"Woah!" I called out. "David Mitchell!"

For the fourth time, he kept stealing the KidKit I was trying to bring. Eh, their teenagers, they probably wouldn't like it anyways.

"Hey, Kristy!" Claudia called, running down the hallway. "You two ready?"

Mary Anne and I nodded. I yelled goodbye to my mom, and we ran out the door. We walked a few blocks, until we reached a three story house with blue paint. I checked the address, then knocked on the navy blue door. The woman with brown hair answered the door.

"Oh, thank goodness," she said. "I'm Sally by the way, Paul and I need to leave soon, come on in. I'll give you some info."

She led us inside, where it was already pretty hectic. Three kids were sitting on the ground, laughing like crazy, while two others were standing on the couch, goofing off. The kids on the couch I assumed were Leo and Grover, and the kids on the floor were Percy, Annabeth, and who I assumed was Nico. She led us to the dining room, where a man with salt and pepper hair and brown eyes was sitting. He smiled.

"Kristy, Claudia, and Mary Anne, right?" He asked shaking our hands.

"Yes sir," I told him. Sally sat us down and began talking.

"No allergies we're aware of," She began. Her face darkened. "There are some rules that may seem odd to you but trust us, their necessary. One, never ever let Nico crawl into a shadow. Two, don't let Percy near a toilet when he's angry. Three, if Leo gets too excited, try to calm him down immediately. Four, if the kids seem like their being controlled, tell Piper to stop immediately. And Five, never ever," she locked eye contact with us. "Let the kids outside. Supervise them carefully if they absolutely need to."

"Ok then," I agreed. "Emergency number?" Sally scribbled something on a piece of paper.

"Here," she said. "Jason and Piper will be here shortly."

she was opening the door as she spoke, then she and the man ran out. We were about to put our things down, when a high pitched scream and what sounded like a goat erupted from the living room.