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Captain Violet Charles was sick and tired of Tortuga. If she was bumped into by one more drunken sailor covered in mud and smelling like a pig, she was going to explode and go on a bloodthirsty rampage through the streets. The only decent thing about this rotting island was that all the sober and mostly sober inhabitants knew who she was, and moved out of her way when she passed down the dark, dirty streets. No one wanted to tangle with Coldblood Charles.

She kept her hat low over her eyes, casting a shadow across her features as she sat in a corner of the crowded tavern. Her lip curled in disgust at the rowdy men and women around her, and she did her best to keep her eyes on the tankard of rum she was drinking. She wasn't in the mood for a confrontation right now. Someone crying about their brother that she'd probably killed, someone wanting to join her crew. Not that she had much of a crew right now anyway. Or a ship.

Suddenly, as she lifted her drink, she spotted three men pushing their way through the crowd to a secluded corner of the tavern. She jolted upright, nearly spilling her drink as she recognized the man in front. Scowling, she whispered his name under her breath: Jack Sparrow. He and an older man took a seat in their shadowy alcove while the younger one, barely more than a boy, leaned against the doorway keeping watch. She leaned forward, eager to listen in on their conversation.

"Now what's the nature of this venture of yours?" asked the older of the two men.

Quietly, the men leaned forward, and Violet strained to hear them.

"I'm going after the Black Pearl," Jack said, and both Violet and the other man straightens as if he'd been shot.

"Say again?"

"I'm going after the Black Pearl. I know where it's going to be, and I'm going to take it," whispered Jack, and the older man spluttered.

"Jack, it's a fool's errand. You know better than me the tales of the Black Pearl."

"That's why I know what Barbossa is up to. All I need is a crew," Jack said conspiratorially.

"From what I hear tell of Captain Barbossa, he's not a man to suffer fools, nor strike a bargain with one," the other man said again, shaking his head.

"Well, then I'd say it's a very good thing I'm not a fool then, eh?"

"Prove me wrong. What makes ye think Barbossa will give up his ship to you?" demanded the other man, causing Jack to lean in again across the table.

"Let's just say it's a matter of leverage, eh?"

Jack smiled, and nodded dramatically over in the young man by the door's direction until the other man finally catches on.

"The kid?" asked the other man, confused.

"That is the child of Bootstrap Bill Turner. His only child, savvy?" Jack said, and Violet pushed her hat up a bit further in order to stare at the boy.

"Is he, now? Leverage, says you. I think I feel a change in the wind, says I. I'll find us a crew. There's bound to be some sailors on this rock crazy as you," said Gibbs, smiling broadly.

This could be her chance to finally get off this cursed island, and maybe even win back her ship from the man she'd been stupid enough to make a bet with. And it didn't hurt that where Jack Sparrow went, there was adventure to be had.

Violet stood at the end of the line of several bedraggled sailors, her hat low over her eyes to prevent Jack from recognizing her. It had taken her a great deal of hassle to find the old man Jack was talking to, who was apparently named Gibbs, and to get a spot on the crew without having him recognize her.

Gibbs, Jack, and Bootstrap's son walked down the line, and the Captain looked more and more displeased with every step.

"Feast your eyes, Captain. All of them, faithful hands before the mast, every man worth his salt. And crazy to boot," assured Gibbs.

"So this is your able-bodied crew?" asked the boy, disbelieving, and Violet rolled her eyes. The boy had a thing or two to learn about piracy. How did he end up with someone like Jack?

"You, sailor!" Jack said, stopping in front of an older man with a parrot on his shoulder.

"Cotton, sir," supplied Gibbs.

"Mr. Cotton, do you have the courage and fortitude to follow orders and stay true in the face of danger and almost certain death? Mr. Cotton! Answer, man!" Jack yelled, and Violet almost laughed from the annoyance on his face.

"He's a mute sir. Poor devil had his tongue cut out, so he trained the parrot to talk for him. No one's yet figured how," said Gibbs.

"Mr. Cotton's- parrot. Same question," demanded Jack.

"Wind in the sails! Wind in the sails!" screeched the parrot.

"Mostly, we figure that means yes," said Gibbs sympathetically.

"Of course it does," decided Jack. "Satisfied?" He asked the boy, who did not seem anything of the sort.

"Well, you've proved they're mad," the boy said, obviously confused.

Jack continued down the line, eyeing each pirate until he came to the end and right in front of Violet. Slowly, he reached out towards her hat and pulled it from her head, causing her hair to spill out onto her shoulders and revealing her face. He jolted and took a step back, surprise evident on his face.

"Captain Charles," he breathed, quickly regaining his charismatic self. "What brings you to my humble crew? Last I saw you, you were threatening to kill me."

"Hello to you too, Captain Sparrow. As of this moment, I am- well, currently without a ship. And seeing as you happen to have one, and I don't, I suppose I can refrain from killing you until another time. Although, this is not the famous Black Pearl that I was promised a ride on," Violet said, smirking.

"You're a captain?" asked the boy, still confused.

"More so then your friend Jack, there. And who might you be?" she said snidely, and Jack frowned.

"What makes you think I'll be willing to let you on?" Jack said. "And this is William Turner, in search of his bonny lass who happens to be with my beloved ship."

"C'mon, Jack, a favor for an old friend?" she lowered her eyelashes and stared up at Jack, who groaned and threw her hat back at her.

"Just to be clear, love, I'm the Captain on this particular voyage, and you signed on to be part of me crew," he said as she slipped her hat back onto her head.

"That's right. I'm just part of the crew," she said submissively, smiling brightly at him. Jack, looking slightly uncomfortable, quickly turned back to the rest of the crew and raised a ringed hand.

"All right, you scurvy dogs, anchors aweigh!" he shouted, and the crew cheered, heading towards the ship.

"No, no, no, no, no, it's frightful bad luck to bring a woman aboard, sir," Gibbs said to Jack, but the Captain just shook his head, looking wearily at Violet as she sauntered over to join the crew.

"It'd be far worse not to have her," he said, sighing.

By the time they were well and truly out at sea, dark clouds had already started brewing in the sky. By evening, the storm was raging, and every pirate on deck was soaked. Jack was at the wheel, and had successfully avoided her since they started their voyage, which Violet was fine with. She gripped the railing and stared out at the tumultuous water, her eyes bright and excited.

She hated the rain, always had, but it came with the sea and she loved the sea more than anything else in her life. She raked her fingers through her blonde hair, which was plastered against her neck, and took off her hat to shake out the water that was pooling in it.

"How can we sail to an island that nobody can find with a compass that doesn't work?" asked Will from across the ship, and Violet turned at his voice. He wasn't easy to read, this Will, not quite a pirate but not really not one, either.

"Aye, the compass doesn't point north, but we're not trying to find north, are we?" said Gibbs, turning to Jack. "We should drop canvas, sir."

"She can hold a bit longer," the Captain said in a quiet voice, quite unlike the flippant manner Violet had gotten used to from him.

"What's in your head that's put you in such a fine mood, Captain?" asked Gibbs, and Jack's eyes lit up so brightly that Violet could see their glint through the pelting rain.

"We're catching up."

With Jack's permission, the crew retreated below decks to the hammocks that awaited them there, groaning about wet and aching muscles. Violet, however, stayed out in the rain, watching Jack Sparrow at the wheel. He couldn't avoid her forever.

She walked up to him, watching as he kept his eyes on the sea in front of him.

"Why are you here on me ship?" he asked, before she could say anything. Now he was staring at her, and she tried to bite back her attraction to him.

He really was quite handsome, she couldn't lie, but Jack Sparrow was not a good person to be attracted to.

"I told you already. I needed to get off of Tortuga, and my ship's been, well, compromised. It's nothing to do with you," she said nonchalantly, and Jack rolled his eyes, turning back to the wheel.

"Of course it's to do with me, love. You and I were bound to meet up again. It was only a matter of time," he smirked, and now Violet rolled her eyes.

"So you're trying to get your ship back," she said, leaning against the railing in front of the wheel. The rain had calmed down into a steady but light downpour, the dark clouds finally lightening.

"Aye. And I'm going to get it, too. Why, you want to come aboard once I do, love? I did promise you a ride," he noted innocently, and Violet shook her head vigorously.

"In your dreams, Sparrow," she said, and he laughed, the sound disappearing into the rushing waves.

"You know, Violet, I've always wondered why I didn't recruit you to help me get the Pearl meself. The stories I hear about you keep getting wilder and wilder, love," he said, staring back at her with new intensity. "Did you really massacre an entire merchant ship just to get their chest of savings?"

Violet laughed to herself, breaking his gaze and staring out at the sea. She had killed her fair share of people in her career, but that particular incident wasn't true. However, there was no reason why Jack had to know that.

"Of course," she said, eyes flashing, "They don't call me Coldblood for nothing."

"Aye, you're right," Jack said, a familiar glint in his eye.

"So, the boys' Turner's?" Violet asked, and Jack raised an eyebrow at her.

"How did you- Ah, the Faithful Bride," Jack said sagely, referring to the tavern Violet had first spotted him at. "And here I was thinking no one heard my clever plan."

"You haven't changed at all," Violet said, leaning back against the railing. And it was true- he hadn't. He was the same crazy pirate that she had met at sea three years ago, if a bit more determined now.

"You have, love," he said, gripping the wheel a little tighter as a large gust of wind rocked the ship, "A little less bloodthirsty."

"Maybe I have," she said, staring at him, and he flashed her a smile that sparkled with his gold teeth. "Maybe I have."