakugo a confused look, and freezes, remembering something.

"I-I left something in the class. Go on without me!"

"Whatever Tenshi. Just make sure to sleep." Bakugo tells him, walking off.

'What type of nickname is "Pothead?"' Izuku thinks to himself, taking out his wings and flying off to the roof.

'I wouldn't be surprised if she wasn't here. Sensei did tell us to-' Izuku's train of thought is interrupted as he sees that the girl is indeed there, looking over the railing. Izuku lands behind her and puts his wings back.

"So you came." She says, turning around.

"Y-Yeah. I wasn't expecting you to actually be here, though. Also, sorry about your nose."

"Oh, why it is just fine now, It's been completely healed."

"But I broke it. Shouldn't you just be mad at me for that?"

"Well I should be, but we must forgive and forget. Now I know that I was vague, but…" her voice trails off for a moment, before saying:

"Is that really a quirk?" Her question seems out of the blue, which makes Izuku jump.

"What the-Of course! What else could it be?!"

"Well you could be an actual Angel!" She responds, leaning towards Izuku.
"I'm not an actual Angel. As far as I know, this is my quirk."

"Exactly! You may just not know or remember that you're an angel! It's just like the old testament! You're supposed to be a messenger that gives us a warning, to tell us about a second coming of Jesus, or a cataclysmic event! You're supposed to bring the pure of heart with you!" She's practically jumping up and down now, her fists balled up close to her chest, like how an excited child would.

"I-Okay, you know what? Let's just say I am, and then what?" Izuku asks. Having absolutely no knowledge of Christianity or… Whatever she's talking about.

"You bring the pure and the saints to heaven, and you let the sinners burn!" She exclaims.

"Oh. Okay." Izuku says, thinking about how nonchalantly she said that.

"Uhm, I apologize, I got a little carried away. Anyways, I wanted to ask you-" she reaches into her pocket and pulls out a flyer.

"Would you be interested in joining a club?"

"What?" Izuku says blankly.

'How can she just so casually switch subjects like that?!'

"The bible study club! I thought that with your quirk you would be interested in something like this." She says, handing the piece of paper to Izuku. He takes it and looks it over. It's nothing special, really. Just some general information on the club as well as several crosses on it.

"Uhh-" Izuku doesn't finish before a loud clanking sound is heard. They look towards the gates to see that they have closed, giant metal walls blocking off the entrance.

"I can get us off the roof and off of school grounds." Izuku says quickly, pocketing the flyer.


"I have wings remember?"

"Oh yes, well, what are you waiting for?" she extends her arms out.

'Well I didn't think this far ahead.'

Izuku hooks his arms under hers, to which he immediately blushes. He takes out his wings and quickly flies them over the walls of U.A. Izuku lands faster than he thought humanly possible without harming either of them.

"Thank you, I must be going, but I do hope to see you again! I look forward to fighting alongside you against the evils of our world!" She says, half-running away, waving at Izuku.


"The hell was that?" Izuku mutters to himself, shaking his head.

Izuku walks up the stairs of his apartment, exhausted.

'Thank God I got out out of there, I don't think I could have talked to her any longer. I probably would have broken down right then and there.' Izuku thinks to himself, unlocking the door to his apartment.

"I'm home!"

"Izuku! Come here!" His mom says, excited.

"Hold on a minute!" Izuku slips off his shoes, not noticing an extra pair. Izuku walks past the hallway and looks into the kitchen, to find his mother, who made Katsudon.

"What's up, you said you have a surprise." Izuku says, walking over towards the table.

"Hey." a voice behind him says. Izuku quickly turns around and sees a man. He's somewhat tall, just under six feet. He looks almost sickly, his skin almost pale from years of working. He's slightly slouching, and his clothes are slightly baggy. His most distinguishing featues are a light splash of freckles across his face, the giant metal wings that are attached to his back, and his dark, green hair. Izuku's eyes widen as he looks at the man in shock.


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Okay so I can see your reasoning, also good job making the Kota development believable many struggle with writing him. The guesses I have now for the person moved is either Ojiro or Sato due to their less than stellar performances.

I really didn't have to try with Kota, he kind of came to me naturally. He reminds me of myself, being antisocial, honestly. And as you can see, you got the person who's being demoted right, He's honestly the person with the least development and screentime (Apart from Toru) but even she had some development with her quirk. It was either him or Ojiro, but I do feel like since Ojiro has little drawbacks, he's just outright better than sato.

Death of Snipers. So I'm just gonna answer your questions here again, since the review is so long.

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If you want a really cute koda x Ibara fanfic read flora and fauna they're so adorable together

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