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Melting A Heart Of Ice Ch. 19 - The Final Chapter- My Fate

Yami waited in front of the door of Kikyo's house. All of a sudden the door bursts through and two adults come out smiling like teenagers. They looked at Yami as he smiled.

                "Hello Mr. and Mrs. Minobara," Yami said politely.

                "Why hello, Yami," the women replied.

                "Is Kikyo there," Yami asked hopefully.

                "Yes, she is," the dad replied happily, "She's in her room." The dad turned to his wife and whispered gently, "Better get going sweetheart, don't want to miss the airplane." The husband nuzzled his wife's nose.

                "Well, nice meeting you Yami," Mrs. Minobara said as she walked away from the house. "Tell Kikyo that we love her and we'll be back in 2 weeks!" the mother said joyously as she shut the car door. The car sped off leaving Yami alone in front of the opened door. He welcomed himself in and up the stairs to Kikyo's room. He knocked quietly.

                "Coming," Kikyo's voice rang. She opened the door to reveal Yami. Her smile slightly turned into a frown. She stood aside the door for Yami to come in. Yami came in and looked at Kikyo who was looking down. Kikyo cleared her throat and looked at Yami.

                "Yea," Kikyo asked. Yami looked at her.

                "It's not fine between us, is it," Yami said. Kikyo closed the door and sat on her bed.

                "Of course it is," Kikyo said quietly.

                "Then why doesn't it feel like it," Yami asked curiously, "We weren't as close as we were." Yami took a seat on her chair. Kikyo stared at him.

                "Doesn't feel like that to me," Kikyo said normally.

                "Yea it does," Yami said, "Because you won't even look at me whenever you're answering back."

                "Do I have to look at you every time I talk," Kikyo asked annoyed. "Why can't you and I live separate lives and not even talk to each other. It seems better that way than having to sit awkwardly with someone that you don't want to sit with."

                "Are you saying you don't want to hang out," Yami said. He was offensed by the statement she gave.

                "You said that yesterday," Kikyo shrugged.

                "I said I didn't want to go out with you," Yami replied, "I didn't say I didn't want to spend more time with you."

                "What'd the difference," Kikyo blurted out, "Going out is spending more time together."

                "But I don't like you like that," Yami exploded, "You're a nice girl but I like someone else. I like Tea. It's so annoying when you guys keep badgering me about who I like. You badger me, Joey badgers me, Tristan badgers me, and even Tea! Why can't you guys deal with the fact that I like Tea." Yami stood up from his chair, gesturing every move he made.

                "You know you'll never get her, so why bother!" Kikyo said loudly. "She's with Kaiba! Why can't YOU deal with the fact that she likes Kaiba and not you!"

                "It's not like they're married," Yami screamed. "Couples break up and when they do, I'll be there by her side! Just like I always do."

                "Don't you realize tat she'll never return your feelings," Kikyo scowled, "She likes Kaiba. You have to deal with it. You can't wait forever!"

                "Watch me!" Yami said. He pulled his arms back.

                "You're being so stubborn," Kikyo said

                "Whatever," Yami said quickly. "I'm out. I don't care what anybody thinks."

                "That's right! You don't!" Kikyo said loudly, "The Pharoah doesn't care about anything anymore! Once something terrible happens, he just seals them up and keeps it to himself until another millennia comes and he has to do the same thing again!" Yami walked out the door.

                "That was 5,000 years ago!" Yami scowled, "I don't even remember what happened. It was a good cause anyways! You should have been proud!" Yami shut the door of the house and stomped down the sidewalk.

                Days passed like seconds and soon everyone was tearing away from each. The autumn leaves now crumbled and lay beneath the snow as the wind continued its fierce might through Domino City. The long forgotten so called couple that used to be the ever so joyful  team of Yami and Kikyo, had become as distant as ever. They never took the time to say hi or even bothered to wave like they used to. There was as if a wall of ice  stood between them and no matter what they did, nothing could penetrate it.

                Tea found out about Yami and why he really put down Kikyo. Tea was shocked. She didn't even know Yami liked her. She soon started eating with Kikyo rather than her usual gang.

                Kaiba continued watching his little brother everyday after school, holding his hand the whole time. He struggled with the fact the Mokuba might be like this for a long time, and maybe forever. He kept his tears welled in his eyes. More often, Kaiba visited the grave of his parents. He never forgave them. His eyes turned into ice. He never did forget his mother saying that they'll be there for him and Mokuba. Everything in his path seemed to disappear and make a mess inside him. Everything he had done just seemed to fade until he was nothing but a shell. Everything was suppose to be perfect. He was born to be perfect and happy. He was made to work and not feel. Atleast, that was what Gazaburo thought. But there was one flaw in his plan. Kaiba did feel. He just didn't know how to use them.

                 Tea and Kaiba's relationship was fading away quickly. It was still there. Their feelings were the same…for the most part. After what happened to Mokuba, nothing was ever exactly the same between them. With Kaiba's emotional stress upon him, Kaiba had no intention of telling anyone his fears or doubts or feelings. Too afraid to lose someone else, he hid behind the shadows of an everyday CEO, even though his time of managing KaibaCorp was soon running out. Tea, worried as she was, was too afraid to comfort him in reason that Kaiba would just make a remark that would turn her words upside-down. They never spoke to each other since Kaiba's break out at the hospital.

                Christmas Eve was already today. Holidays were already going on and kids took this advantage to run outside and play with the snow. People hustled to each store for last minute shopping. Kaiba just stood near his window and looked out. Today was the day. He couldn't bear imagining what he felt. He wanted to live. He wanted to see Mokuba wake up and infd his big brother smiling down on his and giving him a hug. But then again, it may take years for Mokuba to see him smile and his life wasn't so grand right now. In fact, most of the days, he just wanted his life over with and done. Not wanting to hold on the everday sorrow and pain one gives after having so much stuff going through his life. He lost so many people in his years. He lost so many friends back then, so many loved ones. He just wanted them back. He wanted his mom. He wnted her warm embrace. He wanted his dad's manly hand patting his back whole-heartedly. He wanted them to just be there for him. Kaiba sighed and left his window and walked out of his mansion and into the streets.

                Tea walked beside the stores slowly with her head bowed down. She never knew things could go this wrong. Especially, when it was nearing Christmas. She looked at her watch, it was now 10:00 at night. She's been walking around for almost an hour. Nobody was there this late except for about 4 teenagers hanging out in the middle of Domino High.  She sighed heavily and lifted her head up. Kaiba was walking the opposite way. His head was facing downwards as he walked. Tea lowered her face and kept it to the side so he wouldn't notice her.

Kaiba just continued walking until he bumped into somebody. He looked up and saw Tea. Kaiba's heart pounded. He didn't want her here. He was going to the park. Nobody was suppose to be in his way. He nodded at Tea and continued walking. Tea quickly grabbed onto Kaiba's shoulder.

"Hey," Tea said quickly, "Don't even say hi anymore?" Kaiba gulped and stared at her. He was too hard to face her hopeful eyes.  Tea's eyebrows lifted in hope.

"Well, I do," Kaiba started, "I just need to do something right now." Tea cocked her head.

"And you don't even have the time to visit me anymore," Tea asked. She sighed deeply in depression. "You don't even care about this relationship anymore." Tea looked down and wrapped her arms around herself.

"Its just very important that I go, Tea," Kaiba explained.

"And so you don't even have time to even say one quick hi?" Tea asked. "You've been acting differently lately."

"I've been this way since I was small," Kaiba said normally, "Sometimes I'm this way and sometimes I'm not." Kaiba looked at his watch. It was now 10:20. Kaiba sighed in frustration.

"I don't mean like that," Tea said, "I meant…we sort of became distant." Kaiba sighed. This was going to take long.

"I'm coping with some stuff," Kaiba stuttered. Her blocked out his picture of his parents.

"I know you're coping. But wouldn't you like to spend Christmas with me," Tea asked. Kaiba sighed.

"I have something important to do in the park, Tea," Kaiba said, "Why won't you spend Christmas with Yami or something."  Tea backed up.

"Why Yami?" Tea said.

"Why not?" Kaiba said.

"Maybe because I don't want you. Maybe I want to spend it with Kikyo rather then Yami. Have you thought about that?" Tea defended.

"Whatever," Kaiba mumbled and he started walking past her.

"And now you're leaving just like that," Tea asked. She sighed, "I know you are still struggling with your little brother and all but-," Tea said.

"There are no buts Tea." Kaiba said coldly, "I have to go now. Go off with Yami or whatever and have a nice Christmas Eve." Tea's face flushed with red. She ran up to Kaiba

"Yea. Maybe I do want to spend Christmas Eve with Yami, Kaiba. So I hope that whatever is so important to you today turns out swell." Tea said. She ran . Kaiba just stood there. Kaiba sighed. Another person lost…this is just fine and dandy. Kaiba continued walking to the park.

Tea ran as fast as she could then slowed down to catch her breath. Tears welled up in her eyes. She walked faster until she bumped into somebody. She looked up and saw Yami looking at her. Tea forced a smile on her face.

"Hey," Yami said shyly. He looked at Tea's puffy red eyes. His face filled with worry. "What's wrong?" Tea forced a smile again, but her lips shaked.

"Another fight with Kaiba," Tea said, "It didn't end up to pretty." Yami frowned.

"I'm sorry," Yami said. Tea shook her head continuously.

"It's not your fault," Tea said. Tea turned her head and saw Kaiba walking down the street. Tea's heart started beating. Kaiba's face looked up and as soon as he did, Tea  took Yami and intentionally kissed him on the lips as if to get Kaiba jealous.

Kaiba watched and is heart seemed to collasp. She doesn't care. She doesn't care after all.  Kaiba stared long and hard and roughly turned to the left into to the woods. It was going to take about 45 minutes to get to Domino Park. 30 minutes to make up his mind.  Everything was messed up and twisted in his life. There's so much he can't handle right now. And now afer seeing Tea…Tea kissing Yami. He just couldn't take it anymore. He stopped walking. Friends can kiss on the cheek, can't they?  He remembered Tea saying that. Kaiba's heart started beating harder. His eyes narrowed and glared at the snow covered floor. She didn't kiss him on the cheek this time. She kissed him on the lips. Simple as that. It was quite obvious that Tea did not want him in her life anymore. Kaiba continued walking. He made up his mind.

Yami broke the kiss and looked at Kaiba walking. Yami's hopes were crushed. He sighed and looked down. Tea looked at him confusingly.

"What's wrong Yami," Tea said clueless. Yami slowly looked at Tea. Her blue sparkling sapphire eyes twinkle in the nighttime. Yami's heart started beating at the gentle face of the girl in front of him. He shivered.

"This can't go on," Yami said. Tea cocked her head.

"But I thought you liked me," Tea said, not knowing what she did wrong. Yami looked to the side. He wanted her. He just wanted t hold her so closely, be with her every second.  But he knew.

"I do," Yami said, "But not like this." Tea backed away.

"What do you mean?" Tea said.

"You love Kaiba," Yami looked at her. Tea's eyes welled up slightly.

"What," Tea said, "I-I don't know what you're talking about."

"I want you to return my feelings because you want," Yami said. "Not to make someone else jealous… but to really love me." Yami said. "You care about Kaiba. You can't deny that, Tea."

"Yami," Tea explained, "I don't care for him."

"Tea," Yami said softly, "When you see him walk through the hallways, does time just stop dead in its track and everything is just blocked except for him?" Tea nodded slowly, beginning to smile.

"Yea," Tea said. Tears were caressing her skin.

"And do you get that warm feeling whenever he smiles at you," Yami said, "When he's looking at you like you're the only thing that matters."

"Y-yea," Tea said. She slowly looked at Yami hard in the eyes. Yami looked back at her. His eyes were soft and gentle.

"You can't pretend who you love," Yami said. He suddenly slowed down in his words, consuming their meaning. "No matter how hard you deny it, you can never deny that little feeling inside that just pops in whenever you see that person." A picture of Kikyo flashed in his mind. Her soft, gentle face smiling at him with a kind of sweetness that no one could process. He remembered his words. You can never deny that little feeling inside that pops in whenever you see that person. Yami looked down in shock. He looked to the side.

Tea looked at him. Her eyebrows raised in gratitude and she began to hug him. Yami smiled at hugged her back. She buried her face into his shoulder, with tears slowing down. She sniffed slightly.

"Yami," Tea asked softly, still hugging him. There was a pause.

"Yea," Yami said in response. He was still thinking about what he had said.

"Have I ever told you that I'm so thankful for having you as a friend…a best friend," Tea asked. Yami smiled and sighed happily as the wind rushed through.

"Thanks, Tea," Yami said; "I'm thankful for having someone thankful for having me as a friend." Tea smiled and laughed slightly. Yami chuckled, "No, I'm kidding. I'm thankful I have a friend like you too." Tea held him tightly and let go. She brushed away her tears and smiled. Yami wiped the remaining tears from her eyes and patted her shoulder.

"You should go and talk with Kaiba," Yami said. Yami remembered the time where Tea told him Kaiba was cutting himself. Yami remained calm, but he quickly spoke to Tea without letting her know his worries. "You should go to him before you won't be able to anymore…and its too late." Tea smiled and ran to Kaiba's house, leaving Yami all alone.

Yami watched Tea run. He sighed joyously. That was really what Yami was looking for. He was searching for someone to be a friend with. A real friend. And now he had found one. After so long, after 5,000 years, he had found true friends. Kikyo flashed in his mind. He shut his eyes. He had been a fool forever shutting his heart. He wasn't going to make the same mistake again. He started walking.

Kaiba walked continuously.  He was feeling so many things at the same time and it was getting taking him apart one by one. He never wanted his life to be like this. He never asked for it. He certainly didn't want it now. Everything that he did his best on was now shattered. His mind began a slideshow of his memories. His 5th birthday party, the funeral, the orphanage, Gazaburo, the company, Tea, Mokuba…Mokuba. Kaiba shut his eyes. Oh, Mokuba. He loved him so much. He didn't know why he couldn't get over the fact that Mokuba was in a concussion. So many people dealt with the same issue pretty well. They gotten over the fact, but why couldn't he? It was because they had family members to comfort them and care for them when they were in pain and who did he have? It used to be Mokuba to keep him sane, but without Mokuba…who was there? Tea? No…she had too many other things to worry about. More important things. Kaiba continued walking.

Tea knock on the door to Kaiba's mansion, but when she knock on it…the door was opened. Tea suspiciously opened it. No one was there. She quietly stepped in, peering through the hallways. She looked everywhere and nothing was to be seen or heard. She felt a sensation overtake her, as if something horrible was going to happen. Then she noticed the letter on the counter. Tea walked over there and opened the letter.

Dear Mokuba,

                Hey kiddo. I hope you're okay. What I'm about to say is coming from the heart and I'm writing down what I feel so if I don't make sense, then I hope you find out. I've been thinking. I don't own this company. I haven't earn anything to deserve it. So many things been going on that I have kept secretly to you and I regret that. I don't know when you'll get this. You might still be 10. You might be 20. But when you come home, you won't see you big brother there. It pains me to do this to you because I don't want to leave you, but sometimes I have to do stuff for me too. I have to get away from my life. Even if, the only option is to end it. As I said, I don't deserve anything. I don't deserve KaibaCorp. That is why, when you wake, you will have complete control over it. You will be the next CEO. I love you dearly and it hurts me as much as it hurts you. I love you so much. Never forget that your big brother is always there and that he'll always there. A thousands times, I find you there sliding down the banister just to greet me a hello. A thousand times I find you at my door at night wanting to say good night and give a hug. I'll never forget those times kiddo. Don't forget them either. Again, it pains me to do this to you. You are the last person that I would leave, but…I just can't handle things anymore. I hope you understand. I love you.

                                                                                                                Til the end of time forever…



P.S I have left a box of Christmas presents in my office. Check for your name. There's got to be a billion there for you. I love you again. I'll miss you. I love you.

                Tea breathed in deeply in tears. She gasped for breath. She walked quickly upstairs to Kaiba's office. She found a box on the desk. Indeed there were a lot. She looked around. She decided not to open them. But then she found one present that caught her attention. It was her name on the wrapping. She picked it up carefully and unwrapped it. Tea's eyes widened and she smiled. It was a snow globe. It had an angel dancing in the snow. She had remembered telling Kaiba that she loved snow globes. Suddenly, she remembered. As if a premonition, she received a vision that was similar to her vision a few weeks ago. She gently put down the globe and looked out the window. Her eyes widened. Kaiba was going to the park. Just like the vision showed her. And then something popped in her mind. That was what the vision was trying to tell her. That was why Kaiba was in such a hurry. Tea breathed in deeply and suddenly dashed out the Kaiba residence and heading to the park.

                She took the short way to the park. That was through the woods. She ran as fast as she could. She jumped over logs and around trees. Hoping for some miracle to happen, Tea whispered continuously that she'll be there in time.

                Kaiba just got to the gate of the park. He opened it slightly and went in. He went next to the fountain and stood by it. Suddenly, a tiny silver particles appeared and the angel came in. Kaiba rolled his eyes.

                "Must you always make a huge entrance," Kaiba said annoyed. The angel smiled slightly.

                "You have made up your mind?" the angel asked softly, a hint of nervousness in her voice.

                "Yes," Kaiba said weakly. There was fear in his eyes. He shut them. "I don't deserve the world and what I have. So…I'm ending it here and now." The angel's lips trembled and tears welled up. She quickly look to the side.

                "You don't want to rethi-,"

                "No," Kaiba stated, "No. I don't want to rethink. I don't deserve this. I don't deserve death. The angel sighed sadly and with one swift of an arm, a vortex opened. Kaiba looked around the world for the last time.

                Tea ran and ran. He feet was getting tired but she couldn't stop now. She was so close. So close.

                Kaiba let out one last sigh. He hesitated and turned his head toward the sky to give it one more look before he went. His eyebrows raised as his eyes narrowed and looked at the moon. Although his eyes narrowed, his eyes were not full of pain, but full of pain. Kaiba turned his head and look down. Then he looked around him. He shook his head furiously and continued going into the vortex. Suddenly a scream entered his head.

                "No!" a girl yelled from the gate. Kaiba stopped and squinted at the girl running frantically. Tea reached the end and stopped abruptly. What she saw was truly unbelievable. It just had to be a dream. It was just like the vision showed her. Kaiba sighed and shook his head. He continued his way toward the opening of silver particles. "Kaiba, no! Please," Tea pleaded. Kaiba turned around and looked at her with saddened eyes. Tea clutched the letter to her chest as she breathed in heavily. She opened her mouth, but nothing came out. She took a step toward the brunet boy, but Kaiba just took one step back.

                "Don't," Kaiba said softly. "You're too late. You shouldn't be here. Not now." Kaiba turned around. Tea ran and quickly grabbed onto his shoulder. Kaiba stopped and closed his eyes. "Please…don't touch me."

                "Then don't go," Tea croaked, "Just don't go." Kaiba's eyes narrowed and he looked at her with a barrier of ice between them.

                "It's not like you're going to miss me or anything," Kaiba scolded, "It's not like anybody else will either."

                "Kaiba-," Tea said wanting him to stop saying what he's talking about. "Don't say that," she whispered pleadingly.

                "Then tell me it's a lie than, Tea," Kaiba turned around. Tea now realized that his eyes were welled up in pain and sorrow. Tea was taken back. Underneath that cold-hearted person was a person in pain. She knew Kaiba wanted his parents back, that all he wanted was a person to care, but she did not realize how much he needed it. Kaiba looked at her, "Tell me that someone cares." Tea bit her bottom lip.

                "Mokuba cares," Tea began, "I-I care." Kaiba rolled his eyes.

                "Mokuba's…in a coma," Kaiba hesitated, "And you…you don't care for me. You care for Yami." Kaiba shook his head.

                "In a friend kind of way," Tea explained.

                "Yes, that's why you kissed him…on the lips," Kaiba began, "what now? Are you going to friends can French kiss too?" Tea looked down.

                "I didn't want it to happen," Tea whispered, "But…I. I just wanted you to feel…bad." Tea bit her lip again. Kaiba whirled around and looked at her like she was crazy.

                "And you think I don't feel that way," Kaiba asked loudly, "where have you been these past few days! That's all I have been feeling." Tea looked at him.

                "How am I suppose to know, Kaiba," Tea yelled back, "You haven't told me anything since the day at the hospital. How am I suppose to know how you feel when you don't even want to tell me."

                "Well, I'm sorry," Kaiba said sarcastically, "I'm so sorry that I've been too caught up in the health of my brother that I couldn't come to your wants. I'm sorry that I couldn't put my mind on you and come to you whenever you wanted me to."

                "It's about me coming to you," Tea screamed, "I've been trying to come to you but you always push me away."

                "Well, I can't take care of two things at once," Kaiba said, "I can't take this world anymore." Kaiba whispered harshly and pleadingly, "I just can't take it."

                "That's why I'm here," Tea whispered to him, looking into his eyes.

                "But its not enough to keep me sane," Kaiba said. "Nobody wants me here, so why bother? Nobody cares, nobody gives a care if I die or not." Tea slowly looked up to him and stared into his eyes with pain.

                "What about me," she whispered helplessly. Kaiba looked to his side and then to her. Her cheeks stained with tears.

                "I don't know," he answered back. Tea knew she was slipping away from him. It made her want to cry some more, but she didn't want to. Silence fell upon them, until Kaiba spoke up. He whispered, "There's nothing worth living for anymore. So…so why do I have to pretend," Kaiba looked at her. Tea immediately turned her gaze toward his and saw his eagerness.

                "You weren't even going to say good-bye to me," Tea said. "You were just…going to leave me?"

                "I didn't want to," Kaiba said.

                "But you did," she whispered hoarsely, "You did, Kaiba…remember when you saved me from that car," Tea asked.

                "Yea," Kaiba said.

                "And you said that the reason you saved me wasn't because I deserved to live, but because the people that cared didn't deserve pain." Kaiba shook his head, trying to rid the memory. He turned his heel toward the brightly lit vortex and began walking. Tea watched him until he was about to step in. Tea's face went pale with terror. It was her last chance to save him and she was about to fail. She was about to lose him…forever.

                She suddenly shouted out, "well do this for me!" Kaiba whirled around and looked bewildered at Tea. Tea's eyes welled as she looked painfully at Kaiba. "Do it for me," she whispered pleadingly, "Don't leave me. Don't…just don't," Kaiba's heart pounded. This wasn't what he planned. He planned on making a brief exit. He didn't want it to end this way. Not like this. Not this way. Why did Tea come here? Why did she have to make it so hard upon him? Kaiba trembled and looked at the snow-covered floor. Then he heard Tea's voice again.   

"I understand there may be grief and there may be pain," Tea said urgently, "but I'm aware…there's hope and you are so important to so many people…even…when you don't even know it." Kaiba shook his head.

"No," Kaiba said, "I can't do this for you…I just…can't" Kaiba started to glow in gold and white particles as silver light showed brightly on the outer rim. Tea ran up to him frantically. She looked up to him pleadingly.

"Please," Tea said hoarsely, "Please don't do this." Kaiba smiled helplessly with tears welled up in his eyes.

"I'm sorry," Kaiba whispered to her, "But I have to do this." He raised his hands slightly, "But I have no regrets of being with you, Tea. No regrets." Kaiba closed his eyes shut as tears slowly drifted down his cheek.

"Kai-," Tea was about to say, but she suddenly stopped and closed her mouth. Tea breathed in deeply and began to rise her hand until it locked in with Kaiba's. Kaiba slowly looked at his hand gripped with Tea's and then looked at Tea, whose face was covered with tears. Tea forced a smile on her face.

"I love you." Tea said softly. Kaiba smiled and began his way into the portal. The angel soon followed him inside. She smiled gently at Tea who stood frozen, staring at Kaiba. She wrapped herself with her arms as the wind swiftly blew strands of her across her face. Tears slowly dropped down, but Tea kept a straight. She gazed at Kaiba, who looked at her with sadden eyes. Her lips trembled and the vortex snapped shut.

Kaiba was actually gone. Tea fell to her knees, still having her arms wrapped around her. She sobbed as she looked at the ground.

Tea's Pov

                When I first saw him, I already knew that there was something special about him. I never could point my finger directly on it…but I knew…there was something in him that I…I couldn't put aside. When he first looked at me…not just glancing, but actually looking at me…I saw something that I never knew he had. Feelings. Right there at the top of the castle of Duelist Kingdom, he stood there quietly as I spoke to him harshly as to what he did. I never knew til when he was actually gone for the first time that he was…human. When his soul was taken, I thought…there wouldn't be a difference. He wasn't human anyways…he didn't have a heart to feel. But when his soul left…it felt so different. And those tiny words he whispered when he left "I'm sorry Mokuba…please forgive me. I've done my best." I buried my face with my hands as memories flooded my mind. Things that he told me that would never leave my heart. From the time of we kissed. That rose he gave to me in the garden of our first dance. I miss him so much. Why can't he…come back to me? Why couldn't he just…live? Things would have been so much easier.  But I'm left here, alone, crying the unshed tears that I just couldn't hold within me.

                When he was with me. When Kaiba was there beside me, it was like he took everything that was perfect and blew toward my way. HE showed love. But now he's gone…and it places a feeling inside me that tears my heart away. It was as if…I will never get to see him ever again. I slowly laid on the ground with my hands clutched together near my chest as I took in all the pain and poured them out through my tears. I lost him forever and there was nothing to do about it.

~End of Pov~

                Tea stood up slowly and looked around her. He was gone and there was nothing to do about it. She turned her heel to leave. Walking up to the gate, she looked back at the water fountain. Her purse was slipping off her shoulder so she jerked it up. Suddenly, dove that Kikyo gave to her fell out. She  remembered that it meant hope. Her eyes welled up as her lips trembled. There was no hope any more. Not for Kaiba. Not for her. She threw the dove at  the brick walls that stood as a fence. Tears streamed down as she stared at the shattered pieces. She opened the gate slowly and looked down. It was good-bye…forever. She sniffed and faced the city. She'll never forget this day. The day where everything was ruined. She looked down, her hand still holding the gate.

                She whispered, "Bye Seto…I-I'll always love you…always." She turned her heel to leave, when suddenly a huge bright light appeared. Tea turned around with her eyes widened in shocked. Kaiba was there smiling at her with tears welling up in his eyes.

                "I love you too," Kaiba said. Tea breathed in heavily, taking what she saw. She smiled widely as she ran frantically to Kaiba. She ran up to him where she was met with a warm embrace. Tears streamed down both of the teenagers in joy as they held each other in their arms. Tea clung to him, never wanting to let go.

                "I thought I lost you," Tea whispered through tears. "I thought that I lost you forever. It's just that-," Kaiba laid a finger gently on Tea's lips.  He kissed her gently and looked into her eyes with deep passion.

                "I never knew what I was losing until I was gone," Kaiba said to her,  "I never knew that I was in love with you until I saw you crying and I felt my heart break." Tea smiled at him and kissed him back.

                "I love you," she whispred softly in his eyes, her last tears shedding.

                "I love you too, Tea," Kaiba held her closely. The sun was rising  fast now as Tea and Kaiba both looked at the sky. Kaiba let go of Tea and looked at her.

                "Merry Christmas," Kaiba smiled. Tea laughed softly.

                "Merry Christmas," Tea responded back, "I found the present that you were going to give me. The snow globe. Thank you." Kaiba smiled. Tea frowned, "I forgot your present." She looked down. Kaiba raised her chin and looked at her.

                "I already have it," Kaiba smiled. Tea smiled and pulled out a mistletoe.

                "Atleast let me give you something," Tea smiled. Kaiba chuckled. Tea raised it above their heads and kissed Kaiba softly. They smiled at each other as the snow floated down to the ground.

                "Lets go," Kaiba said. Tea nodded.

~later in the afternoon~

                Tea sat in the living room couch with Kaiba as they nuzzled each other's noses. A doorbell rang from the door. Kaiba smiled at Tea and went to answer the door. He was surprised to see Joey in front. Joy dug his hands into his blue-denim jeans, shivering in his sweatshirt. Joey looked up and saw Kaiba staring at him. Joey looked to the side.

                "Yes," Kaiba asked. Joey looked at him.

                "Yo, Kaiba," Jeoy said nervously. He hesitated, "Look, Kaiba. I really appreciated it when you stood up fo me at dat classroom. They were pretty rowdy. But anyways, I just wanted to say thank-you." Kaiba slowly smiled at him weakly.

                "You're welcome" Kaiba said lowly. Joey looked up at him, shocked. Joey smirked.

                "You said yo welcome," Joey said. Kaiba smirked.

                "Yea, so what," Kaiba said. He felt this feeling before and it was coming back to him. He felt the need to talk to someone normally. Not as a CEO, or a duelist, but as a human being. Joey smiled.

                "Since when did the famous Seto Kaiba say yo welcome to someone," Joey asked.

                "I always felt that you should never treat dogs badly," Kaiba smirked. Joey smirked back.

                "HEY!," Joey smiled, "Well, anyways…I just wanted to say thank you for helping me out. I really needed it." Kaiba smiled.

                "I know," Kaiba smirked. Joey smirked back with a mischievous hint in his eyes. He looked inside and saw Tea looking at him, but instead of rolling his eyes and asking why she was here, he just smiled at her and waved. Tea smiled sweetly at Joey.

                "Happy Christmas a merry new year Tea!" Joey joked around. Tea laughed.

                "MERRY Christmas and a HAPPY new year to you too, Joey," Tea laughed. Kaiba chuckled. Joey  hunched over and looked at Kaiba.

                "Well are you guys doing anything today," Kaiba looked at Tea and she shrugged. Kaiba looked at Joey and shrugged too.

                "No, actually," Kaiba said. Joey smiled.

                "Well, Kaiba," Joey said victoriously, "Ya wanna spend Christmas with Yugi and the gang?" Joey raised his eyebrows in hope and smiled. Kaiba laughed. He knew it was about time to let go of his past. He'd been so worried about what was going to happen in the future that he didn't look at the present. Kaiba smiled genuinely at Joey.

                "I'd would love to," Kaiba said. Tea smiled at him and took her coat.

                "Then we better get going," Tea said. Joey and Kaiba and Tea went out of the door.

                The doorbell rang at the Minobara house Christmas Day. Kikyo opened it to reveal Yami. Without hesitation, Yami took Kikyo's face with his hands and kissed her. He broke it off and breathed in heavily as he dug his hands inside his pockets. Kikyo looked at him, shocked.

                "W-what was that for," Kikyo smiled. Yami looked at her and smiled back. He looked into her eyes.

                "I've been denying myself for weeks," Yami said, snow floating around. "I been so hooked on being with Tea that I haven't realized that I didn't want her at all…atleast…not as much as you." Yami looked at her. Kikyo smiled as tears welled up in her eyes.

                "Does that mean," Kikyo started.

                "It means that all I wanted was you," Yami said victoriously. He went closer to Kikyo and whispered, "And only you." Kikyo smiled and hugged him. Yami hugged her back, smiling back. They kissed warmly and looked at each other. Suddenly, Yami picked Kikyo up and twirled her around as she giggled.  Yami set her down.

                "Anyways," Yami began, "the gang and I are hanging out together. And I was wondering if my girlfriend would accompany me." Yami smirked. Kikyo smiled and nuzzled her nose with his.

                "Of course."


                The gang walked through the park all together. Tristan and Joey were pulling their usual stuff, which was shoving each other into the snow or pushing each other, having fun. Kikyo and Yami walked together hand in hand as Tea and Kaiba walked arm in arm looking at each other. Bakura was there with Joey and Tristan throwing snowballs with them. All of a sudden, the whole gang participated in the game as everyone tossed a snowball at each other. 

                And every Christmas, each person gets a present. Something that they really wanted. A gameboy. A teddy bear. Or even  a yu-gi-oh action figure. But this year was special.  The gangs' presents were meant something important this year. Because the presents they got wasn't a fad that would come and go and be no use of in the next year or so. They got something to care about.

                Joey found out that not all people are what they seemed to be.

                Bakura found that being with the gang was fun afterall. He found true friends.

                Tristan found…well…a best bud that even though he could be a ditz sometimes…he could really stand up for you. That would be Joey.

Tea found a new perspective on the world that would change her feelings toward people. That no one was the same. And that was what made them special. She found the true feeling of being loved.

                Yami found the art of showing his feelings. He realized that he couldn't deny his feelings and no matter what happened, his true feelings would always show up.

Kikyo found out how to let go of some things. Before she went moved to her new house, she dreaded moving. But having met all these wonderful people, especially Yami, she would never feel that way ever again.

                Kaiba found the strength to live on. He found someone to be next to him every step of the way. He found that to love is greater than not to be loved at all.

                Kaiba watched and smiled as the gang threw snowballs. He never felt this way since he left the orphanage. It felt good to have that feeling back. He had been pretending to be himself for so many years when really…he wasn't pretending at all. He was hiding his need to feel again. To care. To love. To feel. To actually…become the little Seto he once was. His heart was melted with the new feelings he shared now with everyone. He wasn't about to hide it ever again. He still misses Mokuba with pain, but the enormouse burden that was in his heart faded into a little spark of grief. He took control of KaibaCorp again, having hope that he could pass it on to Mokuba. He still hopes to see the day where he got to see his brother wake up and find his brother hugging him with a warm embrace. Kaiba found the major impact on what hope can do and now that he has it…he wasn't going to give up ever again. He had new hope, burning with pride.

                And no matter what present they got. They found out that the best things in life…were free.

~The End~


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