(A/N: This chapter won't exactly follow the Marauders. This chapter will follow Snape for a day.)

Snape was surprised to receive an owl. He never expected mail; it was a rarity for him. This owl, delivered more than just a simple piece of mail, but had sent a package, this surprised Snape all the more. Yet, being sent a package was nothing in comparison to the note that was attached to it. Snape had a secret admirer. He couldn't believe his eyes.

Curiosity overtaking him, Snape opened the package to find chocolates. Snape gave a slight sneer when he saw the chocolates; they were not his kind of thing. Snape stared at the contents of his package for a while contemplating what to do with them. Snape decided he would eat them because they were there and in hopes that his admirer was watching. As Snape ate the sweet treat, he looked all along his own table to trying to find his secret admirer. There was no luck in finding her.

It was then that horrible thought stuck him, what if she wasn't a Slytherin? Snape shuddered at the thought. It was then that a little ingenious idea came to Snape, if she was from another house he would happily receive whatever else she would give him and then turn her down the moment she revealed herself. It was the perfect plan; it was a win, win situation. He would get free stuff and there were no strings attached.

Snape smirked at that glorious though as he got up to go to Defense Against the Dark Arts. It was particularly one of his favorite classes. In all honesty Snape was the teacher's pet in that class. Snape would un-ashamedly kowtow to Professor Gribble. In the long run Snape would get top scores. It was perfect, the way Snape held Gribble in the palm of his hand. Not only did Snape get what he wanted in Defense Classes, but there was always just something so intoxicating about the Dark Arts. It seemed to feed his desire for power.

Yet, today, the intoxication of the class did not hit Snape in the same way. Snape's mind was oddly focused on his stomach rather than the lesson. It felt as if he had been pummeled in the stomach with a ton of bricks. It took all of Snape's energy to give a halfhearted attempt to follow the lesson, fortunately today was not a practical lesson.

For the first time in his life, Snape was relieved when the lesson was over. Any thought of food made Snape's stomach turn green so he opted out of lunch and dinner as well, barely making it though Transfiguration and History of Magic that day. Snape sighed in relief when he sat down in the Slytherin common room. The soft plush leather chair enveloped him. It was much more comfortable than the classroom chairs. Sitting it the comfortable chair in the corner of the common room made things a bit easier on his stomach, though it was no better than when it stated to bother him earlier that day.

Pushing himself, Snape reached into his bag to do some work, unfortunately for him the first thing he came across was the chocolates he had received earlier that morning. Snape tried to sneer at the thought of the chocolates but it was not use. He had to leave the chocolates upon a near by table as he rushed out of the common room for the nearest bathroom. He was about to loose what little he had eaten that day.

While Snape was indisposed his chocolates lay out on a table free for the taking. It was not long before one person or another ate each and every chocolate in that box.