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Seto- Ichigo had a new wond and I wanted to test it out..

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(         ) = thought

//        //=Yami to Yugi

/          /= Yugi and Yami

Melting a Heart Of Ice

Chapter 1-Unexpected

     Seto taped his pen lightly on his office desk. He stared at the monitor. The images of bar graghs and line graphs filled the screen. Kaiba rubbed his face and groan. He got out of his chair and went to check on Mokuba. He opened the door slightly. He smiled and the sleeping Kaiba. It seemed that it lifted up his spirit. He sighed and dragged himself towards his room. He slipped the covers undo him as he went into bed. The light from the moon reflected against the walls of his room. He looked at the clock on the desk next to him. It read 12:30. He turned around, hoping that it would give him some effect. It didn't. He finally got up and got dressed. He didn't know what went through him, but he decided to walk outside. Taking out his blue trench coat, he quietly ran down stairs. He slowly opened the door and slipped out without a noise.

      It felt good outside. The breeze rustled through the wind caressing Seto's check. He was walking down the road when he saw three familiar faces. He groaned and ducked his head under his trench coat.

     "Joey!" Tea whimpered. "You didn't tell me the movie was 3 hours long!" Tea crossed her arms and rolled her eyes. Yugi was walking next to her. Seto was still walking closer and closer toward the group.

     "Don't worry Tea," Yugi reassured, "At least you're parents are on vacation for the whole month. Grandpa is probably waiting for me at the game shop. Probably getting ready for a lecture about curfew." Tea smiled slightly. He looked at Yugi sweetly and then frowned at Joey. Joey looked back at Tea.

     "Hey! It's not my fault. Tristan and Bakura wanted to come and then backed out right after we got to the movies. We had to drop them back home again! Sheesh, just because they heard that The Ring was scary. Scary…pwssh…more like whimpy." Joey laughed. Tea and Yugi looked at each other and back at Joey and sighed.

      "Joey…you screamed all though the movie!" Yugi explained. Seto got up to the group. His eyes were narrow and straight. He continued walking. He banged shoulders with Joey. Joey twirled around and realized that it was Kaiba. He took Kaiba by the shoulder and forced Kaiba to turn. He locked eyes with Kaiba's.

     "You could atleast say excuse me," Joey shouted. Kaiba smirked and looked to his side as if to say, "You gotta be kidding me" Joey grew a light shade of red. "You wanna a piece of me?" Joey demanded. Kaiba chuckled.

     "I rather not…I shouldn't waste my time with you when I have better things and more important things to do." Tea was in the middle of the road calling out to Joey. Yugi was already on the other side. Joey was too involved with Kaiba to notice. Joey took him by the colar. Kaiba just smirked and looked straight into the blonde's eyes. This made Joey flinched a little.

     "Just like the first time we dueled Joey," Kaiba said. Joey looked confused. "Oh don't tell me you forgot chiwawa," Kaiba taunted, "Here, maybe this will refresh you memory." Kaiba took Joey by the collar and threw him to the floor. The blonde grunted. Yugi ran to Joey's side. Tea froze there in the middle of the street.

     "That was uncalled for," Joey shouted. Kaiba rolled his eyes as Yugi ran to Joey.

      "See just like the first time," Kaiba said, "Only..Yugi? Didn't you steal that quote from Bakura…ah well…at the end…you all are morons." Tea came to her senses. She started walking toward the group. Sudeenly, all that was heard was the screeching of tires. At a far distance, tea saw two flickering lights. Tea froze and screamed. Seto whirled around. His eyes filled with horror. His trench coat flowed in the breeze.


     "Mommy" the 6- year old screamed. But the boy heard only screams of his mom and dad. The broad man in the driver's seat whirled around just in time to get out of the trucks way, but the car of the family was then hit by another car. The 6 year old listened carefully. There were no more screams.


     Seto shook his head. He dashed toward Tea and pushed her down to the other side of the road. Seto screamed. The young brunette felt a burst of pain rush into his gut and leg. He fell to the ground. He heard voices calling for an ambulance. Tea was hunched over him, sobbing and screaming. Tears from her eyes stained his shirt. Tea's figure soon faded out into darkness. He tried to listen, but…there were no more screams.

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