Ashlin pov:

Closing my eyes, I reclined in the airplane's seat, relaxing and allowing my thoughts to wander. I did not need to worry about bothering other passengers, like I would on a public flight, as it was a private plane that was provided to me and my companions. Never in my life would I have thought that I would get the chance to fly out of Louisiana, let alone on a private jet, but contemplating all the decisions I made to get to this point, makes it more believable for me. It was only a few weeks ago that I was targeted by a murderer, a man who was supposed to be the trusted friend of my brother. He caused the deaths of those I knew and worked with. Despite some of their downfalls, I would never wish a fate as bad as death upon them. I was lucky to have narrowly missed being his target, and was able to rescue my grandmother from being his next victim, all because we showed kindness to a vampire we believed deserved it at the time. I also believe that the target was placed on me for not associating with a single Vampire, but going to Fangtasia and associating myself with a second and third. The two I speak of are Eric Northman, the vampire Sheriff of Area 5, and his childe, Pam, whom I share a dark sense of humor with.

One of my traveling companions on the jet, which was owned by Eric, were not himself or Pam, but the first vampire I associated with: William Compton. I was also traveling with his childe: Jessica. She was turned far to young and without a choice. I regret the situation not being better, but I was only human and, I had little say in the politics of the Vampires. I had first met Compton when he moved in next door to my grandmother and I a couple months ago. I regret my association with him, as he has continually tried to be involved in my life when I have made it clear that he is unwelcome. It did not help that my grandmother encouraged me to try to get to know him, as she herself was fascinated by him. Jessica was turned after Compton caused problems. However, through him, I found out that my telepathic abilities do not work on Vampires.

Thanks to my involvement with Compton and Vampires in general, I was attacked by a strange creature in the woods. Luckily, according to the doctor that Eric provided me, I was only scratched in the ankle. Normally I would have been able to heal on my own, much like the healing of a vampire, but there was some sort of substance on the creature's claws that prevented that, and paralyzed my leg in the process. The doctor was able to help me to gain feeling and movement in my leg again.

Eric, though he usually came off as intimidating and sort of a dick, held a good relationship with me. I went back to see him again and again without Compton, as I found that Eric might be able to offer me insight into the supernatural world, and possibly figure out why I have my abilities. I grew comfortable in his presence with my increasing visits, and we soon grew to have a relationship. It was painstakingly obvious that he wanted more out of the relationship, but I was grateful that he didn't push the subject when I asked him not to. I had to admit that I felt greatly for him, but I couldn't figure out what his feelings were for me. I began working for him soon after we met and was able to quit my job at Merlotte's to pursue other career paths, while being able to support myself and my grandmother. I worked as a telepath, as he would not have me working as anything else. I usually sat at the club, reading customers for any threats that they might pose to Eric's business or person. I occasionally caught some, but most of those who I pointed out were just underage kids and druggies.

It was because of my involvement with Eric that I was taking this plane with Compton and Jessica down to Dallas, Texas to help bring back the Sheriff of that area. He was supposedly taken by the fanatic Fellowship of the Sun, an anti-vampire church. Eric would not give me any more information than that, but I had my suspicions. Eric would not involve himself in something that was not a clear benefit to him, or if it wasn't personal. I had hoped that he would trust me enough to give me the reason why he involved himself in the matters of another state. For now, I would let the motion of the airplane lull me to sleep, I would think on this when I regain consciousness.

It was an hour later when I woke up by the lack of motion, and a voice over the intercom notifying me of the plane's arrival to the airport. Based on when I last looked at my phone, it had been about an hour.

There was a sleek black limo waiting for me as I exited the plane, Compton and Jessica's travel coffins were being taken from the plane by the flight crew. Waiting by the limo was who I assumed was the driver, dressed in a black suit, older and balding, he didn't seem to pose a threat to us, but I looked over his thoughts anyway, not wanting to miss anything.

He held a gun in his pocket, though it would not harm me, it was still an act of violence against myself and Eric. I kept appearances, not wanting to notify the man that I knew of his plans. I waited until he was close enough, and tried to reach for me to apply pressure to the point on his neck, rendering him unconscious without the need for violence. I was grateful for the books I read about fighting and self defense, as it was a great help to me in many circumstances, this being one of them. I pushed him aside, sitting cross-legged on the trunk of the limo, waiting for Compton and Jessica to get out of their traveling coffins. I informed Eric of the on goings of my first few moments on the Texan ground, him responding for more information to be relayed in person.

I looked up from my phone to watch Compton help Jessica out of her travel coffin, her red hair clinging to the static of it. I called my grandmother in the spare time, wishing her to know that I had made it safely to the airport, although I did leave out the attempted ambush.

Compton had waited for me to finish my call before attempting to reach out to me, but before he was able to reach my arm, I moved away from his advances. He ignored my protests against waking the man I had previously dealt with, and shook him awake. He quickly caught the eyes of the driver, glamouring him to bring us to the hotel and to provide us with answers.

Eric, had met up with us at the hotel, allowing Compton and Jessica to go to their adjoining rooms, while he took us to ours.

"Put your bags down in the bedroom, we have some time before we are due at the Dallas nest." Eric crossed his arms, leaning against the side of a couch.

"Will you tell me why we are here, other than trying to find the Sheriff of this area? Why is this so important to you that you would not stop to plan before charging head on like you usually do?" I asked with a sense of urgency in my voice.

Eric sighed, a more human mannerism that I have seen him do multiple times. "I can not get anything past you, can I, min alskare. The Sheriff we are looking for, his name is Godric. He is also the one who made me into a vampire. He is twice my age, and for a Vampire such as that, it worries me that this church was successful in taking him. I want to make plans before rushing in head on, as you say, that is why I wanted to come here so quickly. Time is precious as we don't know what these zealots are capable of, and I need to make plans with the second in command to Godric."

"I'll do what I can to help." I spoke somberly as Eric wrapped his arms around me, ever carful, and pressed his nose to my hair.

"It is time to go. And keep your dagger in your boot, I don't know how this will go."

We arrived at the nest to be greeted by a dark haired hispanic woman, by the name of Isobel. She lead us inside to where another higher member of the nest was waiting, and a human, by the name of Hugo, who was introduced as Isobel's. The conversation moved quickly from when we came in, it also moved quickly to argument rather than planning. Stan was more violent and careless than Isobel, wanting to get rid of the whole so that they could get Godric back, and deal with the problem at the same time.

"We take them out at once. Pre-emptive strike." Stan was adamant about his idea.

"Of course, so the federal government can bomb us back to the Middle Ages!" She was quickly getting agitated with the hot headed Vampire.

"Things were better then." He said calmly, knowing that he had gotten on Isobel's nerves.

"Then go back to Romania and live in a cave, you rancher poser."

Eric was getting increasingly irritated with the two's bickering, and I was as well. I opened my mouth to speak, but Eric spoke before a sound came out of my mouth. "Godric has protected you, made you rich, and you stand here spitting and scratching like infants!"

They stopped their movements and argument to look to Eric. Stan was not speaking anymore, but glaring at Eric, who sent the same facial expression back. Isobel reflected my thoughts in looking like a displeased parent. I straightened my face and stood up from where I was seated.

"Enough!" I did not yell, but I was firm in my words, needing them to pay attention to what I was saying. I did catch their attention, and the shock that a human would speak against them was coming off in waves, save for Eric. "Eric is correct. Fighting amongst ourselves will not get us any closer to bringing your Sheriff back, so sit down! We need a well thought out plan with any contingencies for what could happen."

Isobel sat next to Hugo, trying to calm herself, knowing that my point was valid despite not coming from a vampire. Eric soon joined, sitting on the couch opposite her where I was sitting, he knew me well enough to not argue with me when I was aggravated, even if it sometimes hurt his pride. Stan, however, did not see the reason behind my words, or rather who was saying them that pissed him off. He stood with his face in mine, fangs dropped down and a growl in his throat to try to intimidate me. It didn't work to his advantage as he thought it would.

"Do you really think that you hold any authority over me?! You are a human pet, who is better seen and not heard!" He accentuated each word with a growl.

Bill, who had been quietly watching the proceedings took this as a chance to say something. He moved toward Stan, shouting at him. "Leave her be! She is mine! You have no right to touch her!"

Stan swatted him away like a fly on the wall, making him land in a nearby chair hard enough to crack the frame. Neither Eric nor Isobel moved, both remaining still for exceedingly different reasons. Isobel watched to see what I would do, and what Eric would do, knowing him to be somewhat responsible for me as I am from the area he governs. Eric watched to see what my plan of attack was, though I did not know what he was hoping for. Despite having a dagger in my boot, I made no move for it, knowing it could both put me at a vulnerability and increase the violence of the situation further than what it already was. I stood still, waiting for Stan to make the first move before I did, once I knew what he planned to do, then I could more effectively counter it.

I did not need to wait long, as within a span of a few short seconds, Stan moved to try to pierce my throat with his fangs. Even with his speed, he was too slow. I stood and caught him by the neck with a single hand, turning him so his back was to me, and he was on his knees. I was able to dislocate his shoulders with the other hand, barring him from any more movement from that portion of his body. While I could not see them, I knew my eyes were burning like sunbeams with the use of my abilities and elevated emotions.

"Enough." I spoke with a deadly calm, the weight of my words visible on everyone's shoulders. "You challenge me when I come to aid you? Respect me and my companions. Do you understand?"

Stan turned his head back to look at me to the best of his ability with the position he was in. Fear resonated through his body, his eyes quickly diverting to the floor when he caught my gaze. He took a moment to speak, gathering his courage, enough to speak in a small, shamed voice. "Yes ma'am."

"Good." I smiled, glad for his newly formed respect. I let go of him as he got up and snapped his arms into place, before taking a seat next to Isobel. She, Hugo, and Bill all shared the same nonplussed expressions, but Eric smirked. I sat back down next to Eric, beginning to explain my plan.

"I believe the most logical course of events would be for me to go into the Fellowship of the Sun, under a false guise, so I might be able to -"

Bill spoke up before I could explain further, breaking the calm of the room with his shouts. "No! You are MINE! I will not allow you to go in there."

My eyes flickered, threatening to return to their glowing yellow color. I stayed seated, though my posture stiffened as I spoke with the same voice I addressed Stan with. "William Compton. You listen to me well. I am not yours, nor will I ever be. Is that clear?"

He stayed quiet, so I took the opportunity to steer the conversation back to the Fellowship of the Sun. "Like I was saying before I was interrupted, I might be able to find out the severity of the situation before we take any type of action. If I am able to find out their plans, we can figure out a way to work around them or against them. Knowing their plans would help us to figure out a way to better counteract them."

Isobel smiled and clapped her hands. "I think it is a marvelous idea. I think Hugo should come with you as not to raise suspicions of a lone woman."

I nodded, thinking it over. "It might be a good plan, but Hugo is a known vampire lawyer. Newlin would be able to recognize him, and it would compromise the plan. If you are worried, I can go later in the afternoon for safety precautions. If anyone should need to get me, there would be less time to sunset."

Eric frowned. "I don't like it. There is too much unknown about these zealots."

"I know, that's why I want to go in first. As much as you wish you didn't, you have more weaknesses than I, even with the superior strength and senses."

The discussion did not last much longer than that. There was few protests once we were able to come up with a solid plan. The next day was a Saturday, and it was decided I would go in then. There would be less people around, and I would be able to question the Newlins personally, without interfering thoughts from the other patrons of the church.

"I hate dresses. I hate skirts. This is the only problem I have with this plan. My thighs rub together and cause irritation, and I can't move around the way I want to." I ranted as I pulled the awful clothes on. They were not colors I enjoyed either. The skirt was a aqua blue green paired with a black and white striped short sleeve shirt. Gold sandals and a small purse to match also paired with the clothes. The whole outfit was far too bright.

Eric chuckled at me as he watched from the bed. As he was older, he could wake earlier than the sunset without getting the bleeds. "This was your idea. Though I have to say, you make a picturesque virgin."

I glared halfheartedly at him. "Ass."

He blew a kiss at me as I left the room to go to the church.

I had a rental car, simple, not gaudy, and perfect for a Southern church, in my experience. I struggled getting out of the car in a nice manner to match my skirt, but I was able to manage.

Sarah Newlin greeted me at the door with a large grin that could rival the Cheshire Cat. When I looked to her thoughts for a moment, I found nothing that would cause immediate alarm to myself. She was curious and eager to meet me, and a bit worried about what I had heard about the Fellowship of the Sun.

"Hello there, my name's Sarah. When I saw you drive up, I just had to say hi!" She was far to peppy, and while I was annoyed, I still placed a smile on my face.

"Pleased to meet you, Miss Sarah. My name's Julie. I found out about the Fellowship of the Sun on the news, and I just had to come and see the people preaching the same values as me."

"Alrighty dear. Wanna tour? You could meet my husband, Reverend Steve Newlin."

"I would love to have a tour."

We met up with Mr. Newlin at his office. We went through the church, speaking in his office for a little while before walking around the church. It was a shame that such a beautiful place was being used as a conduit for hate. As was expected, they asked of my origin. I gave them the fake story that we had devised at the nest, about my fake sister being a fangbanger, as well as other random details that I pulled together from various stories about the Fellowship of the Sun's so called conversions.

I continued asking questions and gathering all the information I could. They grew more suspicious. My questions had right to make them suspicious, I caught them in the middle of a major confrontation with a vampire, as well as the fact that I was asking more in depth questions than any other newcomer before.

I was lead down a hall, a large man, whom I learned was named Gabe, blocked the exit. With another look into the minds of the three members revealed a large amount of hate in each of them. Mrs. Newlin, was mainly scared about her husband's plans, becoming increasingly uncertain about what he was teaching to his followers and the actions he took. Mr. Newlin was full of hate, he blamed me as much as he did of Vampires because I willingly chose to associate with them. Through this thought, I knew that there was some leak in the nest, and it had to be one of the few I met with, I knew that I could deal with that information when I went back to the nest later. As for Gabe, his thoughts were the most frightening at the current moment; he looked at me as an object rather than a person. I was determined to not let his plans for the future to occur.

I could hear Sarah's frantic heartbeat as Gabe stalked closer to me. Steve opened the door behind me, revealing a set of descending stairs as Gabe roughly grasped my biceps. I protested weakly, not wanting to cause any concern or fear about my abilities, I would rather not cause any more negative actions to be taken. I was pushed down the stairs, Gabe's hands still on my biceps. I was pushed against the concrete wall at the base of the stairs with such force that it would have killed a normal human, however, it only rendered me unconsious, the darkness coming over my vision.

It was only a few moments later when I regained awareness, catching the door of the basement close after Newlin. The cage around me could have easily been opened with the few supplies that I had around me, but I would stay, as not to cause further alarm. I reached my hand to my thigh, where I had hidden my knife, finding it missing. I growled at the obvious invasion of my privacy.

"Damn perverts!" I couldn't help but say out loud in my frustration.

I looked to my watch, seeing it was still a few hours until Eric and the others would be able to come here safely. Sitting down, I closed my eyes, holding my hands under my chin as I listened for any change in the environment around me.

Godric pov:

It has been about a fortnight since I had first arrived in the basement of the Fellowship of the Sun, as far as I was aware. When I first came here, I hoped to prove to Reverend Newlin that not all Vampires were the savages that he made them out to be. In my efforts, I also hoped that I might redeem myself of my many years as such a savage Vampire.

There had been no visitors to the basement since I was first placed down here, I suspected it was due to the fear that those of the church held for me. It was surprising when the door opened and a most heavenly aroma filled my senses. My body jerked forward towards it before I forced my urges down, pushing my beast back down in it's cage. With the aroma, was the scents that I recognized as Gabe and Newlin.

I strained my ears to hear what was going on in the other side of the basement. A few scuffles later and the familiar crack of bones rang clear to my ears. The smell of blood was quickly thick in the air, making it increasingly difficult to keep my beast down. However, as quickly as it was there, it was gone.

No sooner than Gabe and Newlin had shut the door behind them, their scent dissipating from the air than I heard the shuffle of fabric.

"Damn perverts!" An angelic voice rang out. I had wondered what action the two men took against her to cause her anger.

The silence of the next few hours was only broken by her steady breath and heartbeat. I fell into downtime, my focus on her and her scent.

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