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Coldharbour Oblivion

in Coldharbour the emperor Dracon make landing. he jumped off his white dragon than he see a man standing in 7'1with long black hair and big fuzzy beard, mass muscles and shirtless. but the super nord name Ragon the Slaughter.

"nephew, are you happy to see me?" Ragon said with an joke.

"oh Uncle i only here of your above, so how is lord molag bal doing?" Dracon ask his uncle.

"he doing great and very entertain that you make those resistance kneel before you, i very proud of you nephew, but. i when got out, i will take back what is my." Ragon said with an evil smirk as Dracon was piss that Ragon is most powerful Dragonborn since his grandfather and he can take throne anytime.

"we will see as long you stay in Coldharbour" Dracon said he about to leave.

"your father is merciful, he sent to Coldharbour because he don't want to kill me. but take my advise that you kill your brother before its too late, other and that i will go to lord Molag bal." Ragon said as he walks away.

"i take your advice old fool." Dracon said as walk towards his dragon.

in kent farm

Martha and Jonathan is sitting on the porch, until a couple chopper as Kara and Eric got out from the chopper. they watch the young couple kiss as Martha and smile while Jonathan at sigh the scene.

"hey ma and pa i want meet to Eric dove" Kara introduced the young man who is smile.

"hey there!" Eric greeted.

"hello young man!" Martha greeted.

"hey" Jonathan said with smile.

the four having a conversation how him and kara met in a fight, then Eric told the that he lives in Colorado and have a big mansion there. as Jonathan raise brow and Martha smile at which Clark is friends with an billion aka Bruce Wayne. but tolds them he too have large farm and a large horse rence.

"so the land belong to your father?" Jonathan ask.

"yeah he die of an cancer" Eric said with said with sad look but pretending.

"oh sorry dear" Martha.

"its okay and its life yes? but without Kara will i be truly lost." Eric said as kara handling his hand.

after the conversation with kents, Martha and Kara making dinner while dinner while Jonathan and Eric fixing. then Eric is have a phone call and then answer.

some where in high rock, daggerfall.

there a young man in Nightingale armor beating up of couple imperial soldier and sit on the dead werehog then young boy sits on the dead then he talk on his tamrielic phone.

"Bro, what's up" the Nightingale said.

"Dexs, what's up why you calling me?" Eric ask.

"listen i know you have date and all but war is in tamriel has begun! everything going to Oblivion now. when are you, and ms feminist dragonborn come back to nirn?" Nightingale ask his fellow dragonborn brother when imperial soldier tries to get up as Nightingale kick him down.

"I don't know I'm strong enough to beat Dracon. but I'm coming to tamriel" Eric said.

"good, because you need to take the throne now before-" a fire ball sent him flying.

the Nightingale wakes up and see flight of dragons destroying the city as imperial armies in the city march with force.

back in Earth

"Dexs? Dex! damn! sorry Mr kent i have to go." Eric Left Jonathan

"what wrong" Jonathan ask

"a family matter" Eric answer.

Eric walk towards his chopper and he get on then crank it. then kara run towards him and look with please.

"Eric don't go you will killed there" kara begs.

"i have to come back to stop him and take throne if not then he will bring war here on Earth." Eric said as Kara look him sadly as puts hand on her Face

"Kara, this my destiny and can't run from it anymore" as he left kara with full speed of his chopper.

"Eric!" kara shouted as she pulls her phone and call the league.

in Lex casino, the there a beautiful woman with red heir and green eyes wearing a black dress jacket with shirt and blue pants with white shoe name Janessa. janessa roll the dice then she win again and men call her a cheater after wondering she made many wins.

"sorry boys but this is the time of the women" Janessa said with chuckle.

"what about men?" a voice say behind her

Janessa turns see Eric and smirk at her brother.

"well Eric it been awhile and how do find me, huh?" Janessa said.

"seen you on the casinos Everytime and you even Gambling in our 'real' home but i need your help" Eric says as look and see couple men in blacks dress suits coming for them.

"okay is what it?" Janessa ask

"i tell will you later!" Eric pull down janessa from fire ball explode and it the table as run from people from lives.

Eric look up and see hooded dark brotherhood armor with an black hand his chest and cloak. Eric and Janessa got as they summon swords to ready for battle.

"Listener, I thought you die" Eric growled.

"the dark brotherhood never dies, kill them" Listen said.

the brotherhood shooting there gun as janessa use her magical barrier to block the bullets.

"that's what you trying tell me!?" Janessa shouted

"i will explain later lets now let take them on." Eric said as use his shouts

"fus Ro Dah!" hesending the darker brotherhood flying. then janessa summons her blades as she cut the brotherhood down with killer skills, but one points a gun at her as she cut off his arm off making him scream. another grab a behind her then she reward him a headbutt. the brotherhood hood his bleeding nose as Janessa kick him in balls and punch him unconscious.

"men, they so weak" janessa. said in disappointed voice

Eric and listener are fighing as the Listener slash Eric shirt. Eric looka the glowing dagger and he summons a sword as two battle. Listener the block the sword with his two daggers. then Listener did Slash at the dragonborn with as Eric keps blocking until he was stab.

"hehe its seem like easy work after all" the listener said with an evil smirked.

"do you think so?" Eric said in a dark tone as his eyes turn Draconian yellow.

Eric grab the listener and slammed like 5 times then swings him around, Then he throw him to the wall. the wall crumble down, the listener can't move as Eric walk towards him with axe. Eric ready his axe to kill the Listener.

"this is for the people you kill in tamriel" Eric said in dark tone.

"go ahead do it, you don't have the balls" the Listener laugh as cough blood.

"gladly" Eric said as about to use the final blow but suddenly a voice came behind.

"Eric stop!" the man of steel said

Erica turns arounds and see Superman.

"Superman stay out of this! this man is responsible of my father death!" Eric shouted.

"i know your angry but Kara call me to help you and get to your throne back. but don't kill him " Superman reasoned the Dragonborn.

Eric look Superman and the Listener then then Eric dropped his axe. superman smile at this and pats Eric in shoulder.

"let's go to the watchtower with our assinassin friend here and you too lady Dragonborn" Superman said with an smile.

"yeah yeah whatever, thing are getting better and better" Janessa said as she rolled her eyes.

to be continue

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