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Chapter 1: Renewing Acquaintances


I ran through the fog, my breathing hitched. My eyes darted around the thick wood, trying to see passed the brush and the moss, but the heavy rain didn't allow for the greatest eyesight. I didn't know where I was going. All I knew was that something was coming after me. My legs were moving on their own, leading to some place. As far as I knew, I was being pulled to where I needed to go. It made no sense to me -- especially since I was a very logical and analytical person.

As I ran, I stumbled over some loose moss. I fell down a steep hill, twigs scratching my face. Once I collided with the ground, I slowly jumped to my feet and my hands flew to my face. I furrowed my eyebrows. No scratches. No blood. Nothing. Didn't I just fall? Didn't my face collide with sharp twigs?

Shaking it off, I glanced around the dark woods. There, ahead of me, was a cave. Eager to get out of the rain, I ran towards it. Perhaps it was cover...cover for whatever I was running from. Again, it didn't register in my mind clearly. As soon as I entered the cave, I examined my surroundings, trying to take everything in. It was my way of weighing out my options. Sighing heavily, I almost gave up.

Then something caught my attention.

Heavy breath. Flames. Ruby eyes. I blinked and edged closer to the back of the cave. I didn't know what it was nor did it register in my mind to stay away from the unknown. It was like what it was was calling to me. It was pulling me towards it. And so I inched closer, trying to see clearly. I could see a faint outline. The thing was long, slender and it had...scales? Was it a lizard? A snake? And then I realized what it was...

...It was...a dragon?

And then I fell.

A teenage girl awoke from her dream, startled. Beads of sweat ran down her forehead as she panted heavily. She wiped the sweat from her forehead and grabbed a rubber band that rested on her nightstand. She clutched her long red hair and twisted it up into a messy bun. Her pink eyes were filled with wonder about her dream. Before lying back down in her bed, the teenager checked her digital clock. The red numbers read 5:45. She laid back down, closed her eyes and again fell asleep.

"Blossom, wake up!"

Blossom Utonium sighed. She idly crawled out of bed and opened her door. Bubbles, who was about to knock on the door, had her fist raised, reading to knock. The blonde looked at her sister for a second before she saw something white being shoved into her face. Bubbles tumbled to the floor, her redhead sister giggling, and pushed the white object off of her. Her blue eyes examined it and saw that it was Blossom's pillow. She frowned at threw it back at her sister, hoping it would catch her off guard. Blossom smirked and easily caught it.

"Good morning," Blossom commented coolly. Bubbles growled and stormed off into her room. Blossom laughed lightly and walked back into her room. She quickly got dressed, making sure everything looked perfect. After she examined herself in the mirror, she stepped out of her room. She glanced down the hall and then ran into the bathroom. She was lucky. Bubbles usually had the bathroom occupied, giving Blossom hardly a chance to get ready properly. She grabbed her brush and began combing out her long, red locks.

Someone snickered at the entrance"Always been such a perfectionist, huh?"

"Be quiet, Buttercup," remarked Blossom, exasperated, as she put her brush away. The green puff smirked as she leaned against the doorframe. After several moments of silence, she walked out of the bathroom and disappeared around the corner. Blossom gracefully placed her soft hands on the bathroom counter and sighed. She stared at herself intently and thought hard.

I wish I wasn't a perfectionist. Blossom thought bitterly. It wasn't like she didn't like herself. It was just she was seriously in need of a change. She didn't like her wardrobe. She didn't like her hairstyle. Okay...maybe she didn't really like herself, but she never said anything. And because of that, she got a hard time from Buttercup every morning. Bubbles didn't say much, but Buttercup's heavy teasing was starting to push Blossom's patience. She shook her head and walked downstairs. As she traveled downstairs, the faint echo of the television bounced off the walls.

"Hello, this Susan Bailey from National Network News coming to you live. Right now, we have reporter Erik Sanford at New York. Hello, Erik, can you hear me?"

The redheaded girlplaced her backpack on the couch and walked to the kitchen. "Hey dad, hey mom,"

She heard no reply and saw that both her sisters and parents looking at the kitchen TV. She looked at the screen, interested on what they were watching.

"…And as you can see behind me, many New Yorkers are very panicked seeing how an unidentified crater had appeared out of thin air. Earlier today we had talked to some witnesses on the streets asking if they knew anything on this unexplained phenomena," Erik said. Behind him, pictures of panicked New Yorkers were running around.

"I was talking my five-year-old to school when I saw this white light heading straight toward us. I thought it was a plane just flying overhead when I noticed a tail at the end of it. I automatically panicked and began to pull on my child," said an elderly brunette as she talked into the microphone. On the right-hand corner of the screen read 'Earlier Today.'

"All the information we could gather was that there was nothing after the crash. It most likely burned up, but when three firefighters went down into the crater, they noticed a small circular metal ball. This is Erik Sanford, back to you Susan," Erik continued solemnly, staring into the camera.

"Thanks Erik. Further information couldn't be gathered, but strangely enough, three mysterious incidents happened at the same time the crash occurred. Georgia Bullock is covering it," Susan said, a frown etched on her face. Just as all four women were getting into the reports, the professor turned off the television. Mrs. Sandra Keane-Utonium, the girls' former teacher and now mother, and the girls looked up, puzzled.

"Sandy, you have to go to work and girls you have to go to school," instructed Professor John Utonium. All four girls sighed and began to perform their morning rituals. The three teenage girls grabbed their backpacks and walked out the door as the two adults grabbed their suitcases and walked to the car.

"Bye girls!" called John happily as he got into the car.

"Bye Dad!" the girls called in unison.

"Yes, bye girls, see you after school," Sandy called as she waved to them.

"Bye!" they said again. The two adults pulled out of the driveway and drove off into the town of Pokey Oaks. The three girls stood at their porch and listened to the silence of their neighboorhood before they took off towards their school.

"Coordinates?" asked a cold voice.

"Coordinates are three, three, north and four, five, two, south," replied a mechanical voice.

"Locations name?" asked the voice again.

"Computer files have no data, location unknown," said the computer voice. The figure of the cold voice rubbed its eyes and sighed.

"Activate Maps," ordered the voice.

"Ineffective," replied the computer.

"Activate manual controls," ordered the figure again.

"Ineffective," replied the computer again.

The silhouette of a woman growled angrily as she muttered, "Damn it."

"Bubbles your outfit is so cute!" squealed a friend of Bubbles, Kelly. Bubbles smiled warmly as she walked up to her group of friends.

Much like the rest of society, the Powerpuff Girls, too, had to grow up and eventually enter the final stage in public education before entering college -- high school. And, again, much like the rest of society, the girls grew up and made new friends, stretching themselves from each other. Along with making new friends, they also took in new "positions" at their school. Buttercup decided she would stay a troublemaker because she said it was her "calling". Blossom decided that she was going down the more educational route and study various forms of sciences, literature and performing arts. Bubbles also agreed to go into the performing arts, but instead of science or literature, she decided to express herself in becoming a cheerleader (which Buttercup argued constantly that cheerleading shouldn't be considered a 'performing art' -- to which Bubbles would merely roll her eyes).

The blonde was happy with the choice and in freshman year worked extremely hard in perfecting everything she knew about becoming a cheerleader. The blue puff had immediately become popular by her peers due to her happiness and outgoing personality and even won the favoritism of her former cheer captain. Now, in her sophmore year, Bubbles managed to win over the title of Cheer Captain -- a feat almost unheard of.

"Yeah, tres cute,"agreed another teenage girl, Torrance, as she fingered Bubbles' blue shirt.

"Thanks guys," Bubbles smiled. "Let's go. I so have to talk to you guys about the upcoming cheer season."

The two girls nodded as they followed their friend into the main entrance of Townsville Central High School. From afar, Blossom walked toward the two blue front doors when she ran into her best friend, Heaven Romano. Both girls had met each other in first grade and instantly hit off. As Blossom and Heaven walked, both girls were discussing the crater incident that had appeared on the news earlier that morning.

"What do think made that crater?" Blossom asked Heaven, wanting to hear another person's point of view.

"To be quite honest with you, I don't know. I was wondering, though, if any of the scientists are going to perform experiments. This could be huge in the scientific community if they discover something off of that crater," Heaven commented, her face glowing with a childish excitment. Blossom shook her head knowing how bad her best friend wanted to major in science as soon as she got into college.

The pink puff smiled softly and murmured, "I can't say anything either."

"You," The teenage brunette stopped walking. "You, the smartest girl on the face of the Earth, has no theories on what happened! That's it! We're doomed. Doomed, I tell you, because if Blossom Utonium, resident genius, can't come up with anything, we're doomed!"

"Heaven, stop being dramatic," sighed Blossom as she rolled her eyes. As intelligent as Heaven may be, she was still a drama sometimes. "I'm not that smart."

The two teenagers began to debated amongst themselves as they as they walked down the halls of the school. Finally, both girls broke their deliberation when the five-minute warning bell rang. All the lingering students in the hallways began to run quickly to their classrooms. Blossom quickly grabbed her current reading assignment and her AP Euro textbook from her locker and ran off. As she ran to her classroom, Blossom called over her shouder, "See you!"

"Bye!" yelled Heaven as she ran off toward PE.

"Walk, Blossom."

Hearing the warning tone, Blossom slowed down to a hurried walk as she passed by the school's principal, Mrs. Smith. The principal smiled pleasantly at the pink puff and continued down the hall, ushering the reluctant students to class. Once Blossom was certain that the principal was out of view, she immediately sprinted down the hall. Out of breath, Blossom soon came up to room E200. Just like with Heaven, she found several sophomores gathered around, talking about the events on the news and making speculations

"I bet you it's an alien!" squeaked a rather nervous girl. Her square glasses were on crooked and her baggy green sweater hung off of her left shoulder. Most of the class often called her (Molly) names that seemed rather unappropriate. Listening to Molly was her two friends, Daniel Thompson and Rachael Infanté. Blossom sat down at her seat and listened to the conversations around her. A minute after, the bell rang and her classmates scurried to their desks. The students quietly waited for their teacher to come into the class. The brass doorknob turned and their elderly teacher walked in, but instead of being alone, their teacher, Mrs. Burns, had a teenage boy following her.

"Settle down now," Mrs. Burns spoke abruptly. The students that were whispering amongst themselves hushed. "I should be expecting another student, but once the student comes in, you keep quiet."

The teenagers looked at Mrs. Burns carelessly. Mrs. Burns eyed the students and frowned. Seriously, sometimes teenagers could be completely clueless. Shaking her head, she rasped out, "Get a piece a paper out. Write down two analytical thesis statements about Lee's book. We'll share in about ten minutes."

Vanessa Rodriguez walked down the quiet hallways with three teenage boys following her. Her black hair was tied up into a tight ponytail and her amber eyes shined behind her thin glasses. The young woman's posture, alone, seemed to carry an intelligence and authority that many couldn't quite acquire over their lifespan. Two of the three boys behind her talked in hushed whispers amongst themselves while the other remained quiet. The young woman walked into the busy office and the secretary looked up.

"Miss Rodriguez, Principal Smith is waiting for you in her office. You can go in right now," Miss Cockle, the secretary, muttered as she fiddled with the Rubix cube in her hands. Vanessa pressed her lips disapprovingly at the secretary's idleness and walked up to the office. She knocked lightly on the door and waited until she heard a muffled 'Come in.' Vanessa and the three boys walked into the office, smiling.

"Hello Miss Rodriguez," Mrs. Smith said as she stood up and shook her hand. "Please come in and sit."

"Thank you," Vanessa said as she and the boys sat down. Mrs. Smith smiled kindly at the boys and nodded her head. The blond teenage boy slightly smiled at the principal while the other two ignored her and sat down in their seats. The principal frowned slightly, but it quickly disappeared. So...that's how it was going to be with the three boys.

She sat down in her seat and pulled up some papers (assumingly the three boys' transcripts from their previous school), "So, these are your boys?"

"Yes, this is Brick," Vanessa answered as she pointed to the boy in red. "Boomer," she pointed to the blond boy and then she pointed to the last boy and said "And Butch."

"Hello Boys," The female principal greeted absentmindedly as she gazed at the papers in front of her. There was an awkward silence between the five of them before Mrs. Smith glanced up and sighed. "Alright. Well, Miss Cockle, the school secretary, should have the boys' schedules outside. I see nothing out of the ordinary and I hope the boys adjust well to the school. Please, boys, if you need anything, don't hesitate to come to me and ask for help."

Miss Rodriguez nodded and turned to the three boys. They shrugged and got up as the left the office to get their schedules. As they left, Vanessa said a quick thank you to the principal and walked out with the boys. As she left, she called over her shoulder, "Good luck, boys. See you three after school."

"Bye, Miss Rodriguez!" Boomer replied.

Brick quietly walked to room E200. He held up his school map and schedule, examining it. He came up to a classroom and looked at the room number. He rose an eyebrow when he saw the number '200'. He walked into the classroom and saw a couple of students briefly glance up before they returned to their work. One girl had caught his eye and he smiled. She smiled back at him as she played with her dark, curly hair and winked. Mrs. Burns looked up and smiled.

"Hello," she greeted. "How can I help you?"

"Name's Brick. I am a new student here," Brick explained, his deep voice catching the attention of many of the students. They watched as Mrs. Burn nodded. She pointed to her last empty seat and instructed him to sit there. As he walked to the seat, girls began to whisper amongst themselves. He could briefly catch things like 'he's cute' or 'he's so hot.'

Once he sat down, the girl with curly dark leaned towards him, her arms tightly connected to her sides, allowing Brick a great view of her chest. He eyed it as she murmured in her best seductive whisper, "Hi, I'm Amelia, but you can call me Mia."


"Cute name," she smiled. She then looked across Brick's table and saw Blossom. Mia smirked and turned her attention to Brick. Hoping to impress Brick with her so-called 'authority' of the class, she said, "That's Blossom. Probably the biggest kiss ass in the entire school. The only one that compete against her is Heaven Romano...probably the reason why the two are best friends."

Brick glanced at Blossom, recognizing her instantly. He smirked as she glanced up at turned a glare on Mia. So, his counterpart did still have the fire she had all those years ago. Blossom, hearing the remark, lashed out at her classmate, "At least I'm not the resident whore."

Mia's face flushed in anger and stuttered out, "I-Is that the best you can do?"

Blossom smiled, knowing she could claim this victory, "No, I'd say something much worst, but I am afraid you'd cry."

The other teenage girl's jaw dropped, anger settling in her chest. Leaning back in her seat, she muttered, "Whatever."

Heave squealed as she nearly tumbled to the floor. As she gained back her balance, she heard giggling at almost knew instantly who it was. She glared as Buttercup and her friend, Falcon, gave each other high-fives. Falcon, noticing the glare that Heaven was giving her, smirked and said, "Hey Nerd."

"Leave me alone," growled Heaven as she moved on. Behind her the two girls mimicked what she said in a high-pitched voice. She gave another glare, not really paying attention to where she was going. This, inevitably, caused her to crash into someone and tumble to the ground. Falcon and Buttercup burst out in laughter as Heaven's face flushed.

"Sorry, Heaven," replied a boy named Jake Young as he helped her up from the floor.

Heaven's face flushed "Thanks."

From afar, Buttercup and Falcon raised their eyebrows and smirked. Once Jake walked away, both Buttercup and Falcon walked up to Heaven. Placing an arm around the embarrassed girl, Falcon cooed out, "Does my little sister have a crush on someone?"

Heaven looked at Falcon and pressed her lips together. "Go away."

"Oooooooh," teased the green puff and Falcon. Sighing out in aggravation, Heaven stormed away from her older sister and the green-eyed girl. Both Buttercup and Falcon cracked up as they followed her to their spots in the outside blacktop. Many students were already at their spots by this time and were stretching out their legs. Today was the mile and many didn't want leg cramps afterwards (though most just planned to walk the mile anyway).

"Ok guys and girls!" called out the PE coach as he moved closer to his class, clipboard and stopwatch in hand. He adjusted his sunglasses as he pointed to a teenage boy, "we have a new student today, Mr. Butch Rodriguez."

And much like Brick's class, many of the girls began to whisper excitedly while most the boys sized him up. Falcon smirked at the boy and then glanced at Buttercup, only to find the girl's eyes narrowed and her arms over her chest. Raising an eyebrow, she quietly asked, "BC? What's wrong? You look like you're staring down Sedusa or something."

Buttercup's lips pursed. "Worse."

Boomer stood at the door of room M201, silent. His navy blue eyes focused on the gold numbers and wondered if he should go in. His nose was scrunched up, not really wanting to go inside. Technically, he could ditch and the teacher would be none the wiser. He could get out of class and not have to bother with homework for the day. But then, he though, Miss Rodriguez would get on his case and he didn't want that. Not to mention, he wouldn't be able to cause any trouble. So, with a sigh, he walked into the classroom.

"After the DNA is copied to form RNA by transcription -- oh hello. How can I help you?" the teacher asked politely as she noticed Boomer walking in.

He eyed the class who were all focused on him, "I'm the new student."

"Oh right," she said as she turned her head to the class. "Guys this Mr. Boomer Rodriguez, please make him feel welcome here and I'm Miss Santiago, by the way. Welcome to Biology and Townsville Central High." Boomer smiled slightly. He shook her hand as she continued, "You can sit next to Miss Utonium."

He nodded and glanced down the way to see a pig-tailed blonde staring at him, her jaw dropped. As he walked to his seat next to her, he could hear her whispering underneath her breath, "Oh no."

The day went by and most of the school buzzed with gossip about the Rowdyruff Boys. The boys talked about how good they were in sports and the girls talked about how cute they were. Despite their new fame, the Powerpuff Girls were not as willing to accept the boys as easily as the rest of the school. And while a majority of TCHS had forgotten the destruction the boys had placed upon the town so many years ago, the girls were not as ready to let those memories go.

The girls had come home, telling their father about the boys, ready to go out and battle them, but John had told them to relax. At first, the girls were worried that the Professor was being controlled and this was a super-villain ploy, but he merely laughed and said that all would be revealed on Christmas Eve. So, the girls waited impatiently until school let out for Christmas Break. They had been kept on their toes, making sure that the boys didn't pull anything. And when they didn't, Bubbles herself began to ease up and accept the boys -- but not Buttercup and Blossom.

When Christmas Eve had arrived, the girls, geting dressed in their rooms, were getting anxious, wondering what was going to happen. Blossom began to over-analyze everything and began to make up plans in her head -- just in case something wrong should happen. Buttercup had spent most of the day using her punching bag, getting her reflexes ready for whatever could happen -- just in case she needed to protect her family. Bubbles, however, was just excited for Christmas the next day and because John's old colleague was going to show up.

"Girls, are you ready yet?" Sandy's voice resonated from downstairs, "Your father's old colleague should be hear any minute!"

"I'm ready!" chirped Bubbles as she bounced down the stairs. She twirled in her long skirt, earning a laugh from Sandy. Buttercup had followed quickly, her arms crossed over her chest and trademark frown etched across her face, not really happy. But then again, who wouldn't when she knew the Rowdyruff Boys were out there somewhere. Besides, something could happen to today. That made her both excited and on edge.

"You look very nice girls," Their mother commented, oblivious to Buttercup's own thoughts, "but where's Blossom?"

"She's still in her room," Buttercup answered bluntly.

"Blossom!" called Bubbles cheerfully.

"Coming," called Blossom as her voice rang from upstairs. She sighed heavily, closed her eyes, and calmed her raging mind. Once she was sure she was calm enough, she started to come downstairs. As she made her way down the stairs, the doorbell rang and Bubbles squealed out in excitment.

"I'll get it!" she cried and flew to the door, her customary blue streak trailing behind her. Her two sisters heard a gasp, followed by a cheerful 'Hello' before the blonde came back with an unknown woman -- and the Rowdyruff Boys.

Buttercup leaned toward her redheaded sister and whispered, "At least we know why she gasped."

Blossom nodded solemnly as she eyed her counterpart and his brothers. Blossom knew they seemed harmless, but she also knew not to let her guard down with these guys. All three teenage girls watched their counterparts and their 'mother' exchange hellos with the unidentified woman.

"Well, as Buttercup goes and notifies that you and your boys are here," Mrs. Utonium shot the green puff a look. Buttercup sighed and rolled her eyes as she walked toward the Professor's lab. "Shall we go and get for dinner?"

John's old colleague, Vanessa, smiled as she motioned the Rowdyruffs to follow her and Sandy. Blossom watched, her eyes narrowed in suspicion, as the boys, Vanessa and Sandy moved towards the dining room. Bubbles bounced after them and it was only when the redheaded girl felt comfortable did she move.

"Hello Vanessa, boys," greeted John merrily as he entered the kitchen with Buttercup behind him. Vanessa smiled as she stood up and hugged him. John turned to the boys and shook their hands. Sandy smiled as she placed a huge, delicious ham in front of John's seat.

"She can teach, cook, and raise three super-powered teenage girls, I'm impressed. It's hard for me to handle juggle home life and my work," Vanessa commented as she sat down. Everyone followed her example and sat down as well.

"Work? What do you do?" Bubbles asked pleasantly.

"I'm a marine biologist," Vanessa replied. "I'm trying to get myself a spot on this small expedition where several biologists get to go underwater and study the life forms there. I also study things like mutations and what causes them."

"Mutations? Like the mutants from X-men?" The blue puff asked, her eyes wide with wonder. Buttercup rolled her eyes and muttered 'idiot' underneath her breath. Sandy shot the girl a look and the redheaded puff kicked her sister underneath the table. Buttercup hissed out in pain, but chose to remain quiet.

"No, mutations is something different. Mutations are a change in a DNA sequence that affects genetic information. Mutations are affected by mutagens. Some examples of mutagens are things like radiation or UV rays. You should know this Bubbles. You're in biology." Blossom replied bluntly as she helped herself to the food in front of her. Everyone looked at Blossom, surprised, except for John, Brick and Vanessa.

"That's right," Vanessa said impressed, ignoring Blossom's remark to Bubbles.

"Perfectionist," Buttercup teased quietly while the blue puff sank in her seat, trying to recover from her display on her lack of intelligence.

"Oh, girls, I have letters for you," John stated suddenly, trying to break the tension. He glanced at Vanessa. "If you don't mind me handing them to the girls?"

Vanessa shook her head, "Not at all."

He pulled out three white envelopes and handed them to his daughters. The girls gladly took them and began to open them. Buttercup pulled out her letter and gasped.

"What?" Bubbles questioned as she opened her envelope.

"You gotta be kidding me! I have to tutor someone!" Buttercup exclaimed, upset. Blossom cocked an eyebrow as she stared at her sister.

"Does it say who you have to tutor?" She asked.

"Hold on," Buttercup answered as she scanned the letter. "NO! I have to tutor him!" she yelled as she pointed to the clueless Butch. Bubbles giggled at her sister's despair and Sandy glared sternly at the young girl.

"Buttercup, that was rude," The girls' former teacher said firmly.

"Have fun," Bubbles commented nonchalantly as she looked at her letter. Buttercup looked at her sister and growled at her. Suddenly, Bubbles exclaimed, "Oh boy! It's a letter from Bobby!"

"Who?" Boomer asked his counterpart's redhead sister.

"Her boyfriend from Canada," Buttercup answered for Blossom carelessly. Boomer nodded as he leaned back into his chair comfortably. Buttercup, in hopes of getting back at her sister, muttered, "He's too fruity and girlish..." The blue puff glared at her sister and was about to comment when the new Mrs. Utonium cut her off.

"What's your letter, Blossom?" Sandy asked as she sat down at her chair and placed a bowl of mashed potatoes down on the table.

Blossom glanced down at the return address and her breath hitched. She glanced up at her family and whispered, "It's a letter from Stanford." She tore open the letter, quickly read it and then murmured, "They want me to attend their one year course for young writers!"

John carefully put down the spoon to the mashed potatoes and smiled gleefully. "That's wonderful, sweetie, but when do you have to leave?"

"In one week."

John choked on his food. "What!? But what about school? You're still attending that!"

Blossom smiled. "Don't worry. I get credits while I'm there, so sophomore year would be completed. I'll come back my junior year and finish off school. If I do this, it's practically a shoo in for when I really do go to college."

The professor stared at his redheaded daughter, who was staring at him back. Exhaling a deep breath, he muttered, "You better get packing."

The night had passed, then three days passed and finally the week passed. During the week, Blossom gradually packed her things into boxes and got them prepared for college. Buttercup and Bubbles attended their normal classes, but Blossom stayed home and packed. Finally, Sunday night came and neither Bubbles, Buttercup nor Blossom could sleep. They all thought deeply of Stanford.

Bubbles, being the sweet girl she was, worried if Blossom could handle Stanford and not get picked on. Buttercup (albeit, begrudginly) worried that her sister would never return (which she would never admit out loud) and Blossom worried that she would flunk her class. As the sun slowly rose into the sky the next morning, Blossom idly crawled out of bed and got ready for her long journey.

"Hey," Buttercup greeted quietly as she walked into her sister's room. Blossom looked her door and smiled.

"Hey," she greeted back. An awkward silence passed between the two siblings as Buttercup watched her sister get ready for her trip.

"Um, no matter what, Blossy, you'll do fine at college," Buttercup said as she rubbed her left arm. Blossom faced her sister and smiled. This must be really important to Buttercup if she was calling her Blossy. She noticed that Buttercup was also struggling to say the next part. Finally, the raven-haired teen blurted out. "Promise me you won't stay there forever."

"I promise and thank you," Blossom whispered. Buttercup smiled weakly, feeling as if her dignity was slipping through her fingers, and turned on her heel and exited the room. Later that morning, Blossom packed her belongings into her father's trunk and turned to her mother and sisters.

"I'll be back before you know it," The redhead said quietly as she drew her sisters into a hug. Buttercup and Bubbles wrapped their arms around their sister and hugged back. "Oh and Buttercup, don't pick on Heaven now that I'm going to be gone."

"Who? Me? Pick on her?" Buttercup replied sarcastically. Blossom smirked, but shook her head.

"Have fun at Stanford sweetheart," Sandy called as she watched Blossom and John get into the car. Blossom smiled and waved her final goodbye. She slammed the door shut and buckled her seat belt. John slowly backed out of the driveway and headed in the direction of Townsville Airport. Blossom waved bye again as the car sped off. Buttercup and Bubbles energetically waved bye to their intelligent sister.

"Come on Bubbles," Buttercup said once the car was out of view. "Let's go to school." Bubbles nodded as she grabbed her backpack that was on the floor and took off, following her sister.

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