"Old man, I'm home!" Yamamoto exclaimed, entering the sushi house of his father. It looked very old, with the walls and floor made up of wood. The counter however, was a mix of wood, glass, and metal. The wood making up the majority of it and the metal to hold the glass that showed the various sushi Yamamoto's father made.

Yamamoto's eyes widened as none other than Sayaka was sitting at one of the chairs near the counter. "Ah! Takeshi! Greet your roommate, Sayaka!" Yamamoto's father called, pointing his arm at the blue haired girl eating sushi quietly.

"Hey, you're a friend of the red haired one right?" Yamamoto asked, sitting beside Sayaka and laying his bag and practice sword at the floor.

Sayaka nodded, "Yeah. What about it?" she asked, turning to face Yamamoto.

Nervously, Yamamoto chuckled and rubbed the back of his head, "Well, she kinda pissed off the head of the Disciplinary committee and was sent to the hospital" he spoke.

Sayaka's eyes widened and with no hesitation, she ran out to the hospital to check on her friend. She didn't need to hear anything else, that was enough to make her worry and rush to Kyoko. But how was she so badly beaten? She was confused as Kyoko was one of the most powerful Magical Girls she knew.

Meanwhile, back at the sushi house, Yamamoto ate some sushi as well, pondering about Kyoko. She was strong enough to handle herself against Hibari which was a feat only a few could do. It still perplexed him about who they were, Magical Girls. That termed seem new to him as none of the previous opponents or even allies of them had mentioned that name.

"Hey, old man, how's you accept her to be my roommate?" Yamamoto asked as he chewed on his food.

Yamamoto's father frowned, "She's a great swordsman, or it's just that I'm too old. She challenged me to a duel and if she won, she would live here for free temporarily. And she won" he explained, a rather sad tone in his voice.

Yamamoto frowned shortly, feeling his father's loss, then smiled, "I guess I'll have to beat her now!" he said, leaning back at his chair, tucking both of his hands behind his head, and forming a wide grin. "I'll have to prove to her that the Shiguren Souen-Ryu is the strongest!" he said.

Meanwhile, Sayaka had made it to the hospital just as soon as Gokudera left. She walked in so much of a rush that she bumped her head in Kyoko's head. Both fell at the ground, rubbing their heads, "Jeez, Sayaka, are you trying to bring me back to the E.R. or something?" Kyoko asked as she got up and glared at Sayaka.

"I was just worried!" Sayaka exclaimed. "When one of our classmates said you got beaten up by one of the disciplinary committee I just had to come to check on you!" she continued.

"That Hibari guy ain't an ordinary person. He's just as powerful as us Magical Girls" she said, folding her arms as the angry of frown from someone who got defeated appeared on her face. "So where're the others?" she asked.

"Madoka, Homura, and Mami all went witch hunting while I went to get the two of us a place to stay in for a while" Sayaka replied.

She stared at Kyoko's face, seeing the devious smile on her face. Immediately knowing what Kyoko was thinking, Sayaka held the redhead's shoulder, "No, you're going to rest. If that Hibari guy really is powerful, then you need time to get your wounds healed" Sayaka said as Kyoko took one step forward.

Kyoko formed an unimpressed frown as she continued walking, "Sayaka we're Magical Girls, we can heal" she said. "I'm fine now, he just knocked me out but my wounds healed" she continued.

Sayaka frowned for a second, before sighing and letting go of her arm, "Fine, but I think by the time we get there, they've already taken care of it" she said, walking out of the hospital alongside Kyoko.

Immediately after closing the door, their Magical Girl outfits replaced their uniforms and jumped away. Little did they realize that Hibari had been watching from afar. He might have been at Namimori High School but as he glared over a pair of jumping silhouettes, he knew who they were and he wasted no time in jumping off the rooftop and following those silhouettes.

Like Yamamoto, Hibari was also curious as to who they were. Kyoko possessed powers as to what a ring user of the Mist flame would use. But they didn't use flames. He assumed from their names that they used magic, but he knew no one that used magic. Even in the future, not even Byakuran used magic.

Back at Kyoko and Sayaka, they made it into an empty park. They looked around their dark surroundings. Witches cannot be seen in the real world, they have their own dimension in which they ruled called labyrinth.

The pair were trying to find the doorway to that realm. They looked around until finally, in between two massive trees not far from them, they found a white glow. They headed immediately to it, knowing that it was the doorway to the Witch's labyrinth.

Wasting no time, they headed in and arrived in a world nothing like theirs. It was dizzy, a lot of things were moving in a fast or slow manner. Kyoko was upside down, Sayaka was standing sideways. The walls and their surrounding were in a crimson red color with what looked to be giant meat buns floating around. But they noticed that Mami, Madoka, and Homura were nowhere to be seen.

The meat buns had faces, distorted and ugly ones. It had unbalanced eyes, some big and some small, eye shadows were bigger on one eye and small on the other. Flying all over the place was a red flash that dropped more meat buns.

Two landed on Kyoko and Sayaka, exploding in a cloud of brown smoke. But it didn't hurt them physically, it only hurt their nostrils as a foul odor came from the smoke and assaulted their smell.

They tried to cover their noses but their arms failed to move as the brown smoke faded and the red flash left off.

"What the heck is this?" Sayaka asked. Although they could utter words and move their mouths, their bodies fail to move even an inch. Sayaka was irritated by it. Their first mission in Namimori and they were already in a bad situation.

Meanwhile, Hibari had followed them and arrived at the park. But when he arrived, they weren't there. He frowned, did he follow the wrong Magical Girls? No, that couldn't be it, there weren't any other Magical Girls in the city, he knew this city, or did he?

He held up his ring. It was a gamble but he could at least try. A purple flame lit up from his ring, lighting up a portion of his vision. He walked around the park a little before noticing his flame weakening. Perplexed, he looked nearby and there it was, the same white glow Kyoko and Sayaka saw.

With no hesitation, he walked inside.

While Sayaka was irritated, Kyko was furious. She wanted to vent her frustrations out on some Witches after her embarrassing defeat at the hands of Hibari, but it seemed even a Witch was able to beat him easily.

With sheer willpower, Kyoko was able to move one of her feet and inch away. She grinned, "Alright! I just need to do it again!" she said in excitement as her body vibrated as an attempt to move her other foot and other parts of her body.

Sayaka watched as Kyoko fought the Witch's magic with her sheer willpower and smiled as Kyoko stopped vibrating and she could finally move. "I suspect that's the reason why Mami, Madoka, and Homura are missing" Sayaka said.

Kyoko smirked, summoning her long spear, and hopped around the floating meat buns in an attempt to catch up to the red flash. Her spear broke down into chain segments, as she used her speed to catch up to the red flash. She assumed it was the Witch as its magic was powerful to be able to stop them just like that.

She saw the Witch but her tracks stopped once she noticed that it was going back. She planted her foot firm on the ground, placing her spear behind her. As it closed in, she leaped up above the witch, avoided getting stunned. As she descended down upon her target, her spear enlarged and she was able to drag the Witch down at one of the floating meat buns, pinning it down.

"Wow" Hibari's voice echoed.

Kyko sharply turned towards where the voice came from, finding Hibari beside a freed Sayaka. She gritted her teeth in anger as the silver eyes head of the disciplinary committee looked around the Witch's labyrinth. He looked aloof by his surroundings but Kyoko could tell that he was intrigued by the place.

"Oy, you may be strong, but a labyrinth is no place for an ordinary human like you!" Kyoko spat.

Hibari only glared at Kyoko, "Ordinary? Kyoko, I am a carnivore. I am more than ordinary" Hibari smiled, pulling out both of his tonfa.

Both Kyoko and Sayaka looked in shock as Hibari's tonfas lit up in purple flames. Kyoko frowned, who was this guy? Was he using this when they fought? The more questions she asked herself, the angrier she got. "You better explain, Hibari"

Hibari frowned, "I could ask the same to you, herbivore" he said.

But before Kyoko could answer, the red blob down on the ground suddenly moved and wiggled Kyoko around. She tried hanging on tightly but nevertheless, she fell off the red flash came charging towards Hibari and Sayaka.

But, it stopped in front of Hibari, seemingly not attacking him. It slowly backed off as it wiggled itself. Hibari frowned, staring at the red flash. Her movements and the way it moved back away from him felt familiar, like someone he knew before was like this.

But only when he saw a green circle on the red flash's head did he realized who it was. He gritted his teeth and slammed his tonfa down at the red flash, "I suggest you leave me alone with this, I happen to know her" he said, glaring back at Sayaka.

"Alright, I'll go find the others here" Sayaka replied, turning herself away from Hibari and jumping from one meat bun to another. Madoka, Homura, and Mami had to be somewhere in this labyrinth, she just needed to find them, or one of them, then she could know where the others were.

As she continued jumping around in what seemed like an endless path, she gave a worried expression as there were no sign of her friends. Did the Witch kill them? It was possible but from what she saw, the Witch knew only to stun them. But what if the stun was poison? What if they died of that? Or what if the Witch did kill them and it only took a while for it to do so to them?

Tons of questions plagued her mind as she continued to go to the endless path with no sign of Madoka or anyone. How long has it been? It felt she was hopping on these meat buns. How far was she? She turned around, not seeing the red flash nor Hibari and Kyoko. She stared back ahead, with hopeless eyes as she continued hopping.

While Sayaka moved forward, Hibari was going down. He knew what the green mark had meant and he had an idea on who this Witch was or trying to impersonate. He continued slamming it with his tonfa, its flames growing larger and larger with every hit. He gritted his teeth, "What monster are you and why are you trying to imitate I-pin?" he asked.

But when he did, the Witch only giggled and a red mark appeared below the green one. "Dammit!" Hibari cursed. He turned his head to see Kyoko following behind him, "I suggest you leave, Sakura Kyoko" he said.

"Why? So you could bite it to death?" Kyoko asked.

Hibari frowned, "I only suggested. This Witch is about to explode so either you leave or die with me" he said, glaring at Kyoko

Kyoko gasped and without a single hesitation, she landed on a meat bun and climbed up. She didn't care for him, it was better he died than her. She got up quickly, trying her best to get out of there in an attempt to avoid a massive explosion.

"Kyoko!" a familiar girl yelled.

Kyoko stopped and turned her head, finding Madoka, Homura, and Mami all standing in place. Knowing they were stunned, Kyoko moved towards them, "It's not permanent, you just have to fight it with your sheer willpower" Kyoko said.

Homura, knowing exactly what she meant, screamed to the top of her lungs as her body vibrated in the hopes of fighting the stun magic. Her arms were the first to move, then her head, until finally her legs were freed from the Witch's magic.

The others followed suit but Kyoko was growing impatient, there was a time bomb and they had to get out of there as fast as possible. Sure she might not know how big the explosion is but he saw Hibari had a very serious and grim look on his face, meaning that the explosion was something big and serious.

"We have to go now!" Kyoko called, pulling Mami's hand. "There's going to be a big explosion!" she continued.

"A wh-what!?" Madoka panicked.

Homura glared evilly at Kyoko, "Explain" she demanded, folding her arms. She looked at Kyoko, seeing the panic in her face. She was telling the truth, she knew it, but she still had to know what or why would there be an explosion.

"Hibari… He came and said to me that the Witch would explode!" she explained.

"Hibari?" Mami called

"He's here? How?" Madoka question

"Impossible! Kyubey said the Witch was non-threatening. I don't trust him but I know he tells the truth when it comes to Witches" Homura replied, staring down and seeing a small black dot below. That was Hibari, and it seemed he was fighting the Witch alone.

"But what if it's true!? We can't risk it!" Kyoko yelled.

Homura, Mami, and Madoka frowned at each other. They trusted Kyubey, but it seemed Kyoko trusted a stranger that knew nothing about Witches more. But they also know that Kyoko was acting like this because of her personality, she would rather be alive than dead. "Well, Madoka?" Homura asked.

Madoka stared at Kyoko, "Let's go, we can't risk it anyways" she said, wearing a slight smile as Kyoko gave a sigh of relief.

Homura nodded, "Alright, let's get out of here" she said, grabbing Madoka's hand and jumping up towards a meat bun.

Mami and Kyoko followed suit, with Mami releasing a yellow ribbon from her hand. It pulled her up, similar to that of a grappling hook. While Kyoko, using her speed, she jumped up fastly. The clock was ticking and there was no guarantee on how big the explosion was. Still, if it could destroy them, she had to get out of there.

But as she headed up, she noticed that Sayaka wasn't with them. Panic and fright raced through her mind as the thought of Sayaka missing came. She looked around, but remembered that she went to find the missing three. "Oh god, Sayaka" she said.

"Where is she!?" Madoka immediately asked.

"She… she tried finding you guys but took the wrong direction" Kyoko explained, a grim tone in her voice.

"We have to find her!" Madoka yelled.

"There's no time, we can't risk-"


To be continued