Author's Note: So sometime ago, an author who wrote a story of the same name as this story just quit FanFiction. That story was one of my favorites so far. This story is not a continuation or rewrite of that story, but one that I wanted to do. I don't own My Hero Academia or Symbiotes, just my OC's. Here's chapter 1.

"Sorry kid, not gonna happen."

Those were the words that the one named Izuku Midoriya heard that nearly crushed his dream, the words that would make his life go downhill. But you already know this story. Now we'll focus on another's story. A symbiote that was born different.

In a forest a few miles off of Tokyo, at the site of a crashed meteorite, a dark green slime could be seen in front of a baby bunny. That slime is a symbiote, an alien creature known as the klyntar. These groups of creatures are known to bond with any creature, except themselves, to survive while giving its host super strength, speed and agility and any other abilities to make sure that they survive as long as they can. They also require a certain chemical found in brain matter for energy, like how a human needs protein. Thus, it causes them to act quite bloodthirsty in nature.

But this dark green symbiote is different. It was only four years old, but it showed no signs of bloodlust. Matter of fact he felt no lust to kill anything, but rather wants to be friends with them instead. That is why he is speaking to the bunny, or at least attempting to (kind of hard without a mouth). Most symbiotes would jump at it, but he'd rather bond with it after he became friends with it. His attempts to speak to it seemed to be working as the bunny began making its way over to it, before the bunny looked behind it and hopped off.

"Seriously, again? When are you gonna get it through your head that making 'friends' with your host won't work forever?" Said a voice from behind it. Turning around, it saw a wolf covered in crimson slime with pupiless eyes and a mouth of sharp jagged teeth. Beside it was a rabbit with a similar looking appearance but it was dark orange. These were the symbiotes Savage and Cross, elite warriors of the green one's group, and its constant bullies. They always made fun of it for being different. A 1 out of a million it was, but it was a useless one out of a million.

"Savage is correct," says the possessed rabbit that was Cross. "We already have our hosts. It's a shock you're even alive without consuming any heads."

"W-Well," responds the green symbiote. "I've discovered that certain fungi on this planet contains the same chemical we eat. So we don't need to eat or kill anyone."

"You kidding?" Savage asks rhetorically. "Why the hell would I not kill people?!"


"We conquer worlds little one," said Cross. "Killing is in our nature."

"But, I don't want to kill anyone."

"What was that?" said a voice from behind it. Turning around, it saw a humanoid dark purple creature that had the same eyes and teeth as Savage and Cross.

"Diablo!" Responded Savage and Cross.

In its head, the green one thought, "Diablo? As in the son of Knull and the next god of the symbiotes?"

Diablo walked up to the young green symbiote. "So, you wish not to kill anything, hmm?" Diablo then grabbed the symbiote. "That is the sign of a weakling, and I do not tolerate weaklings."

The green symbiote felt itself become weaker, its memories seeming to be taken from it. Soon it could no longer remember its name. "Something like you has no right to be a klyntarian. Your name is taken from you and your link with the hive mind is broken. You are banished!"

It could not believe what it heard. When Diablo let it go, it crawled away as fast as it could and up a tree. There it found a bird which he hesitantly quickly bonded with and flew away. It could not understand why its own kind betrayed it, just that it never wanted to be one of them.

10 years later

Weak. That's all it felt, weak. Through a miracle, it managed to survive 10 years without a proper host. It regretfully had to eat the brains of street rats went fungi became scarce. It did find another source of the chemical in chocolate. But even so without a proper host, it will surely-

A burnt notebook had fallen on top of it, and it was too weak to lift it up. It felt so pathetic.

30 minutes earlier

"Alright, alright! He Now, it's your final year of middle school, so you should all be thinking about your futures," the teacher said while holding a stack of papers in his hand. "But…" He then tossed them into the air. "I assume you all want to be heroes?"

The whole class in a singular cheer activated their quirks, all but one, Izuku Midoriya.

"Hey teach, don't fit me in with all these rejects," a blonde named Katsuki Bakugo said. The rest of the class was in a huge uproar at that comment. "Whatever! I'll take all you extras on!"

"Oh yes, Bakugo, you're trying out for U.A. right?"

The rest of the class was in shock, commenting on how hard it was to get into U.A. "Hah! Whatever! I already aced the mock exam, getting in will be a piece of cake!"

"Oh, Midoriya, you wanted to attend there as well."

This instantly brought silence to the class as everyone stared at the green haired child, until everyone began to laugh, saying how a quirkless kid could never be a hero.

"Hey, come on! There's no harm in tryi-" Izuku began before he flew from his desk by an explosion, curtesy of Bakugo's quirk.

"Deku! What makes you think that you can get onto my level, huh?! Are you challenging me?!"

"What?! No no no, you got it all wrong! You see, I always wanted wanted to be a hero when I was little, and I might not have a quirk, but I figured it didn't hurt to try."

"Are you serious Deku?! You honestly think you could be like us?! Without a quirk you're nothing!"

Later on at the end of class, Izuku was putting his things into his backpack when Bakugo swiped his 'Hero Analysis for my Future' notebook. "Whatcha got here, Deku."

"Wait! Kacchan give it back!" Izuku said, but Bakugo used his quirk to burn it slightly and threw it out the window. "Ahh!"

"Listen here Deku, I'm only going to say this once," he then grabbed his shoulder and began to heat his hand, burning Izuku's shoulder a little. "Don't you dare try out for U.A. got it. I'm the only one of these rejects who's going to get into that school got it?"

He then began to walk away, before he said one last thing to Izuku. "If you want a quirk so bad, pray you'll have one in your next life, then take a swan dive off the roof."

Izuku then turned preparing to say something back to him, but some explosive sparks in Bakugo's hand convinced him otherwise.

Afterwards, he went to retrieve his notebook, finding it on the ground and not noticing the symbiote underneath it. The said symbiote was beginning to accept his fate and pass out, until he sensed Izuku approach. He then felt the notebook being lifted and quickly kept hold. He listened in on Izuku's words.

"Idiot. What if I actually did it? What would he do then? Sigh… why did I have to be born quirkless? Everyone always makes fun of me because I'm different."

The symbiote heard his words clearly. "He's like me," it thought. It had seen and heard of how 80% of the worlds population had these 'quirks' and to hear that he had none, it seemed like a 1 out of a million chance, a useless 1 out of a million chance.

Quickly, he climbed up Izuku's sleeve and entered him through his back, the latter getting a chill up his spine while doing so. "What was that," he thought to himself, but then quickly pushed it aside. "I don't care what anyone else says, I want to be a hero!" Hearing this from inside Izuku, while not entirely bonded, is estatic to hearing those words. It could not have picked a better host.

"I just have to keep on smiling, just like All Might!" Izuku then started to laugh as he entered a tunnel, the symbiote with loving his host's enthusiasm even more, until a sludge man crawled his way out of the sewer. The symbiote sensed it and tried to warn Izuku, but he hasn't bonded enough with him yet to hear or take possession of him yet. By then it was too late and the sludge villain had captured him and began to suffocate him.

"Thanks, you're a real hero kid," the villain responded.

In a last ditch effort, the symbiote jumped out of Izuku as a tendril with the same facial features as the other symbiotes. "YOU LEAVE HIM ALONE!" It said finally getting its own voice.

"What the?!" The sludge villain said shocked, Izuku on the verge of passing out unable to notice. The tendril was then about to attack when the sewer cap popped up, hitting the symbiote in the face, forcing it back into Izuku knocked out. Out of the sewer appeared, the one and only, All Migh t!


"All Might?!"


A little while later, Izuku felt a light constant slapping on his left cheek. He then regained consciousness to see…


"All Might!"

"YEP AND IT WAS THANKS TO YOU THAT I WAS ABLE TO CATCH THE EVIL-DOER!" All Might stated holding a soda bottle containing the sludge man within. Izuku then tried to find his notebook to get All Might to sign it, which after opening it up he found out he already did. He proceeded to thank him over an over again. All Might then put the bottle into his pants leg pocket and proceeded to jump away, but not before Izuku could grab hold of it.


"No! If I let go I'll fall!" Izuku responds, All Might then noticing how high up they are.

"OH! RIGHT, THAT WOULD BE PRETTY BAD!" He then held on to Izuku preparing to land atop a building when a trickle of blood came from his mouth. "Shit!" He thought.

When they touched down, All Might proceeded to scold Izuku of his reckless action to which he apologized for. All Might then proceeded to head off, but Izuku asked the one question he wanted to for so long. "Do you think it's possible to become a hero, even if you don't have a quirk?!"

A long pause of silence was in the atmosphere. "A hero huh?" All Might said to himself before steam began to come of him and his muscles started to shrink. Izuku then began to ramble about how he's always wanted to be a hero, until he saw the real All Might, who looked so frail, you would never guess that he was the number 1 hero. Izuku was confused and shocked at first, but All Might convinced him that he was the real deal. He then showed the boy a wound that according to him took his stomach. And then finally…

"And to answer your question kid, no I don't think that you can become a hero without a quirk. Heroes are always risking their lives for the greater good. If you want to help people, become a police officer, it's not as exciting but at least it's not as dangerous. Sorry, it's okay to dream kid, but maybe dream more realistic, okay?" He then left, leaving Izuku.

The green haired kid then broke down. He was his only hope, and he told him just what everyone else kept telling him. He was only ignoring the truth which he new. He then proceeded to head home, looking at his notebook the whole time, and feeling somewhat hungry. He then heard an explosion and looked up to see a commotion in a backstreet alleyway. In that alleyway, he saw something he couldn't believe, the sludge man. He was freed, and according to what he heard, he had caught someone. He felt responsible, he felt that he was the cause of the villain's escape.

It was at this time, the symbiote began to regain consciousness. Looking through Izuku's eyes he saw the sludge man that was attacking Izuku, in an alleyway, that was up in flames. Its race was weak to flames and sound, it didn't want to risk killing itself. Then it saw its host's eyes lock on to something, no, someone in the sludge man. Bakugo, his red eyes usually filled with hatred and anger now was filled with fear and on the brink of tears.

In an instant, before either Izuku or the symbiote knew what was happening, Midoriya's body moved on its own, jumping over the blockade and rushed in to save Bakugo.

"You again?!" The sludge man said. Izuku then threw his bag into the man's eyes, temporarily blinding him and letting Bakugo breathe.

"Dammit Deku, get out of here!"

"No way Kacchan, I couldn't just watch you die!" Izuku said with a smile on his face clawing at the sludge to break him free. Bakugo's eyes were then covered as the sludge man wrapped around Bakugo's arm, forcing him to discharge an explosion at Midoriya.

"No!" the symbiote yelled, beginning to cover him while his eyes were closed and arms across his face. When the explosion came, the symbiote felt the heat and a searing pain, but when he looked at the arm, the symbiote's coverage was still there, but there was a burn mark on it. "What? The flames only burned me a little? There must be something about Izuku or his heritage that gave me some resistance against flames.

Izuku put his arms down, not noticing the symbiote covering him, and grabbed Bakugo's hand, and with newfound strength, pulled him out. The symbiote then receded back into Izuku, everyone except Bakugo and Izuku noticing.

In the corner, All Might was hidden amongst the crowd, seeing everything that happened. "What? But, I thought he was quirkless?" The sludge man then moved to attack both boys, and in an instant, All Might then jumped in front of Izuku and Bakugo, blocking the sludge man's incoming attack. "I really am pathetic. I said heroes risk their lives and yet I stand idly by on the sidelines. It took your actions to shake me out of it."

"All Might!"

"NOW YOU! BEGONE! DETROIT SMAAAAAAAASSSSHHHHH!" A whirlwind spurred when the first was thrown. It caused a tornado that put out the flames and changed the weather.

Afterwards Bakugo was praised while Izuku was scolded, but the mention of a quirk was passed here and there. This of course confused Izuku since he knew he was quirkless. The symbiote was at the moment thinking of how to introduce itself.

On their way back to Izuku's home, All Might showed up. "I AM HERE! COMING FROM THIS ALLEY!"


"AHA, YES! IT IS I, THE ALL POWERFUL, ALL MIG-blegh!" All Might started before turning back into his weakened state. "Sorry kid, I meant to speak to you earlier, but the paparazzi kept me. Anyways I wanted to talk about earlier. You said you didn't have a quirk, or assumed you didn't, yet I saw that you have one."

Izuku has been told that he has a quirk, but he still doesn't know what they're talking about. "I've been told that, but I swear I'm quirkless. I don't know what anyone's talking about."

"I think it's time I introduced myself," said a voice in the back of Izuku's head.

"Huh? All Might, did you hear that?"

"Hear what?"

The green tendril then sprouted from Izuku's back and formed its familiar face upon it as it spoke. "Me."

"What the hell!" All Might said shocked getting into a fighting stance, ready to get back into his muscle form, and Izuku looking in shock at the thing that came out his back.

"W-W-Wait! I'm not bad I swear!" The symbiote said forming small arms and holding them up in defense. "I just needed a host to live in and he was the best one I could find!"

The two of them then looked at the cowering tendril, Izuku being bonded with it felt its fear. "W-Wait All Might. Let's hear what he has to say."

The two of them calmed down as the symbiote began to explain about its race. "I am from a race of alien symbiote called the klyntar. We require a host in order to survive and we need to eat a certain chemical that I discovered could be found in certain fungi and chocolate, as well as brain matter." Both Izuku and All Might tensed up at that. "They are also quite bloodthirsty too. But… I'm not like them. I was born different. I don't want to kill innocent creatures without a care in the world. I… I WANT TO BE A HERO TOO!"

His words had moved both Izuku and All Might. "I'm sorry I invaded your body without your consent, but I was dying."

"It's okay. I'm glad you're alright," said Izuku. The Symbiote then appeared to be crying and proceeded to hug Izuku to the best of his ability, to which he hugged back. After that they separated. "I'm Izuku Midoriya, what's yours?"

"I don't remember. I had my name taken from me when I was banished from my group."

"Oh! I'm sorry!"

"Don't be. If I never was banished, I never would have met you."

"Can I get back to what I was talking about?"

Both Izuku and the symbiote looked at the number 1 hero in anticipation. "All heroes, no matter where they come from all have the same origin story. Their bodies moved on their own before they could react. And since your friend wants to, I'll say these words…"

Izuku couldn't believe what he was hearing. These were the words he's been waiting ten years for, "You, the both of you, you too can become heroes."