"Jane?" I cradled baby AJ in my arms. I stood at the door of Jane's room, knocking. "Jane?" After my third knock, I decided to barge in.

I gasped out of shock when I see Jane adjusting a noose. She stood on a wooden chair, hanging a noose on a ceiling fan. No! No! Not again! Not again! I screamed in my head. Jane doesn't seem to notice my presence, she is seemingly in her own little world.

My legs felt as heavy as bricks, my heart thundered in my chest. I did not want to be alone!

My shrill voice escaped my throat. "JANE!" My voice awoken AJ, leading him to burst out crying softly. Automatically I began to rocking him gently to calm him.

"Jane! Stop! Don't do this!" Tears rushed down my cheeks, I took a step closer to Jane. If AJ wasn't in my arms, I would have jumped on Jane to pull her down.

Jane appeared despondent, her face grew red as streams of tears flowed down her cheeks. "I'm sorry, Clementine. I just can't do this…" She muttered lowly.

I walked closer to her to swiftly grab her cold wrist. "Jane, stop! You can't just do this!" My throat was raw, my voice high pitched. "Please, just think about this!" I wept.

Jane looked down at me with tearful eyes. "Clem," She whispered sorrowfully. Jane yanked her wrist away. "You don't understand…" Urgently, I snatched her wrist again, this time I gave her the hardest tug I could. Jane gasped startled, her chair slipped underneath her, scrapping on the floor. Promptly, Jane lost her balance.

Jane was like a feline, landing perfectly on her feet. She glared at me furiously. "What is wrong with you?" She snarled at me.

"You are trying to kill yourself, Jane!" I exclaimed. I refused to release Jane's wrist, I tightened my grip. "Jane, you can't do this! We are that's left!" I pleaded.

Jane doesn't try to struggle against me. Her wrist became limp, she lowered her eyes to the floor. "Clementine," Her voice was small. "Look at the floor."

Automatically, I obeyed. I scanned the floor to find what was troubling Jane.

A pregnancy test.

I gasped in shock. All I think of is Rebecca. Alvin Junior's biological Mother. I looked at AJ pensively. I felt completely mixed. AJ would have a little friend to play with now. But there will also be another mouth to feed.

I looked up at a dejected Jane. "You're pregnant." I said breathlessly.

Jane nodded solemnly. "Luke." She said curt. I felt a pang of confusion, I remembered one time when Luke and Jane were together. I did not completely comprehend how Jane was pregnant.

I glanced at the noose. "So that's why…." Jane doesn't let me finish the sentence. "Yes!" Her voice cracked. "Clementine, we can barely care for AJ. We can't take care of another one!"

I tried to lift her spirits by smiling optimistically. "Jane, please." I loosened my grip, my voice tender and gentle. "Whatever happens, we can overcome it. We will figure something out. I promise. Just don't leave."

"Clementine, remember Rebecca? Where is she now, Clem?" Jane argued.

Frustration boiled in my chest. "She turned! You know what happens when you just die! You will turn!" My anger is short lived."I get it. But we have to try. We need to survive. Together, we will figure it out. Me, you, and AJ."

I sniffled pitifully. "Please," My lungs tightened. "Please don't leave me. I need you here. AJ needs you."

Jane blinked tears away. She released out a sorrowful sob. "I am sorry, Clem. I'm sorry." She embraced me warmly. "I promise, I will be with you and AJ. I promise you." She vowed.

I couldn't tell if she was lying or not. Jane has abandoned me before. That was when our group was bigger. We had people who were strong and kind. I even found my old friend, Kenny.

But just like most groups, it broke apart.

For a short time, it was me, AJ, Kenny, and Jane. But I had to make a fateful decision. A decision where I shoot a crazed Kenny to save Jane.

"Jane, please. Don't lie to me." I urged.

Jane bit her lower lip, her eyes flashing. "I am not. I promise." Jane pulled away from me. "Clem, you are the most important person to me. Just trust me. I know I have done some stupid shit in the past. But everything will be fine now."

Jane nodded solemnly. "Thanks, Clem. I need to get some sleep." She crossed her arms, still biting her lower lip.

I couldn't help but to feel doubt. I did not want Jane to be alone. "Jane, I want you to sleep in my room." I declared.

Jane shrugged her shoulders lazily. "Fine, whatever." I gingerly grabbed her hand to escort her out of the room. I felt a pit forming in my stomach at the idea of Jane killing herself. My room was three doors away from her room. I released her hand when I opened the door.

I glanced at a cooing AJ. He was completely content despite all of the madness. I wished I was as innocent as him sometimes. "Time for bedtime, Goofball." I whispered to him. I scrolled over to his little crib across the room. Gently, I planted a light kiss on his forehead and placed him in the crib. "Night night, Goofball." I cooed.

My room was small, all I had to myself was a little dresser, a mattress, one blanket and one pillow.

"You can take the bed, Jane." I said bluntly. Jane stood by the door with an annoyed expression. "Clem, I'm fine." She reassured.

I crossed my arms, narrowing my eyes at her. "Jane, come on." I insisted. Jane rolled her eyes. She exhaled heavily and plopped on my bed. I took off my hat and placed it on my dresser. Jane fell asleep fairly quickly.

I laid on the floor, pondering to myself. I was just content on being in the same room with the two most important people in my life.

Next chapter will come soon. I am working on Aishi Family, the Infection, and Mercy. Aishi Family may take longer.