hey everyone this my first elder scrolls and justice league. plus wanna make my dragonborn as a prince and old dragonborn as a emperor. the dragonborn the armor is nord hero from eso (only justice league) the dragonborn will be a biker and bad ass but he will be fighting nirnian villains and dc villain plus his evil brother as emperor. yes there will be harrems and the hottest dc girls.

let begin

in the snowing Canada wilderness, A tall shirtless physique black haired man name eric dove suddenly he hears a wolf grow then eric looks at the wolf with wolfish eyes and fellow the wolf. the wolf shows him the way and sniff on a strange knife, than eric picks up the knife know which be belongs too and he see a cave.

"damn it! how in the hell one bastard boy is hard to kill, i will not die in this misrable place how" the dark brother standing on the fire trying get warm. eric walk in the cage and see a dark brotherhood cussing, the young dragonborn walks in front fires at the misrable brother because of thefaact he is lack of skill as the dark brother begun to shake in fear. eric beguns to summons his twins sword until the drark brotherhood shoots large fireball sen the dragonborn through the caves as the dragonborn fall down on the snow and hear a laugh from the dark brotherhood.

"hahahaha!, do you honestly think that i would let you kill me! once i kill you, your brother will pay more. now repair to die". the young dragonborn ran at the dark brotherhood, the dark brother disappear. the dragonborn look slowly as his wolf instinct kicking as he hear footsteps. the dragonborn study hearing the feetsteps suddly jumps out of nowhere but dragonbor grabs his neck and slam the dark brotherhood in the ground and then slam against the trees shattered as the dragonborn throws him to the ground. the dragonborn walk to the body and look him.

"my brother didnt sent his best and here my regards". the young dragonborn smile and kill the dark brotherhood with sword.

3 hours later

eric is in plane texting kara denvers asking what how she doing and she texts is he gonna be in america but text tomorrow. kara send him a sexy picture is her on a red blue bikini with smile face emoji and she text will be waiting. the young dragonborn

eric smiles at his girlfriend and begun to sleep.

in a dream

Eric see a man with black armor and with his white dragon puts the slavery on the people of tamriel. as he see his evil brother put the children in line and his white dragon begins to burn them

"NO!" eric shouted, as the white dragon burn them.

dream end

eric wake up as he began to pack up than he looks at the clock which 11:00 a.m, eric began to get up than his bags as gets off the plane. when eric got out from the airport he meets his best friend, is redguard, wearing a leather jacket, black t-shirt and timberlands.

"mason" eric greet with an smile.

"eric" mason greet with smirk.

the two hug each other and laughed.

"boy it been a while! i haven't seen you since in Poland when we fought these giants" Eric said

"and the giant kick you like football because you where flying! but luckily you are a dragonborn that carrys the strength of a dragon." mason said with an laughs as eric sigh.

"i hope you didn't tell the other blades about this" eric says with an growl.

"not a word, now take your ass in my car so can take to the Kryptonian girl" mason said with a knowing smirk

"careful" eric said as he open the car door and get in then shut it.

mason starts the car, then begin start diving.

inMetropolis, Supergirl just save a plane from fallen and she texted eric to meat up. Supergirl smile at herself knowing that eric is here and she fly away.

when the 2 boys met made it in metropolis Supergirl land right front of them

"go meet your Kryptonian girlfriend" mason said with an smile.

"thanks friend and tell the other for that i will met them after i meet kara family" eric said as he got out From.

"well how your trip to Canada..." Supergirl has been interrupt by eric kissing her.

"better and love the cold, but i gonna meet your family right?" Eric asked in nervous and Supergirl giggles

"yeah silly but ma wanted to see and pa however is not please" supgirl said with as eric sigh.

"okay lets met your parents" eric smile.


in cyrodiil, the evil emperor sitting his throne with bored face. but he when hears the news that his brother kills the another dark brotherhood he was furious.

"soon brother, i will bring war against earth and i have your head to see the burning of the place that proctect" emperor said with evilish smile.

that my story and i wanted nirn to be well known thought universes. plus there will be ocs in this story.