Let's find out what happens to our co-workers during their first night together. Haha.

Part 2~

Tony sits on the bed with his hands folded together patiently. His eyes were strictly directed towards the small bathroom door that was connected to his bedroom. The light was on and some running water could be heard coming from inside. As of now the Senior agent was waiting for his partner, Ziva, to get changed into one of his very own Ohio State T-Shirts.

The man grips the bed rather impatiently and excitement quivers at his muscles.

He couldn't believe it- not for one second. Ziva David was staying overnight, in his apartment.

He had actually managed to get her to stay! What a move!

Plus, not only was she staying over, but she had literally just agreed to sleep with him in his own bed.

How was Tony ever going to control himself? How was he ever going to survive the night?

All he had wanted was for Miss David to stay. He loved having her over at his place- but she had never stayed the night before. Ever.

This would be new to the both of them and Tony was determined to keep things simple and kosher with her. He didn't want her never returning and losing his trust. No, he wanted her to enjoy this stay; and perhaps she'd even be willing to do it more often?

Within seconds, the water noises suddenly stop- causing for Tony to nearly leap to his still half-drunken feet.

The next thing you know, the door slides open, revealing the lovely Israeli woman herself.

Upon instant eye contact, Tony's jaw drops and his eyes practically begin imploring for her being as she steps out into his view.

"What do you think?" The accented woman's voice is low and almost stimulating. Her hair is draped down onto her shoulders now, and all she wears is his overly large T-shirt and some underwear. Nothing else was hiding the visibility of her extraordinary legs and thighs.

Tony was now in total bliss.

The man feels his mouth gape as he stares at her ravishingly glowing skin. He then tries to refresh his mind and takes a step back.

"Wowza!" He gives a rather nervously implied laugh before lightly scanning her figure up and down. "Y-You look..." He trails off for a moment before clearing his throat. "Like I predicted, you look completely amazing in my shirt." He flashes her an adoring smile and Ziva feels her cheeks get warm.

"Well, I will admit, it is rather big on me." She points out comically- and she turns her hips a bit so that she can get a better view of her backside. Tony all the while is staring at her.

He never thought he'd get to see her like this. Especially like this.

"S-So uhh.. No pants?" He couldn't help it. He had to ask. Things were getting way too good for him right now- it almost felt like he was high again.

Ziva however just shakes her head. "Um hello? I forgot to bring clothes, remember?" She then goes to crack a smile at how much of an effect she had on her own co-worker. She liked the effect and she definitely liked the attention she was getting.

Tony on the other hand was rather speechless at her ease with being practically half-naked before him. She made it seem... so easy.

He then simply suppresses a disbelieving scoff at the 'no pants' and nods- and all the while he is attempting to drag his eyes off of her.

"Well, if you'd like some athletic shorts or-"

"I am not wearing any of your lower garments Tony. I think your shirt is just fine, but thank you." Ziva practically laughs as she begins imagining what he could possibly pull out for her to wear next- and honestly?... She liked the spell she had already bestowed upon him.

"Ohh, alright then. Whatever you say." The frat-boy gives a brisk nod.

Now it was his turn to get changed- but that would only take about five seconds.

He hurriedly goes to pull off his overcoat before moving onto his shirt. He takes a few moments to unbutton his dark flannel- with his vision still not at its best, and then pulls the shirt over his head- causing for Ziva to give off a small smirk. She never complained when she got to see men take their shirts off.

She couldn't help but notice how good his back rather seemed... so toned and perfect as it was.

She continues watching, acting as if she were uninterested by playing with a few of her curls, as Tony then removes his pants.

Heat instantaneously rises between the two- and the barren man finally glances back at Ziva with a hesitant look in his eyes as he too now stood- practically half naked before her.

"Are you sure? I mean... you're comfortable with this? Because I could wear shorts or something?" He was giving her one final chance to say otherwise.

Ziva looks at her partner and feels a smile tug at her lips. She revels at his thoughtfulness towards her, but nonetheless she just shakes her head. "Tony. I know you want to sleep like that. It is fine." She then pauses before adding, "Besides, I've slept in the same bed with you before- remember?"

She recalls the rather enticing flashback with ease while Tony's mind whirls for a moment as he then suddenly recalls their 'undercovers' mission assignment together.

He blinks at her knowingly. "Yeah, but that was... kinda different..?"

The tired Israeli then just gives a scoff and goes to cross her arms. "Fine. You do whatever you want then. I'm just wanting to go to sleep now."

She is about to turn for the bed when Tony then suddenly grabs her hand. He throws her a crooked grin and finally subsides with his sensibility.

"Okay fine. No more Mr. Nice Guy." He keeps his captivated gaze on her for a minute before he then furrows his eyebrows together and almost gains the urge to lean into her. "So like, are there any rules we should state before we-?"

Ziva's eyes simply grow playful and she enticingly goes to nudge him a bit with her knee. "Rules? What rules?"

Upon these words, Tony practically lights up and he feels his eyes tug downwards at her barren legs again- causing for him to lick his lips.

Ziva all the while merely enjoys the attention. She didn't mind if Tony felt somewhat attracted to her; she always knew it was a complete possibility. She smiles at him just once more before nodding over towards the bed- her eyes slightly wavering upon his hairy chest. She then turns and struts provocatively for her side of the bed- with Tony hot on her heels.

She suppresses a chuckle. "Wouldn't you be on the other side of the bed, Tony?"

DiNozzo blinks before raising one frank eyebrow. "Well, actually, this is my favorite side. Enough said." And he then clamors onto the bed- his crawling stance practically resembling a young boy. Ziva could plainly tell that he was excited for her stay- and there was no arguing that he was deeply attracted to her as well.

She then joins him and almost blushes as she realizes just how 'personal' she had gotten with Tony so fast. Here she was, getting into the same bed with him- and with his T-shirt on.

She almost felt like it were a dream of some sort...

Ziva then goes to shift herself underneath the sheets as Tony does the same- their legs instantly colliding.

Upon the collision of Ziva's smooth skin against Tony's hairy legs, the two both recapture each other's attentions. Nothing was short of a turn-on for Tony at this point.

He grins at her and she just gives a taunting look in reply.

"So... if there's no rules, do you care if I get a little closer to you?" He couldn't help himself any longer. Her smooth, bare legs and her dark curls weren't about to get ignored by Tony's impulses any longer.

The Israeli instantly feels taken aback by his words and flashes him a questioning look.

Why was he suddenly just so eager for her? Why hadn't he ever revealed his feelings like this before?

"W-Well... Are we still acting professional here, Tony?" She almost felt like laughing at the incredulous state they were suddenly in now. Why did it feel almost... acceptable?

"Psssh! Me? Oh, I'm always professional." The man gives a quaint chuckle before adding, "A-And you sort of said.. that there were no rules... So.." He then goes to look downwards- as if guilt were instantly overthrowing his out-in-the-open feelings.

Ziva just blinks at him though- not wanting for him to feel bad about this. She simply didn't know how to take it.

She then loosens a smile. "Yes. I did say there were no rules." She pauses before adding, "But why now Tony?"

"Why what?"

There comes a pause.

"Why are you now acting like... you sorta can't resist me?"

The two become locked in a silent stare-off; and all the while Tony feels his discomfort levels rising. Why would she just say it like that? Why would she just pin him to the wall like she did?

He fumbles for words before finally giving a nervous grin. "Heh," He scratches the back of his neck, "Is it that obvious?"

He didn't know what else to say. He was caught red-handed, for she was truly and utterly attractive to him at this point and nothing would make him less inclined to her.

At the dainty affirmation, Ziva merely smirks at him with uncontrollable playfulness. So it was true. And one thing was for sure: She liked it.

The woman then goes to deepen herself within the sheets of the bed before suppressing a light chuckle. "Well...", She pauses and Tony looks at her with wondrous eyes.

"What are you waiting for then? There are no rules, yes?" She then adds a wink and at this point Tony nearly warps with disbelief. This couldn't be happening for him- but it was. She was practically asking for it!

At last, he gets to quench his insane desire.

At last, he flashes her the 1000 watt smile before he finally reaches forward and places one of his large hands along the side of her barren thigh.

His hand is warm and instantly it gives Ziva a pulsate down her spine. Tony had never gotten to make contact like this with his co-worker ever. But she had practically invited him to do it.

He looks at her to see if she's okay with him touching her but she just shrugs.

Actually, she was beginning to feel the urges for him to touch her some more. She liked the feeling of his strong hand- and it's then when he inches closer to her that she notices him nearly quivering with mere craving.

She chuckles. "Something on your mind, Tony?"

The man looks at her and merely laughs back; his tone is devious and almost dry.

He felt like this was no longer real now.

"I-I just wanted to... feel if you were as soft as you... looked." He plays his fingers along her inner thigh before she finally goes to remove his hand rather mockingly. "Well, I think you have felt enough, yes?" She gives him a quirk of her brow before she finally rolls onto her side and turns out the light atop of the nearby nightstand.

As darkness instantly settles upon the room, Tony feels quaint disappointment engulf his emotions before he finally just suffices with what privilege he got.

Ziva on the other hand, was still feeling rather playful and she wondered if Tony was still eyeing her from behind.

She knew the answer- for Tony DiNozzo was so fun and easy to play with and she couldn't quite understand why she was beginning to feel such a rampant desire to toy with him some more.

Nonetheless, the two co-workers try ignoring their hunger for each other and both go to settle more into the bed- rather awkwardly at first.

Tony slowly goes to get comfortable with his pillow- but not before his hand starts to ache for more contact with Ziva. Her skin had felt so good along his fingers that he just needed to feel her again...

He opens his eyes to look at her figure within the darkness and immediately he starts to imagine how the lovely Israeli would react if he set another finger on her...

He is about to simply roll over and quit with his lustful thinking when suddenly there comes a movement from the girl beside him and he raises his head.

"Tony?" The Israeli's voice splits the onset silence.

"Yes, Ziva?"

She sighs before finally giving a low mutter, "You.. look good."

There comes another moment of silence as Tony then feels a rather prideful smirk curl across his lips.

This was going to be a long and most likely fun night...

Sorry for the wait! Please enjoy and stay tuned for the next chapter~

Things can only get better from here, and honestly I am starting to seriously enjoy writing this story. They're so fun to depict.