A white animal walked the quiet dark streets of Mitakihara. Its own body illuminated the path it walked on. The white animal was petite, resembling that of a cat and a rabbit. Its fluffy tail that waved around care free in the air dwarfed its body. Its head was also big, with its long ears going pass the animal's lower jaw. A pair of golden rings surrounded each ear and its eyes were bright red.

The white animal stopped its walking as soon as its eyes caught the sight of a pair of teal boots. "Ah! You have arrived!" the white animal spoke, yet its mouth never opened.

The white animal's head tilted up, seeing the face of a blue haired girl. Her hair was short, not reaching her neck. The girl had a yellow hairclip that kept a part of her hair tucked behind ear and her eyes had the same color as her hair. She wore a strapless blue and white button-down top, a blue skirt, and a pair of white stockings with a blue stripe. She held a sword with a golden hilt and black handle with her left hand and another one with her right. She wore a frown as she stared down at the white animal.

"All the witches are dead, Kyubey, what more do you want?" the blue haired girl spat, staring down at the white animal, whom its name seemed to be Kyubey.

Kyubey ignored the harsh talking girl to look behind her. There, Kyubey saw more girls, three of which looked to be the same age as the one in front of her while one looked to be older.

One of the girls closest to the blue haired one had long red hair that reached all the way to her back and eyes similarly colored to her hair. She wore a dark red dress with an opening for some sort of red gem and a mandarin collar. The borders of her dress are covered with thick white ruffles, going all the way down and covering the opening of her dress. She wore arm sleeves that went halfway up her biceps with black buttoned cuffs around her wrists. Underneath her dress were a pink pleated skirt and a black corset with white detailing. She wore tall red boots with white cuffs and white symbols and black thigh-high tights. Her hand was holding was a long spear with a gold handle and a silver and red blade.

The next girl looked more mature than the other girls. She had blond hair tied into pigtails and styled into curly drills. Her eyes were colored yellow, similar to her hair. She had a much bigger chest and a more mature face than the other two girls. She wore a beige skirt with black tips, and her top is a long-sleeved white shirt with puffs. In between her skirt and her top, she had a brown corset-like clothing garment. She also had a small brown hat with white fur coming out of it, as well as gray and white striped leggings, and black and yellow, knee-high boots.

The next girl looked like the youngest as she was the smallest amongst the group. She had pink hair tied into twin tails with a red ribbon tied into a bow. She had pink eyes, similar to her hair. She wore a poofy pink dress with ribbons arranged at the neck, waist, and on the shoes. The middle of her torso is pale yellow with a white stripe and red buttons. On the back right under the white ruffles is a heart-shaped hole. For the waist is a flower-like pattern that is a pink-white fade. At the edge of this were three diamond shapes and a red border. Under it is a white skirt accompanied by a petticoat of the same color. She also wore a pair of white gloves with pink trims, white, knee-high stockings, and dark pink heels.

The last one looked the most mysterious and the darkest of all them. She had long black hair and purple eyes. Her eyes glared at Kyubey, an evil look appearing on her face as the white animal stared blankly at her. The girl wore a white, long-sleeve coat with a silver collar over a black, long-sleeve dress. The skirt is silver with white trim. She also wore black leggings with dark-gray diamonds that covered the sides of the legs, and black heels. The coat appeared to have a flower-like pattern with three petals, and has two ribbons attached to it.

Kyubey nodded, "Akemi, Homura" it called, looking at the black haired girl.

"Kaname, Madoka" it continued, staring at the pink haired girl.

"Tomoe, Mami" Kyubey stared at the blonde

"Sakura, Kyoko and Miki Sayaka" it said, staring at the red haired and blue haired girl respectively.

"The best team of magical girls here in Japan, able to cleanse Mitakihara of witches, I now assign you to a new city to guard" Kyubey spoke.

Sayaka frowned, "And why should we? Shouldn't that city have a team already?" she asked, her arms folded as she gave a rather evil look at the white animal.

Kyubey only blinked, seemingly not giving a care for what they say, "The magical girls in that city, which is Namimori by the way, were all killed by witches, leaving no one to guard it" Kyubey replied. "Don't worry, you won't stay there for long. As soon as I find a new Magical Girl to guard the city" it continued.

The five girls all stared at each other insecurely. They didn't want to do this, but some of them also wanted to help, as it was in their duty to protect humans from Witches. "I'll go!" Madoka spoke, a determined look founding its way on her face.

Homura sighed, "If Madoka's going then I'm going" she added.

"Count me in too!" Mami added, forming a fist with her hand and sticking out her thumb.

Sayaka sighed, "Someone has to watch over Madoka so I'm in" she said.

Kyoko pulled out a piece of Pocky and kept it hanging from her mouth, "Well I don't want to be alone here so I'm going" she said.

"Great!" Kyubey said in joy, jumping up and down the streets like a dog who wants to get a treat. "Tomorrow, you will head out to Namimori and maybe meet some new friends too!"

The Next Day

A young man was walking the streets of Namimori alone. He had his head down, a sad look on his face. The young man had messy brown hair that were pointing up, brown eyes that were empty of emotion other than sadness.

As he continued walking, he looked up and saw a group of girls with different colors of hair. One had pink, the other yellow, adjacent to her had red, next to the previous one was blue, and the last was black. The face he gave made it seem like he didn't know them, were they knew? They were wearing his uniform, perhaps transfers?

They walked past him, completely unaware of his presence, and the young man continued walking. They looked about the same age as him except for the yellow haired on, who looked more mature and seem to be in a higher level.

As the young man continued walking, a guy yelled, "Tsuna!" that caught the young man's attention. "Wait up, Tsuna!" the guy yelled, catching up to the young man.

"Yamamoto?" Tsuna called, staring up at the guy that called him.

The guy had short black hair and brown eyes. He had a darker skin tone than Tsuna and he was wearing a grin unlike Tsuna. "Yes. Let's go to school together, Tsuna" he said.

Tsuna formed a small smile, "Yeah, sure" he said.

The two walked together, Tsuna returning to frowning and Yamamoto still smiling, "I saw a group of girls earlier, they might be transfers I think" Tsuna said.

Yamamoto grinned, "Oh, you mean the ones with different colors of hair? I saw them too, they went to my old man to buy sushi before going to school" he said. "They were all a happy bunch, the red haired one reminded me a lot of Gokudera" he continued.

"Which part?" another guy called, this one had a more serious tone in his voice.

Yamamoto and Tsuna turned around, spotting the sight of a silver haired young man with green eyes and a serious look around his face. "The part where you act like a delinquent" Yamomot chuckled.

The silver haired young man gritted his teeth in anger, "What does that mean?" he asked, holding up his fist. "Idiot samurai" he continued.

"Gokudera, it was just a joke" Tsuna calmly said, waving his hands around as Yamamoto continued to laugh while the white haired teen grew in anger.

"Yes, Judaime! I knew it was a joke all along!" Gokudera replied, smiling quickly and giving a fake laugh. Tsuna only looked in surprise, he knew it was fake and he was still irritated by Yamamoto.

The three of them walked together on the way to school, "Transfers huh? Judaime, I feel like there's something about those girls that's off" Gokudera said.

"You always think like that" Tsuna said.

Gokudera only shook his head, "But this time I'm sure of it. They have some sort of aura around them, something similar to our dying will flame" he said, holding up his hand and staring at the ring he had in his finger. It was a metal ring with a massive red gem held up by tiny metal wrapped around it.

But before they could continue their conversation any further, they have arrived at school. Wasting no time, they walked past the disciplinary committee members and headed straight towards their classroom.

The teacher walked in, he was a young man with messy blonde hair and brown eyes. He had a flame tattoo on one side of his arm and he had a foreigner look on his face. "Settle down, settle down" the teacher spoke.

"Dino is still the teacher huh?" Tsuna asked, staring up at his teacher.

"Good news class! We have new students! Please introduce yourselves" Dino spoke enthusiastically.

Tsuna, Yamamoto, and Gokudera's eyes widened as none other than four of the five girls they met earlier walked in their classroom.

"Nice to meet you! I'm Madoka Kaname!" The pink haired girl spoke first, a joyful look on her face as she stared at the class.

"Kyoko Sakura, don't mess with me and we won't have a problem" Kyoko introduced, folding her arms as a stick of Pocky hung from her mouth.

"Miss Sakura, snacks are not around while class is ongoing" Dino said, pointing to Kyoko's stick of pocky.

"I do whatever I want, teach!" Kyoko spat, swinging her fist, heading for Dino's face. But to Kyoko's surprise, Dino caught it.

"I don't want to take you to the principal on your first day, Miss Kyoko" Dino spoke, his voice becoming serious. "So please, eat up that stick of Pocky and never disobey the rules while in my class" he continued, a smile on his face.

Kyoko gasped, who was this guy? Something about him didn't feel normal. He wasn't also the typical teacher. Kyoko followed and ate up her pocky. She frowned and folded her arms, an angered look appearing on her face.

"I'm Sayaka Miki, nice to meet you!" the blue haired one introduced.

"Homura Akemi" the black haired one spoke, a rather grim tone in her voice.

"That's it for them, you can take your seat now. I'm your adviser, Dino" Dino smiled.

The four girls walked towards some of the vacant seats in the classroom. Sayaka sat next to Yamamoto, Kyoko sat next to Gokudera, Madoka sat behind Tsuna, and Homura sat at the very back of the room. The class started and Tsuna paid no attention the whole time.


Dismissal had hit and Tsuna and his friends were at their lockers, getting their normal shoes and putting their school shoes in. They were about to leave when suddenly, a black haired young man came crashing down at the floor.

"H-Hibari?!" Tsuna called.

The young man opened his eyes, revealing its silver color, "Herbivore, you better run" he said, getting up and taking off the black coat that clung on his shoulder.

Suddenly, a sharp diamond shaped blade connected to a chain came out of nowhere, heading towards Hibari.

In quick reaction, Yamamoto pulled out a wooden practice sword from his back. It deflected the spear, sending it to the side as Yamamoto's wooden practice sword turned into a sharp katana. "Who's there!?" Yamamoto called, a serious look appearing on his face.

"Out of the way, Yamamoto" Kyoko spoke, appearing from a dark part of the room. "That black haired asshole is the only one I'm after" she continued, grinning as the diamond shaped blade came back to her, reforming into a golden spear.

"Hibari!? What-"

Hibari frowned "I saw her on the rooftop at class hours, which is against the rules" he said. "I'll have to bite you death because of that" he continue, pulling out two tonfas seemingly out of nowhere.

Kyoko tilted her head, "Eh? That hit should've knocked you out for two weeks" she said, a surprised but confused look on her face. Clearly this guy was not what she expected. He was something else, someone stronger.

Hibari frowned, "Strong animals don't get knocked out that easily" he replied. "Yamamoto, I suggest you leave, before I bite you to death for interrupting my fight" he said, glaring at the katana wielding teen.

Yamamoto smiled, "Alright! But I want to watch!" he said, the katana morphing once again into a practice sword.

"Yamamoto's not afraid of Hibari at all!" Tsuna said, a shocked look on his face.

"I don't think you understood what I said-"

"There's something about them I want to know. They're strong but they don't possess dying will flames" Yamamoto said, glaring at Hibari.

Hibari sighed, "Don't get in my way or I'll bite you to death" he threatened.

"Okie!" Yamamoto replied, holding out his thumb as he backed off, standing beside Gokudera and Tsuna.

"Oh you're done talking?" Kyoko asked as she finished a sandwich. "Alright, let me beat your ass and show you to not mess with me!" she yelled, rushing forward with her spear behind her back.

Hibari dashed forward as well, glaring at Kyoko. She jumped up, her long spear breaking apart, revealing chains inside of them. The chains all headed to Hibari, the metal hitting Hibari's Tonfas as he blocked the incoming attack.

Hibari had been forcefully put into the offensive as Kyoko relentlessly attack him with her spear and chains. "Already backed into a corner! This should be easy!" she grinned, foreseeing her victory already.

But Hibari remained aloof as another one the metal tubes hit his tonfas, "Is this it? I'm unimpressed, weak animal" he said, leaping forward and getting close to Kyoko's face. Kyoko lets out a gasp as HIbari lashed out his tonfa and socked Kyoko's face, sending her down at the ground.

Hibari landed, staring down coldly at Kyoko as she got up, "Bastard!" she yelled.

Her spear solidified, lunging it towards Hibari swiftly. Hibari moved to the side, avoiding the spear. But Kyoko saw this and smiled as her spear broke apart and she lunged it towards HIbari. With his flank exposed and not enough time to react, Hibari was hit with the blunt force of golden metal and chains. The forces sent him crashing down to a wall, and it hit hard, cracking and leaving a mark as Hibari fell to the ground.

But this only angered him as Hibari got up immediately and rushed at Kyoko, "You're destroying the walls, now you've just made me mad" he growled as Kyoko launched another flurry of attacks using the whip mode of her spear.

"So what if you're mad!? You still can't beat a Magical Girl!" she yelled, dropping to the ground as her spear morphed back to her spear mode. She suddenly duplicated, multiple clones of herself suddenly surrounding Hibari.

"Illusions?" Gokudera called.

"Magical Girls? What is that?" Tsuna asked himself. He stared at Yamamoto and Gokudera, they were just as confused as he was. They were indeed something else as Tsuna couldn't feel the presence of any mist flame from those illusions. "Hibari! Those aren't like the illusions we're familiar with!" Tsuna yelled.

They surround him, preparing to attack as they ready their spears in a stabbing position. Tsuna, Yamamoto, and Gokudera were completely shocked that this girl could use illusions despite not using flames, but Hibari didn't seem moved at all by Kyoko's illusions.

But Hibari only ignored him, "Illusions are still illusions. They are only used by weak animals like her" he said. "And these illusions are weaker than the Mist Guardian's" he continued, running forward and slamming his Tonfa at Kyoko's stomach.

The blunt force alone force Kyoko on her knees, her illusions disappearing and Hibari standing victorious. "Killing you here would only stain the school" he said, walking away and leaving Kyoko to Tsuna and his friends.

They rushed to her aid, "Are you alright!?" Tsuna immediately asked as Yamamoto and Gokudera lay both of her arms as their shoulder.

"She's knocked unconscious, Judaime. Let's take her to a hospital" Gokudera said. "This girl is strong, able to fight Hibari like that was impressive" Gokudera frowned as they carried her out of the school.

A few hours later

Kyoko got out of the hospital, finding Gokudera sitting at the waiting room, feeding a cat with big red eyes. She slowly approached the white haired hothead saying, "You're the one that brought me to the hospital, right?"

Gokudera frowned, "Judaime would have been troubled if we left you there" he replied, glaring at Kyoko.

"Judaime? You mean the brown haired dweeb?" Kyoko asked, a small smile appearing on his face.

"Judaime is not a dweeb! Be thankful he was kind enough to bring you to the hospital, despite you attacking one of the guardians!" he growled, standing up and pointing his finger at the redhead. It irritated Gokudera that this girl wasn't even thankful that they saved her life. If it wasn't for them, Hibari might have killed her outside the school.

Kyoko smiled deviously, "Yeah, yeah, whatever" she shrugged. "Guardians huh? So you're friends with him?" she asked, suddenly getting serious. Guardians? What did he mean? She did hear Hibari say it as well, but she ignored it as their fight was far more important.

Gokudera shrugged, heading to the door, "I don't have to tell you anything" he said, stopping before the door then turning his head to Kyoko, "But the next time you messed with us again, we might not be as forgiving" he threatened.

To be continued