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Chapter 20: Only Hope


Blossom sighed heavily. She did not want to do this, but she made a promise to the captain that she would. She looked at her two sisters, who were wearing the same grim expressions that she wore on her face, and the pink puff knew that they were feeling the same. She took a deep breath and rang the doorbell. She looked down to the ground and started shuffling her feet. Now she knew how cops felt.

She stopped shuffling her feet when an elderly lady opened the door. Blossom's pink eyes met the woman's pale blue ones and knew that this was Mrs. Gertson. Clearing her throat, Blossom began to speak, "Mrs. Gertson, I presume?"

"That's me." The woman responded.

"Mrs. Gertson, I don't know how to tell you this…" Blossom's voice trailed off, trying to find the right words to say. She made eye contact with the woman once again. "Are you aware that a battle against Ivy in California occurred?"

Mrs. Gertson slowly nodded and said, "Yes, I am aware."

"Well, you see," The pink puff started, but was interrupted.

"If you don't mind me asking," the woman said, "but are you Blossom of the Powerpuff Girls?"

"Yes ma'am, I am." Blossom said and then continued her sentence, "Mrs. Gertson, your husband was involved in the battle. He was shot in the left shoulder and I'm afraid to tell you this…"

Mrs. Gertson's face fell. Tears began to brim her eyes as she covered her mouth with her hand. "No…it can't be. He was alive last time I talked to him. He promised to come back. He promised he would be there for our grandson's third birthday…"

"I'm sorry," Blossom murmured as she looked down to the ground. Her heart clenched as she heard the woman let out terribly loud sobs. Bubbles and Buttercup exchanged sad glances as they watched the woman fall to her knees, crying. The blue puff walked up to Mrs. Gertson and started soothing her with a soft rub on her back. Mrs. Gertson grabbed Bubbles' blue shirt and sobbed in the blue puff's arms.

"Oh Wayne…" She sobbed. "Why?"

"Mrs. Gertson," The hot-tempered leader of the Powerpuffs began, "Townsville is having a funeral service for the fallen heroes of the battle. It would honor us if you and your family would join us in the memorial service of your husband as well as the other officers that had fallen."

Mrs. Gertson broke free from Bubbles' comforting arms, stood up and looked straight into Blossom's eyes, "Young lady, it would be our honor to be there. My family and I will join you in California."

"You don't have to pay anything." Buttercup informed. "The Mayor of Townsville has already provided you with a hotel and flight. You and your family would be going there for free. It's the least we could do for your husband."

Mrs. Gertson nodded, "Thank you."

"No," Bubbles said quietly as she stood up, "Thank you."

Brick stared up at the night sky on the porch, only the soft sounds of his family coming inside his home and the brief moments cars would pass by. No one was celebrating their victory over the tyrannical woman who had taken over the Earth for only a year. The celebrating was for tomorrow, but Brick didn't feel like celebrating. He felt like he shouldn't even be allowed to celebrate. He was the one who had brought Blossom even more down when what she needed was support. Her sisters and his brothers fulfilled that role for the Powerpuff leader.

"Brick?" a gentle voice interrupted his thoughts. The red ruff looked to the side and found his adoptive mother staring at his with sympathetic eyes. Apparently she knew he was feeling down. She sat down next to him and asked, "Are you okay? You seem depressed."

Brick stayed silent and turned back to looking at the night sky. "Do I have to go to this celebration? I don't feel like I should participate."

"Brick that is absurd!" Ms. Bellum object immediately. "You helped defeat Ivy along with the others!" Brick started to protest, however Ms. Bellum continued, "And don't give me this 'Blossom wouldn't have been brought down if it weren't for me' argument. We've already been through this and I'll tell you again that it wasn't your fault. It was Ivy's!"

The Rowdyruff leader was about the argue with his mother that it was his fault when both noticed Blossom standing on the sidewalk that led to the porch of the Bellum house. She smiled meekly at the two as her eyes darted from Ms. Bellum to Brick. "Am I interrupting something?"

Ms. Bellum smiled pleasantly at the girl and shook her head. "No, Blossom, you aren't. I was just telling Brick that it wasn't his fault that you were brought down emotionally and that it was Ivy's fault."

Brick groaned and Blossom blinked. Apparently the pink puff was not expecting to hear that and Brick didn't want his counterpart to know that. The girl sighed. "Oh…well…I guess I can come back later if you're still talking."

The older woman shook her head. "Nonsense."

"Okay then…" Blossom murmured. "Um…my dad asked me to give this to Brick."

She held out an envelope towards Ms. Bellum and the Mayor's assistant looked at them questioningly. She took them from Blossom's hand, "What is it?"

"A letter of recommendation," Blossom explained. It was then that Brick looked at his counterpart. "My dad had said that Brick wanted to get into Harvard Law and that he needed a letter of recommendation. My mom had written the letter and told me to give it to him."

Ms. Bellum rose an eyebrow, "But you six are barely going into twelfth grade."

The Powerpuff leader nodded, "They know, but my parents figured the sooner he has it, the sooner he can start mailing his college applications."

The Mayor's assistant shrugged and nodded. "I guess that makes sense. I'll just go put this away somewhere safe. We wouldn't want to loose this." She turned around to go into the house, but suddenly stopped. She then faced Blossom. "Where are you planning on going for college?"

"I honestly don't know." The redheaded teenager replied. "I guess Stanford again. I got a call from my friend Heaven who told me she was going for her college degree there."

"So you're going back to be with her?" Ms. Bellum asked. Blossom nodded. "What about your sisters?"

"Bubbles wants to go to some art school," The pink puff responded, "I can't remember the name. And for now Buttercup just wants to go to a local college."

Ms. Bellum nodded again and said, "Well, I'm going to go put this away. Can you wait here? Your father wanted me to give him the schedule for the ceremony tomorrow. Since you're here, I figure I can give it to you now."

Blossom agreed and then the older woman retreated into the house. The younger girl sighed and she focused on the small flower garden in front of the house. Brick looked back at the sky, stealing glances at his counterpart every now and then. All Blossom wanted was to get out of there. She could feel the tension between the two teenagers and the girl hated the feeling. It had been there ever since their fight a couple of weeks before they defeated Ivy.

Brick, too, could feel the tension and awkwardness. Deciding to break the tension, he said, "Thanks for bring the letter over."

Blossom merely nodded in response, not trusting herself to speak to him. She was too afraid that she would say something that would ignite a fight between the two. She was hurt and she didn't want to also say something that could ruin what the two carried now. Blossom snorted. What did they have now? Nothing but awkward silence between them. They couldn't even speak to each other whenever they were alone and when they did speak it was only several sentences at a time. Brick decided to try again.

"Look Blossom…" He started. "About that night you woke up, I - "

"Please don't talk about that," Blossom interrupted, her eyesight fixed on the flowers, "I was confused about everything and weak at that moment. It was a mistake I shouldn't have said." Brick was taken aback. His counterpart then looked at him; "All I want is to be friends. Nothing more, nothing less."

The red ruff blinked several times, registering what she had said. He was deeply confused. Why would she say she loved him if she didn't mean it? He sat back in his chair trying to understand why she considered it a mistake. He shrugged to himself and accepted what she wanted. If she wanted to only be friends, so be it. Sighing, he said, "Okay. If that's the way you want it, fine."

Blossom nodded and at that moment Ms. Bellum came out of the house. She handed Blossom the schedule of the ceremony. The pink puff bid the two farewell and flew off into the night sky towards her home. Brick looked down to his feet. "You heard everything, didn't you mom?"

Ms. Bellum looked at her son, "It's none of my business, but yes, I did." Brick looked back up at the sky. "Don't let her go. I let someone I loved very much go and there isn't a day when I don't regret my decision. You let her go, you may regret it later."

Without another word, Ms. Bellum left and went into the house. Brick closed his eyes and shook his head. He and Blossom made a decision and he was going to stick with it. They were just friends. She didn't love him like she had said. And he didn't love her.


Blossom flew into her window. She knew she would be home late and left her window open so she wouldn't wake her family up. They were all exhausted from helping rebuild the city. For the past month, the entire Utonium family, as well as the Bellum family, had helped rebuild Townsville back to its former glory as well as adding a few new additions to the city. It hadn't cost any money due to the fact that many states had sent free supplies for them and the citizens all pitched in to bring their homes back.

Blossom collapsed on her bed and took in a deep breath. She buried her face in her pillow and clutched her sheets. She was so tired from everything. From the fighting, the rebuilding and lastly from her emotions. Blossom turned on her back and looked up at the ceiling. She was emotionally drained and she knew it. She had five months before school was restarted and the pink puff had decided that between that time she would take a break.

She grabbed the newspaper that was sitting on her nightstand and her pink eyes examined the headline:


She snorted and tossed the paper to the side. Saved the day a year too late. She hadn't told anyone, but she was beginning to think of resigning as leader of the Powerpuffs and giving Brick the power to lead the six into battle. Let someone else deal with the grief as being the leader. She couldn't do it anymore and it took her twelve years for her to realize that. Blossom crawled underneath the covers and started at her open window. Her eyes became heavy until finally darkness clouded her vision and her breathing became even.

Blossom looked around. She almost instantaneously knew that she was having a vision, but the surroundings were different from all her previous ones. The aroma of the visions was sweet and comfort had filled her very being. She sat down and felt the grass beneath her hands. She liked this vision best out of all the ones she's had before. A small chuckle interrupted her thoughts and Blossom looked for the source.

"This is not a vision, Blossom." The owner of the laugh said. Out from behind the bushes came her guardian dragon in human form. She furrowed her eyebrows as she stood up. He had left her, hadn't he? As if he read her thoughts, he started laughing. "Yes, I did, but I came back momentarily to congratulate you on your success against Ivy."

"Thanks." She murmured.

"You did excellent Blossom," The Humanized Dragon continued, "You let your sisters help you defeat Ivy. I was wondering how long it would take you to accept that it wasn't just your responsibility, but you are so stubborn and kind-hearted."

Blossom narrowed her eyes, "I thought you came to congratulate me, not insult me."

"You misunderstand me." Dragon laughed. "I am congratulating you and I am also merely expressing my feelings on the whole matter." The pink puff relaxed and quit her glaring. The dragon then grew very serious. "However, your job is not done."

Blossom blinked, "What do you mean? Ivy's gone! Is she coming back?"

"No, my young friend," Her guardian said calmly, "But Ivy's rise to power was merely the knife cutting into the skin. Now the infection is spreading throughout the wound."

The pink puff rose an eyebrow and crossed her arms across her chest, "Stop talking in riddles and tell me what you are talking about."

The Dragon sat down on the ground and sighed heavily, "Ivy was the prelude to what is to come. Because other villains saw what one powerful person can do to take over the Earth, they too are going to gamble with their lives and power and try their luck at taking over the world."

"Well," Blossom said calmly, "then we just stop that before that happens."

Dragon shook his head, "Don't get arrogant, Blossom. You saw what happened to you and your sisters last time you got arrogant. Someone was able to overpower you and you were brought down emotionally. Do you want that to happen again? Just because you beat someone powerful does not mean someone even more powerful will come and try their luck."

"I'm sorry." Apologized Blossom as she sat down beside her guardian. "I shouldn't have let my haughtiness talk for me."

"You have much to learn, Blossom." Dragon said as he stared at the green lands before him. He then looked at the girl sitting next to him. "My time has come and I must leave."

"Okay." Blossom murmured as the two stood up.

"Remember," The guardian dragon warned, "there will be others to come and test how strong you are, but you must never falter. Use the love of your friends and family and you will always conquer your enemies. Your strength lies within your heart. Always continue hoping for a brighter future for there always is one."

Blossom opened her eyes and cringed once the sunlight poured into the them. She groaned and rolled off her bed. She fell on the ground and got up from the floor. She walked over to her closet and began mumbling to herself. "Some fifteen minutes that was."

She paused and listened to the sounds of her house. It was still early meaning that Bubbles and Buttercup were not up yet. In fact, both were probably still asleep. Their sleeping habits as of late had made them wake up late and go to bed early. Because the girls hadn't gotten a good amount of sleep when Ivy was around, the privilege of sleeping in late and comfortably was pure bliss. However, Blossom remained with going to bed late and wake up early.

Paranoia, Bubbles had whispered to Buttercup while the girls were out. The blonde had thought that her redheaded sister wasn't listening, but Blossom caught every word. Buttercup merely mumbled her agreement to Bubbles.

The muffled sounds of the news and the delicious aroma of pancakes immediately notified the pink puff that both her parents were up. No doubt her father was sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee in his hand watching the news whilst her mother cooked the pancake mix and humming to herself. It was their morning routine.

Blossom grabbed her robe and headed down stairs. As she passed her sisters' rooms, she could hear the quiet mumbles and soft snores from their rooms. She headed downstairs and was welcomed by the warm scent of cooked pancakes. Sandy looked up from her cooking once Blossom entered and smiled, "Hello, Blossom. How many pancakes?"

Blossom held up two fingers and sat down at her seat. Mrs. Utonium placed a plate of pancakes in front of John Utonium and Blossom. Both immediately ate and watched the news silently. Nothing horrifying was on. All the criminals were in jail, Ivy was gone and monsters hadn't attacked in about a year. Reports of cities finishing their rebuilding and funerals taking place took the place of the usual news reports of murders, kidnappings and other political reports.

"Ready for the funeral ceremony?" John asked unexpectedly. The pink puff looked at her father and shrugged. To be honest, Blossom didn't feel like she deserved any recognition for her action. It was then that she blinked. She must've gone crazy. If she was smaller, she would have written out a five page speech, ironed her best dress and even boasted about how she was receiving an award. Of course, her sisters would have received them too, but it usually gave her a chance to gloat.

Now, however, Blossom wasn't up to the award. She hadn't written out a speech. She didn't iron her dress and she most certainly remained quiet about receiving an award. Yet, somehow, in the midst of this oddity, Blossom was completely fine with it. She didn't care about all that anymore. All she wanted was peace. All she wanted was her life back. She had achieved that. Now she wanted to move on.

"Blossom?" Sandy asked. Blossom snapped from her thoughts and looked her mother. She gave a reassuring smile and went back to eating her food. The three remained in a serene silence until cries from Buttercup and Bubbles erupted from upstairs. They were, again, fighting over the bathroom and who was going to use it first. It was that precise moment, Blossom finished her food, put her plate in the sink and went up stairs.

As expected, the two Powerpuff sisters were so busy arguing that they didn't realize Blossom had walked into the bathroom until they heard the shower running and the click of the door locking. The blonde and raven-haired teenagers glared at each other and said in perfect unison, "This is your fault!"

It was raining lightly in the ceremonial area in the park. Flowers of different varieties had covered both the ceremonial podium and the funeral caskets of many fallen heroes of Townsville. The American flag covered over some caskets and families silently wept amongst themselves as they stayed near the casket of their loved ones. Blossom and her sisters walked through the maze of families and they finally found the Gertson family standing off in the corner. Obviously they had not found Captain Wayne Gertson's casket and decided to respectfully stay in one spot.

The three girls walked up to the family and instructed them to take a seat up in the front due to the fact that was where Captain Gertson was resting. The complied and immediately went to the front of the ceremonial circle. They all quietly sat down and the girls took their place behind the podium. Each sat next to their counterparts respectively and their parents on one side of them.

Once the families took their seats, the Mayor walked up the podium, his speech in hand. Ms. Bellum made him practice for a long time so he could do this funeral ceremony perfectly. Clearing his throat, the news crews and families attending quieted down. Once everyone was silent and the news crews were filming the Mayor started,

"Ladies and Gentlemen of Townsville, I welcome you to this ceremonial funeral. To some, it is a day of celebration, but to others it is unfortunately a day of mourning for their loved ones made a sacrifice in order to restore peace to Townsville. Almost a year ago, Ivy landed on Earth and sought a conquest of the planet. Her first step on her road to domination was in fact, Townsville.

"Our local heroes, the Powerpuffs Girls and Rowdyruff Boys fought valiantly. All their battles against her led up to one fateful day that would forever change some of the lives of the citizens here. Volunteers and law enforcement raised arms and fought alongside one another whilst the Powerpuffs and Rowdyruffs faced off against Ivy.

"During this horrifying battle, we lost many. Amongst them was Captain Wayne Gertson and Captain Eric Miller. Today, we honor both of the captains by placing them in Townsville Hall of Fame for their brave acts. We also honor the other heroes by setting up a memorial of them in Townsville Central Park. There, families and citizens alike can always remember those who fought with courage for peace.

"Lastly, we honor the Powerpuff Girls and Rowdyruff Boys for their bravery and strength in defeating Ivy. For many years the girls, and now boys, have defended our small town against monster, alien and villain invasions. Today, we honor them by placing them in Townsville's Hall of Fame along with those who also have fallen. We also give the boys and girls medals of honor in a way of saying thank you."

The Mayor then proceeded to calling each of the boys and girls up and gave them medals and a certificate stating that they were in the Hall of Fame. Clearing his throat again, the Mayor turned back to the audience and said, "I now give you Blossom Utonium."

All eyes turned to the pink puff as she stood up and walked to the podium. Silence filled her ears and her throat tightened as she looked into the eyes of each attendant. She had made no speech for she promised herself she would speak from her heart. Adjusting the microphone so it was positioned before her lips, she began to speak,

"Thank you citizens of Townsville and City Hall for this great honor, but honestly, we wouldn't have been able to win this fight without your undying faith in us. It is you, the citizens of Townsville that are the true heroes. Not because you may or may not have super-powers or special abilities, but because you never stopped believing in each other, you never stopped hoping for a brighter future. We want to say thank you to you and to several people who helped us get through our trials and tribulations.

"First, the Doom Girls, who may have started out against us, but in the end they showed true nobility. Second, Aaron Saunders, who kept a steady heart and tried to help my sisters and I as much as possible although we truly did not trust him after Princess's betrayal. Third, Captain Wayne Gertson and Captain Eric Miller, who both sacrificed their lives so that their families and this city could live in peace. Lastly, we would like to thank the volunteers and law enforcement that banded together and fought against villains and enemies alike to defend the front and make sure that the plague of Townsville was vanquished."

Blossom paused and watched everyone wipe away their silent tears. She released a shallow breath and continued on,

"When I woke up this morning, I had promised myself that I could not accept such an award and that is what I tell you today. No matter how many medals of honor to you give us, the true honor is that we are able to live in peace and keep on hoping. With our hearts beating strong and in unison, we can always defend our homes, our country and our families.

"For it is as Captain Gertson said, it is the unity of this country that enables us to defend our homes and what we hold dear to us. He fought for liberty and freedom and I promise that I will continue to do that until I die. He and Captain Miller served many years in the army and they saw what true brotherhood was. That is what Townsville achieved and keeps on achieving. Once again, Townsville, thank you for giving us these awards, but most importantly, thank you for believing in us and have continuous hope."

After several moments of silence, applause broke out. Blossom stepped down from the podium and the Mayor replaced her. He quieted down the audience and spoke, "Ladies and gentlemen thank you for attending. You may not go find your family members."

With that, the families got up and the news crews stopped filming. The Powerpuff Girls and Rowdyruff Boys got up from their seats and started mingling with the crowd. As they watched the Gertson family pass by Captain Gertson's casket, tears in each of their eyes, Brick asked Blossom, "How do you do it?"

Blossom broke her eyes away from the scene, her eyebrows furrowed in confusion. "How do I do what?"

The red ruff sighed, "How do you always remain hopeful even in the most dimmest of moments. Even in the most darkest of times. When everything collapses around you, your friends and family slipping through your fingers and the darkness that is caving in around you tries to make you believe that you have failed, you still remain hopeful. How do you do it?"

Blossom bit her bottom lip and stared at the ground. She watched as the rain fell around the large tent until finally she spoke, "Because we 'have a mission beyond the stars to protect liberty.'"

"Who said that?"

"President George W. Bush did," Blossom spoke. Her rose colored eyes shifted over to her sisters and her family. "It's my sisters, my parents and my friends that keep me hopeful. When I look at them, all I want is for them to feel safe and happy. It's because they have hope that I can hope for everything. There were moments when I felt weak, but it was my loved ones that kept me going, that encouraged me. It's the children in the park laughing, squealing in delight and enjoying themselves that keep me going and let me have faith.

"Captain Gertson once said to me that all he wanted was to protect his family and his home and that's what I want. To protect those I love and to protect what I cherish and hold dearly to my heart. That is how I have hope constantly. It is simply my friends, family and every single child out there that are at the window in the evening as they wait for their fathers or mothers return home. That, Brick, is what keeps me going on strong."

As she finished speaking, the rain stopped and then clouds finally started to pass over. She looked over at her counterpart and murmured, "Come." She walked away from the funeral with Brick following her and came upon a small hill. She pointed to the horizon and said, "Look at that sunset there." The red ruff followed her eyes and saw the sun emitting glows of pinks, oranges and yellows. "That beauty right there keeps me hopeful."

Brick nodded in silence. The two stayed in silence, merely watching the sun go down and one by one, their siblings came over and joined them. Bubbles hugged Blossom from behind and Buttercup grabbed her sister's right arm and hugged it as she leaned her head on Blossom's shoulder.

The cool wind of late April blew on to the six hero's faces. Their life as they knew was finally at peace, and all their moments of doubt, uncertainty, fear and jealousy had finally been dissolved. As the legendary heroines of Townsville looked up into the huge night sky, they noticed a familiar heart signal. Bubbles smiled and looked at her two sisters.

"It seems that fighting is one endless dance," She murmured. Without another word from anyone, the three girls took off into the sky with their respective colors trailing behind them.

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