Chapter 4: Unexpected alliances


Sam moaned exited because Greg and Lambert kissed her on top of her on Greg's double bed. They seemed inspired by her idea to bang both. Lambert licked her thigh and Gred was bitting her chest in a strong way. It hurted but it was enjoyable at the same time.

"How do you feel to be kissed by two men Sam?" said Greg sarcastic

"Yes Sam, how do you feel?" repeated Lambert "This is what you wanted, right?" Lambert was licking higher on her body and she moaned again

"Yes, I…" Sam didn't continue because Greg squeezed her cheeks

""Yes" is enough, now shut up and let us speak" Greg tied her wrists with handcuffs at the bed's railing. Greg and Lambert both looked at Sam for a while, then Greg turned her with belly dawn. Sam moaned.

"You first" said Greg to Lambert and then Sam felt a hit in the but. She moaned. Then another and another. Surely they were taking turns. It didn't last long, in fact they turned her when she saw their satisfied faces.

"Now the bad comes Sam" said Greg

"Did you really believe we would go all the way?" Lambert smiled

Then the two men kissed in a passionately shocking Sam. "Oh my God"

"Submit me Lambert" said Greg

Lambert smiled. "With very much pleasure" Lambert bitted Greg's neck strongly and he moaned, then Greg leaned at Lambert's thigh trying to feel it on the face then he went further arriving at Lambert's calf. Lambert pressed Greg's face on the bed with his calf. Greg moaned.

"Yes Greg" Lambert smiled satisfied "Do you feel my dominion over you?"


"Good" Lambert took Greg with force and pushed him on Sam's legs.

Lambert went on top and gave Greg pleasure more and more. Sam was disgusted.

"Get out from my legs".

But they didn't listen and they had sex until the end. Lambert stood up looking at Greg from above. Sam pushed Greg away with her legs.

"Get out, manipulator" Sam screamed "Free me immediately"

"Lambert, my love, can you teach Sam good manners please?"

"Of course" Lambert took a lamp from the bedside table and hit Sam with it.

Sam woke up on the ground confused. Her sight was blurred but at a certain time she realizes to be in prison again and to have the blue dress still on. She tried to stand up but a very annoying noise made her plug her ears and she remained on her knees.

"WHAT'S HAPPENING?" Sam screamed

"You have to answer few questions Sam, if you want to survive" Greg was speaking through prison's binoculars "What does unite the relationship between you and Jessica Riley?"

"Do you really believe I'm going to reveal it to you?".

The noise started and Sam plugged her ears again screaming. "You're a worm"

"For me it's a compliment. Now answer"

"Jessica is one of the best friends I have and I…"

"So why did you push her on the ground when you was on the disco?"

"Who cares? We all quarrels among friends, it's normal".

The noise started. "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA"

"You didn't answer my question Sam, don't make me bad"

"You're already bad, there's no need to become one"

"It seems that you finally know me well, because I won't repeat it a second time. Why did you push Jessica Riley on the ground?"

"Because she provoked me"

"Mmm, and do you believe that's a reason to push an innocent girl? You could kill her and you neither cared"

"I could have never killed her in that way"

"You're so naive Sam"

"Meanwhile you had sex with this naive girl" Sam provoked him and the noise was more intense "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH"

"Be careful of that you say Sam, you could be punished for talking about false obscene acts"

"False? We had sex together. Me, you and Lambert"

Greg laughed so hard. "I would never have sex with a useless girl like you. See if you don't have hit your head too much and dreamt impossible things"

"You and Lambert had sex in my legs"

Greg laughed again "I don't want to torture you over because you could be mad, but now stop saying absurd things. I would never touch your slimy body neither if you pay me, and I and Lambert are only colleagues" the binoculars turned off and Sam started to cry all the time because of the situation she was.


Ashley was putting on high-heeled boots that reached her ankle. She wore a red shirt decorated in black without sleeves and dark jeans, then she went dawnstairs and she saw Chris still in pajamas who was arriving from the cellar.

"Ashley" he was surprised "Are you already going away?"

"The train leaves shortly and I could be late"

"Before you leave… I think I would deserve a kiss, right?"

Ashley approached Chris and she took his face with both hands and kissed him. "I love you, you know that?"

Chris smiled. "I could never think the contrary"

Ashley returned the smile.

"Now go or you will lose the train".

Ashley was going away.

"Ashley" Chris called her and she stopped "Be careful"

"Don't worry, I can handle it alone" Ashley winked at him and then she left the house.

Ashley went near the train's station with the suitcase. She was exited to meet Merigold again after a lot of time they have been far from each other for a long time. Leicester was a beautiful city and there lived even her parents. Ashley always wrote letters to her father, he was lovely and always available for her, but few times she speaked with her mother. Ashley didn't think she was evil, but she was cold and it was different. She wasn't able to give affection to their children, it was like she was ashamed, but Ashley thought something bad happened in her past she never wanted to tell. Now she didn't know if it was necessary to go finding them after going from Merigold. The train arrived and Ashley entered looking at the place she had to sit. 49. She sitted and relaxed herself, after a while the train leaved. Ashley looked at the window thinking how much beautiful was the landscape. When she and Chris would have married, she wanted to organize the wedding outside, in contact with nature. She would have missed him, but she was going to find one of the best friends she had, she should be happy for that. After a while Ashley fell asleep. She woke up only when they were near the destination.

"We are stopping on Leicester…"

Ashley was preparing herself when a woman arrived.

"Can you show me the ticket please?"

"Oh yes, of course" Ashley searched on the pockets of her jeans but it wasn't there. She remembered having put it there. Ashley opened the zipper in front of the suit case buti t wasn't neither there. She had anxiety.

"Ah, there has been a little problem"

The woman looked at her searrchingly.

"But I swear I had the ticket"

"You can't get off the train"

"What? Please, I have a friend who's waiting for me…"

"Guys, come here to arrest this girl"


The guards were arriving.

"Don't worry ma'am, she's with me"

Ashley turned and she saw her. Marigold. She looked as she remembered. Blonde hair tied in a short tail, hazel eyes, a green tank top, dark jeans and low boots with white glitter.

"She hasn't the ticket" said the woman cold

"I think it fell dawn for a little distraction of the girl" Marigold gave to the woman the ticket and then she returned it to Ashley.

"This mustn't happen anymore" then she went away and the two girls now were alone

"Don't you come to hug me?" said Marigold smiling and opening her arms.

Ashley smiled too and she went to hug her. "I missed you".


Jessica was sitted of the sofa thinking about everything happened on the disco. She was sorry for how it ended, she was sorry because she couldn't solve the differences with Sam who has been arrested but this was what she really wanted? Forgetting Sam and start over? Jessica didn't know. Someone rang the doorbell.

"Ah, I'm coming" Jessica stood up and she went to open seeing Greg. She was surprised. "Hi"

"Hi" Greg smiled

"How did you know where I live?"

"I'm a detective, remember?" Greg winked at her

"Do you have to control I didn't steal some precious object?" said Jessica ironic

"Actually I came here to find you, to know how are you, but if you have something else to do…"

Jessica stepped aside. "I'm always available for gentlemen like you"

Greg entered and he looked at the house surprised. "This house seems really… comfortable"

"Yes, it's really simple but my personality doesn't reflect it" she joked "Do you want some liquor?"

"Oh yes, thank you" Greg sitted on the sofa while Jessica took two glasses and she poured the liquor

"Is it everything ok at work?" asked Jessica while going to sit in front of him and giving him the glass

"Yes, everything is normal and cases go as they have to go, ever if sometimes it's weary" Greg confessed

"And… Sam?" Jessica didn't know if she wanted to know about her

"Ah, she's in prison. She doesn't want to confess but she will be there for a long period after attacking you"

"Good, it's better in this way"

Greg looked at Jessica profoundly. "Jessica listen,… Are you sure you don't want to see Sam?"

Jessica widened her eyes. "What should I have to say her? For me she died"

"I'm not saying you should say her something but at least going to see how she is now, only to stay calm but if it scares you I will understand"

"Greg, I don't know, it's complicated, on a side I don't want to see her anymore because I feel betrayed in many ways, and on another,… oh my God she has still been my friend,… and I can't forget every fun moment I spent with her and all the others. I'm just saying that maybe I should listen to your advice to close this chapter of my life and go on"

Greg took her hand. "Whatever will be your decision, I will always be on your side"

"Thank you Greg" Jessica smiled "Really, you have been close to me and you saved me, I can only be grateful to you" after a bit of reflection, Jessica decided "I will come to find Sam".


Ashley and Marigold arrived at Marigold's house.

"How did you find a way to enter on the train?" asked Ashley when they were going to sit on the sofa

"Oh well, knowing how much you're distracted"


"Ok, ah… a girl who know how to break a door without doind any noise helped me"

"A thief? I'm not surprised of strange things, I lived an adventure I would never live again with,… zombies, you know, horror stuff"

"Zombies? They doesn't exist"

"Ah,… maybe it was an allucination"

"Do you want something to drink? Something… alcoholic?"

"Oh no, no, it's enough having a glass of water"

Marigold stood up to get Ashley what she needed.

"It's so much time I didn't come here,… where my parents live, do you know how they are?"

Marigold turned with the glass of water. "I only saw your father yesterday, and he seems to be fine"

"I'm afraid of being away from them for too long"

"You have to stop torturing yourself Ashley. Think that we can have fun on the rides"

"But no roller coaster, I suffer from vertigo"

Marigold laughed and then Ashley too.

"It's awesome seeing you again Marigold" admitted Ashley drinking the water "I remember all the time we played together and all the time we consoled each other and I don't regret anything we did together" she smiled.

Marigold smiled too.

Then Ashley felt something strange on her stomach. "I… don't feel so good"

Marigold didn't say anything, she only looked at her in a smart way, then Ashley understod everything.

"Did you poison me Marigold?" Ashley coughed and fell to the ground

Marigold was very satisfied. "Did you really believe I would have cried of joy seeing you. Stupid. Idiot"

"How could you do that?"

"Simply,… I hate you" then Marigold hit Ashley with her boot and she fainded.


Every female prisoner took the pill the police was giving them before returning to their cells. Sam opened her mouth when it was her turn and took the pill. The girls were walking when Sam heard some screams and she stopped for a moment.

"I told you it wasn't the right thing to do"

"Lambert listen to me"

Greg and Lambert were arguing. The police man made her hurry.

"Come on"

Sam obeyed until she went to her cell and she went to bed pretending to sleep.

"She surely fell asleep" said one on the police men

"Yes, come on, we have to look at that file on the computer, we can return here later"

Sam heard their footsteps go away so she opened the eyes and spat the pill into the trash can. The cell was open and Sam walked to find the place were Greg and Lambert were talking hiding from everyone of the police. When she arrived, they were just there.

"I'm saying you I've everything under control" Greg tried to calm Lambert

"How can you have everything under control if you take Jessica here to see Sam"

Sam was shocked. Was Jessica really going to find her? Could it be the possibility she's going to forgive her?

"Listen, I seduced her, she trusts me and if I take her here to see Sam so she can forget her forever, we can finally move on our plan"

"In this way you will only make her feel guilty because of her past friendship with Sam, but we can't let it happen"

"I know what you're trying to do Lambert. You can do me whatever you want at bed but in real life I command"

"I don't think this is what you really want"

"Lambert, don't try…"

But Lambert walked forward to make Greg walk back against the wall.

"I know you feel the desire you give me power Greg, I read it in your eyes, you can't resist to this temptation" Lambert squeezed Greg's cheeks then he kissed him passionately.

Sam tried to analyse that kiss to create a plan in her mind.

"Jessica will come here tonight" referred Greg

Lambert walked back slowly. "Think about what I said"

Lambert was going away but Sam proceded him to implement the plan.

Sam waited there worn with her blue dress waiting Lambert inside the prison with the police men fainted outside after she stunned them with a sleeping pill on a handkerchief. Lambert arrived and he was shocked to see the men on the ground.

"You was expecting they talked to you right Lambert? Mmm,… I don't think they will say anything to you since they're in the world of dreams"

"You're ridiculous with that dress on, there isn't any party where we can dance and I'm not a victim of seductive women"

"Bad start, but I sent you the letter pretending to be your colleagues because you will benefit of what I'm proposing you"

"I don't want to accept a proposal of a mad girl like you, thanks"

Lambert was going away.

"I know everything"

Lambert stopped.

"I know Jessica will come here tomorrow to find me"

Lambert approached her fast. "I don't know how did you get out of the prison and why you returned inside instead of taking advantage of going away but be sure I will tell everyone you're walking through the police station like a citizen instead obeying orders"

"You won't do it, because we want the same thing… Greg out of the game"

"I don't want Greg out of the game"

"Yes, because you love him"

Lambert widened his eyes. "What…?"

"There's no point in trying to lie to me that I dreamt everything when it isn't true. Even when you will now that Greg want to put Jessica at your place as his second in command"

"You're lying, this can't be true"

"I've more informations than you think" Sam showed him the paper she secrelty printed "So what do you say? Will you help me to ruin Greg forever?"