Chapter 31: Chocolate Marshmallow Man

            The sun slowly rose out of the distance, a fiery symbol of Shio and Sumiko's decreasing dog demon power. Shio strained to hold his grip on his little sister's hand. Their palms were sweaty, but they feared separation enough to hold onto each other. Their claws shrank.

            "Kitty! I'm scared!" Sumiko cried.

            "Just hold on!" he shouted back. Then it came. The tingling in his muscles and the rising pressure in his body, while his mind screamed at him to let go. "I won't let go!" he shouted.

            Sumiko screamed as the pain started to consume her too.


            The cat grew to full size and leapt to her master's side with a roar. Sango shifted the weight of her boomerang and mounted the fire cat. "I'm not waiting to see who gives out first!" she called to the others. Kirara jumped into the air.

            "Hirikotsu!" the boomerang bone went spinning through the air to slice off the monster's head. But the monster saw it coming, and knocked it away as if he was swatting a fly. Then Kagome got a clear view of four dim glows coming from his forehead.

            "Wait!" she cried. "He has four shikon shards!"

            "Well then, not only will we be saving the foxes, but we'll get shikon shards in the process!" Inu Yasha drew his sword. He charged the monster preparing to slice off his legs when all of a sudden, the sound of B flat echoed through the air. It hit the metal of his sword, his silver hair, it entered his dog ears and took control. Inu Yasha froze mid running stance with his sword half swung.

            "Kagome gasped. "What's-?"

            "Where is that music coming from?" Shippou asked while looking around.

            More notes followed the B flat in a slow, lazy tune. Inu Yasha strained to move again, but the more he fought it, the more he felt like a statue. The notes of the music rippled into the silver necklace holding the shikon shards around Kagome's neck, they went into the silver alloid in the handle of Shippou's top, it went to Sango's sword and armor, Miroku's money and rosary as well. Everyone was still.

            Kikase emerged from the forest, playing her flute with her eyes shadowed by her platinum blond hair.

            "Kikase!" Shitai called. Shitai wasn't frozen at all.

            Kikase looked up at all of them with a stoic expression on her face.

            Kikase kept playing and the notes she produced became words, 'Well, it looks like Kikyo doesn't have any silver on her, but I can't understand why Sashimi isn't affected. She's practically made of silver.'

            "I'm a goddess now. I won't be sway by enchantment spells anymore." Sashimi said.

            'Then Kikyo…are you planning on trying to stop me?'

            Kikyo glanced up at where Shio and Sumiko were. "I really don't care whether those two live or die." And with that, she walked off into the woods again….the shady bitch….

            'Fine then.' Kikase turned to the monster. 'Let's go, Chi.'

            The monster tugged harder causing Shio to cry out in pain.

            'He's pretty strong for a half kitsune.' Kikase hit a flat key.

            Then Sumiko and Shio both screamed at the same time, as a loud crack came from Shio's arm and it loosened from the tree. The monster yanked them both upward in his clutched fit and turned to leave, each footstep like an earthquake. Kikase followed, still playing her flute. The music only stopped playing when they were far enough so that their scent would have been distorted by the wind.

            Shitai looked sadly in the direction they left. "I wish we were still working together, I really miss her."

            Inu Yasha growled and stomped over to Sashimi. He didn't look up at her but downward, only seeing the lower half of her luminous kimono.

            "What's wrong, Inu?" Sashimi asked.

            In rage, he threw his claws out and grabbed the silky sleeves of her kimono. The cloth was like non other he had ever felt. Soft, smooth, it felt like water and it seemed like it could be torn easily. But it was somehow able to withstand the grip of his claws. "Sashimi!! You were able to move, why didn't you stop Kikase!! She just captured Shio and Sumiko, don't you even care about them?!"


            Sashimi bopped Inu Yasha on the head the same way he usually bopped Shio. Shippou found this very amusing that "an eye for an eye" had taken place.

            "I love my younger siblings, I love my whole family like nothing you could understand, Inu. But I'm not aloud to help them. Not just yet." Sashimi said. "First, they must have a revelation."

            "What revolation??" he asked.

            Sashimi bopped him on the head again. "You're so nosey, Inu-kun."

            (AN: Damn! I've got the song "Mr. Selephame" stuck in my head! _)


            The monster dropped Shio and Sumiko on the ground and walked out of sight. They moaned in pain and discomfort. Shio lifted himself up a little bit and looked over at Sumiko. "You okay?" he asked.

            "Uh-huh." She nodded weakly then noticed how the palm of his hand was facing the wrong side. "Your arm-"

            "I'm okay." he said, holding his shoulder.

            But Sumiko could see that the forearm had been twisted all the way around and broken at the wrist. It was amazing that the skin wasn't broken. "Kitty needs help!" she said worriedly.

            "It'll heal in a little while." Shio said and turned his head as soon as he sensed a new presence near them.

            It was the baboon skin clad Naraku. Standing in front of them. "Kukukukukukuku." Hundred's of vines sprouted from under the pelt and wrapped themselves around Shio and Sumiko, binding them. Though it wasn't as if they could move. They were stretched by a monster and a tree, carried in his clenched fist for miles, Shio had broken bones, Sumiko was once again, oblivious to her power.

            "Now whether you agree to tell me or not, I will get information about the pure light out of you." Naraku said.

            Shio fixed his gave on him. "You don't know how to use it?"

            Naraku said nothing.

            "You've been putting us through all of this, and you don't even know how to use the pure light?" Shio said disbelievingly.

            "It's not just the use, but the origin. Before I take it, I am interested to learn more about it." Naraku pulled Shio over with his vines till their faces were inches away. "And whether you want to tell me or don't, whether you are conscious of the information or not, I can extract it from you. And it will be painful."

            Shio scrunched up his nose and narrowed his eyes. He turned his head and said, "Dude. Your breath smells like chips."

            "Gross." Sumiko said.

            Naraku made no expression to the comment so it either bothered him or it didn't. "Why don't we start with you first, Shio?" the vines constricting his wrists, waist and legs grew tighter. Okay, so he didn't like the comment. "You once knew your mother; you have her in your heart. Surely you can tell me about how this pure light was created?"

            Shio glared at him. "Man. If I knew, do you think I'd tell a monkey boy like you?"

            The bindings went tighter, cutting off circulation to certain limbs. I guess he didn't like that comment either. Then out of the corner of his eye, Shio saw a vine coming toward his head. He screamed at it plunged into his ear. Then his face went pale and his voice muted. His eyes went glassy and he was silent.

            "Kitty!" Sumiko cried.

            After a few moments Shio downloaded the information to Naraku. "A long time ago, yin and yang collided. Where as the precocious healer, a woman called Shin'yo and the perfect fighter, a women called Sashimasu, joined forces to create the ultimate power. One was a pure-breed, silver haired dog demon, and the other was half enchantress and half kitsune. They achieved the perfect friendship, and when the friendship was pure and perfect without a hint of suspicion, jealousy, or fighting, they were both able to achieve the power to invent the purest of light. Shin'yo kept it in her staff of wisdom to incubate it and learn how to make the light grow. Sashimasu kept it in a locket and often experimented with it to test it's full depths and nature.

            Then along came a man whom was known as Shicho, who was looking for Sashimasu so that she could teach him how to become a warrior. She taught him and soon fell in love with him. And together they created the Top Dog lifestyle. She wanted to give him some of the light and ended up giving it even though she was sworn to secrecy with her best friend until they knew that the world would be ready for the pure light. But she loved the man so much that she wanted to give herself to him and everything that applied.

            When Shin'yo found out, she was in despair that her best friend broke her promise for a guy whom she herself had never met. Shin'yo realized that in order to perfect the light, it needed the souls of friendship, courage, strength, and love. Friendship was what it already had, strength had been added by Sashimasu, and courage had been added by herself. If she included the light that had been given to Shicho out of love, the light would be complete. So Shin'yo approached him, asking if she could have his weak light in exchange for some of the light that would be produced when it was finished. When Shicho saw Shin'yo, he instantly fell in love with her. Sashimasu was still in his heart, but Shin'yo was so beautiful that she filled him with lust for her mere appearance. With the light of love Sashimasu included, he gave up the light which also contained his love. And as soon as Shin'yo took it, the light of love affected her and she was filled with love for him too.

            When Sashimasu saw the light again with each of the four souls, and sensed how the love one was constructed, she was furious. If she wasn't blinded by her own light of love, if she had receive some of the fresh new light newly made, she would have been calmer and been able to reason. But she tried to kill Shin'yo. Shin'yo held a small amount of the pure light in her staff, but it was enough to cast at Sashimasu. The light stopped Sashimasu from attacking her, but she was still sad about her loss of love. Shin'yo apologized, but Sashimasu had convinced herself that it was her own self who had destroyed a perfect friendship. Sashimasu killed herself and from that time onward, the purest of lights could only immortalize the person holding it if they controlled both the light and the darkness."

            Naraku pulled his vine back.

            Shio held his throbbing ear but heard a sob behind him. He glanced at Sumiko who was crying from the story.

            "Interesting," Naraku grinned malevolently. "Apparently their friendship wasn't so perfect, if it could be so easily broken by something as miniscule as love."

            Shio glared at him. "You're trippn', Naraku."

            "If I knew what that meant, I wouldn't care." Naraku stated.

            Shio shook his head and looked off to the side. "Oh no he didn't."

            "I believe I did." Naraku said.

            Shio closed his eyes angrily. "You can rape my ear with your plants, you can poach my light, but when you go messn' with my family," he glared murderously at Naraku. "That ain't cool!"

            Naraku snorted and ignored Shio's declaration. "It's Sumiko's turn now."

            Sumiko made a scared sound as the vines lifted her over to Naraku.

            "Leave her alone!" Shio shouted. "She doesn't know anything about the light!"

            "She used the light in her fight with Kikyo." Naraku said.

            "But she was under the spell then! She can't remember how to use it now!"

            Naraku laughed evilly and called Kikase over. She stood next to Sumiko. "Look, see these earrings here?" she pointed at the shiny pieces hanging from Sumiko's ears. "They're made of silver. A magic creature such as yourself should know that silver is one of the best conductors for enchantment. I use it on my victims a lot. Her evil aurora may be gone, but she's still under a spell. The earrings are what keeps her as my slave."

            Sumiko looked horrified. "No! I don't want to do bad things anymore!"

            "Sorry, hon. But all I have to do is play a few notes and you become evil again." Kikase held up her flute.

            "No!" Sumiko's eyes widened in horror at the very sight of the flute. "Please, no!"

            Shio growled, baring his teeth at them. His long hair fell over his eyes. "Bastard!" his long silky hair began to move as if a harsh breeze was blowing through it. The vines around Sumiko and him emitted silver fire. "You-you don't know when to stop, do you?!" Shio said. His voice lower and quivering with rage. He then looked up and his eyes flashed silver. "I TOLD YOU TO LEAVE HER ALONE!!"

            The silver fires exploded. Vines burned and burst apart, crumbling and burning, whipping apart with each explosion.


            Krara flew out of the darkness of the forest carrying Sango, Miroku, and Shitai on her back.

            Kikase saw her and shouted, "Shitai! I love you!"

            Shitai shouted back, over Miroku's head, "I love you too!"

            Sango glared at Miroku who was smiling pervertedly. "Sicko." -_- ;;;

            "It's not sick!" Miroku said. "Public lesbians are a beautiful thing." ^_^

            "Remind me to smack you later." She said. ;;;;

            Naraku produced more vines as Inu Yasha, Kagome, and Shippou came in. He caught Sumiko and pulled her to him. She struggled, but couldn't get free.

            "Kukukukuku," he laughed. "I'll absorb her. Then I'll have her light and the knowledge of how to use it. Then I will destroy you all."

            But while he was talking, he didn't notice that parts of Sumiko's arms weren't bound…

            "The hell you will!" Inu Yasha swung tetsusaiga, but the blade bounced off the barrier Naraku erected around himself, Kikase, and Sumiko.

            Naraku did his strange laugh again, making Kikase roll her eyes. It was then that she noticed what Sumiko was doing. The clever child-like kitsune reached behind her ears and flipped the clip-on silver earrings open. As soon as they were off, she became paler. She reached up and put the earrings on Naraku's sleeve without him noticing. Then she shot Kikase a determined look, and Kikase knew what to do. She nodded and began playing the flute.

            Naraku's eyes widened as soon as he felt the notes echo into him. He looked down at the earring Sumiko attached to his clothes then down at her misty yet not happy eyes. "You tramp!" he threw her at the ground.

            Kikase played a fast and swinging tune. Sumiko looked at her hands and they were see through and glowing.

            "You'll die, Sumiko!" Naraku shouted at her as the barrier disappeared.  "Those earring were what kept you as who you were!"

            A hand reached out and gripped the front of Naraku's kimonos. Naraku turned to see Shio's eyes glaring at him. "Hey," Shio said. He held up his mangled arm. Cracking and popping, the forearm spun back around into it's original position and the wrist snapped back into place. Shio balled that hand into a fist and-


Naraku reeled with a large red fist print on his face. Shitai came to the final point of her sond and played a long loud C flat. Naraku shrank inside his clothes and they fell into a pile on the ground with his shikon shards resting on top.

"Sumiko!" Kagome called.

She looked up at everyone as she became nothing but light. But, as everyone thought that she would disappear, that she would fail to exist anymore without the spell, something happened. The light that she was, became smaller. When the light disappeared. There sat a little girl. A little demon girl with small hands and skinny wrists, knobby knees and large innocent eyes. In demon years, she was about eleven years old. She blinked and smiled cutely.

She walked – no – she waddled in a way, as if she were even younger then eleven and was not as coordinated. Shio watched the young girl walk over. She stopped, standing so close to him that he put his chin against his collarbone to look down at her. She then looked up at him with large emerald eyes and held out her arms. "Kitty!"

Shio slowly sank to him knees and glomped her. "Sumiko!"

Shippou tapped Kagome and whispered to her in the others, "I don't get it. How did she get like that?"

"Does anime ever make sense?" Sango asked with a sigh and a sweatdrop. "I've been confused since chapter 17." ;;;;

Meanwhile, Kikase went over and linked arms with Shitai and they watched the good guy characters.

"What shall we do now, Shitai?"

"I don't know Kikase, but I do know that I'm tired of watching these mukes."

"Let's blow this popstand, Shitai."

"My thoughts exactly, Kikase."

And they left without anyone noticing.

Shippou then noticed Naraku's clothes move by themselves. "He's alive!" Shippou screamed.

Some of them jumped back in shock and/or readied their weapons. Then a fury little head poked out of the neck and looked around at everyone.

Everyone: OO *blink* *blink*

            "ITZA MONKEY!!" Sumiko screamed. She leapt over and hugged the little white monkey that squeaked from her bone crushing force.

            "Is that Naraku?" Inu Yasha asked with a raised eyebrow.

            "KAWAII!" Kagome cried. She came over and pinced the little monkies cheeks as Sumiko played with him like a stuffed animal. And Naraku the little monkey squeaked and made terrified monkey sounds.

            Sumiko hugged him hard and rubbed her cheek against his. "I'll call you Chocolate Marshmellow Man!" ^____^

            Miroku leaned toward Sango and asked, "What did Sumiko smoke to come up with that name?"

            Sango shrugged. "I don't know, but I'll take two of them."

            ^_^ "Okay, ya'll, Sashimi has to go now!" Sashimi smiled, referring to herself in the third person.

            "Do you have to?" Shio asked.

            "Fraid so, lil bro!" ^__^ she gave him a noogie and turned to Inu Yasha. "Now remember Inu Yasha, smile as often as you can, have many good dreams, and enjoy the life ahead of you and *ahem* don't let the past 'bother' you…." (An: Guess which dirt clod whore she was referring to there…)

            She bent down to her next victim, "Shippou?" she put her fingers together in a science fiction sign. "Live long and prosper!" ^_^

            Shippou grinned and made the same sign with his hands.

            Sashimi went up to Sango. "For your problem, Sango." Sashimi said. "I would suggest opening the neck of your kimono a little bit more, red candles, and rubbing oil." ^_~

            Sango blushed.

            (An: Guess which perverted monk problem she was referring too….)

            She went up to Miroku, "Priest, I suggest that you try roses, strawberries, and I'm sure my brother can hook you up with some flame decorated boxers.

            Miroku grinned happily. ^_________^

            (AN: Guess which perverted seduction problem she was referring too….)

            Sango glared at him and he just laughed nervously.

            She went up to Kagome. "You know what. Inu Yasha is a good boy, but he needs a little guidance. I'd suggest you learn more about mind manipulation, if he ever tries to do things you don't like, try making him feel like a heel." ^__^

            Kagome sweatdropped.

            (An: Guess which cheating hanyo problem she was referring to….)

            (Cq: -_- God, will you just shut up!)

            (An: Nope! :-P)

            Sumiko went over to Sumiko and closed her eyes. She kissed each eyelid and said, "Take care of Shio, Sumiko. Practice on your light, you both can learn from each other."

            Sumiko opened her eyes and smiled. There were new little stars in their depths.

            Shio was next and she hugged him. "Take care of Sumiko, Shio. And find a mate."

            Shio looked at her sadly. "I can't believe your leaving already. You've just met Sumiko, and I'll be lonely again without you."

            Sashimi laughed lightly. "You're not alone, Silly Shio. You have Inu Yasha, you have your little sister, you have all of these new friends now, and I'll be closer to you then you know." She winked at him reassuringly.

            Sashimi kissed each of them and disappeared in a flash of light.

            "Goodbye, sister." Shio said. After a few moments. Shio patted Inu Yasha hard on the back and said. "We'd better get going too, man. Me and Sumiko are heading out."

            "Oh, really?" Inu Yasha asked in an amused tone.

            "We'll do fine! I'm not a completely hopeless role model!" Shio said. He bent down and lifted Sumiko up so she could sit on his shoulders. She put her face in his hair, sniffed it and laughed.

            Shio gave them the piece sign, "Later!" ^_^V and he bounded off with Sumiko.

            Kagome went over to her pack to look for some ramen when she noticed. "OH MY GOD!"

            "What??" Inu Yasha asked.

            "The ramen and my bag of candy are missing!" she shouted.

            Everyone: *facefault*

            Sumiko sat on Shio's shoulders eating chocolate.

            "So Sumiko, do you know anything about the top dogs?" he asked.

            "No." she answered.

            "Well then, I'll have to teach you. See, it's the art of fighting, but for love and happiness. Sort of ironic, wouldn't you say?"

            "I dunno."

            "Me either. But we'll figure things out."



            "What are boxers?"


Das End.


What? What are you looking at me for?? I have a sequel planned out for this, okay? I'm just wondering if I shouls make it a separate story or attach it to this story or something….I dunno…I've got enough trouble as it is.